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Sergei Skripal, who done it? 

 If the Russians had wanted this man dead, firstly he would be dead and not critically ill, and secondly they would have used one of the many weapons they have which would of made it look like he died of natural causes. So who did kill him? Well he had already sold MI6 all the secrets he had about the Russians, the only secrets he had left were about MI6, given he had already shown himself to be a man with neither loyalty or morals, did MI6 want him taken out before he started revealing their secrets, ie his handlers names.
And why was the ridiculous cold war anarchic nerve agent used? Well that stokes the old Cold War fire, and they dont like that fire going out, they strive to keep it on the back burner.

Haiti, The Gold and the UN
Since the 2010 Haiti earthquake which killed over 300,00 people, it has been revealed that Haiti has gold, silver and other precious metals worth an estimated $20 BILLION! As we speak US and Canadian mining companies are lining up to extract the goodies, from 1994 a UN peace keeping force has been resident in Haiti, and the mining companies are expecting UN troops to guard them. The said UN troops were responsible for a cholera outbreak that killed over 10,000 people in Haiti, and they have been charged with some very serious crimes while there, over 2000 claims of sexual crimes have been reported, 300 of the claims from children. This blog takes a look at the mining plans, who profits and the depopulation of Haiti, which just happens to have Cuba as its neighbor!

The Manchester Arena Event

I started this blog just 2 hours after the event, names and numbers that show up in all these staged events were as always present, namely John Dee, he was Warden of the Manchester Collegiate, and between 1595 and 1605 he lived right next door to what is now the Manchester Arena, Dee signed 007 in place of his name on his correspondences with Elizabeth I, then low and behold, within 24 hours of the Manchester event, Roger George Moore dies, he was the longest serving oo7! Numerous connections to Prince George and Queen Victoria as well, the stadium is surround on all sides by Victoria Station, Victoria road, and the Queen Victoria approach road between the station and the Arena.

ASH, victimise smokers and Lie
For two decades now the government has launched all out war on smokers, discriminatory laws exist for all in society, bar smokers, people feel free to abuse and insult them as they please.
This blog looks at the anti smoking lobby ASH, which is mostly government funded, the dangers of E-Cigs, and their possible agenda attacking smokers while promoting the very dangerous e-cigs.
Princess Diana, The Titanic, and the Mega Goddess Ritual of 1997: By Bessie Totten
This blog is not my own work, it is the work of my co-research Bessie Totten, and it is a work of epic dot joining proportions!
Two years research went into compiling the information in this blog, in it Bessie details the ritual sacrifice of Princess Diana, and the intricate web around the sacrifice, like the murder of Versace, the movie Titanic, starring leonarDO DI caprio, other stars to feature in this epic include Marilyn Monroe, the Queen, Whitney Houston, Kate Elizabeth Winslet, Kate Elizabeth Middleton and many more.

Left: Diana just before her death in classic "sacrifice" pose.

Princess Diana, The Men In Black and the White Light

Over the years I have spent a great deal of time examining the death of Princess Diana, I have covered elements of her death in various blogs, but I never devoted an entire blog to her. 
The week she died Will Smith "Men In Black" was number one, the song and video predict the coming doom, how she was killed and how the actual facts and testimonies would be erased. This is more than just predictive programming.
This blog also looks at the most likely cause of the car crashing, and according to the witnesses, the car crashed after a blinding white beam of light was shone at the driver Henri Paul.

Jo Cox: The Sacrificial lamb
This is my work so far on the whole Jo Cox murder, the Pulse event, and the murder of Christina Grimmie.
3 vids added so far, this is a work in progress and it will be added to.

Prince Jimi Hendrix & the Simpsons
While researching Prince, I realised there were a lot of parallels between his life and the life of Jimi Hendrix . This blog details my finds, I have also analysed the Simpsons episode where Homer killed Prince, as it happens Jimi Hendrix was in celebrity heaven with Prince, and the rest of that episode deserved analyses, as it acted out an apocalyptic scenario, where the celebs formed an army, and then the stars fell to Earth to start a war. There were clear correlations with the Book of Revelations.

