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History of the Triathlon

This is part 2 of an ongoing series, this is the LINK to part 1
False Flag, 4 August 2012, London Olympics

Part 2
History of the Triathlon in the Olympics

The history or the triathlon deserves a more detailed study, this ritual has been played out at every Olympics since Sydney 2000, as the primary objective of this blog is to detail how we came to our conclusion that they may stage a false flag at the O2 Arena on the 4th August, I am at this stage only going to detail the most important aspects.
First recorded Triathlon 1974   1+9+7+4= 21=3….The most sacred number in Freemasonry.
The International triathlon Union was founded in 1989, 5 years later on the 4 September 1994 its Olympic status was approved by the 103rd  Olympic Committee in Paris. (1+3=4)
Its inclusion is the fastest of any sport ever allowed into the Olympics

This is no ordinary Olympic event, it is a ritual, it was designed to be a ritual and since its debut at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, it has been held at sights well away from the main Olympic Stadium.

The Triathlon consists of:
A 1500 metre swim               A 40 KM cycle          and a 10KM run
1+5+4+1=11  The master number which signifies success for whatever conclusion they want from the ritual. No ritual is complete without at least one 11.

This blog will examine the ritualistic nature of this event.
It begins with a 1500 metre swim, not in an Olympic pool, but in an out door waterway somewhere.

2000     Sydney Olympics:   Sydney harbour
2004     Athens Olympics:   The coast of Greece
2008     Beijing China Olympics:  A reservoir at the Tombs of the Ming Dynasty.
2012      London Olympics: The Serpentine River in Hyde Park London

In ancient Sumaria the word for water was “ab”, the word for semen was “ab”.
Water was the semen of the Gods, without it nothing would grow or be fertile, and since that time water has consistently been used in rituals.
It is symbolic of baptism, fertility, impregnation and a number of other things.
The swim is 1500 metre. 1+5=6.
The bible was designed to take people away from their spiritual nature, if the masses were truly in touch with their spiritual nature, they would be a great threat to the EL(Elohom)ite, so they devised ways in which to separate man from his true being. They demonised the number 6, and said it was the number of the anti-christ. 6 is actually the number of enlightenment. It also breaks down to 3+3, the most revered number in Freemasonry, which represents among other things the trinity.

6 inverted is 9 which is a very sacred number, but they use the power of these numbers to bring about death and destruction. These numbers can equally be used by us for good.
In this ritual they literally are emerged in the semen of the Gods.

The meaning of fifteen on its own: The energy of divine grace, found within acts of divine grace!

The swim is followed by a KM cycle
4 is the God number, it has such huge significance that I have devoted an entire blog to its importance, in my research it comes up over and over again, in this BLOG  I have examined just why it is of such importance to them.
4km is 2.5miles, as it happens 7 is the other God Number!
The Jewish God is known as YHVH, it is so sacred it is not allowed to be spoken.
Y=1 H=5 V=6 H=5 total 8   which is 4+4   
It also has 4 digits and can be represented by a 4.
As discussed in part one, 4 is also the number of the New World Order, and the Anunnaki God Enki.
From day one and the unveiling of the Olympic logo there has been a big Zionist foot print all over the London games.
The Anunnaki God Enki was represented by the number 4. The God of war, Mars is also represented by a 4 as Mars is the forth planet. Enki and mars both have 4 letters. 4 is used as the number of the Gods.
4 elements, 4 seasons, 4 cardinal directions, water, air, fire and earth
This event like ancient sacrificial ceremonies embraces the 4 elements.

In the London 2012 Olympics, the female Triathlon is on the Saturday (Saturn), and the male event is on the Tuesday.
Tuesday is named after Mars the God of War. This may give us a clue about their objectives for the ritual.
After emerging from the semen of the Gods they are carried on two fast moving wheels through the air
 Link about Mikveh, which is the Jewish act of sacred cleansing.
Thrones are said to be one of the highest levels of Angels, so called because they carried the throne of God. They are celestial warriors and are depicted as wheels.
It has been speculated that this originated from beings from another dimension coming to earth in spaceships, which looked like great flaming wheels.
Would you say they look like big bicycle wheels?

