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Prince William & The Unicorn

Prince William's Coat of Arms

Prince William and the Unicorn is a series of vids and blogs which I created which examine the British Royals and their relationship with the Unicorn.
The Unicorn forms part of the ruling Monarch’s Coat of Arms, and has done since James I. The Monarch’s Coat of Arms is the countries coat of arms, and so the Unicorn appears on near all government buildings and documents, court houses, birth certificates etc.
This blog is all the information I have compiled so far, I have been researching this near two years to date, and my research is on-going. I have looked primarily at Prince William, as he is heir to the throne after Prince Charles, who I doubt will ever be King. Since before William’s birth they have been paving the way for him. The Royals rule by deception, they have created an illusion, which has duped the masses into believing they come from some kind of divine source, they do not, and my motivation for researching this, was to expose this fact, and to establish why the Unicorn is of such great importance to them.

Prince William and the Unicorn Part1: Mount Hermon
After two years of research I believe that the Royals fixation with the Unicorn comes from the Constellation Monoceros (Latin for Unicorn). Everything they do has astrological significance. The Bible holds many clues to their beliefs, and this episode looks at Mount Hermon in Northern Israel, as the Bible tells us that God compared it to a young Unicorn.
The River Jordan flows from this mountain, and Jesus and the Royals are baptised with water from the river Jordan. The book of Enoch says that the Fallen Angels landed on Mt Hermon, strategically and spiritually, this Mt is of the utmost importance to them.

Prince William and the Unicorn Part 2: The Tribe of Dan
The Tribe of Dan lived at the foot of Mount Hermon, they are one of the twelve Tribes of Israel, and are now considered one of the lost Tribes. They are said to carry the blood of the serpent, the Christ and the Anti-Christ are both prophesised to be from the Tribe of Dan.

Prince William & the Unicorn Part 3: Divine Right to Rule
Part 3 looks at their claim that they have a divine right to rule, this stems back to the Biblical King David from the Tribe of Judah. There is absolutely no evidence that they are related to this Bronze Age Israeli King, but through imagery and ritual they constantly create the illusion that they are from this Messianic bloodline.
The Queen’s coronation may have seemed like a bit of pomp and ceremony to most, it is not to them, the word crown comes from the Latin Corona, which is the atmospheric trails left by the Sun, during the Coronation they are anointed, the word Messiah literally means anointed one. This ritual to them is of the utmost importance, and after it, they believe themselves to literally be the Messiah, Gods appointed one on Earth.
The current Queen became Queen on the 6th February 1952, her Coronation was on the 2nd June 1953. This year (2012) her Jubilee was celebrated not on the date she became Queen, but on the date she was anointed and crowned, 2nd June 1953. Although her 60 year jubilee was celebrated on the 2nd of June 2012, it was actually 59 years since her Coronation. The very word Jubilee is Jewish, and stems from a celebration that used to be held every 49 years.

Prince William & the Unicorn Part 4: Sun Gods

Part 4: Sun Gods. Tracing the history of living Sun Gods back to the Pharaoh Akhenaton. Im afraid there is quite a bit of text, so you will have to hit pause, as my video software only allows 10 seconds at the most to read pages.
As King William III and Louis XIV are relevant to this series this episode looks at how they were portrayed as Sun Gods. 
While waging Catholic/Protestant wars all over Europe, they themselves only had one God, and that was the Sun!
The Bible says that astrology is sinful, and worship of other Gods is a mortal sin! While Louis pretended to be a devout catholic, he persecuted protestants, he believed himself not only to be the descendant of Apollo (ancient Sun God), but Apollo's actual manifestation on Earth!
William III, from the House of Orange (House of the Sun), also believed himself to be the manifestation of the Sun God on Earth. He feigned being a devout Protestant.

Louis, William and James II, were not only very close relatives, they were all in the same secret societies. Using religion as an excuse, they waged bloody wars all over Europe. William ousted James II to become King of England. (James was his Uncle, and father in Law). The first thing he done as King was set up the Bank of England in Cahoots with the Amsterdam bankers, who had financed his rise to glory.
Louis in France was working with the same network of Jewish bankers and merchants.
With funding coming from the Bank of England, William had an endless supply of funds to finance his wars over Europe. This all of course had to be paid back. So his wars served to cull the population, kill of the strongest of the male gene pool, and enslave the entire country paying back the Jewish bankers.

