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Topless Kate, 2 Massacres and an Initiation

 Video 1, Topless Kate

To maintain power the Royals constantly strive to present images and scenarios that reinforce the notion that they are divine and we are mere peasants, who should worship and adore them.

They target our sub-conscious minds to reinforce this programming.
On Monday 16 September I took this pic in Tescos. Kate and William headed of on their Southern Asian Tour on 9/11. In the same pic below I have highlighted a few things.

Dating back to the very earliest civilisations Goddesses are depicted with their breasts exposed, from Babylon to Sumeria, Egypt, Greece and Rome, goddesses were depicted with their breasts exposed.
Ordinary peasants were never depicted bare chested, just Goddesses.

When the pictures of Kate topless hit the front pages, I immediately smelled a rat; it all seemed so staged, with William’s military training and family history, its not as if he does not know about long range lenses, it was a huge balcony with very private areas where they could have got their kit off, but they instead went right to the edge of the balcony where they could easily be snapped.

It then turns out that Silvio Burlisconi licenses the magazine they were published in, and Bauer own it outright. Bauer is a family owned publishing house based in Germany, and if the name sounds familiar it’s because the Rothschild’s, also from Germany were called Bauer before they changed their name.

On the day the news broke an Official from St James palace said:


What is the real meaning of this statement? Red-Line is blood-line, what are they really telling us. Every media bulletin included this quote! 

This and more in Part 1

In May 1999, just weeks before her marriage to the Queen's youngest son, Prince Edward, the then Sophie Rhys-Jones was left "devastated" when the Sun newspaper published a topless photograph of her. It was taken in Spain in 1988, and she was with her Capital radio colleague Chris Tarrant. Link
This was published just prior to her wedding, she is now known as Sophie Countess of Wessex, and she is the Mother of the Queen's two youngest grandchildren, again, the Goddess, mother of the Gods was depicted bare breasted.


Video 2: 2 Massacres 

It seems to have escaped most peoples notice, but William and Kate arrived in France on Sept 4, which was 4 days after the 15th anniversary of his Mothers murder, also in France, the very next day 131.11 miles up the road Saad al-Hilli, his wife Iqbal, his Mother in Law Suhaila al-Allaf and a cyclist Sylvian Mollier, were shot at point blank range with an automatic pistol, execution style in the head.
Saad’s daughters Zeena and Zainab survived the massacre, Zeena hid under her Mothers skirt, Zainab was pistol whipped and shot, but survived and is now back in England on a witness protection scheme.

The first person on the scene as chance was have it, just happened to be an RAF Veteran! Saad his wife, Mother-in-Law and Zeena were locked in the car and the engine was running. He smashed the driver’s side window and turned the engine off.

7 year old Zainab was alone further down the road.
How did she get out of a car that was locked on the inside?
Why was she singled out to be pistol whipped?
This just don’t add up!
The day after the murders a bunch of pink and white roses were left at the scene, made more obvious as they were the only flowers left at the scene, on the day the news broke about Kates topless pic, she appeared dressed like the virgin Mary, carrying pink and white roses!
This is the magazine cover!
C=3, L=3
The Rosicrucian's and the Masons are tied at the hip, the very title of the magazine CLOSER says it all!
(Chaldean numerology)

Prince William was baptised on August 4, 1982, which also happened to be the Queen Mothers birthday.
On August 4, 1953 Sir Jack Drummond, his wife Anne and daughter Elizabeth set up camp near Lurs. Early the next morning the 3 were found dead with gun shot wounds. Jack and Anne were found beside their green Hillman Estate car, and Elizabeth was found 77metres away.
Incredibly she had been beaten around the head with the butt of the gun before they shot her.
This just happened to be 18 miles exactly from William and Kate’s villa!
What a coincidence! And the coincidences don’t end there!
Wiki entry on the Drummond murders.
This and more in Part 2

Video 3: 

The elites own Law is that they have to tell us things, obviously they rarely tell us the truth, but within News stories they disguise the truth, it is hidden in plain sight.

When the topless pics of Kate are broken down and examined, they tell a story. The railing that she was behind is made up of pyramid shapes. In ancient Egypt the pyramids were a place of initiation, no Mummy’s were ever found there. To this day initiation ceremonies are held there.
So the pyramids are the first clue.
In Masonry and other secret societies, the initiate is blindfolded and the left breast is exposed. In near all the pics it is her left breast that is on show and her thick black sunglasses look like a blindfold.

