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Sandy Hook, Coincidences or a Meticulous Plan?

By Sandra Barr
The opening ceremony of the London Olympics on July 27, 2012. The NHS was supposed to be a celebration of the UK's National Health Service, as you can see, upside down it reads "SHN", Sandy Hook, Newtown!

NOTE: In the USA when recording a date the month is listed first and the date second, in the UK it is the other way around. This blog has many dates, as this happened in the US I have listed them the US way, I have endeavoured that there should be no mix ups and in most cases typed out the full date.

Part 1

Above is the video which accompanies this blog, I would advise watching the vid before reading the blog. The original vid that I posted mysteriously messed up about two weeks after being posted, the link above takes you to the slightly re-edited and re-uploaded vid.

On Friday December 14th 2012, 20 year old Adam Lanza ALLEDGEDLY shot and killed his Mother Nancy Lanza, he then made his way to Sandy Hook Elementary School, at some time before 9.30 AM, he allegedly opened fire, killing 20 children and 6 adults. He then allegedly turned the gun on himself and shot himself. Total death toll 28.

In my Olympic and Aurora research the number 7 came up over and over, I have explained at length in those blogs and vids its meaning so I wont go over it again. Aurora Video and blog
As you can clearly see from how I presented the names and ages, there was 4 groups of 6 year old girls, and 2 groups of 6 year old boys.
Two 7 year old girls and two 7 year old boys.

On December 14, 2012 we seen a staged event, they would have had many reasons for staging this event not least to curtail the right of Americans to bear arms. On December 15, 1791 the Second Amendment was added to the US Constitution. It is the US Bill of Rights that protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. On December 20, 2012 Obama vowed to put his full weight behind gun control legislation!

According to the USA’s Social Security Death Index, Adam Lanza died on December 13, the day before the shooting! His death was registered in New Hampshire, which is two states up from Connecticut! Nancy is registered as dying on the 14th, but her death is also registered in New Hampshire, so we have a man who was already dead committing this ghastly crime, before killing himself for a second time in two days! Link

Screen shot from GenealogyBank.com

Adam was born on April 22 1992, which was the day after the Queen’s 66th birthday. On the day he was born an explosion in Guadalajara, Mexico killed 206 people, injured 500 and left 15,000 homeless.

Nancy Lanza was born on September 6, 1960, 6/9/60 666
On Sept 6, 1983 Pipa Middleton, sister of Kate was born, and on Sept 6, 3114 BC, the Mayan long count calendar, which ended on 21/12/2012 began.

The Royals and other global elite, they do not celebrate birthdays and anniversaries of the living as we do, with say a bottle of Cava, they celebrate anniversaries of the living and the dead, and they mark the occasions with death and sacrifice. December 14, 1895 is the day the Queen’s Father King George VI was born, December 14, 2012 was the 117th anniversary of his birth. (1+1+7=9, their death number).
King Paul of Greece was also born on December 14, 1901, he was Prince Philip’s full cousin. December 14 this year was the 111 year anniversary of his birth!

In Buddhism they know when the soul of a Buddha is going to incarnate, they have signs and omens which alert them, and when the new soul arrives they are set tests to confirm that they are the incarnation, ie: sets of bowls and prayer beads are placed before them, and they must chose the correct bowl and beads that they used in their last incarnation. The more I research the more I am convinced that the global elite and Royals also know their previous incarnations, this is just one of the reasons why dates associated with long gone Kings and Queens are so important to them.

On December 14 1799 George Washington died, George is one of the worlds most famous Masons, and the Sandy Hook Masonic Lodge is located on Washington Avenue, which leads onto Dickenson Drive via Riverside Road where the Sandy Hook School is located. (Dick-in-son, bad choice of a Road name for a road that leads to a school!)

December 14 2012 was the 213th anniversary of his death, (2+1+3=6, which is an inverted 9). The names of the victims have mostly been presented alphabetically, with Charlotte Bacon on top of the list. Charlotte was born February 22, which just happens to also be the day Washington was born!

In my Aurora research Francis Bacon played centre stage, as did the location of the Washington Monument, if we take a straight line from the centre of the Sandy Hook School to the Washington Monument it measures precisely 425.81 KM. 4+2+5=11, 8+1=9, another 9/11.

