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Peter Gabriel Predicts 9/11 in 2000!

Peter Gabriel, mystic or in the know?
Peter showing us one of his eyes!
The Millennium Dome was officially opened on 1/1/2000. The Dome had been built on the most toxic waste dump in Europe, Millions was spent on it, and it was shrouded from start to finish in controversy. It is now called the O2 Arena, O2 as in Oxygen, quite ironic when you think it was built on a site that used to house 7 MILLION litres of tar and other toxic waste which was never rightly disposed off and still emits toxic gas!
Link Government web site, detailing the extent of the "contamination" at the Dome site, and how it was contained, rather than removed or treated. By contained they mean they put a thin layer of concrete over it! Other sites say that the nature of the contamination was so severe, that the soil could not even be moved, as moving it would have contaminated everywhere between the dome and where it was moved to. Trees at the dome have to be planted in containers, as they would die if planted in the soil around the dome.

Peter Gabriel was charged with writing and performing the sound tract. This was the UK’s official new millennium celebration; it was supposed to reflect all our hopes and dreams entering the New Millennium. 

So your thinking, I bet it was all love and joy, songs about world peace, brotherly love and harmony….
Well that’s not quite what Mr Gabriel had in mind for the new millennium; the entire show was about death, destruction, survival of the fittest and washed down with an apocalypse. One of the tracks "The Tower That Ate People", was as if he was singing about 9/11, only he was singing it 21 months before 9/11 happened! 
Oh how the dignitaries clapped and enjoyed the whole thing! Prince Philip showed up in a black tie and coat like he was on his way to a satanic ritual or funeral, the Queen wore orange!!!! With a black hat, Tony B’ Liar a dark suit and red tied, blood red…to remind us he is bloodline, and his side kick wore purple.

 Anyway, back to the show! The soundtrack was released on 29 August 2000, it was called OVO.
The elite inbreeds who control the planet like to play with words, like the Dollar sign is the  Egyptian Goddess ISIS, the S’s are over lapped. If we over lap OVO we get the sign for “V” for vendetta, also used as the sign for anarchy.  First clue that Gabriel is a mystic, second clue one of the tracks was called “Revenge”, as in Vendetta.

The album was called "OVO", if you double the "O" on itself, you get the symbol for "Vendetta", one of the tracks on the album is called "Revenge".

This is the list of Tracks in the order they were preformed:
Gabriel preforming at the
Dome on 1/1/2000. Of all
the talent in the UK, this  
the best they could find!
1.       Low Light (Instrumental)
2.      The Time of the Turning
3.      The man Who Loved The earth/The Hand That Sold (Instrumental)
4.      The Time of turning the Weavers Reel
5.      Father, Son  6.      The Tower That Ate People
7.       Revenge        8.      White Ashes
        9.      Downside-Up    10.   The Nest That Sailed the Sky
        11.     The Tree that Went Up     12.    Make Tomorrow
Bare in mind this was 1 year and 9 months before 9/11! “The Tower that ate people”, more prophesy from Gabriel. In the Bible Gabriel is a messenger and Angel of God, it was Gabriel who told Mary she was to give birth to the Christ. (Allegedly!)

So lets take a look at what the messenger had to tell us!
1.  “Low Light”, (instrumental) that could be either the sun going down or rising.

2. “The time of the turning”, I will add my comments on the lyrics in italics.
In the big house, where the sun lives,
With the wall so white and blue,
In the red soil, all the green grows
And the winds blow across your face,
They blow across your heart.
It's the time of turning and there is something stirring outside
It’s the time of turning and we better learn to say our goodbyes
All the earth breaks, like stale bread, and the seeds are folded in the soil,
Oh the sun pours, then the rains fall, while the roots reach out through the ground.
Say goodbye, earth breaks, roots come from the ground!, When a plants roots are exposed it dies. Well,
 I’m sure this opening track got the celebration off with a great start!

It’s the time of turning and there’s something stirring outside,
It’s the time of turning and the old world’s falling
Nothing you can do to stop the next emerging
Time of the turning and we’d better learn to say our goodbyes.
In your face or what! He is saying that our world is falling apart, and we can do nothing about it, the “New World” is coming, with the death and doom predicted in the previous verse, and we must learn to say “goodbye”, goodbye to what? Life as we know it? Our loved ones?