Thrones are angels of the Third Order (first sphere) and are beings of tremendous power and movement. They are the keepers of higher more expanded energies.
God's Spirit is shown in a certain manner to these angels, who in turn pass on the message to men and the inferior angels. The Spirit of God moves through them, and they administer divine judgements of God.
In the positive they can administer healing, and right injustices, in the negative they can administer the wrath of the Gods. Lets just hope that on 4 August they will be serving the good God, and not Mars or one of the other evil Gods.
The “EL” in AngEL is from the ELohim
They are described as permanently gyrating wheels on fire, covered in eyes!
Probably no accident that the women swim just before the cycle event if you get my drift!
Also note the back of the ladies helmets, would you say that looked like an eye?

The women emerge from the water, breath the air, get on a metal cycle made from fire, and finally put their feet to the ground for the 10KM run.

Ten : 10 – The number is completeness in the divine order. There's nothing that is left wanting within the complete cycle the number ten just completed.
Before the Triathlon was accepted into the Olympics, it had been completed over various distances; it was the Olympic Committee who set these distances!

Triathlon 1 INITIATION
2000 Sydney Australia
Held on day 3:
Saturday (Saturn) same as London female triathlon, 16 September 2000         16+9+2000=18  1+8=9
48 women 52 men = 100
Brigitte McMahon: Switzerland won the first gold.
Sydney Opera House is built on a site formerly known as Bennelong Point at Sydney Cove
In 1789 the British captured the Aboriginal people of this area. Among their captives was a man called Bennelong. The Governor Arthur Philip singled Bennelong out, as he wanted to establish communications with the Aboriginals, learn their language and customs and teach them English. He hoped that Bennelong would act as a go between.
(Prince William Arthur Philip Louis)
It is said that he became very close friends with Bennelong, although it is reported as being a love hate relationship. Given the fact that the British had enslaved Bennelong’s people, this would seem a more accurate account of their relationship, than the one most commonly reported, which has them like father and son.
Philip had one of his upper front teeth missing, and Bennelong had the same upper front tooth missing. It is record that Bennelong lost his upper front tooth at an Aboriginal INITIATION CERAMONY at Sydney Cove. In time Philip built Bennelong a house at Sydney Cove, which came to be known as Bennelong Point. At the opening ceremony of Sydney Opera House an Aboriginal actor called Ben Blakeney said the following:
“Here my people chanted—their stories of the dreamtime—of the spirit heroes—and of earth's creation—and our painted bodies flowed in ceremony.
So the very first female Triathlon was held at an ancient site, famed for initiation ceremonies.
Chelsea Clinton was a spectator at the Triathlons debut!

Triathlon 2 BIRTH
2004 Athens Greece   

2004        2+4=6      3+3=6      
Of the three triathlons that have been held to date, this one is very interesting, so I have taken quite a detailed look at it.
50 men 50 women
Women’s Wednesday August 25 2004 at Vouliagmeni  2+5+8+2+4=21  2+1=3
Mens Thursday August 26 2004

 WEDNESDAY: The name is derived from Old English, Wōdnesdægand, Middle English Wednesdei, "day of Wodanaz", Meaning "day of Mercury." During the Roman era, the German God Odin was recognised as the Roman God Mercury, and they took it from the Greek God Hermes, son of Zeus. Zeus was the primary Greek SUN God.
We have all been so had! At school I was told the days were named after planets, they failed to mention that the Romans who named them, named them in honour of the Gods they 
associated with those planets, and that every time we said a 
week day name we would be paying homage to that God!

The Sun of course was the father of all the Gods, and the most revered Gods were the SUN GODS, which is why they built temples to the Sun Gods, and invented religions which would bring the masses into the temples on the Sun Gods Day SUNday to worship the Sun.
Hermes: Messenger of the gods
God of commerce, thieves, travellers, sports, athletes, and border crossings, guide to the Underworld.
His Mother was Maia, the daughter of a Titan, the giants of old, said to be the sons of the Gods. As with every culture these Giants are said to be the sons of the beings that came to Earth, known in other cultures as Anunnaki, Watchers, Grigori, Fallen Angels, ELohim. All associated with the reptilians. The Nelphim were the sons of these Gods and the giants of old. The Cadeus represents Hermes, the entwined snakes represent the reptilian heritage, and the wings a reminder that he was from the Gods.
The half man half Goat God Pan was the son of Hermes, as mentioned in part 1 Pan and the colour Green crop up everywhere throughout our research.