In Masonry the breast is pricked 3 times with a compass, and the initiate takes an oath never to betray the Brotherhood, or reveal their secrets. The left breast is chosen over the right because it is over the heart. In Witchcraft and the Royal Purple Arch the breast is pricked 3 times with a sword.
Well, what do you think would be the chances of linking Kate to a sword? The day the news broke (September 13) they were at a banquet in Kuala lumpa, and would you believe it they were presented with a gold encrusted Malay Warrior’s sword!

So what does all this mean? Has Kate been officially taken into the ranks, has she passed her initiation? Was the Hilli murders part of her passage?
Who the hell knows, but while making these vids I stumbled on so many coincidences, that it is hard to pass them all off as mere coincidences!

Humiliation is also part of their initiation ceremonies, and as the UK press pointed out over and over, pure whiter than white Kate was humiliated. The pictures taken on the tour however tell a different story, she looked jubilant!

To the Mason the Triangle is the most sacred symbol, and the colour blue the most sacred colour, every "Topless" picture of Kate included both.

“And as in each Triangle of Perfection, one is three and three are one, so man is one, though of a double nature; and he attains the purposes of his being only when the two natures that are in him are in just equilibrium; and his life is a success only when it too is a harmony, and beautiful, like the great Harmonies of God and the Universe.
Such, my Brother, is the TRUE WORD of a Master Mason; such the true ROYAL SECRET, which makes possible, and shall at length make real, the HOLY EMPIRE of true Masonic Brotherhood.
Albert Pike Morals and Dogmas Link

All Masonic temples incorporate elements of King Solomon's Temple, representations of the twin pillars Jachin and Boaz, which were at the entrance of Solomon's Temple are sacred to all masons, and  a vital element of all Masonic Temples. William and Kate were photographed at the Patronas twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur on their tour, on the last leg of the tour they visited the Solomon Islands, and while there they were treated like a God and Goddess. The press reported that a local hoped they had conceived there, and that a new King Solomon would be the fruit of the conception!

"According to Television New Zealand locals are hoping the Duke and Duchess leave Tavanipupu with more than just good memories.
"If a little surprise should happen in nine months time maybe Tuvanipupu Windsor?" TVNZ quoted one local as saying. "Or if it's a boy, Solomon. And later on he will become King Solomon." Link
PLEASE! The press play us all like fiddles in bumming these two up!
Link To the Witches Workshop site, which explains the Hidden Children Myth.

Part 4 SHHH, Silence and Suicides

When I started out on this project I thought I would just cover the topless pictures, the obvious symbology and the fact that I thought they were staged, but like every thing with these people, once you scratch the surface a right can of worms opens!
And so I am now working on part 4! While I was researching part 3, and documenting just how important triangles and the colour blue is to the Masonic Brotherhood, a series of suicides in Scotland hit the front pages. Five young women had all committed suicide! Two of them called CATHERINE, and three of them residents in THE BLUE TRIANGLE Units! Two of them were residents in the "Good Shepard" care home. The Good Shepard is of course a reference to the Messiah character, and as I have covered in my "Preparing the Way for the Messiah" blog, William has been presented as a Messiah character, even prior to his conception, the powers that be were paving the way for him!
William and Kate went to University in Scotland, they studied and lived at Saint Andrew's, just 70 miles from the apparent suicides.

The Rosicrucian belief system is paramount in understanding how they operate, and how they can bring about events without having a direct link to the events. This involves rituals and initiations whereby they can summons demonic entities, and have dominion over those entities. For the true Rosicrucian devotee, who quests spiritual illumination and enlightenment, they first have to be able to rise above the demons, who represent every kind of Earthly evil, and have dominion over them, before they can reach the true God Creator energy and achieve the enlightenment they seek.

However many of the devotees have no real drive to find enlightenment, they are greedy for power, wealth and all that this life can offer them, so when they get to the stage where they have dominion over the Luciferian and Abrahamic demons, they search no more,  dominion over these evil entities brings them all they desire. Control of these demons means they can summons the demons to bring about just about any event they desire, including making someone who is vulnerable to influence by these demons, take their own lives!