This is the picture that has been shown all over the globe in reports about the shooting, “Sandy Hook School 1956”, this also has a 9/11 within it, 5+6=11, and the 9.

Charlotte Bacon was born 2/22/2006, on 2/22/1371 Robert II became King of Scotland and began the Stuart dynasty! On Charlotte’s 6th birthday last February, it was 641 years since the beginning of the House of Stuart, 6+4+1=11! (HS)

Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria also died on 2/22 in 1861. The current Queen and Prince Philip both descend from this Germanic marriage. 17 years after his death, to the day, their daughter Alice also died, she was the Great grandmother of Prince Philip.

December 14th is the Feast Day of John of the Cross, as it happens St John’s church is right next to Sandy Hook School, 0.22 KM to be exact, and right beside St John’s is Sandy Hooks Masonic Temple, Hiram 18, also 0.22 KM (11+11) from the school. 
St John is not famed for much other than his poem “Dark Night of the Soul”, “Dark Knight of the Soul” by Mark D. White is a book about the philosophy of Batman! Then of course there is the Dark Knight Rising, the movie that was being shown during the Aurora massacre, coincidental I’m sure, but that film shows a map with Sandy Hook marked on it!
The map of Gotham that appeared in the "Dark Knight Rising" film.

The most famous real life Knight is Prince William, who is a Knight of the Garter and a Knight of the ancient Order of the Thistle. These are two very prestigious titles, which are awarded to very few!

In another bizarre twist, America’s own Royalty, John Kennedy jr, his wife Carolyn Bassette-Kennedy and her sister Lauren were killed close by when the light aircraft they were travelling in crashed into the Atlantic Ocean just off Martha’s Vineyard. (George Washington’s wife was called Martha, and one of the little girls was called Caroline, John’s older sister is also called Caroline)
They died on 7/16/99, (666) and the plane went down precisely 191 km from the Sandy Hook School! 9/11.
Coincidently, Stewart Swerdlow, ex-Montauk victim says he seen John Kennedy Junior at Satanic Rituals.

Nancy Lanza was born on Sept 6, 1960, she shared her birthday with Joseph P. Kennedy who was born Sept 6, 1888. It was through Joseph that the Kennedy family rose to political and social prominence.

JF Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, and December 14 is 22 days later. St John’s Church and the Masonic Temple are both .22 km from the school.
On July 22 the ashes of John JR, Carolyn and Lauren were scattered of the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.
JF Kennedy ran against Richard Nixon for the Presidency, Nixon died on April 22 1994, Adam Lanza was born on April 22 1992. He died on Lanza’s second birthday.
Nixon was born on January 9 1913, Kate Middleton’s DOB is January 9, 1982. She was born on Nixon’s 69th birthday.

Last year I put together a vast amount of information regarding the series of Mega rituals preformed, the year kicked of with Madonna’s half time Satanic ritual at the Superbowl, followed by Whitney Houston’s death, her body was found face down in a shallow bath, her body had cuts and burns and it was ruled an accident! As we will see, water is of the utmost importance in their rituals, Whitney’s death was the start of a year long Satanic rituals, acted out on a stage that was broadcast all over the globe.

To the people who plan these rituals, it is imperative to them that they have audience participation, so they devise ways that their rituals and sacrifices can be broadcast all over the globe, they harness emotions and feed off the mass grief of the people, so their rituals demand mass audience participation. It is their own rule that they should tell us in advance what they are planning, they do this with symbols, numerology, gestures and other hidden clues.

When I finished the “Topless Kate” vids and blog, I decided I needed a break, I would have been more than happy for my break to be extended throughout 2013, but having looked at Sandy Hook, and the in your face ties to the British Royals and the Olympic opening, I feel I really must document my observations.

“SH”, I have at least 3 files on “SH”, each file is packed with info, not about Sandy Hook, but about the “SH” gesture, SH has come up again and again in my research, for the purposes of this blog I will just touch on it, at some stage I will type up my notes on the gesture and its meaning.
The index finger on the right hand is the finger usually used when making the SH gesture, in all the secret societies they make vows never to betray the brotherhood, or reveal their groups secrets. The index finger has become the symbol for those secret vows, while researching the British Royals, I was struck by the amount of old portraits where the index finger was visibly protruding from the other fingers, this is what started me off on my research into the “SH” gesture.
Please note that in the accompanying video, I have used pictures where the index finger has been highlighted.