The Death of a Prince

21 April 2016, Prince dies, the Queen turns 90, and a replica of an arch that was once the gateway to the Temple of Baal in Syria, is erected in Trafalgar Square! the numerology and "coincidences" are pretty mind blowing!

Prince was from Min-neapolis, in Min-esota, Min was the son of Isis and Osaris, he was the God of fertility.

Violet Flame and Halo Bring Down 1936 Plane

I came across this extraordinary story in a 1936 newspaper, the week that King George V died and was buried, a violet flame and halo brought down a plane, just of the coast of France! 
As there is no mention anywhere on the net about this extraordinary event, I figured I just had to put it in a blog!

Captain Robert Nairac and Gladio

Robert Nairac was a British Army Officer, he was murdered by the IRA in 1977, for years this mans purpose in Northern Ireland was kept hidden...bit by bit though it filtered out. Turns out Nairac was working with paramilitaries on all sides, the victims he chose were mainly civilian, he controlled the Loyalist Glenanne Gang, and they alone killed over 70 people. He has also been accused of the planning of the Dublin and Monaghan Bombs, the Miami Showband Massacre, the Kingsmill Massacre and many other atrocities.
His primary objective appeared to be to inflict as many civilian atrocities as was possible, I believe this man was a Gladio operative, the SAS founder of the unit Nairac belonged too claims he did not know who Nairac's boss was!


7/1/15, and yet another staged event to have us all terrorised, This blog takes a took at the finances of Charlie Hebdo, the Illuminati and Rothschild connection, and the previous false flag that Charlie Hebdo staged back in 2011.

While researching for this blog I soon realised that CH shared the same address as the Paris Chief of Police, just one of the oddities of Charlie Hebdo that the main stream press failed to mention.
The Declaration of Arbroath and Rhesus Negative Blood
The declaration of Arbroath was penned in 1320, the opening paragraph outlines the journey the authors ancestors took to Scotland. 
When I mapped the journey on Google Earth, I found that the route directly correlated with pockets of RH negative blood people. Scotland and Ireland have an unusually high percentage of RH negative blood types. They claim that they started their journey in ancient Scythia, then travelled to the Tyrrhenian Sea, then the Pillars of Hercules, Spain and finally Scotland. In this blog I have outlined the pockets of RH neg people along that route. DNA testing has now also related the Scots and Irish to the ancient Scythians.

 Georgia Guidestones, 2014 & The Graffiti

At some stage in early September a cube was added to the English side of the Georgia Guidestones, on one side it had 20, and on the other 14, as the cube was placed beside the commandment that says the Earth's population should be maintained at under 500 million, it obviously caused concern.
 A load of rather odd graffiti appeared at the same time as the new stone, things like 711 and "IAM HERE ISIS". In this blog I examine the graffiti, the 2012 cube, and present a few other interesting facts about the stones.
At some time on, or just before Sept 25, a group of citizens removed the 2014 cube and smashed it! They filmed their efforts and put the vid on You Tube. Turns out 2014 was not the only thing on the stones! Every side had something.

Ice Bucket Challenge: Occult Ritual
 I think the Ice Bucket Challenge is to damage the auric field of people who have good charitable natures, it is also a mass ritual, all about damaging the head, the crown, a body has a head, a country has a head, and I think that Assad is the head they want severed, severed from the Syrian people.
Saddam hung, Gaddafi shot in the head, the manner of their deaths was symbolic, the head was targeted...and they were no longer the head!

