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The last photograph of Titanic taken from shore by father Frances Browne, a Jesuit.

100 years after the sinking of the Titanic, people’s fascination with it has not waned, history is littered with great tragedies, yet the ghost of the Titanic still haunts us, why? Could it be that the souls that perished that night want truth, and have jogged our collective consciousness to find it.  With the advent of the internet research has become so much easier than in the past, where people were dependant on sourcing old books and reports, the internet has also given knowledge of the occult and esoteric practices to anyone who cares to study them.
All reports, inquests and survivor testimonies are now available on line, so I am going to take a new look at Titanic, but with all the information that is available to 2012 seekers of truth, like knowledge of mind control programmes, black magic, numerology and occult knowledge, which many of us are now using to unravel the past. We might only be learning about this hidden knowledge now, but be assured the ruling EL(ELohim)ite have always known it and used it.
Launch of the Titanic in Belfast
31st March 1909 construction of the Titanic began at Harland and Wolff dockyard in Belfast.
 31st of May 1911, at precisely 12.13pm the Titanic left the Harland and Wolff docks in Belfast.
 31st May 2011 exactly 100 years after the Titanic’s launch, a single flare was fired over Belfast’s docklands, crowds assembled and applauded, and boats in the area sounded their horns, this lasted exactly 62 seconds, which is the length of time it took the Titanic to roll down the slipway.
This was an act of COMMEMORATION by those who took part.

10th April 1912 the Titanic left Southampton on its maiden voyage to New York.
14th April 1912 (SUNday) in the North Atlantic travelling at high speed despite the Captain being given Ice warnings, the ship hit a huge Iceberg.
15th April 1912 (MONday, MOONday) the Titanic sank, 1517 people died.

The men of Belfast put blood sweat and tears into the building of this great ship, during its construction 6 men died on the ship itself, and another 2 died in the workshops.
28 men suffered “serious” injuries such as lost and crushed limbs.

The Titanic was the biggest ship ever made in its day, and it was with immense pride that the people of Belfast said farewell to it as it left the Irish shores. It was waved goodbye like it was a favourite son leaving home. Over a 100,00 people waved it off.
When the sinking of the Titanic was reported back in Belfast, people were grief stricken, people the world over were shocked and grieved, but for the people of Belfast, they felt every pain imaginable, they created this ship, they loved it, they were proud of it, and it was the vehicle that took 1517 people to a cold watery grave.

The sinking of the Titanic left an indelible scar on Belfast and its people.

31st of March 2012  a Visitor centre will  open at the Titanic Quarter, to CELEBRATE the hundred year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic!

“The building will open on Saturday 31 March 2012, to, mark the centenary of Titanic's maiden voyage and placing Belfast firmly at the heart of GLOBAL CELEBRATIONS. You can now book tickets online from the Titanic Belfast website” Source Wikipedia

“On 6 April 2012, the 100th anniversary of Titanic's maiden voyage will be CELEBRATED by re-releasing the 1997 feature film Titanic in 3D”. Source Wikipedia

WTF is it with the celebrations! Surely they mean commemoration! But that is not what they said, they said CELEBRATIONS!
WTF is there to celebrate about the sacrifice of 1517 lives, what kind of sick f**k celebrates that!

Whoever is behind these projects appear to quite jubilant about it, anyone would think they were proud to have been part of this tragedy!

This is a short vid I have made, which gives you a better look at the new "Titanic Belfast" centre.
"Titanic Belfast"
Its centre piece is a £97 million visitor centre called “Titanic Belfast”. This is the infamous site where the Titanic was actually built.
Belfast is not “famous” for the building of the Titanic….its infamous!

The centre of the building looks like a big diamond shaped clump of ice.  Given that the ship sank after hitting ice, I think this is really sick!
It is like building a memorial for someone who was shot, and marking it with a gun!
I would hazard a guess that whoever is behind this big ice cube surrounded by pyramids has been on a Common Purpose course, as they seem intent on installing Illuminati calling cards all over the country!
Also, the name of this area is “Queens Road”, this year happens to be her Diamond Jubilee, so it’s no coincidence that the centre of this building looks like a big diamond! Whats more after leaving Southampton the Titanic anchored at Roches Point, QUEENSTOWN in Ireland, (now called Cobh) this was to be the last time she anchored anywhere! This was on the 11th April 1912       1141912 take the two 11’s out and you are left with 492
9=2=11 so we have 11 11 11 and a 4,
Eleven is the number they incorporate into events to give them a successful outcome, weather positive or negative, four is the God number.
The Harland and Wolff shipyard was built on an area formerly known as “Queens Island”, and the Titanic came from No 3 slip Queens Shipyard.