I have often said that "Spirits" as in alcohol, were well named, when drinking we let our guard down, and we are much more susceptible to influence by these entities. How many people are sitting in jails, because while under the influence of alcohol they committed crimes that they would never have contemplated while sober. How often have you heard people say "I dont know what came over me", there are few who are immune to this kind of influence, and "Spirits" leave us all susceptible to influence by the demonic forces. 

To understand all these other seeming coincidences, we first need to understand the root of the secret societies, as this is a subject that cannot be easily explained, I may make this into a separate video and link it to this presentation.
This is an excellent link, it is a presentation by Robert Gilbert who explains with great clarity the Rosicrucian beliefs.

Part 4 will also look at the silence and secrecy involved in membership of the secret societies. Victims of childhood sexual abuse know only too well what the "Shhh" sign means. Many have reported that after being raped, the abuser makes the "Shhh" sign, the child is silenced with threats of what will happen if they tell, and when they see the "Shh" sign, they know only too well that it is a reminder of the threats. In seemingly innocent situations, the abuser can make this gesture, it looks innocent to observers, but to the child it strikes the fear of God into them, a few of the anti child abuse groups have as their logos a child making the "Shh" gesture.
The opening of the Olympics featured a section with staff from Great Ormond Street Hospital, this meant that they could form GO-SH in the middle of the Olympic arena, and the GOSH nurses all made the Shh sign to the children at the opening. Anyone familiar with paedophilia was horrified at this blatant display of the symbol used to silence victims of sexual abuse.
Silence and secrecy is of course one of the most important elements of secret societies  part 4 will look at the secret signs they use, and the history of the signs.

Sandra Barr
UPDATE: 24/07/2013
And the blue is no accident either! The sky is blue, the sea is blue, the Gods all come from one or the other!

Well, quite a bit has transpired since I began this series, I’m afraid part 4 never got made, while working on part 4, and the “SH” that was so evident in the Olympics, the end results of their Olympic and Topless rituals started to manifest, on December 3 the birth was announced, 11 days later Sandy Hook (SH).

I got sidetracked and worked on Sandy Hook, which also tied into the Olympics and the subsequent Royal Birth.

My Sandy Hook work: Link

I would love to find time to add a part 4, the finale of all the rituals, the boy an heir is born! Sadly I do not have time at the min, so this brief update will have to suffice.

This picture was taken on the 26th July 2012, it was during the frenzied 24 hour run up to the opening ceremony, the two torch bearers were carefully placed in front of Kate at Buckingham Palace by an Olympic official. The photo that the entire main stream press ran with was the two torches in front of Kate, her womb encased by a golden pyramid formed by the torches. As I am always reiterating, the sub conscious absorbs thousands of things a minute that the conscious mind pays no heed to. Her groin is in blue (Blue line, blueblood….BOY), a white top for purity. She has the Addidas pyramid on her right breast, and the British Olympic logo on her left, a lions head, which also represents Zion, The House of David and Jews. As I highlighted in the "Topless Kate" series, her groin was broadcast all over the world, again within a triangle and blue the predominant colour.
Kate, William and Harry came out and stood in a row as if they were on markers, an Olympic official then carefully positioned the 2 torches in front of Kate.

This was taken on the 26th of July 2012. 361 days later on July 22, 2013, the baby was born. 360 is the highest degree in Masonry, a full circle also has 360%, so from the picture was taken until the birth was a full circle plus one.
The result of all their planning and pre-pregnancy rituals is now here.
Aurora was on the 20th of July 2012, a massacre during “Dark Knight Rising”, one year and 2 days later a new Knight of the British Realm arrives!
The 22nd of July is of course an 11+11 date, and it just happens to be the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene!
A few other notable anniversaries for the 22nd of July:
This day 1928 King Edward I defeated William Wallace.
This day in 1942 the Holocaust began.
2003 and the 101st Airborne of the USA attacked a compound in Iraq killing Sadam Hussein’s sons Uday and Qusay, along with a grandson.
Jean Charles Menezes, murdered by British Police 2005.

This is them leaving hospital at exactly 7.13pm, another 11, the world was shown the new sun god, 11 had to feature somewhere! Naturally they are both dressed in blue, geez, do they not read my blogs! Blue, the colour of the sky and the sea, the Gods all come from one or the other! And Kate has white polka dots, from antiquity the circle had the deepest esoteric meaning, the centre of the Universe, Isis, all creation, this is not a harmless little polka dot dress!
Then the two of them with the New Messiah drive off like they were any other couple taking their baby home, as if! He has at his beck and call a fleet of chauffeur driven limos, this was staged to appeal to the masses and endear them to people. Looking back on the above series I made, Kate’s breast and groin were all photographed within a triangle, with blue the predominant colour.