Prince William is being groomed and portrayed as the current Sun God.

Prince William & the Unicorn Part 5: Sashes and Ties

This episode examines the Knights Garter, Sashes worn as symbols of their divine right to rule, Royal Blood, and Sun God status.
Sashes have been worn since Sumerian and Babylonian times, as a marker of Royal Blood. The Pharaohs wore red and blue sashes so as they could be identified as the Pharaoh. The intricate ways they are bound and tied is all ritualistic, and for them denotes the protection of Ra.
The current Royals keep up the traditions of what they see as their ancestors, and they wear this garb to reinforce their beliefs that they are the living Sun Gods, off the divine bloodline, and are destined to rule the rest of us.
This same bloodline owns the media, and it is used to full effect to promote their current Gods and Goddesses. They are often portrayed with sun symbology, not just the current Royal family, but the Hollywood Royalty, top politicians, and pop Stars. With the advent of the internet, and even school children working out genealogy charts, it is becoming more and more obvious to the masses, that they are all related!
As David Icke constantly reiterates, they are not the Royal families of Europe, they are ONE FAMILY! And it is not just in Europe, its all over the globe.

The tie is the modern equivalent of the sash, so if you ever wondered why top politicians & Royalty always wear either a blue or red tie...wonder no more! It all goes back to ancient Egypt and beyond.

This episode also briefly looks at O Rh Negative blood, it is believed they are called "Blue Bloods" because they have this blood group. O RH Negative is a rare blood group, and unlike the other groups that are high in iron, RH O neg has high levels of copper.
When blood oxidises it turns brownish because of the iron content, however O RH neg blood turns bluish because it is high in copper.
It is known that Prince Charles and the Queen are both RH O negative, as for the rest of the elites, it would be impossible to say what blood groups they are, its not something they commonly advertise. However it is believed this is where the Blue Blood term came from.

Prince William & the Unicorn part 6: The Wedding

This episode looks at the occult significance of the Royal wedding. The colours, numerology, astrology, they all adds up to one hell of a lot of coincidences!
Im joking of course, these people plan everything meticulously, and even the most cynical observer would have problems explaining these things as mere coincidences!
This episode covers William born on a Summer Solstice, Kate born on a Lunar Solstice, the fact that they are cousins, the honours the Queen bestowed on them both the morning of the Wedding, The Cosmati Pavement, and a lot more. Link with details about the Cosmati pavement

This wedding had so much symbolism, that I could have spent the rest of my days making vids about it, the route they went to the Abbey, the pyramid at the front of the palace, Kate's wedding bouquet, even the wedding cakes, it all had symbolic meaning.  I’m afraid I do not have the rest of my days to devote to it, so this short offering will have to do.

The whole charade was designed to bewitch the masses into believing their hype, that they are special, they are divine, the new Sun God and Moon Goddess.

Prince William and the Unicorn Part 7: David Rockefeller

In this episode I digress from the British Royals, this is an interview taken from the New York Metropolitan Museums web site. It is David Rockefeller speaking about his family and the "Hunt for the Unicorn" Tapestries.
Over the period that I have been researching the elites relationship with the Unicorn, I have come to realise that it is very symbolic to them, The Rothschild’s also have a Unicorn on their Coat of Arms, this short interview is part of a blog which examines the Rockefellers relationship with “The Hunt of the Unicorn” tapestries.

This is my blog on the tapestries, which explains their huge significance, and the hidden meanings in them, and why they were so important to the Rockefeller family.

In 1922 John D. Rockefeller Jr purchased six of the seven tapestries for one million US dollars. To give you some perspective as to how much a million dollars in 1922 would be worth today, the West Egg inflation Calculator calculates that one million dollars in 1900, would today be worth $24,613,670.55!!!!
That's over 24 ½ million dollars in today's money! Those tapestries must have been mighty important to him!
I have included this vid in the "Prince William and the Unicorn" series, as the next few episodes will be about the Unicorn and the constellation Monoceros,(Latin for Unicorn). This vid with the accompanied blog is intended as an introduction to how the EL(Elohim)ite, have used the Unicorn as symbolic of their power and control over the masses.