Dylan, Baez and the Social Engineering of a Generation

2013 is almost over and I have only penned 5 blogs this year. This has been a year of soul searching and reflection for me, I have been looking back to what moulded me as a person. I was a 60's child and I grew up and developed against the backdrop of the 60's revolution, I know now that the revolution was meticulously planned and executed by the very powers that I spent near all my life rebelling against.
Bob Dylan and Joan Baez were 2 artists that I particularly admired, I thought surely they could not have been 2 of the mind controlled puppets unleashed on the world to influence me and everyone else. Sadly my research would indicate that they were indeed just part of the machine. Just like the so called "Truth Movement" has been created and directed by them in power from the onset, the 1960's Hippy/anti-war movement was also manufactured by them, its called controlled opposition. I took the time to write this blog, because I felt that if people could just see how the 60's were stage managed, then they might better understand how the truth movement has not just been infiltrated, it has been orchestrated from the onset.

Link Wi-Fi –A Thalidomide in the Making. Who Cares?

This blog is a report by Barrie Trower, who is a renowned world expert on microwave energy. 
Barrie is very concerned about schools now using Wi-Fi, and the dangers to children, primarily girls from the low frequency waves.

Barbie Exposed: Link

Barbie is the best selling toy in the history of the world, her image is known globally, yet no one knows her history, or how she came to be. She was modeled on the German Bild Lilli "Sex Doll", the woman credited with her invention Ruth HANDLER was Jewish, yet the manufacturer of the Bild Lilli doll served Hitlers war machine. This is just a few of the snippets that came up in my Barbie research.

Sandy Hook, Coincidences or a Meticulous Plan? Link

My observation on Sandy Hook, dates, the Olympics, The Jubilee Flotilla and Kate's pregnancy, are they all connected? 
Topless Kate, 2 Massacres and an Initiation. Link
This is a 3 part Video presentation with notes. I figured the Kate Topless pics were staged, thought I would look into it, small project I thought, but a right can of worms opened! Turned out the Hilli murders were just up the road from where Kate and William were staying, and they happened the day after the two of them arrived in France. Also on August 4 1952, just 18 miles from their Villa, the Drummond family set up camp, Jack, his wife Anne and daughter Elizabeth were all found dead the next morning, like the Hilli's they had all been shot execution style! And the coincidences did not end there! August 4 1952 was the Queen Mothers 52nd birthday, and it was 60 years to the day before William's baptism!

Link Charles Torres Veitch, Actor Extraordinaire!
This blog takes a look at the acting skills of Charlie Veitch, from his role as a "Dummy Witness" for the BBC to the murder of Ian Tomlinson, to his most well known role as the "9/11 Truther", who after a simple demonstration with Lego realised he had got it all wrong, and in fact the official version of 9/11 was in fact true! I have included his on line "Actors profile" on the "Star Now" web site, where he boasts of his numerous jobs in front of and behind the camera.
Charlie applied for Big Brother 3 back in 2002, and seems very proud of the fact that he reached the final 75 contestants. Sadly this wannabe's bid for stardom at that time was not to be!

1960's Jerusalem Link

This is a collection of amazing pictures taken during the 1960’s in Jerusalem. They capture moments in time that I felt should be available on line. The historical, religious and political interest in Jerusalem is Universal, because of my own personal appreciation of these pictures; I felt others would also appreciate them, so I have dedicated a whole day to scanning them and making them available on line. My scanner is ancient in PC terms, and it is attached to my equally prehistoric PC, so scanning them to file was a laborious process.

This blog is not about my personal religious or political beliefs; it is merely to make these images available on line. All commentary will be taken from the book unless otherwise stated.

The book was published in 1969 by Heinemann, then in 1976 by Time Life Book’s, the Author is an Englishman called Colin Thubron, and the photographer Jay Maisel, a native of New York. Both author and photographer strived to document the city and its inhabitants without prejudice.