The "SH" gesture dates right back to Horus!

Here in Northern Ireland Hazel Stewart was sentenced to 18 years for her part in murdering her husband, and her lovers wife in 1991, she had later split with the lover, but the murders were kept secret by them both for near 20 years. 
On August 3 2012 11 year old Tia Sharp went missing from her grandmothers home, this was during the Olympics and close to the Olympic Stadium, her grandmothers lover Stuart Hazel was arrested for her murder within hours of the body being found.
My blog on "Stuart Hazel set Up".

Princes William and Harry descend from the House of Stuart on their Mother Diana’s side, the direct male line of the House of Stuart died when James V, King of the Scots died. He died on December 14 1542! (Sandy Hook shootings also December 14).  James had 12 children, he named 4 of his sons James after himself, and another was called Adam. The Aurora shooter was called James, and the Sandy Hook shooter Adam! His daughter Mary Queen of Scots succeeded him.
HS, they love to reverse things, they believe that inverting or reversing gives things extra power!

Part 2: Sandy Hook and the Olympics
(A video will be posted to accompany part 2, hopefully within the next week.)

It is their own rule that they tell us what they are doing, and what they intend doing. Their own rules dictate that they need our consent. They us show what they are going to do, and they take our silence or applause as consent. Long before the written word stories were told in pictures, our primitive minds still recognise pictures as a source of information. The conscious mind looks for words, the subconscious pictures.
The opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympics were used as a platform to inform the whole world of their plans, through pictures, dance, music and rituals. The masses clapped like flipper, and never gave a thought to the grotesque nature of what they were really watching!

In part 2 I will examine how they showed us exactly what would transpire in December 2012. The opening ceremony beggared belief, for people like myself who try to find meaning in the pictures they show us, we recognised that it was dark and Satanic, of course it was impossible to know exactly what it all meant until it actually happened.

The beginning of the opening focused on England’s long gone green and pleasant land, this set was quickly changed and it moved onto Britons Industrial Age. William Blake’s “Jerusalem” was featured, this poem asks did Jesus walk in England’s Green and Pleasant Land, and also refers to England’s “Dark Satanic Mills”.

The set changed to England’s dark satanic Mills, and from green and Pleasant the Olympic Arena turned literally into fire and brimstone, it resembled the pits of hell, the commentator even commented that you could smell molten metal and smoke, for those present in the Arena, every sense was stimulated.
Sandy Hook Elementary School colours are green and white. (Green and Pleasant Land)
I will now detail how they told us what would transpire in December 2012.
First we had the Green and pleasant, Sandy Hook was very proud of the fact that they had the lowest crime rate in America, it is an affluent area, and many of its citizens moved there to escape the grime and crime of large cities.

The scene then very suddenly changed to dark and satanic, the ground covering of green and rural changed, a map in black and white, that appeared to be a stretch of the Thames was laid, it covered the whole ground within the Arena. In the centre was an area that I identified as the area around the Thames at Greenwich in London.
On the left is part of the section of the Thames that appeared in the middle of the Olympic Stadium during the opening. This area is part of Greenwich, above the loop in the Thames is the Stadium. On the right is a view of the Housatonic River and Sandy Hook taken from Google earth. Pretty similar?

As it happens, Sandy Hook when viewed from Google earth also resembles this section. The river that lies North of Sandy Hook is the Housatonic, As demonstrated in these pictures, on the real life maps Sandy Hook lies roughly on the map where the Olympic Stadium lies in comparison to the river. With Sandy Hook it’s the river Housatonic, with the Olympic Stadium it is the Thames.
Bear in mind, this was dead centre of the Olympic Stadium! So they actually gave us a snapshot of the location of their target.
During this section of the opening the Olympic rings were forged from the fire and brimstone, it appeared that they were being cast in hell!
All human life begins with the sperm penetrating the female ovum. We had the large phallic chimneys, actual smoke came out of them, and this maybe represented ejaculation, although the fireworks display looked more like the visual display of ejaculation.

A sperm like fiery thing went into a larger fiery circle. The egg was fertilised. The crowds clapped and gasped in awe as the Olympics rings raised skyward from this union!