 Day 13 1+3=4
The cycling route was 3 laps of a course which was 3.3km!   333
The swimming took place at the Oceanida beach.
This was the year of the 3’s! Three is the most sacred number for Freemasons, for many reasons. Mt Hermon in Northern Israel is where the Fallen Angels fell to Earth, according to the Book of Enoch. On the French Meridian system that was in place before the Greenwich Meridian was accepted as Universal, Mount Hermon lay at 33% latitude and 33% longitude.

The 2004 cycle event took place on mountainous terrain.
Greece, pictures of the  Olympic venues

Vouliagmeni is a seaside resort 20km south of Athens
It is famed for 3 things
  1. A favourite meeting place of the Bilderberg Group
  2. The ruins of the Temple of Apollo Zoster
  3. The 2000 year old Vouliagmeni Lake
Vouliagmeni has a population of under 7000, it is one of the most expensive real estate areas in Europe.
The Astir Palace Hotel where the Bilderberg's meet

 The Bilderberg’s
The hotel where the Bilderbergs meet is on the Mikro Kavouri (little crab) Peninsular, and the Triathlon was also staged here .April 1993 meeting
Mikra Kavouri is very secluded, and is connected to the mainland by a narrow sandy isthmus. The Astir Palace Hotel takes up pretty much all the coast line, and most of the surrounding land is owned by the Church of Greece, which maintains an enclosed and protected pine forest Orphanage and air force camp!
Where there is a Bilderberg there is an Orphanage! Given the Satanic ritual sexual abuse of children that the EL(ELohom) are famed for, I find it very disturbing that an orphanage is located in this small area.
Given this is one of the most exclusive areas in the entire world, and one of the highest value real estate prices in the world, its very strange that this small area would have an orphanage and military base! When they say the orphanage is protected, I would question what they mean by protected, do they mean the children are protected, or do they mean the people who abuse the children are protected, I personally would assume the later having studied the depraved nature of the ritual abuse they inflict on children.
Churches the world over have been accused of owning orphanages that served to abuse children in the most vile way. Check out the work of Kevin Annett in Canada who has been trying this many years to expose the Churches crimes, for the abuses they carried out in the Church owned orphanages in Canada. I live in Northern Ireland we are still only scratching the surface trying to establish the true nature of the horrific abuse suffered by the children in Church run orphanages here.
The ruins of the Apollo Zoster temple lie within the Astir Palace Hotel complex.
A 40 second vid, view of the sunset at Vouliagmeni from the Aster Palace Hotel where the Bilderberg’s meet.

The Temple of Apollo Zoster
Legend has it that when Leto, was in labour, and fleeing to Delos, she passed through Vouliagmeni. Her labour pains were so severe she discarded her girdle there.
At Delos she gave birth to the twins Apollo and the Goddess Diana! (In Greek Artimis, Diana is the Roman equivalent)
The girdle fell at Mikro Kavouri peninsula, it is said that Apollo returned, picked up the girdle and wore it in honour of his Mother. The Temple was built at the sight where the Girdle fell. Zoster means girdle.
Vouliagmeni lies at the foot of the Hymettus mountain range; (also called Hymettos) Vouliagmeni means “sunken”.  This mountain is known to locals as “Crazy Mountain” (Trellos). It was the home of Zeus, and the summit housed a sanctuary where sacrifices and offerings were offered to Zeus, especially in the 8th-7th centuries BC. The sight of the sanctuary is now an air force base and completely un-accessible to the public.
I think this deserves further investigation, and study, especially given that there is a secluded Church Orphanage near by.

Lake Vouliagmeni

Lake Vouliagmeni
South of the town of Vouliagmeni is the lake Vouliagmeni, from where the town derives it name. This is no ordinary lake, it was formed 2000 years ago, and it has a very rare geophysical formation. It is fresh water, which is fed by underground currents seeping from Mount Hymettus.
It was once a large cavern that collapsed during an earthquake, the outline of the cavern can still be seen.
The lake stands at a 40 cm (4) elevation, and its water maintains a constant 24 degrees(6) Celsius temperature year round. It continues deep inside the mountain in an underwater cave never fully explored, as its end seems impossible to trace even by employing sonar detection. Many underwater expeditions have been carried out in order to chart it, and a few amateur divers have drowned trying. Because of its constant and comfortable water temperature, the lake functions as a year-round spa.
In the 1960’s it was established that the lake was formed 2000 years ago, they arrived at this conclusion based mainly on methodical studies, and the fact that ancient Greek scholars never mentioned the lake. The traveller Pausanias, Strabo, or the Byzantine Stephanos (6th century BC) never mentioned it in their writings.
From antiquity Mountains were seen as the home of the Gods, and the water that flowed from them was sacred, as previously discussed water was the semen of the Gods. The ruling inbreeds still hold dear these ancient beliefs. So of we look at Lake Vouliagmeni in esoteric terms, it was birthed 2000 years ago, a direct off-shoot of Mount Hymettus. This would make this a very sacred sight for the inbreeds.