The Stuart Hazell Set Up LINK
From the minute it was announced that Tia Sharp was missing, the UK press set about prepping the public to accept the patsy, the patsy being Stuart Hazell. 
We were constantly reminded that he had a drug conviction ten years previous, and other snippets which would inevitably colour peoples perceptions of him.
Three times the house was searched, once by a forensics team who searched the attic where the body was found, and on another occasion by highly trained dogs, trained that they could detect a body half a mile away, yet they found no body.
Then an unidentified search party from another area appeared, and bingo... Tia's body was found in the attic. The official line is that it was there all along but the other searches failed to find it. This is a 3 bed terraced house not Buckingham Palace!
He has now been set up with a QC who only this year was made a Lord of his services to National Security!
This case stinks to high heaven. Whoever killed this poor child should pay for it, but that is not going to happen while they are blaming Stuart Hazell. Who did kill her is an interesting question, well who would have authority over the police, and the influence over the un-named search party who had to plant the body in the attic!

LINK Blood Sacrifice at Aurora, and the Olympics. Part 1
This was not just another mindless random act of violence, this was a well staged ritual, and James Holmes was the main actor. James, English for Jacob, the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. First reports stated the shooter was James, and 12 people had died.
The High School just beside the Cinema is the "Gateway HS", its motto is "home of the Olympians", and its emblem is the Olympic Rings and torch!
I will be adding to this blog as more details emerge, at this stage I would even hazard a guess that each victim had been selected for sacrifice, especially Jessica G-HAW-i.
Jessica means "God Sees". The opening ceremony for the Olympics has a replica of Glastonbury Tor, and on top of it is a Haw tree. "G" The letter seen on masonic emblems to represent their "GOD", and i for eye.
James Holmes dyed his hair red, and called himself "The Joker". On the same day that the shootings were reported, the British Press also printed a story about Prince Harry, and the premier of "Dark Knight Rises". Harry with his mad red hair is known as "The Joker" of the two brothers.
This entire ritual has so many clues/symbols, it is in your face, everything about it was so well staged, I have to wonder do the actually want us to know!

Blood sacrifice at Aurora, the London Olympics and 007 , Part2 Link
Part 2 has a 26 min video which looks at the strategic importance of the site of the Aurora Cinema compared to the Crazy Horse at Denver Airport, the Washington and Denver Obelisks and more.
It begins with a look back to the 16th Century, John Dee, Queen Elizabeth I and Francis Bacon, and how their actions way back then have shaped the face of America, and the Aurora murders.
The blog has numerous odd bits that came up in my research, like the Golden Dawn, which was an off shoot of the Rosicrucian Order which is covered in the vid. Aurora means dawn, and right beside Aurora is 2 "Golden" place names.

LINK The Zion Olympics, A video Presentation.
This blog features the 3 vids which I have made on the Zion Olympics.
For months we have seen one ominous portent after another relating to the 2012 Olympics, the 3 vids cover the influence of Saturn, the Heneghan Peng bridge to hell, the Jerusalem theme, Stonehenge and an awful lot more.

LINK Prince William & The Unicorn
This blog has my series of Prince William and the Unicorn videos and Blogs, made over the course of a year. I began researching the British Royals relationship with the Unicorn, it first became part of the British Coat of Arms in the 1600's, when James I introduced. Like everything these people do, nothing is as it seems, and my investigation into the real reason took me on quite a journey.

LINK Michael McBride and Fluoride
Michael McBride is the NI Chief Medical Officer, he is not an elected representative, he is what is known as "An advisor" to the elected representative, and lets face it, they put people like Farmer Poots in the job of Health Minister, when all he knows about is cows, so then he is dependant on the likes of McBride for advice. The elected representatives come and go, McBride et al are always there, and their interests seem to be serving pharmas and corporations, it is certainly not for the benefit of NI people that he wants to dump fluoride in our water! This blog examines the part he played in the Swine Flu Hoax, and how he squandered millions from the NI Health care budget to line the pockets of big pharma.