The sperm

In another representation of the fertilised egg, a large bubble appeared and was passed around. Inside the bubble was a female wearing an all in one golden suit.
The new life was created…the Golden Child!
The set changed again, and we moved onto the children’s section, the official explanation for this section was that it was a celebration of the Uk’s National Health Service, and the great British Children’s authors!
What my eyes actually seen was a grotesque psychological abuse of children. The performers in this section were actual sick children from Great Ormond Street Hospital; they were wheeled out in beds by actual doctors and Nurses from great Ormond Street Hospital!

“NHS” to represent National Health Service was formed in the centre of the Arena, upside down, it read “SHN”. Sandy Hook Newtown. This was on the exact spot where the map of Sandy Hook was.
For at least half the people there it was viewed upside down!

Then the symbol and initials of Great Ormond Street Hospital was formed. A crying child, with GO SH underneath. GO Sandy Hook and a crying child; again this was on the spot where the map of Sandy Hook was!
As I covered in part 1, “SH” has many meanings, not least The House of Stuart, which is the Royal line that Princesses William and Harry descend from on Diana’s side. Of course William, Harry and the brood mare Kate were present for this ritual.
This section was preformed to Mike Oatfield’s Tubular Bells, famed for being the sound track for the Exorcist! When hearing it most people recall in their minds the horrors of that film about a little girl possessed by Satan himself!

Left: William and kate at the opening Ceremony, note how she is holding her stomach, this is a pose commonly adopted by already pregnant women!

The children were then terrorised by the evillest characters from great British children’s novels, The Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and the Wizard Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter. Volde is an anagram of loved, and “mort” is French for death. Loved Death!
There was a menacing looking Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Princess Diana of course said that she felt she would never be Queen of England, but that she would like to be the Queen of people’s hearts.
Captain HOOK also featured in this section. A Sandy Hook is a dune created by tides; apparently Captain Cook’s metal “hook” shaped hand is a pun for a Sandy Hook! A Sand Bar is another name for a Sandy Hook, my name is Sandra Barr, so obviously Sand Bar is within my own name.

After these evil characters had scared the children half to death, countless Mary Poppin's descended into the Arena. Mary of course was a witch.
So we had Voldemort and his wand and Mary with her own brand of witchcraft, magic was preformed and spells cast, and the unwitting masses applauded it all!
The ritual would not have been complete without at least one Mary popping in, the most famous Mary in history is of course The Virgin Mary. Back to this later!

This section ended with a big scary looking baby centre stage, again right on the Sandy Hook section of the map. The doctors and nurses all gathered round, and looked on at this baby in awe, they held hands and seemed to paying homage to the freaky baby!
On the map beneath them this was in Greenwich,London, which is where Elizabeth I was born, more on her later.

The doctors and nurses then all made the “SH” gesture, the nurses approached the children’s beds, and as the children lay with their eyes closed, sleeping/dead, the nurses made the “SH” gesture over them!

The rituals they perform all have meaning, they are preformed for a reason, clearly this revered child was the outcome of this ritual……so who of importance has got pregnant since the ritual? Up to date Kate of course, the pregnancy was announce on December 3, 11 days later Sandy Hook happened and 11 days after that was Christmas Day, otherwise known as the feast of Saturnalia, a feast day dedicated to Saturn. The Romans would feast on this day and exchange presents. Saturn/Satan/Santas colours are red, white and black!
I closely follow what this woman wears, and I do not recall her ever wearing emerald green before.

As it happens Sandy Hook School colours are Green and white, and most of the memorial junk featured those colours.

On December 3 Venus, Saturn and Mercury were in alignment, months previous I had circled the date on my calendar wondering what might happen in the world news that day. Venus is the planet most associated with the Goddess energy, and Saturn/Saturn is their most revered planet, Mercury is named after the Roman God Mercury, messenger of the Gods, as Venus and Saturn represent their premier deities, this was an important alignment for them, and the message Mercury brought us, was that Kate's womb now contained the next little parasitic inbreed, the union of Venus and Saturn!

Jacintha Saldanha

On December 3 when the pregnancy was announced Kate was admitted to the King Edward VII hospital with morning sickness.
4 days after Kate was admitted to the King Edward VII hospital, a nurse at the hospital who had taken a prank phone call from an OZ radio station, was found hanging at her living quarters at the hospital. Jacintha Saldanha was found hanging by her scarf on Friday 7 December, precisely 7 days before the Sandy Hook tragedy. As I have covered in my other work, death follows these two about like a bad smell! Link

In another twist, it transpires that Kate and William are actually related to George Washington, not altogether surprising, near all US Presidents are related to British Royalty! Link

Left is William and Kate leaving the King Edward Hospital, note the well placed yellow Roses forming a yellow circle at Kate's navel, again reinforcing the notion that a golden light shines from within her womb!