I have also written a series of Blogs which accompany the videos.

Zion and the London Olympics

Prince William turned 30 on the 21st June 2012, on the 2nd June the Queen had her Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and on the 27th July the London 2012 Olympics begin. This mix of celebrations and rituals are all tied in. Mount Hermon was known as mount Sion, and the theme of the London Olympics is Sion/Zion, this blog is my own take on where the term Sion/Zion originated. Mt Hermon is the Earthly place identified in the Bible as a Unicorn, and the Unicorn is the constellation Monoceros. The Hebrew texts that form the Bible were stolen from earlier civilisations, and the Egyptian deities Set, Isis, Orisis and Nephtys initials form the word "Sion". 

Preparing The Way For The Messiah
This blog looks at how Prince William's destiny was carved out from long before his birth. His Royal/Divine status was contrived, and a very well oiled machine conspired to manipulate the masses into accepting their new Messiah.

This blog looks at just how they have manipulated the masses into believing they are worthy of their elevated place in society. They claim linage to the Biblical King David, yet there is not one jot of evidence that supports this, in fact there is scant evidence that he ever existed.

My Blog History

This is my blog history, which has other blogs on the Olympics and Royals, which tie into this series indirectly.

Time Team Special
This link is to a Time Team special on the Cosmati Pavement in Westminster Abbey. This 1000 year old floor had been covered in thick carpets for hundreds of years, it is very significant that it was uncovered and restored at this time. It predicts the end of the world, and it was restored just in time to take centre stage at the wedding of William and Kate.

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  1. Thank you for an excellent article. Regarding the royals blue blood. If you have too much colloidal silver it can give a blue tinge to your blood. The healing properties of silver are well known. In the past the royals were less prone to illness as they used silver cutlery. Because of the higher than normal amount of silver in their bloodstream their blood often had a blue tinge. Hence the saying they have blue blood. It's one of many theories. My satirical view of the royals entitled "The Royals and the Invisible man" may be of interest on

  2. Further to my previous comment. The entire system is one big confidence trick. The royal inbreeding is really to do with producing psychopaths. That trait has served the royals well throughout their bloodthirsty history. Having studied psychopaths for many years, I realise how we live today is a direct result of their divide and rule mindset. A psychopath married into my family and caused an emotional tsunami. What my family experienced was a microcosm of what the entire country is experiencing. I'm currently writing a book about it where I look at the wider perspective of how psychopaths get into power and how they manage to brainwash the masses. Psychopaths are masters at creating suspicion and using it to create tension amongst people. Today people are more suspicious of each other than they have ever been. Psychopaths thrive on tension and aggression whilst they sit back and detach themselves from it even though they cause it. Psychopaths also speak in a certain way that goes undetected by the masses. I call it "Smug Talk." It's a product of how their brain works, although non-psychopaths use it if they have been heavily influenced. BBC news readers don't talk to the audience but at them. Hillary Clinton, an alleged psychopath, also talks at not with the audience. The royals do; they talk down to people whilst giving the impression they are trying to be at their level. It's very clever and an area I've studied for considerable time. Psychos are brilliant at what they do - hence their success. If people knew the truth the psychopath empire would fall like a house of cards. Their criminal activities continue to rely upon ignorance of the masses to survive. It's a mass media illusion. Sadly the ignorant outnumber the informed.

  3. Hi Tax Slave, I have had a lot going on this last few years, I am only now finding time to respond to comments on my blog. I have just read your article, excellent work, I have re-posted on my facebook.

    I was already familiar with the theory about the silver/blue blood, another theory was that aristocratic women did not have to labour in the sun, they covered themselves when they went out, hence they had very white skin, so white that you could see the
    It is believed they are mainly RH O Neg blood group, women with this blood group have blue babies if the father is a positive blood group, this might explain why they marry their own, and the "blue-blood" references.
    Who knows really where it originated.

    Did you ever get the book finished?


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