This is another interesting picture, it was taken on Kate’s last official engagement before the birth. Note the blue line, as I discussed in the vids, red line, blue line, bloodline. The ship she was launching was called “The Princess”, but the “SS” got chopped off in the photographs published by the MS press.
She is wearing a leopard print dress, the Royals (European and British) wear leopard skin on their official robes, nothing they do is by accident, leopard skin is used because it is believed that Adam wore Leopard skin, and their use of it reinforces the notion that they are descended from Adam.
Ham was the son of Noah (Ark fame), and Nimrod was his grandson, Nimrod wore leopard skin, (believed to be the actual garments of his forefather Adam), as a sign of his Kingship. The Egyptian Pharaohs also wore leopard skin as a symbol of their divine right to rule.
According to rabbi Eleazar : ‘Nimrod used to entice people into idolatrous worship by means of those garments, which enabled him to conquer the world and proclaim himself its ruler, so that mankind offered him worship. He was called Nimrod for the reason that he rebelled against the most high King above, against the higher angels and against the lower angels.’ Link
Both Jewish and Christian scholars connect the wearing of leopard skin to the Anti-Christ because of the connections to Nimrod. So a leopard print dress was an odd choice for a heavily pregnant Kate, especially with “Prince” shown to her side and a blue line.
This baby is the manifestation of all their rituals over this last few years, and especially the jubilee and Olympic rituals last year, when on the 27th of July the big freaky baby was wheeled into the middle of the Olympic arena and all present appeared to pay homage to it. The baby arrived on the 22nd of July 2013, a full 360 days after the freaky baby at the Olympics. 360 is the highest degree in Freemasonry,   360%, full circle!
The Olympic opening ritual ended with the sacrifice of a young boy, acted out by dancers, and the masses clapped like flipper as if it were entertaining!  Link
On July 20, 2013, two days before the birth on the 22nd, 22 children in India were killed after a free meal they were given was found to be poisoned, the children lived in BIHAR state in Northern India. lets rearrange that RAH-BI. Rah, the premier Egyptian Sun God and BI is the Latin for twice, and its numerical value is B=2 and I-1, 2+1=3, the Masons favourite number. It could also be read "BY-RAH".

I will hopefully over this next few weeks find time to add a more detailed update, for now I’m afraid this is all I have time for. I will leave you with this picture, Kate, the great magician, again in polka dots, be wary of her spell!
Sandra Barr

Update 27/3/2015
This morning I thought I would examine the area around the Germanwings plane crash in the French Alps, as soon as I went on Google Earth I realised I knew the area, the plane just happened to crash precisley 84km from the balcony of the villa that William and kate stayed. I measured from the balcony, as that is where the pics were taken!

Drummond Murders  4/8/1952
The Queen Mothers birthday 4/8
The date William was Baptised 4/8
48 is like a Royal calling card!

The Topless saga hit the papers on September 13 2012 , the plane went down on March 24, 2015, there is 922 days in between! 9-11-11

Also, the plane was a Germanwings plane. The British Royals are not British at all, they are German, their name is Saxe-Coburg Gotha, they changed it to Windsor during the war, for rather obvious reasons. This is William, the German receiving his wings in the RAF.

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  1. I knew something was up as soon as this splashed across every rag in london. 2011/12 has been a non-stop Royal attention fest! Wedding, Jubilee, Olympics, Naked Harry, Topless Kate. Pardon my french but they can stick their rituals up their own arses, the smarmy twits! Also you had the 23 & 32 yr old police officers grenaded by Dale Cregan (Grenade cala) 2332 or 322 (skull and bones) 3. Look forward to the rest sandra, you are awesome. Richy @

  2. Hi Sandra.
    Israel has been using the term "red line" a whole lot lately in the news:

    "Netanyahu asks U.N. to draw 'red line' on Iran's nuclear plans"

  3. Great research Sandra, you are amazingly observant. I am very intested in your assertion that being 'humiliated' is part of their initiation ceremony and would like to hear more about that.
    Am looking forward to seeing the third video too.


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