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Hollie, January 2012

Some photographs used on this blog, have been published with the kind permission of Anne and Hollie Greig, and may not be used without the permission of Anne and Hollie.


Please circulate widely. 
“Hollie’s case is a hugely important flagship case exposing the paedophile underbelly of our society and those covering up for them.
Therefore we should do exactly what they most fear and EXPOSE them, and the more people who join in with this the quicker the job will be done. Naming and shaming is the only way, I don’t care how high up in the society these people are, if they hurt children for their pleasure or sanction that others do that they are the lowest of low-life in our society and we need rid of them.” Belinda Mckenzie

This is Hollie when she was 10. When this
picture was taken, Hollie had suffered 4 years of
gang rape and the most vile abuse imaginable.
As many of you reading this will already know, Hollie Greig was a victim of 
Establishment paedophilia in Scotland, from the age of 6 to 20. 

If you are not familiar with Hollie’s case there are links at the bottom of the blog which detail her case.

Back in 2000 Anne Greig’s husband Denis Mackie had been physically abusive to her and she took refuge in a house for abused women, along with her then 20 year old daughter Hollie, who has Down’s Syndrome.

Hollie was insistent that they return to their home to get her dogs. Anne tried to explain to her that Daddy did not like Mummy, but that he would never harm her dogs, and that they would be safe. Hollie became very distraught, and her whole sorry tale of 14 years of horrific abuse started to come out.

The abuse had started with her Father, but had culminated in ritual abuse at the hands of men and women at the top of Scottish society.

They had kept her silent about the abuse, by her Father threatening her that he would kill her dogs and even her Mum, if ever she told about it. Over the course of that summer of 2000, Hollie related various details about the nature of her abuse to her Mum, she named her abusers, the other victims involved, and places where the abuse had taken place. Anne got her to report all of it to the police in Aberdeen where they lived.
Anne and Hollie were re-housed and started to try and re-build their lives. Shortly after they were given their new flat, people arrived at the flat; Anne was out at the bin when they arrived. They threw her to the ground in the hallway, face down; they pulled her trousers and pants down, and injected her in the bottom, rendering her unconscious. This was done in view of her neighbours, Anne screamed for help, but the neighbours were powerless to do anything. Anne regained consciousness in the local mental hospital and realised she had been illegally sectioned.

I have been involved with Hollie’s case since Robert Green’s arrest in February 2010. In that time I have amassed the greatest respect for Anne Greig, she is attractive, articulate and dignified, an absolutely a lady. In my personal dealings with her, my respect and admiration for her knows no bounds. For them to have this lady illegally sectioned was an absolute abuse of power, and a marker of the authority that Hollie’s abusers hold in Scottish society.

If we lived in any kind of just society, the people responsible for the illegal sectioning of Anne Greig would have been long since brought to book. Sadly we do not live in a just society, and the people responsible have never been brought to justice.

Anne remained in the mental hospital for 3 days, which was the longest they could hold her. She had the wit to get herself independently assessed by one of Scotland’s leading psychiatrists, who deemed her perfectly sane. With the help of the Scottish Mental Health Welfare Authority she also ascertained that there was no official paperwork recording her sectioning, or who exactly had authorised it.

The victimisation of Anne and Hollie continued to the point that they finally had to flee Scotland and they moved to Shropshire, England. The paedophiles who abused Hollie, are connected to a UK network of paedophiles, and their tentacles reach throughout the UK.

In 2006-8 Hollie was awarded a total of £13,500 by the Scottish Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority for the injuries she suffered as a result of her abuse. The CICA team deemed Hollie an honest and reliable witness. Despite this, none of Hollie’s establishment abusers have ever been interviewed, never mind charged, the case has never even received a crime number!

If Anne and Hollie had decided at this time to go away quietly and not mention the abuse again, their lives would have been a lot easier, but Hollie demands justice. Hollie is very mindful, that what happened to her is still happening to other children, and if you ask her why she continues her fight, she will reply “so that other boys and girls are not hurt”.

Since Hollie first reported her abuse in 2000, her campaign for justice has gone from strength to strength. Despite a complete news black-out on her case, on line support has made many hundreds of thousands, possibly millions all over the world aware of her plight. But the more people have been demanding that her allegations at least be investigated, the more her abusers have sunk to desperate and illegal measures to shut her up and discredit her and her mother.
Hollie with her much loved Uncle Roy, who
was murdered in 1997, within weeks of walking
in on Hollie's Father sexually molesting her.

 In 2009 a gentleman called Robert Green joined forces with the ladies. Since then he has been gathering evidence, and using all legal means possible to expose Hollie’s abusers and the subsequent cover up of her abuse, the people responsible for the sectioning of Anne, and for the murder of her brother Roy in 1997 which was never investigated and could have further bearing on the case.

For his trouble in trying to expose all of what the ladies have suffered, Robert Green has had his home raided and on two occasions he has been arrested. The victimisation of Robert Green because of his efforts to get justice for Hollie has been outrageous, and I intend writing another blog which will focus on his up coming court cases, and the injustices he has suffered for his good work. 

The rapidly-growing popularity of Hollie, Anne and Robert has sent Hollie’s shadowy abusers and their entire UK wide network of fellow abusers and cohorts into a tail-spin. With a total disregard for the legal system that many of them are part of, they conspired to shut Hollie and Anne up once and for all. Hence on 3rd June 2010, while Hollie and Anne were staying with friends, Shropshire police and Social Services raided their home. Their excuse for doing this was that no one had been seen around the home and they were worried about Hollies safety! It later transpired that a man named Greg Lance Watkins had called Shropshire SS and reported concerns about Hollie’s welfare. This man over the course of this last year has done everything in his power to derail Hollie’s campaign. His attempts to derail the campaign have been so malicious and frequent, that one could only assume he is being paid to cause as much damage as possible, as no private citizen would put the time and effort into such a malicious campaign if they were not being rewarded in some way.