This entire area is so steeped in ancient history that a book could be written on it, so I have summarised the most relevant information necessary for an understanding of why the triathlon was held at this place.
It is most famous for the Temple of Apollo, and directly linked to the birth of Apollo, it is secondarily famed for Lake Vouliagmeni, which was birthed 2000 years ago, the exact time when the latest “Christ” avatar was born.
In Aramaic the Jesus character was known as Yeshua, yet Jesus is a Latin word derived from the Greek work Lesous, which in turn is a translation of the Hebrew Jeshua/Joshua/Jehoshua/JEHOVA. This is said to mean salvation.
Christ comes from the Greek Christos from the Hebrew Messias, which means anointed one.
So Vouliagmeni is most associated with BIRTH

Every time I think I have covered an area as much as Im going to, I stumble on something else! My fellow researcher on all this, who is using the pseudo name Bessie Totten, has just sent me a message; she had no clue what I was working on today, she has been looking into the New Titanic Quarter in Belfast, how the hell could that be connected to this your thinking! Well get this!
Please first watch this short VID depicting what the finished re-generation of the Titanic quarter in Belfast will look like. Notice the bloody big cube in the middle of it, which looks like an ice cube! The titanic was sunk after it hit ice! Also the cube represents Saturn worship, as covered previously.
The great big diamond shaped ice berg at the heart of the New Titanic Quarter in Belfast. On the site where the ill fated ship was built! This is the new titanic visitor centre! Probably a BIG coincidence that its diamond shaped, it being the Queens diamond jubilee and all! Given that an ice berg sank the ship, I think this is really sick!

The Titanic Quarter is of course famous (infamous more like) for building the ill fated Titanic which struck ice on its maiden voyage and sank on April 15 1912.
1523 (1+5+2+3=11)  passengers perished in the icy waters.

Well get this! The Titanic had two sister ships, they were called the 3 sisters. Her older sister RMS OLYMPIC was launched October 20 1910. The Olympic games had been held in London in 1908, and the official version of why it was called Olympic was that they wanted something with an “IC” at the end!   (and the sheep went bbbaaaaa)!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christogram According to Wikipedia, ic is what is called a Christogram, and it means Jesus/Christ.

The third sister was HMHS Britiannic! She was the youngest and largest of the 3 sisters. She was launched February 26th 1914, she started out under the cloud of her sister ship Titanic. She was originally expected to do the New York shuttle route, the same as Titanic, but the outbreak of WW1 meant she was requisitioned as a hospital ship on 13 November 1915. She was re-painted white with a huge Red Cross and left Belfast on December 11 1915 to start what was to be a short career! That’s right….she sank as well, and you will never guess where!!!!!

At 8.20am on TUESDAY November 21st 1916 she struck a mine, (some say she was torpedoed, ie the survivors!), in the Kea Channel in the Aegean sea, right beside Vouliagmeni!  Just one mile of the coast of Kea.
When researching events from the past, its difficult to establish what day they happened, as the dates are recorded in history, but they rarely say what day it was. The day is the clue to who the sacrifice was offered. Tuesday was the God Mars….God of War, as this was the middle of WW1 they clearly wanted to keep it going another while. And incidentally “MAR” is Persian for snake! March is also named after Mars!

Attempts were made to beach the ship on the nearby island of Kea, but it was not to be. Two lifeboats, launched without authority from the port side were sucked into the propellers and smashed to pieces....the occupants didn't stand a chance. 30 people were killed. 3!
(The New York Times reported 50 killed)
By 9.07 just 47 minutes after being hit, she had disappeared beneath the waves.
The Britiannic had previously crossed the kea Channel 6 times! 3+3=6

Britiannic like Titanic lies in a watery grave, the wreck still lies 110 metres down (11), just off the coast.
Btitannic of the coast of Kea
In 1972 the French explorer Cousteau discovered the wreck lying on her side and recovered a few objects. As a requisitioned ship in the service of the British Crown, she is still the property of the Crown.
On 27th August 1995, the British newspaper, The Sunday Express, reported that a team of 12 Greek divers led by Kostos Thoktardis would attempt to raise the wreck. A week later (3rd September 1995) The Sunday Express reported that Paul Louden-Brown wrote to the British Ministry of Defence insisting that representations were made to the Greek Government to stop Mr Thoktardis's plans. And to date the Britannic still lies off Kea, so I assume the Greek government acted on the orders from the British government.
Now why on earth would the British Government not want the wreck recovered?