LINK Covert Fluoridation
Request to the Ombudsman for information from the Northern Ireland Office, with re guards to covert fluoridation of the NI public during the "Troubles".
LINK Toxic O2 Dome
My Research into the toxic nature of the site the O2 Dome is built on. 7 million litres of tar and 2000 tons of toxic waste was removed from this site prior to the regeneration of the Greenwich Peninsula, however most of the contamination was neither removed or treated, but "contained". I believe this poses both health risks, and security should there ever be any kind of attack there.

LINK False Flag, August 4 2012, London Olympics
There has been a great deal of speculation that the London 2012 Olympics could be a target for a False Flag to be staged. Having put over a year of research into the matter, myself and another  researcher believe that August 4 2012 is the most likely date should a FF be staged. The O2 Dome in Greenwich we believe would be the most likely Prime target.

LINK Peter Gabriel, Mystic or in the know?
Peter Gabriel wrote and preformed the UK's official Millennium celebration at the opening of the O2 Dome in Greenwich. He preformed one dire doom ridden track after another, and the lyrics would suggest he knew in advance that 9/11 would be kicking the new millennium off.
My study into this man has left me in no doubt he is no mystic, he is in the know!

LINK Hair, its Magical Mystical properties, and How to go Chemical Free
This is my second most read blog, it looks at the mystical nature of hair, its function, and its religious significance.
The damage caused by nanoparticles in shampoos and conditioners is also examined, and tips on how to go chemical free.

LINK How Government Counter Intelligence operates on Social Networking Sites & Forums.
This blog has been published by Namaste Magazine.
If you have been targeted by Government counter intelligence on line, this blog will be of tremendous help to you, the insane tactics they use, the psychological and inflammatory tactics they use are all detailed in this blog.

The Bells The Shells & The Santiago  Compostela 
While researching the possibility of a False Flag being staged at the London Olympics, I realised that prince William turning 30, the Queen's diamond Jubilee and the Olympics were all inextricably connected in some way. On June 3, a flotilla to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with make its way down the Thames, 8 Bells have been commissioned for the occasion, they will travel on a specially made barge bell tower. A 27 ton bell has been commissioned for the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, that is 9 bells altogether.
In Satanism 9 is the number they associate with Satan, and the beginning of every Satanic ceremony begins with a bell being rang 9 times to call in the demonic entity. Also, long before we had instant communications, church bells would be rang if someone died, 9 times for a man, 6 for a woman (9 inverted). 9 is the number of death.
The Queen's 8 bells will eventually be housed at St James Church in Garlickhythe. This church sits on the site of an ancient Roman Temple, its emblem is a shell. When I began investigating this I was taken on quite an extraordinary journey to the Santiago Compostela in Northern Spain. Princess Diana's murder, the recent Toulouse shootings, Roman Temples the bells and the shells are tied in. I know it is a very odd mix of information, but one thing seemed very connected to the next as I progressed in my research. I thoroughly enjoyed researching this blog, I hope you get as much joy from reading it.

LINK The History of the Triathlon
This blog is linked to my "August 4 False Flag" blog. The Triathlon was only added as an Olympic event at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.Of all the Olympic events this has to be the most ritualistic event. Should there be a FF at the Olympics, this event will be the ritual before the sacrifice. Here I look at the ritualistic nature of the Triathlons since 2000, where they were staged, the numerology and historic nature of the locations.
The Triathlon this year will be in Hyde Park London on the morning of August 4.

LINK Zion and the London 2012 Olympics
As has been evident from the Olympic logo was presented to the masses, the theme of the London Olympics is "ZION". This is my own very unique take on where the term originated. The Gods of ancient Egypt, the constellation Monoceros (Unicorn) and more all tied in.

LINK Combined Disasters & Big Ben 
In 1995 Steve Jackson Games marketed a set of 49 Cards called The Illuminati Card Game,incredibly these cards have predicted a series of tragic world events. This blog looks at the card which many believe indicates an attack at the London Olympics and Big Ben.

This is the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. This blog is my take on its sinking, the occult significance, and the "celebrations" to mark the anniversary.