If we can stand up, when all else falls down, we’ll last through the winter,
We’ll last through the storms, we’ll last through the north winds,
That bring the ice and snow, we’ll last through the long nights,
Till the green fields grow again, grow again.
Survival of the fittest, storms, winds, ice, snow…..this was supposed to be a celebration of the new millennium!

3.  Instrumental, “The Man Who Loved The Earth/ The Hand That Sold"

4. “The Time of the Turning The Weavers Real”.

Did you see it move, there’s something there, Its in this cloth that I weave,
In the most peculiar ways that we behave, it’s the time of the turning,
The time of the turning, and we better learn to say our goodbyes.
It’s the time of the turning and there’s something stirring outside,
If you stop for a moment you can feel it all slipping away.
It’s the time of the turning, and the old world is falling,
Nothing you can do to stop the next emerging.
Time of the turning and we better learn to say our goodbyes.
Apocalypse Now or what? We were entering the new millennium not the gates of hell!
5.  Father, Son

Father, son, locked as one, In this empty room
Spine against spine, yours against mine
Till the warmth comes through

Remember the breakwaters down by the waves
I first found my courage
Knowing daddy could save
I could hold back the tide
With my dad by my side (is his Father a sea God?)

Dogs, plows and bows
 (all astrological, Dogs- canis major and minor, or the hunting dogs of Osiris, Plow… Bows- Osiris or Sagittarius)
We move through each pose, struggling in our separate ways
Mantras and hymns unfolding limbs
Looking for release through the pain
Pain….more doom and gloom!

And the yogi's eyes are open, looking up above
He too is dreaming of his daddy's love
With his dad by his side got his dad by his side

Can you recall how you took me to school
We couldn't talk much at all it's been so many years
And now these tears guess I'm still your child.

Out on the moors we take a pause
See how far we have come you're moving quite slow
How far can we go father and son

With my dad by my side, with my dad by my side
Got my dad by my side, with me. 

This could be an allegory for Sun, or move the comma in the title and you could have S,on, (Sion), Father- God. At lot of sky and astrological suggestions.

Bare in mind this was 21 months previous to 9/11, Peter the great messenger from the Gods forewarns of the towers falling!
 6. The Tower That Ate People : (9/11)

Brick by brick by brick by brick we're building
Brick by brick by brick by brick we're building
Brick by brick by brick by brick we're building
Brick by brick by brick by brick we're building

There's a bump in the basement (Witnesses reported an explosion in the basement)
There's a knocking on the wall (Plane came through the wall)
In the pumping of the pistons
I swear I heard your call
There's a bump in the basement
There's a hole in the floor
There's a guard in the garden
Locking up the door
(When the North Tower was hit, the people in the South tower were ordered to stay in their offices)

There's a rumble in the floorboards, no shutting out the sound
And the workers are below me digging underground
Feel the building all around me
Like a wrap of armoured skin
But the more we are protected
The more we're trapped within

We're building up and upWe're building up and up
We're building up and upWe're building up and up
Till we can touch the sky

Tell it like it is, till there's no misunderstanding
When you strip it right back
Man feed machine, machine feed man
Tell it like it is
Till there's no misunderstanding
Make up what you like
Man fed machine, machine feed man

7. Revenge. Instrumental (9/11 lead to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, revenge…apparently!)

8. White Ashes

White Ashes is a Buddhist term for all that is left of us after cremation.
This could also be referring to the Twin Towers collapsing, and the white/grey dust that stormed through the Streets like a tsunami.
An Ion is an atom, or a group of atoms that has an electric charge. 
Eon and Ion are also variations of the name "Ian". Eon is an era, so yet again he is saying goodbye to our world.

Mamma's little boy has fallen down, Mamma's little boy has hit the ground.
Now he's gone, Ion is gone, his time is done. The weight of a dream can take you down.

White, white ashes, building crashes down.
So well, pretend it's all well conceived, build solid as steel, stuff we believe.
Now he's gone. Ion is gone, his time is done.

The weight of a dream can bring you down.
The weight of a dream can bring you down.
What is this saying? Don’t dream, dreams will only bring you down!

White, white ashes, building crashes down.
White, white ashes, building crashes down.