On 11/1/13 (11:11-3, two elevens and the masons favourite number 3) Kate Middleton’s first official portrait was unveiled at the National Gallery. On the right is Leonardo da Vinci’s “Virgin on the Rocks”, which also hangs in the national gallery, same coloured gown, same long brown curly hair, same palate for the skin tone, and in both portraits the face is highlighted in the picture! Only thing missing is Kate’s fucking halo! A little to obvious, this of course is programming for the masses, the subconscious mind as mentioned relates to pictures, our cell memory and DNA remembers every image, not just of the images we have seen in this life, but every image our ancestors seen. Kate the new Madonna, mother of the Christ!

10 is the number of completeness and perfection, the old must die before rebirth and perfection, so 9 represents death.

I could pen a book just on the number 11, but one of the primary reasons it is so important to them is that it represents the twin pillars of Solomon which are at the heart of Freemasonic beliefs. The heart of every Masonic Temple has a representation of these twin pillars; they believe all knowledge lies within the pillars. On the right is Boaz, it represents the Hebrew King David, and the Oak Tree.
Joachim or Jachin as it is also known represents King Solomon and the Ewe Tree. The Savile enquiry into the abhorrent crimes committed against children by Jimmy Savile and his cohorts, has been named “Operation Ewe Tree”, so don’t go expecting any real revelations!
The Yew Tree has long been venerated for its links to magic, death and rebirth.

After the shooting at Sandy Hook, the traumatised survivors were taken to the Fire House in Sandy Hook, the next section of the opening was a celebration of British music which featured a clip from the Prodigy singing Fire Starter, centre stage of the Arena, the spot where previously they had the map of Sandy Hook, then the SH, a burning house was shown….a “Fire House”!
Link Olympics, "Firestarter".

In my Olympic and Aurora blogs and videos I covered a great deal which also ties in with Sandy Hook, Aurora happened 7 days before the opening ritual (Aurora 20 July, opening 27 July), Sandy Hook happened 126 days after the opening, 1+2+6=9, their favoured number for death and sacrifice! "Blood sacrifice at Aurora" blog

The Olympic Opening finished off with another Sandy, Emeli Sandé, while the sacrifice of a child was acted out by dancers, she sang “Abide With Me”,

“Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day;
Earth's joys grow dim; its glories pass away;
Change and decay in all around I see;
O Thou who changest not, abide with me.”
Full Lyrics: Link

The sacrificial victim was a young boy, and a male dancer representing death stepped forward from the other dancers, he persuaded the boy to join him “on the other side”, the boy was then taken within the troop, who were death itself, he disappeared, and was then elevated by the troop skyward towards a big golden disc, which could have been the Sun or Saturn. The sacrifice was complete, and this human sacrifice of an innocent child, right there in front of an audience of millions was applauded by the fucking stupid sheeple!

Emeli’s husband is called Adam  (alleged shooter Adam Lanza) and one of the victims was called Emilie.

Elizabeth I
Elizabeth I, covered in pink ribbons, the symbol for breast cancer and often missing little girls

Last year the numbers 4 and 8 came up everywhere in my research, to the point that I thought there may be a false flag on August 4 (4/8), I’m still seeing 48’s frequently, the zip code for Sandy Hook school is CN 06 84 2. C=3, N=5, 3+5=8, 6+2=8, so the zip translates to 8:84:8
In my Olympic and Aurora research Queen Elizabeth I featured, she has also cropped up numerous times in my Sandy Hook research, ie: John Kennedy JR was found just under Elizabeth Islands, named after Elizabeth I.
Elizabeth was born on September 7, 1533 at Greenwich Palace, the area of the map laid out centre stage in the Olympic stadium, which mirrored the Sandy Hook area, is Greenwich, so her birth place was where the “SHN/NHS”, “GO SH” and the freaky baby all appeared.

On September 7, 2013, it will be the 480 anniversary of her death, you can be sure they will be marking that occasion!
She died aged 69 years, 6 months and 15 (1=5=6) days, 666-9
On September 7, 2012 Sandy Hook Victim Caroline Previdi celebrated her 6th and last birthday, she died 99 days later, December 14!