LINK Anne & Hollie Greig

Hollie Greig is a young Scottish Lady, from the age of 6 to 20 she was horrifically sexually abused, firstly by her Father, then by a gang of establishment paedophiles in Aberdeen.
Despite reporting her abuse in 2000, Grampian Police who it was reported to, have done nothing. They have not interviewed one of the accused, or the other named victims. Hollie was awarded £13500 for the injures she sustained as a result of the abuse, and was deemed by that investigating party as a reliable an honest witness. This blog outlines Hollie's case and her continued fight for justice.

LINK The Continued Abuse of Hollie Greig
An excellent report by Christina England, on how the system has conspired to continue to abuse Hollie Greig.
LINK Preparing the Way for the Messiah
From long before Prince William was born, a very big PR machine was at work preparing for his arrival. From antiquity those who rule have portrayed themselves as coming from some kind of divine linage...this is bullshite, it is all an illusion created by them to maintain power, control and wealth. From before William's conception the seeds were planted that he would be accepted as some kind of Messiah, the Books, "Holy Blood Holy Grail", "The Da Vinci Code" and the "Omen" film, were all just part of the scam to influence the masses into accepting him as the rightful divine heir to the British Throne.....It was all an illusion! 

The British Royal's are Frauds
These people say the rule by Divine Right!!! They are no more "Divine" than you me or anyone, since antiquity they have fooled the masses, they say they are Divine but present no evidence...well no real evidence, a mountain of manufactured evidence. They use symbols and rituals to enhance their status, which reinforces the illusion they have blinded mankind with. This blog looks at that illusion.

LINK The Hunt For The Unicorn tapestries
In 1922 John D. Rockefeller paid one million dollars for a set of tapestries, today's value over $25 1/2 million, quite a sum for a set of tapestries. The subject of the tapestries is the hunt of a Unicorn. The Unicorn represents the Christ energy, the tapestries depict the Unicorn being hunted, killed, then resurrected, but enslaved, drugged and chained.
Given this is what the Rockefeller dynasty have endeavoured to do to mankind, the importance of these tapestries, and the Rockefeller attachment to them, is I feel very important. Blog includes a rare interview with David Rockefeller speaking about the tapestries, this short interview gives us a glimpse of DR not often seen.

LINK The Number 27
I have had a life long interest in numerology, the number 27 is a stand alone number, revered since ancient times. This blog details it's significance and historical importance. 2+7 of course adds up to 9, a number often used by the elite, i.e. 9/11, I also look at the number 9 and what it means to different people.

LINK The Number 4 Four
The number 4 is universally recognised as the "GOD" number.
Here I have researched its progression from ancient times, and how near all the Gods from antiquity have been associated with the number 4.

LINK The Misdirecting of the Lightworkers
The internet is awash with "Spiritual Frauds", who all want either your money, your soul or both, in this expose I have addressed the corrupt nature of the Galactic Federation and other such frauds. At this time there is a great awakening and the powers that be seen it coming long before the rest of us, and they set up fraudulent groups to cater for every taste.

LINK Invisible Children, Hidden Agenda
The "Kony 2012" campaign went viral within days, the entire project was designed by the powers that be, so as to mind bend the whole world, into their invading Uganda under the pretext of capturing Joseph Kony, who has not even set foot in Uganda for over 6 years. This blog exposes the scam.

LINK The Ritualistic Nature of the Fred West Murders
The vile nature of the West murders had all the hall marks of ritual satanic sacrifices, however this aspect of the killings has always been avoided by our MS press.