Mamma's little boy, doing good, Mamma's little boy did all he could.
Now he's gone, Ion is gone, time is done.

The Dome where he was preforming is right beside the Greenwich Observatory, where literally time begins, it is on the Zero Meridian. "Time is done", that sounds a bit ominous! Should there be a false flag staged at the Olympics, at the O2 Dome, it would quite literally be symbolic of an end to time. And he seems quite keen that time should end!

The weight of a dream can bring you down.
The weight of a dream can bring you down.

White, white ashes, building crashes down
White, white ashes, building crashes down.

Building one crashes.....
Building two crashes....
interesting these lines were repeated twice.

9. Downside-Up
Back to 9/11!
North Tower collapsing 9/11
Everyone's balance shifted that day!
I looked up at the tallest building
Felt it falling down
I could feel my balance shifting
Everything was moving around
These streets so fixed and solid
A shimmering haze
And everything that I relied on disappeared

Downside up, upside down
Take my weight from the ground
Falling deep in the sky
Slipping into the unknown
All the strangers look like family
All the family looks so strange
The only constant I am sure of
Is this accelerating rate of change

Downside up, upside down
Take my weight off the ground
Falling deep in the sky
Slipping into the unknown

I stand here
Watch you spinning
Until I am drawn in
A centripetal force
You pull me in

Pull me in, Pull me in, Pull me in, Pull me in, Pull me in.

ovo ovo ovo ovo ovo ovo ovo ovo ovo
ovo ovo ovo ovo ovo ovo ovo ovo ovo
Downside up, upside down
Take my weight off the ground
Falling deep in the sky
Slipping into the unknown 

OVO could also be referring to the Owls face. In Bohemian Grove in California they worship a 40 ft stone owl (Molech). 
Also the demonic entity Lilith, feared from ancient Babylon and beyond is represented by an owl. It is said that when human sacrifices are to be made to Lilith, they place a statue of an owl on the sacrifice site before the sacrifice.
He managed to say OVO 18 times in this song. 1+8=9, the number of death and destrustion to the Satanic elite.

The head of Balphomet in an inverted
pentagram, this symbol is used by Satanists.

Observe the "OVO"! The name of the show was "OVO", and the soundtrack released the following August was also "OVO"!

OVO, upside-down!
This song also reminds me off the people who jumped from the buildings to their deaths. Plus if we put the V in the circle of OVO, and turn it upside down, you get the pyramid in the dollar bill. What a joyous celebration of the new millennium this must have been!

Kate Middleton wearing an "OVO" necklace.


10. The nest that sailed the sky. Instrumental

11. The tree that went up. Instrumental

12.  Make Tomorrow : 10.01 (The duration of this track is 10.01, Room 101 is taken from Orwells 1984, and Room 101 is the place where all your very worst nightmares happen)

Put on the dress in which you were married
Pull down the veil till your eyes are hid
Can you remember where we both came from
Let us do as we did

Look at tomorrow today, making tomorrow today
Making tomorrow today, making tomorrow today
Make tomorrow, make tomorrow
Make tomorrow today, make tomorrow
Make tomorrow, make tomorrow today

Put back the photo under your window
Put down the phone that you hold in your hand
Put away these things that stand in between us
Let us be what we can when it seems hopeless
When it seems hopeless

Make tomorrow, make tomorrow, make tomorrow today
Make tomorrow, make tomorrow, make tomorrow today
Make tomorrow, make tomorrow, make tomorrow today

What better measure of what you were doing here
Then what you can leave behind
All the children of your children's children
Do you ever think what they're going to find
Make tomorrow, make tomorrow
Where the sacred meet the scared
Make tomorrow, make tomorrow
Where the dreamer's dream is dared (theme song for Sydney 2000 Olympics was dare to Dream)

In each of us a dream can burn like the sun
Let's try it all one more time to get this lesson learned

Sitting up in a spaceship
Looking down at the earth

You wonder what they all struggling for
What's it all really worth
Making tomorrow today, making tomorrow today
Make tomorrow, make tomorrow.