“Further details of the sinking of the White Star steamship Britannic were 
brought to New York yesterday by Henry Pope, a 15-year-old cabin boy on the 
liner Lapland, who was a sea scout on the great British hospital ship when 
she was torpedoed or sunk by a mine on Nov. 21 in the Aegean Sea. Young Pope 
said that the officers and crew of the Britannic believed that she had been 
torpedoed because the explosion, while it shook the 50,000-ton ship fore and 
aft, made little noise, as if a torpedo had passed through the hull forward 
and exploded in the centre of the ship, where the inrush of water had deadened the 

All witness reports from the survivors reported it was hit by a torpedo, yet to this day history records that it hit a mine!
Could they still possibly be trying to hide their dirty secrets!
The only surviving sister the Olympic was in service to April 12th 1935, she was a troop ship during WW1, and despite a few mishaps where she crashed into other ships causing fatalities, she never sunk.
Britiannia was the name which the Roman’s gave Britain. Later to be called Grand, then Great Britain, on account of the fact that a lot of English had settled in France and called the area Brittany. It was the Romans who first used the image of Britiannia to represent their new islands of Europe. The Romans were famed for just borrowing Gods and Goddess from earlier civilisations, re-naming them and giving them a new direction. Britannia had previously been known in Rome as Minerva, and her earlier Greek counterpart was Athena, who Athens was named after.  
AthenA, MinervA, BritanniA

During the Roman invasion of Britain the Emperor Claudius visited Britain; a frieze discovered at Aphrodisias in 1980 shows a bare breasted helmeted Britiannia, writhing in agony under the foot of the Emperor. Clearly they tidied her up and had her a little more regal looking before they presented her to the Britain’s.
So we have Titanic named after the Giants of old the Titans from Greek Mythology, near all Ancient Cultures talk of Giants, and they all related them to the fallen AngELs or aliens. Olympic named after the Olympics which started in ancient Greece, and Britannic who evolved from The Greek Goddess Athena. 
Kea is a very small Island just off the coast of Greece. The Britannia sank just one mile of Kea's coast, so this will give you an idea of how close it is to Vouliagmeni.

Now off all the places in the big wide world, what would be the chances of Britiannic sinking just off an area which hosted the 2004 Olympic Triathlon in Greece! To some this may seem a bizarre sequence of coincidences, but you have to realise, these people are intergeneration in their planning of events, and they are meticulous in their planning.
John Pierpont Morgan
And that’s not all, it gets even more incredulous, guess who owned the 3 sisters? J.P. fecking Morgan! John Pierpont (JP) Morgan owned most of the American railways, and wanted to siege control of the Atlantic shipping trade. He acquired the White Star Line on 1902. JP Morgan was 75 when the Titanic sank, he had his own private suite and promenade deck on the Titanic, and he was supposed to be on the ship on its maiden voyage, but for some unexplained reason he was not on it! But that’s a whole other story! The men who were on it would have opposed the Federal Reserve and WW1! Morgan died on the 31st March 1913, just 15 days short of the first anniversary of the Titanic sinking.….KARMA!

The 15th April this year will mark the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Now the inbreeds are not that obvious that they would openly celebrate one of their greatest sacrifices, so they play with dates and rearrange them so that the sacrifice can be marked. So lets look at the 15th April.
1+5=6  April 4th month, if we just reverse this we get the 4th of the 6th month, and guess what the inbreeds have planned for that day?
Well, the late May bank Holiday has been moved to June 4 to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee! Diamond, big diamonds are of course referred to a “A big bit of ice”, as in what sank the Titanic. On the 4th June her Jubilee will be celebrated across the UK by Beacons being lit, as in the torch of Lucifer, the government has sent instructions on how to build beacons to all the UKs town councils and Parish Churches! They are “encouraging” local councils and churches to erect these beacons! Erect being a word that is also used to describe a penis when it rises!
The highlight of the 4th of June celebrations will be a huge occult ritual, held at the Victoria monument in front of Buckingham Palace, where the Sheeple will be encouraged to cheer the modern day Hermes, Mars, Zeus etc, in the form of the kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses of the music industry! This all takes place around the statue of the Goddess of Victory at the Victoria monument!
When I started out on this research it would never have occurred to me to tie the sinking of the Titanic into all this, but over and over, Bessie and myself are drawn down avenues which on the surface seem totally unconnected, but lead us to something that is actually very connected. It was her intuition that took us to the Titanic Quarter in Belfast, and the subsequent connections.