This is my detailed investigation into the rape and plunder of Libya, primarily looking at the Libyan peoples overseas fund. Enemies of Libya working within that country long prior to the invasion, worked with the UN to ensure that Libya's overseas investments were all deposited in countries who were part of the NATO invasion of that country. This meant that after they invaded, the legitimate government of Libya had no access to the funds. The countries where the funds were deposited froze the funds, then paid themselves expenses associated with the invasion. Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron and the rest were practically foaming at the mouth as they divided up the billions held in the accounts. My investigation of the Libyan people's overseas fund uncovered the most despicable corruption at the very highest levels.
(This is my most read blog)

LINK Iman Obeidi, Propaganda or Truth?
Iman Obeidi is the Libyan actress who burst onto our TV screens on March 26, 2011, she burst into the Rixos Hotel where the worlds press were staying, and claimed she had been held captive and gang raped for days by Gaddafi forces.
I have seen some actors in my time, but this woman takes the prize for one of the greatest actresses of all time! Her despicable display right back at the beginning of the Libyan conflict, helped to influence the Western masses through our very bias main stream media. Any journalist with an iota of credibility could have spotted a thousand holes in this woman's ridiculous claims, but not one of them investigated the claims, they all just ran with what was presented, and without an ounce of journalist integrity reported her fictitious accusations as fact. She became the face of "The Awful Gaddafi Regime", and it was all lies! She became the darling of CNN, and Hilary Clinton personally arranged for Obeidi to be brought to the land of Milk & Honey...better known to the rest of us as the Totalitarian United States of America! 
It was Iman's dream that she would one day live in America, and that the "Rebels" would take control of Libya, all Iman's dreams come true, as the cost of thousands of Libyan Lives. I do not know how this woman sleeps at night!

LINK Demand that the International Criminal Court Present Evidence against Muammar and Saif al Islam Gaddafi.
Muammar Gaddafi was captured and executed since I penned this blog. Saif Al Islam's current whereabouts or welfare is unknown. Saif al Arab Gaddafi, Khamis Gaddafi, Mutassim Gaddafi, the husband of Aiasha Gaddafi, and three Gaddafi Grandchildren were all murdered by the UN backed terrorists who took over the country. This all happened because the ICC issued arrest warrants for Muammar and Saif al Islam. 
At this time of writing (26/04/2012), I am still waiting for a response from the ICC as to what the charges against them was!

LINK Message from Saif al Islam Gaddafi to his people, before his capture.
This message was written by Saif before his capture.
His current whereabouts is unknown.

LINK The Illusion of Western democracy,
A message to the Libyan People
Many people in many countries believe the very false picture that Hollywood presents as "Democracy", the reality of the Democracy they have created is far removed from the illusion they present. This blog was directed at those in Libya who could not see past the illusion.


LINK Epiphany by JoJo Sweeney

LINK The Unicorn in captivity by Anne Morrow Lindbergh


LINK A brief History of the World so Far
And how 10% came to be in control of 85% of the Worlds Population!

LINK The Big Yellow Cook Book
My found memories, and recipes from my Mum's Big Yellow Cook Book, which has served our family since the 1960's. :-)

LINK Tuatha de Danann and the Fallen Angels
The Tuatha de Danann are recorded in Irish History, as people who just appeared out of a mist, their skills and "superhuman" abilities echo the traits of the Fallen Angels that the Book of Enoch describes.

LINK Pleasure and Pain
A brief look at how both these extreme emotions remind us that we are alive, and teach us valuable lessons.

LINK We are Stardust, We Are Golden
and we got to get ourselves back to the garden.
A brief look at how we came to be, how we are all connected, we are all the same, we all came from source, we will all return to source. The Joni Mitchell song says it all.

LINK Amnesia International
Well! the title says it all! Amnesia are one of the most corrupt organisations in the world, they join forces with the UN and NATO to instigate wars from which they will all profit. They lie, they pedal propaganda, and the public funds their black ops!

LINK Yair Davidy and Herbert Armstrong FRAUDS!
This has to be the two greatest pedlars of mis-information on the internet! Both these frauds have re-written world history in an effort to make the Israelis way more important than history ever recorded they were! And their crap is everywhere, bad enough the shite they put out, but thousands repeat their rubbish as if it were fact, and it is not!


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