Elizabeth was interred in Westminster Abbey, she lies side by side with her sister Mary, who was Queen Mary and preceded Elizabeth. The inscription on their tomb reads 
Regno consortes & urna, hic obdormimus Elizabetha et Maria sorores, in spe resurrectionis".

"Consorts in realm and tomb, here we sleep, Elizabeth and Mary, sisters, in hope of resurrection".
We have not been told how far on Kate is in her pregnancy, but the press have speculated that she is about 12 weeks pregnant, which would mean that the little parasite was conceived around October 17, and it will be due around July 17, 2013. Of course they may well have it born on the Summer Solstice, it is unlikely they will tell us exactly how far she is on, or when it is due, they do not like the masses knowing that they arrange births to coincide with astrological events. William was born on the Summer Solstice and Kate during a Lunar Eclipse.

The possible conception date October 17, was the 6th and last birthday of Avielle Richman.

The motto on Elizabeth I’s Coat of Arms was “Semper Eadem”, which was her personal motto. It translates to “Always the same”. Well aint it just!

“In Hope of resurrection”, “Always the same”.
Me and Bessie have been wondering…….all these rituals, could they possibly have resurrected the soul of Elizabeth? Could this new baby actually be her 2013 reincarnation, in the year that marks the 480 anniversary of her last birth?
Would they be as bold as to christen this new baby on September 7, 2013?
We will see!

Speaking of Christenings, the Mayan end date 21/12/12 was the 28th anniversary of Prince Harry’s Christening. This was also the Winter Solstice and the day that America stood still in a minutes silence for the Sandy Hook victims while a Bell (BAAL) was rang.
America stands still for one minute on the Mayan end date 21/12/12

On December 21, 1988 on the 4th anniversary of Prince Harry’s Baptism, Pan Am Flight 103 went down over Lockerbie in Scotland, killing all 243 passengers, 16 crew and 11 people on the ground!, total dead 270, (2+7=9) Coincidence I’m sure! It crashed in Lockerbie, Scotland, the home of the Stuart Dynasty from which Harry descends!
Lockerbie Scotland, sight of where Pan Am, flight 103 went down.

The memorial to the innocents who lost their lives at Lockerbie is housed at a churchyard beside Dryfe Sands, which just happens to be where one of the bloodiest battles in Scottish history took place on December 6, 1593.
King James Stuart did not take part in the battle, but he sure as hell played a part in fanning the flames which lead to it.

The River
The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations culminated with the Royal Flotilla that made its way down the Thames on June 3,  It stopped just short of Greenwich, and as demonstrated the map from the centre of the Olympic Stadium featured Greenwich, the Thames at this point mirrors the Housatonic, the flotilla displayed all the symbolism and subliminal evil that you would expect from the Germanic parasitic inbreeds, death, destruction, their Gods and goddesses, Isis, Lilith and the rest, I have covered this in depth in other blogs, so I wont go into it now, other than to mention that all that energy was incorporated into the Thames, which made its way to the Atlantic, and over the pond to Connecticut.

This spectacular ritual took place on June 3, 2012, it was the 15 year anniversary of Princess Diana’s last official engagement on June 3, 1997.
The Queen’s Grandfather George V was born on June 3, 1865, and Diana’s Mother Frances Shand Kydd died on June 3, 2004.

As previously mentioned water is of the greatest importance in their rituals, water has a memory and intelligence, it can carry vibrations and information, the Olympic Stadium was surrounded on all sides by 2 waterways, they flow into the North Sea, which forms part of the Atlantic Ocean, which of course borders Connecticut. The Olympic Stadium is in Stratford, and would you believe it….The Housatonic River flows into the North Atlantic at Stratford Connecticut!

The river's name comes from the Mohican phrase "usi-a-di-en-uk", translated as "beyond the mountain place". As I have covered in my Mount Hermon video, mountains are of the greatest esoteric value, the Gods live on the mountain peaks, and beyond the mountain is heaven.
Mount Hermon vid

Emeli Sande's latest hit is “River”, “but if you are too proud to follow rivers, how you ever gonna find the sea?”. Lyrics

As previously mentioned, the rivers around the Olympic Stadium brought that Satanic energy to the Atlantic, and onto the Housatonic River and Sandy Hook!
Sandy Hook School is on Dickenson Drive which leads of RIVERside Road.
One of the BBC commentators for the opening was Paul Dickenson, he was born on 4/12/1949, Sandy Hook happened on 14/12/2012, 10 days after his 63rd birthday. Dickenson is an anagram for “Connes Kids!” 