The three ships being called the three sisters could be from the three stars in Orions belt, also known as the three sisters, or it may refer to the Greek Three Moirai, who were 3 sisters who were said to control life and death, and not even the Gods could escape the will of the Moirai. One spun the thread of life, one measured the thread and the third cut the thread. Known in English as the three Fates.

2008 Beijing China

55 men 55 women =110   1+1=11
Day 10
Womens Triathlon August 18 2008       1+8+8+2+8=27
27 can be broken down to 9, but 27 on its own has great significance in numerology

The moon takes 27 days to orbit the earth.
The sun revolves on its axis every 27 days .
It takes 27 days for a human cell to re-grow.
New Testament = 27 books
There are 27 generations from David to the Christ according to the Gospel of Matthew.
Matthew 1 v16 “And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ” …….Oh dear, I thought God was Jesus’s Father!....snigger
There are 72 names of God
72 Angels of God and 7 Archangels
27 books in the New Testament
Jesus was baptized in 27 AD By John the Baptist.
Matthew 27: Jesus' Crucifixion
9=3x3 symbol of Holy Trinity. We live in a 3 dimensional world..... So if the Holy Trinity is everywhere...it would exist in all dimensions... 3x3x3 = 27.
Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Whinehouse all  died at age 27.
The 27 club
*Numerologists say 27 means to look deep into reality.

27 adds up to a nine
*Number 9 is the Symbol of matter that cannot be reversed.
*Human mean normal respiration rate is 18 times per minute. (9)
*Human mean normal heartbeat is 72 times a minute. (9)
*Average number of heartbeats per hour is 4,320. (9)
*Average number of respirations per hour is 1,080. (9)
*Average number of respirations per 24 hour period is 25,920. (9)
*There are 360 degrees in a circle. (9)
*The arc distance from Pole to equator is exactly 5400 nautical miles. (9)
*The polar circumference of Earth is 21,600 nautical miles. (9)
*21,600 is the precise Grid Latitude of Stonehenge. (9)
*7920 is the number of miles of the mean diameter of Earth. (9)
When the Satanic elite use these numbers, they use them in the negative, which is death to all the things they represent. These numbers are in fact very sacred and have deep meaning, they harness the power and meaning of these numbers for their own gratification at the cost of the masses.

The number 27 also features in this year’s 2012 opening Olympic ceremony.
It will be held on the 27th day of July 2012, which actually contains two 27’s
The Hollywood director Danny Boyle will be directing events, and he has chosen a Shakespeare theme. The cost is reported at £27 million, (it will be much more, but they want to display as many 27’s as they can) and a 27 ton bell has been commissioned as the centrepiece of the spectacular.
That is 9 famous new bells coming to London this year, as the Flotilla for the Queens Diamond Jubilee will feature 8 specially commissioned new bells!
Emmmmmm! “For whom the bell tolls”! I will be covering this in much more detail in a later blog, for now back to Beijing.
(Thanks to Kate for much of the 27 info J)
Blog on the importance of 27

The 2008 Beijing Triathlon was held at the Tombs of the Ming Dynasty! I kid you not! I wont bore you all with the history of the Ming Dynasty, but we can clearly associate this triathlon with death!
The swimming event took place at the Ming Tomb reservoir in Shisanling
The cycling was 6 laps each measuring 6.66 KM! I swear to God, you could not make this shit up! (The meaning of 6 has been covered earlier on the thread)

This sacred site lies at the bottom of the Jundu Mountains. China like everywhere in antiquity associated mountains as the home of the Gods. We are told that this site was chosen because based on Feng Shui principles it is an auspicious site.
I used to teach Feng Shui, and the Emperor’s of the Ming Dynasty would most certainly have been laid to rest at an auspicious site, but it is considered very bad Feng Shui to live near burial sites. It would also be considered bad Feng Shui to immerse yourself in water associated with death. I would assume the people in the surrounding areas drink the water from this reservoir.
A 7 km road called the “Spirit Way” or “Sacred Way” leads into the complex, and it is guarded by sacred statues of animals and officials.
I have not been able to establish the actual route of the running and cycling events, but I think we can safely assume the athletes passed the tombs.