And so ended an evening of frivolity and joyousness…only kidding, I'm sure people left and topped themselves!
Peter, derives from Pater, Father, so is Father messenger Gabriel a prophets, a mystic…..or in the know of what was to come!
I will leave you to draw your own conclusions, I have certainly drawn mine!
Gabriel was back in the O2 Dome in 2011 with his "New Blood" Tour. There is every chance there will be a false Flag pulled at the London Olympics, and the O2 Dome is one of the most likely targets for an attack, so him coming back to that spot in 2011 to sing about "New Blood" is a bit disconcerting! Incidently, his first engagement there was 1/1/2000, and back again in 2011, both 112!

This is Ane Brun who tours with The prophet Gabriel, she appears to have eye problems as well!

 I have not linked any of the tracks, I listened to them, and they are bloody woeful! Most of them can be found on You Tube should anyone want to hear them.

I am adding to this blog as I find the info, the more I find about this man, the more alarmed I am getting! His "New Blood" tour is all about more death, doom and destruction, all about darkness, red rain, blood! I am now in no doubt that his "OVO" at the opening of the Dome was a hidden reference to Lilith. This man is touring the world constantly, bringing his messages of death and doom around the globe, all laced with Lilith's symbols.
Gabriel Performing in front of the owl at the O2

The cover of his "New Blood" Album shows blood that has been altered, similar to the blood of Morgellons suffer's whose blood is altered. The main culprit being blamed for Morgellons is Chemtrails, which are carrying various man made particles which when they invade our bodies are changing our blood and DNA. So what the hell is his "New Blood" really all about?
Max Igan Brilliant documentary "Trans-Formation", parts 5/7, looking at how chemtrails is altering our blood.

Link Seems Im not the only one who thinks Gabriel may be working on the dark side. This web site celebrates satanism, and has published the lyrics of Gabriels "Solsbury Hill", as celebration of Satanism!

According to the Wikipedia page for Solsbury Hill, Gabriel said
 "It's about being prepared to lose what you have for what you might get... It's about letting go" Source
Emm, lose what you have, would that be your soul? What you might get, would that be fame and fortune? 



  1. Amazing research Sandra.

    I am looking into hidden messages in S Club Seven lyrics which clearly indicate they are shape-shifting satanists deeply embroiled in the Zionist conspiracy.

    I predict they will reform to perform at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics.

    1. Well the members S Club 7 WERE clearly puppets.
      The S logo clearly indicates "as above so below" or whatever it is.
      Paul got out.
      The project was abandoned after the Seeing Double film which is a fascinating watch for us truth seekers.
      The brainwashing sequences and the bad guys speech - guess what? world dom! - at the end are amongst the highlights.
      Nevertheless, I think that the young members of S Club were pretty much used, abused and ultimately discarded.
      The badge on Hannah's shirt on the Sunshine (3rd album)cover is pretty dodgy.
      Anyway, I'd like to see your conclusions re. the lyrics.

  2. Check these Lyrics out, Damon Albarn of Blur has been writing an album about John Dee(He has connection to the Tempest as he may have been the basis of the Prospero character). I find them quite disturbing. he has also created an Opera called Dr Dee that is due to be played at the cultural Olympics.

    This are the only lyrics from the album I can find as it is not due out till 7th May. I wonder if he is 'prophesying' something for London for the Olympics.

    1. A line from the Tempest is on the 27 ton Olympic bell, I have written a blog about it The Bells, The Shells and the Santiago Compostella. Santiago is Spanish for St James, and St James seems to be all over the Olympics.

  3. hello, you are doing a great work for everybody, thank you. if you read Scenarios for the future from rockfeller foundation, you gonna see a "fictional" history about an atack in london olympics killing 13.000 people.

    if u go to this link -->

    below that page's intoduction, there will be a option "download pdf publication" (click that)

    after entering it, press 'CTRL+F' and search "olympic bombing"....
    you will see the para, shown in the above picture.

    1. Gabriel, I read that section from the Rockefeller book just a few days ago, if anyone knows what is going down next they do! I have written a blog about a false flag at the Olympics False Flag August 4 London 2012 Olympics. I have done loads of research on it, and other blogs are linked off it. I reckon the O2 dome could be a target, its built on a toxic dump!

  4. And of course it was all much ado about nothing.

  5. I think this may interest you.
    Also check out the lyrics to Suppers Ready. Peter writes about a warlord ruling planet earth. Right in line with the NWO plans.


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