 I will finish off part 2 with this last snippet of info, Sandy Hook is in Newtown, Newtown was formed by residents of Stratford Connecticut, the Olympic Arena was in Stratford London.
Newtown was formed in 1705 when land owned by the Pohatuck Indians, known as Quanneapague was purchased by Stratford residents (Religious Zealots from England). There is considerable documentation about these original settlers and how they set about building the community, however there is no mention of how much they paid the Pohatuck!!!!!!!! (3 chickens and a bag of corn would be my guess)
Newton Connecticut is commonly abbreviated to Newtown Conn, with the dummy witnesses, fake grieving parents and the rest, I feel we have all been conned! Don’t get me wrong, I do think people died in this tragedy, but it has all been staged, like Aurora and the rest, this was no lone crazed gunman, this was a well planned sacrifice, it was meticulously planned, but not by Adam Lanza!
Sandra Barr

To be continued
UPDATE 24/07/2013 
And the Royal babies name is announced, he will be George ALEXANDER Louis! Sandy is just one variation of Alexander, which comes from Alexander the Great, born 20 July 20, 356 BC, claimed to be born from the seed of the serpent!
The new baby will eventually be King George the 7th! All those dam 7ths!
He is named George after the Queens father, George 6th who just happened to be born on December 14th, the same date as Sandy Hook! It all adds up now!
And George Washington died on December 14.
John Kennedy Junior's ashes were scattered of the coast at Martha's Vineyard on July 22, 1999, the Royal baby was born July  22, 2013.

This is a lengthy and well researched analysis of the many inconsistencies related to Sandy Hook. This guy has really done his homework!
"Sandy Hook Cover Up"  By Xrayultra

The cult film “I, pet Goat” also included many clues which refer to Sandy Hook, as pointed out by Artsyfartsywoman on You Tube. Some gre
at observations in this vid. Link

This link, posted by LocicBeforeAuthority on You Tube, shows how a web site collecting funds for the Sandy Hook Families was set up on December 11, three days before the shooting! Link Since this expose was posted, the offending web site has disappeared, although links to it were posted on various places on the net, so it did exist.

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  1. http://www.blueletterbible.org/Bible.cfm?b=Gen&c=19&t=KJV#comm/24
    Genesis 19:24 "then the Lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrha fire and brimstone from the Lord out of the heaven".England dark satanic mills and pitt of hell should be a magical allusion to sodomy and buggery, a necromantic cult of death in relation with metempsychosis hoped by the elite in their ridiculous agendas of innocent acrifices and royal conceptions.
    But what isn't ridiculous is this spell concerning sodomy cast on the olympic audience in order to spread the demons shown in the hospital and sick chidren big picture..
    from paris, with all my respect and thanks for the professionalism of your amazing work.

  2. The reason 9/11 is so important to them, is that it celebrates their coming king Apollo who will rule the World. Cumean Syble prophesised this. Scripture too. Virgil wrote of it:
    "Now the last age by Cumae’s Sibyl sung Has come and gone, and the majestic roll Of circling centuries begins anew (Thats what 12-21-12 was all about): Justice returns, returns old Saturn’s reign, With a new breed of men sent down from heaven. Only do thou, at the boy’s birth in whom The iron shall cease, the golden race arise, Befriend him, chaste Lucina; ‘tis thine own APOLLO reigns.
    He shall receive the life of gods, and see Heroes with gods commingling, and himself Be seen of them, and with his father’s worth Reign o’er a world…
    Assume thy greatness, for the time draws nigh, Dear child of gods, great progeny of Jove [Jupiter/Zeus]! See how it totters—the world’s orbed might, Earth, and wide ocean, and the vault profound, All, see, enraptured of the coming time!"
    The son of Zeus (Satan) is Apollyon. He is identified in Scripture in Revelation 9:11 - THIS IS WHY THOSE NUMBERS ARE SO IMPORTANT!!!

    "And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name APOLLYON." REV 9:11


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