I think that the destiny of Prince William and the British Royals is very much tied into the London Olympics, and so far the 3 times this event has been staged we have the “Philip Arthur” connection from Australia, The Goddess Diana from Athens and royalty from Beijing. Not to mention the sinking of Britannic!
Sydney 2000:::: Initiation
Athens 2004:::::Birth
Beijing 2008::::::Death
London 2012:::::??????????
I do hope it is not sacrifice, if it is, it can be changed, we are many they are few!

Update 29/07/2012 
Since I published this blog in February 2012 a lot has happened. Last week James Holmes murdered 12 people in Aurora USA. James was born in San Diego, (Saint James), which is also where the Triathlon was born. We have also had the opening ceremony of the Olympics and the theme running throughout was rebirth....but of what, it was full of demons, and at one point a very un-human looking huge baby took centre stage surrounded by a crescent moon.
This excellent blog by Merovee details the birthing of this thing at the opening ceremony. LINK

August 4 this year will be the 112th anniversary of the birth of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, she died in the 15th month of the new millennium at 15.15. The triathlon starts with a 1500m swim.
She was born on the 4th August, the swim is followed by a 4km cycle.
It ends with a 10KM run, the number of completeness and perfection.
William and Kate currently live in Kensington Palace, this has been installed there:
"They will then enter into ‘The White Court’ where they will be greeted by a light sculpture called Luminous Lace, which is made of more than two miles of electroluminescent wire and apparently replicates a royal lace pattern." LINK

This lace sculpture looks to me like the Einstein Rosen-Bridge, which is a wormhole. What are they symbolically hoping to draw in with this sculpture? The spirit of Queen Elizardbeth senior maybe?
LINK Einstein Rosen-Bridge. As I covered in my Olympic video presentation, the word "Bridge" is a key word in the 2012 Olympics, the Stadium is an Island within an Island, 7 bridges lead to the main stadium. LINK My video presentation.

This excellent LINK is Ellis Taylor's research on the Queen Mother. She died on 30/03/2002 aged 101. If she were still alive she would be 112 this year. These numbers have come up constantly in my Olympic research.

Left is one of the Official Olympic cards featuring Kat Driscol, out of respect for the athlete I am not even going to go there with the numerology on this card, but I think that even a rank amateur numerologist would find the numerology very disturbing.
101 is the age old Lizardbeth died, 101 also features in Orwell's 1984, it is the room where all your worst nightmares occur.

The information I have presented in this update deserves further investigation, and I will hopefully get around to doing a full blog on it this week.

Sandra Barr

Credits to Bessie Totten and Kate.
It was   Bessie Totten who pin pointed the 4 August date for the false flag, this her her epic blog on the factors that led her to pin point this date. In her "The Wizard of Oz and the London Olympics" blog she has meticulously looked at many factors which led to this date being singled out. The Wizard of Oz is used in the mind control programmes, the O2 (OZ) arena is being used for the trampoline event, its in Green-Witch. The life and death of Michael Jackson and his connection to the O2 and mind control programmes, has all been factored into this amazing blog.
Ellis Taylor
Is it just me, or does anyone else think these look like big eyes?


  1. In this part where you wrote:

    Sydney 2000:::: Initiation
    Athens 2004:::::Birth
    Beijing 2008::::::Death
    London 2012:::::??????????

    Could it signifies resurrection? Take a look at the Batman trilogy as an example. Batman begins (birth), falls (death), and the latest one which can be associated with resurrection. And there are a lot of gods that went through the typical 3 stages of birth, death and resurrection. Just a wild idea, I might be very wrong about it.

  2. After watching the Opening ceremony Resurrection is the most likely meaning. I have updated the blog this morning, I will hopefully get another blog out covering this in more detail before Aug 4. Thank you for the Batman info, I know nothing about Batman, but your information certainly ties in with the rest of my findings. Also the Triathlon was born in San Diego, so was James Holmes. San Diego translates to St James! Just another big fat coincidence Im sure!


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