And remind me….what is it they call a big diamond?….
That’s right A BIG BIT OF ICE!

This monstrosity made up off a diamond and pyramid shapes, has Illuminati calling card all over it!

Devotees of the Cult of Saturnalia will just love this one, as a big cube is the symbol they use to represent the entity they worship!
The official opening for the big ice cube is the 31st March…which just happens to be a Saturday, the Sabbath to the Saturn devotees! Baal/Bal is just one of the other names they give their God, and he demands human sacrifices, but more on that later.
Numerology of opening date: 31:03:2012 = 12    6+6
Or 11:22:33, in numerology that is a powerful combination of numbers. 11 is a master number, and multiples of eleven give it more power.

The 15th April 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic, now the Satanic EL(ELohim)ite who control the world are not so dumb as to be seen celebrating the sinking, but they play with dates so as they can still celebrate, but in a way that the masses who take part do not realise what the real meaning of the celebration is.

So lets re-arrange the date…just a little.
15th April     1+5=6, 4th month, so we have 6/4   reverse it and we get 4/6
One of the beacons that was lit for the
Queen's Golden Jubilee
And would you believe it they have celebrations planned for that entire week! The late May bank Holiday has been moved to the 4th June so as the Sheeple can pay homage to the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee.
The government has urged town councils and Parishes across the UK to light beacons to celebrate the occasion. Baal/Bal mentioned earlier is the God of fire, and fires were lit to honour him, and to burn the human sacrifices to him, which were mainly children and virgins.
And don’t think that the followers of Baal/Bal do not still offer human sacrifices to Bal, because they do!
The lighted torch is also the symbol that Luciferians use to depict Lucifer, also known as “The Torch Bearer”.

To cap off the celebrations thousands are expected to gather at the Victoria monument in front of Buckingham Palace for a huge concert, the memorial will be turned into the stage, and the energy of the masses will be directed toward the modern day Gods/Goddess/Kings and Queens of the Music Industry! With the Goddess of Victory, at the centre of the celebrations.

I have only just started looking into the Titanic, oddly enough I have been looking into the Olympics, and a possible false Flag, and I ended up looking into the Titanic and her sister ships Olympic and Britannic, the later also ended up in a watery grave!

Those who have studied 9/11 will know that before 9/11 the event was alluded to in a number of films, even the Simpson’s were in on the act. The most incredulous performance was an X files spin off called “The Lone Gunman”, which was a series aired by Fox TV.
The pilot episode was about a commercial airliner, whose navigation system was hijacked by men acting within the US government, by remote control they flew it into the World Trade Centre, to create a False Flag which could be blamed on terrorists. It was filmed between March 20 and April 17 2000, 19 months before 9/11.
It was aired March 4 2001, 6 months before 9/11.
Those who believe the official version think this was just one great big fat coincidence! (Snigger)

 Well get this, the Titanic sank on 15th April 1912, in 1898 the American Author Morgan Robertson (1861-1951) published a Novel called “FUTILITY”, in which a British passenger liner called “TITAN” hits an iceberg and sinks, without enough lifeboats for all the passengers, in the month of April in the North Atlantic!
This was 11 years before they even started to build the Titanic! The “Fictional” Titan was the same size, shape and speed as the Titanic.
Both ships were British owned; both ships sailed in April, both had a top speed of 21/25 knots. They had the same passenger and crew capacity of 3000 but sailed with just over 2000.
They were both between 800 and 900 feet long and driven by triple propellers, and they both sank 400 miles south of Newfoundland!
And most incredibly, they both sank after being hit by ice!!!!
They were both described as unsinkable, they were both the largest craft of their day, there were both travelling too fast!
This is what is known as “precognitive programming”, where people are programmed in advance of events, at the minute after years of a total media block on mention of aliens, we have been bombarded with alien reports in News Papers and TV, so God only knows what they are planning next!
The fact that this happened well over a hundred years ago, should give you some idea of just how long they have been playing us all like idiots!