From 1 pm till 10 pm on that Thursday, 3rd June 2010, the local Council & police raiding party were at Anne and Hollie’s cosy home in Ruyton, a peaceful village outside Shrewsbury, where the ladies had at last felt safe since fleeing Scotland.

By the time the officials had done their work, every door and lock in the small house had been smashed, curtains torn down, the contents of drawers and cupboards tipped onto the floor, the freezer unplugged spoiling all the food, the burglar-alarm ripped apart and the whole of the attic turned upside down. Astonished neighbours reported the police were even on the roof!
The gang of raiders (you could hardly regard them as public servants or law-enforcement officers)  having effectively trashed the house made off with files pertaining to Hollie’s case, as well as family photographs, Hollie’s drawings, Anne’s lap top and a number of other personal belongings. They left no account of the items removed nor was there any warrant authorising this action in the first place.  Was this Shropshire England or the Wild West?!

The family photographs that were stolen have since surfaced on various forums, blogs and groups on the internet, including the previously named Greg Lance Watkins blog. 

Under threat of worse to come, Shropshire Council then banned Anne and Hollie from speaking publicly about the abuse Hollie has suffered, indeed they both have suffered, and from henceforth attending public meetings. Hollie used to love going to the public events, and meeting her supporters, SSS effectively bound them and gagged them through an act of terror, the visible evidence of which remains to this day. Their home is no longer habitable, they cannot afford the hundreds of pounds needed to repair the damage and Hollie is simply too frightened to go back there. Hence they are being sheltered by friends, fortunately there is no shortage of people who love Hollie and Anne and want to help them. 

Anne and Hollie Greig are extraordinary people and connected to each other in a way that way transcends the usual Mother Daughter relationship. The life they have lived, the suffering they endured and the injustice that the world has shown them, has created a bond between them that is beyond most of our understandings.

Hollie Cueing up.

Hollie was born with two holes in the heart and weighed in at birth at a mere 2lbs. Given her medical history, it is a miracle that she has lived beyond the age of 30. The fact that she has survived, beyond all odds, demonstrates her perseverance, inner strength and determination. It also shows that Anne’s care and devotion to her have prolonged her life immeasurably.

If there is anything you can possibly do to support these two wonderful ladies, please do it now. This case has never just been about Hollie Greig, its about the thousands of children who have suffered at the hands of this intergenerational paedophile ring.  This has never been a vendetta on Hollie’s part to punish her abusers, this is about justice for the thousands of children nationwide who have suffered at their hands, and the prevention of the abuse of thousands more children. Children are this planets most valuable resource, its up to each and every one of us to do all we can to protect them, and not have them used and abused in this most vile and perverted way. Just one break in their paedophile network could well expose the entire chain, and bring every last one of them down. This courageous young lady, who has stood firm by her charges is our best hope of exposing and smashing this entire network.

This network of establishment paedophiles, have permutated every section of the UK society. Victims cannot run to the system for help, as they have so infiltrated the system, that  they can use it as a weapon to inflict further abuse, as Anne and Hollie have sadly found to their cost.

We the ordinary warm-hearted, decent public need to be 10, 100 or 1000 times more numerous than Paedophilia UK, it’s as simple as that! So please join one of the Facebook Support groups, which are listed below, and help spread the word.

Thank You for taking the time to read this re-cap of Hollie’s story, let’s all join in to make sure it has a happy ending, for the sake of  Hollie and all victims of paedophile abuse.

Sandra Barr (Edited by Belinda McKenzie)

NB. Other forums have referred to Hollie as Handicapped. The word “handicapped” is a derogatory term for disabled people. It stems from a time when disabled people had to beg to survive, cap in hand so to speak. Hollie is neither handicapped nor disabled, she has Downs Syndrome, which means she is genetically different to most people, bar other Down’s Syndrome people. Downs Syndrome people do not have one chromosome less than so called “normal” people, they have one chromosome more!
Anne & Hollie with friends and supporters

HOLLIE’S MAIN WEBSITE: This is Hollie’s main website, Robert Green’s blogs are posted on this web site, as well as all other relevant information pertaining to the case. It is currently undergoing refurbishment but will be back up to speed again shortly. This site is administered by Belinda Mckenzie, and has the support of Anne, Hollie & Robert Green.  

The above link is a 6 min vid, which introduces Anne and Hollie, and the basic details of Hollie’s case

This link is Robert Green giving a presentation, where he outlines in detail Hollie’s abuse, and her subsequent endeavours to achieve justice.
This talk by Robert was given in November 2010. It is part 1 of 6, where he gives further details about Hollie’s case.  This is part 1 of 10 of an interview on Edge TV, with Robert, Anne and Hollie.
Hollie has an NVQ, which is one NVQ more than most people!

Hollie's much loved dogs

© Copyright 05/10/2011. This blog is copyrighted to Sandra Barr. All text has been approved by Anne and Hollie Greig and may not be published on other forums.

Some of the photographs in this blog are already in the public domain with the approval and consent of Anne and Hollie Greig. However the photographs listed below are owned by Anne and Hollie Greig, and may not be re-published on any forum without their express consent.
  1. Hollie and her dog Max
  2. Hollie and her Uncle Roy
  3. Hollie playing Pool
  4. Hollie doing her homework. Titled “Hollie has an NVQ”
  5. Hollie’s much loved dogs.

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