The Funnels
“Standing above the decks were four funnels, though only three were functional – the last one was a dummy, installed for aesthetic purposes – and two masts, each 155 feet high,” Source Wikipedia
Four funnels 11:11     Two masts 11  Height:   1+5+5=11  11:11
As the last of the Titanic submerged, one of these funnels broke off, a lot of the people who had been on the deck were in the water, and as it hit the water it killed many of them. It is believed that John Jacob Astor died when the funnel broke off, as his body was crushed and covered in soot. More on Astor later.

When the Titanic sunk it was 2 nights before a full moon, it sank on a MONday (MOONday), a full moon may have ensured that the look out seen the ice berg sooner, and tragedy might have been avoided. Also Mercury was in retrograde, when Mercury was is in retrograde communication and transportation problems arise, any devices that are responsible for communications are likely to malfunction. Even Human communications are effected, and this certainly effected Titanic, the captain did not heed the ice warnings, a nearby ship did not respond to Titanic’s emergency flares and calls for help, there was a tragic breakdown of communication on many levels.
J.P.Morgan owned the Titanic; he was supposed to be on it, but at the very last minute he instead decided to go to the South of France with his mistress!
Quote from J.P. Morgan: “Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do!” And he was a billionaire!
Balmoral is a cruise ship built in 1988, it is owned by the Norwegian shipping magnet Fredrik Olsen, Fredrik inherited the family business. It was started by his Grandfather Petter Olsen, and his current position in the company is Chairman of the Fredrik Olsen Group of Companies, ownership of the company was referred to his daughter Anette S. Olsen, who is also CEO.
Olsen is said to be the inspiration behind the “Mr Burns” character in the Simpson’s. He is referred to as the Norwegian Howard Hughes firstly because of his vast fortune, and secondly because he goes to extreme lengths to keep his private life private. Olsen now owns what was the Harland and Wolff shipyard.

J…reckon Mr Olsen aint going to like what is coming next!

A company called Miles Morgan Travel is organising a “Titanic 100 year Anniversary Cruise” on the BAL-MORAL, owned by Olsen and chartered by Morgan.

Moral meaning:
(n) the significance of a story or event
(adj) concerned with principles of right and wrong or conforming to standards of behaviour and character based on those principles.
(adj) psychological rather than physical or tangible in effect
If someone professes to be a Christian, it could be said they have good Christian morals, likewise a Jew, Hindi or Muslim.
BAL, also known as Saturn/Moleck/Baal/BEL. As mentioned earlier the worship of this entity goes back to antiquity, and from the earliest times this God demanded blood sacrifices. Most were burned in the sacrificial fires lit for Bal. The bible warns repeatedly about the worship of this bloodthirsty God. Often depicted as a golden bull, but these days more commonly depicted as an owl. Bohemian Grove in the USA is where the rich and famous have in recent years been observed paying homage to this God, known there as Molech.
From Antiquity babies were sacrificed to this God, and this still goes on with the exact same blood line families as it did back then.
They cannot openly make human sacrifices to Bal now, the way they could in Antiquity, but make no mistake, they still make human sacrifices to this God, and even though they cant do it out in the open, they devise ways that the masses become part of the sacrifice, and they reap the emotions from the masses that their sacrifices generate.
When they pull off a mass sacrifice like the Titanic or 9/11, be assured they will find ways to celebrate their mega rituals, and those ways usually involve participation of the masses, albeit unknowingly.
This blog started with the people behind the new Titanic building in Belfast, and the producers of the Titanic film, talking about celebrating the sinking of the Titanic as opposed to Commemorating, believe me, this was no accident on their part!

Im sure some of you are already away ahead of me, BEL-Fast is named after BAL, Bel is just another of the derivatives of his name! Bel/BELL, that’s right…the very ringing of bells is all just methods they devised to get us to pay homage to their God, and of course one of the Queen’s favourite Palaces is BAL-Moral.
To mark her Diamond jubilee a set of 8 grand bells have been commissioned, and on the planned flotilla which will make its way up the Thames, they will be accompanied by a specially equipped barge which will house the 8 bells, they will be rang the length of the Thames, with all the churches and Cathedrals within earshot also sounding their bells.
 And that’s not London’s only new BAL/Bell this year, the centrepiece of the London Olympics will be a specially commissioned 27 ton bell, which will no doubt be rang when the torch of Lucifer/Baal arrives at the Stadium, I would put money on that! As soon as the ships look-out spotted the iceberg, the ships bell was rang 3 times.
The word Canni-BAL derives from the God Bal, as they often used to eat the sacrificial victims…then and now!
Cahna-Bal means Priest of Bal, (Cahna is Hebrew for priest) this translated to Canni-Bal in English. They attach divine significance to the eating of this flesh.
Bal-Moral    Bel-fast!

Back to the cruise…..
It leaves Southampton on the 8th April, and will chart the exact route of the Titanic on that fateful trip. Like Titanic it will pass Cherbourg, and call into the Irish Port of Cobh, (Queenstown) before making its way across the Atlantic.
The Titanic struck the iceberg at 11.40pm on the 14th of April, and it sank at 2.20am on the Saturday 15th April. The Bal-Moral will make its way to the site where the Titanic was hit and sank, and stay there the duration of the time it took the Titanic to sink! They will conduct a memorial service to the people who perished that terrible night, before moving onto Halifax, Nova Scotia where the recovered bodies of the dead were taken. Finally they go to New York, the Titanic’s planned destination.
Their web site says the cruise is fully booked, but their booking page is still selling cabins at a reduced price. For a mere $999 you can have your very own matchbox which they call a cabin, this price was reduced from $4900
If you fancy a bigger matchbox you can have one for $3190, reduced from $5850!
Another cruise company called “AZAMARA”, will also be providing a similar cruise.

Is it just me, or does anyone find this pretence of a memorial service just a tad pathetic and sick, this is clearly trying to cash in on the tragedy. What’s more, Miles is also offering mini cruises to Harland and Wolff in Belfast for the ghouls to see where the ship was made.
Now I know that the continued interest in this ship does bring in much needed trade and tourists to Belfast, but somewhere along the line people would need to learn where to draw the fecking line, as some of these “Titanic for cash” schemes seem to cross way over that line, and go way beyond the regular morbid curiosity!
Sandra Barr

To be continued:


  1. Enjoyed your stuff...

    I have a lot on my site about this subject (check the label links on the left side of my site) plus these 2 posts that your work inspired:

    Keep up the good work!

  2. BELFAST - from Irish: "Béal Feirste", meaning "mouth of the sandbanks". Why BAAL by any means?

  3. Great post and yes I agree with you the whole thing is pathetic and sick. Its clear to me the people on Titanic were a type of human sacrifice for the demonic cartel whose descendants now "run this world'. Every movie, book or song and such about the Titanic wickedly "celebrates" in plain view of the whole world how "they" (hidden occult cartel) murdered, made and continue to make money by blasphemously "worshiping" murderous evil spirits posing as "gods/goddesses" of legend. This blasphemous "Titanic Belfast centre" is in truth nothing more but a demonic temple who wants the whole world to worship the evil they did against every victim on the Titanic and the evil they plan on carrying out against the rest of the globally community. Out of the sea the beast arises (book of Revelations). Though the word "sea" in Revelations doesn't refer to the actually sea/ocean, Occultist nevertheless loves skewing words and "symbolically" using Scriptures from the Bible to "hide" their "occult" (hidden knowledge) to the masses. Titanic is a perfect example of this fact.

  4. The Titanic struck the iceberg at 11.40pm on the 14th of April, and it sank at 2.20am on the Saturday 15th April 1912.
    Does April 15th ring a bell? How about a hint- Tax Day. This is important because J.P.Morgan, the owner of the Titanic, was in a group of international bankers that were proponents of starting the Federal Reserve System. There was also a group of banker that opposed the Federal Reserve.
    They were all scheduled to have a meeting on the Titanic's maiden voyage to discuss it, like gentlemen do.
    J.P.Morgan cancelled at the very last minute. He claimed he had to go to the South of France "on business".
    Other bankers like Rothschild and Rockefeller "called in sick" or said, "something suddenly came up" and took a raincheck.
    The bankers that opposed the Federal Reserve were ALL on the Titanic and died.
    What a convenient way to get rid of your competition!
    With no one left to oppose the Federal Reserve, The Creature From Jekyll Island ( by G. Edward Griffin ) was born on December 23, 1913.
    Yes, the Federal Reserve Act was passed 2 days before Christmas when many US Senators were on Vacation. They did not even have a Quorum.
    Quorum: the number of officers or members of a body that when duly assembled is legally competent to transact business.
    But the bankers bought Woodrow Wilson the presidency and he owed them!
    So, the Federal Reserve is illegal and "The Creature" has NEVER had and audit since it was started in 1913!
    It is PRIVATELY owned by a group of international bankers and they own us! It is not Federal and there is no reserve!
    JFK tried to audit and abolish the Federal Reserve and they had him killed!
    "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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