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The ritualistic and satanic nature of the Fred West Murders

This article was published February 22, 2004, its author is Christine Wheeler, in recent years I have become more and more aware of the satanic nature of many crimes committed in the UK, that were passed off as crimes committed by evil mentally deranged people. All mention of Satanism and the ritualistic nature of the crimes were kept well out of the public domain.
Many of these gross crimes I believe warrant further investigation, and their occult nature should be exposed. Jim Cairns who is quoted in this article has spent many years investigating horrific crimes against children, and is well respected in his field.
This article only scratches the surface, but its content is vitally important, and so as it is not lost to the annuls of internet archives, I have re-published it on this forum.
Sandra Barr
This photograph of Fred and Rose West was taken on holiday at the Malvern Hills. This entire area has long been associated with Witchcraft and Satanism. LINK

Fred West linked to the occult
February 22, 2004 By Christine Wheeler
Serial killers Fred and Rose West shocked the world with an horrific murder spree that claimed at least 12 lives.
But as the 10th anniversary of the House of Horrors murders approaches, evidence has emerged of a sinister new twist to their crimes - with an expert's claims that they were devil-worshippers whose victims were human sacrifices.
Renowned Irish author Jim Cairns says new evidence shows the pair may have been part of a Midland black magic ring.
Mr Cairns has previously exposed a satanic sect operating in Kilkenny which he claimed had been responsible for the disappearance of a number of young people.
He also wrote the book Disappeared Off The Face Of The Earth about his firsthand experiences of witches covens in Northern Ireland.
Now he is writing a book about the Wests, which will claim that they may have been involved in ritual killings at Gloucesters Cromwell Street - along with others who have never been brought to trial.
Mr Cairns revealed that ALL the Wests victims had finger or toe bones missing - a common trait in occult killings known as the magic hand.
And he revealed that the drinking counter the couple had built in their infamous House of Horror home was named the Black Magic Bar.
Last night Mr Cairns elaborated on the latest theory to surface as to why the Wests brutally murdered at least 12 young women.
The former electrician, who also runs a missing persons website in Ireland, said: “Myself and others believe there is a definite occult or satanic connection to the West murders”.
“The murders reek of human sacrifice with powerful connections.
“The Wests have got all the essential ingredients of ritual killers - their indifference to the suffering of their victims, the murder of their own children and the burying of the bodies under their own house.
“The fact that all of the victims had fingers and toes missing, and that the bar they built to entertain Rose West’s clients was called the Black Magic Bar, just underlines the point.”
At first it was thought that the name of the bar was a reference to prostitute Rose’s preference for having sex with black men.
But Mr Cairns thinks it refers to something more sinister.
“It can’t be a coincidence, he said. And the Wests wouldn’t be the first serial killers to have satanic connections.

Myra Hindley
“I have no doubt that the likes of Jack the Ripper and Myra Hindley were involved in something similar. Their killing patterns and behaviour reek of the occult, too.
In 2002 author Ivor Edwards published a book titled Jack the Ripper’s Black Magic Rituals, which explored the notorious killer’s satanic links.
Mr Cairns said he plans to write a similar book about the West’s and claims they may even have been supplying a Gloucestershire coven with human sacrifices.

He believes Fred committed suicide in 1995 after being threatened by high-ranking members of the coven who feared exposure.
His brother, who was himself suspected of being involved in the murders, also later killed himself. It is also alleged that Fred told one journalist he was covering for others.
Mr Cairns said:
“It can hardly be coincidence that Fred and his brother both committed suicide before they had their day in open court and a chance to tell their stories”.
“”My belief is that Fred was covering up for people in the coven who did not want their story to come to light”.
“”In my experience, members of satanic cults often come from the professional classes, who would do anything to protect their reputation”.
Journalist Geoffrey Wansell wrote Fred West’s official biography, An Evil Love, in 1996.
It included one passage which alluded to Rose’s fascination with black magic and the occult - an interest shared by one of her victims, nanny Lynda Gough.
The section reads: “After her arrest the police suggested to Rosemary West that she had become fascinated by Lynda Gough’s interest in black magic and satanism, which led them to want to torture and humiliate their victims as part of a ritual in which other people who shared their views participated”.
A previous Government-backed report found evidence of children being secretly reared for sacrifice by satanists in 21st century Britain.
In 2000, psychotherapist Valerie Sinason was funded by the Department of Health to study adult survivors of alleged organised ritual abuse.
She said she was completely convinced that satanic abuse existed and that children, whose births were not officially registered, were being reared for abuse and sacrifice.
Mrs Sinason, who edited a clinical textbook on satanist abuse after the controversies in Rochdale, the Orkneys and Nottingham in the early 1990s, has claimed to have evidence of at least 100 ritual murders.

This article was written by Christine Wheeler, and is copyrighted to Trinity Mirror Midlands Limited.
icBirmingham is a trademark of trinity Mirror Midlands Limited
LINK to original article.

In a 2001 report from the BBC, it is claimed that West told his solicitor Howard Ogden the following:
Mr Jones said West told Mr Ogden how he believed the spirits of his victims were coming up through the floor from the cellar where they were entombed.

"When they come up into you it's beautiful, it's when they go away you are trying to hold them, you feel them flying away from you and you try to stop them”.
"You can't send them back to where they were."

This report also highlights the extreme failure of the Social Services (SS), who were so negligent in their duties, that in my opinion they should have been charged as accomplices!
LINK to report

The following was posted on the David Icke forum, and the author adds a few more interesting points. LINK to forum.
Caterer to a Coven?
After her arrest the police suggested to Rosemary West that she had become fascinated by Lynda Gough's interest in black magic and satanism, which led them to want to torture and humiliate their victims as part of a ritual in which other people who shared their views participated.Extract from; An Evil Love by Geoffrey Wansall, 1996, updated 1997)At 12.55p.m. on New Year's Day 1995 the alleged mass murderer Frederick West was found hanged in his prison cell. They say he committed suicide. His wife Rosemary was subsequently tried and convicted for his crimes despite a severe lack of evidence against her. The title of Brian Masters' excellent book about the West affair and the trial of Rose West says it all - "She Must Have Known" (Corgi, 1997). She must have known? Guilty by association. Masters assesses the evidence and the trial proceedings. In the final sentence of his book, he concludes, "I only say that there were grounds for a reasonable man to argue for an acquittal." So what about dead Fred? Was it suicide? If so, how was he able to manage it? He should have been on 24 hour suicide watch. However, the "authorities" said that he wasn't considered a suicide risk as he was always so cheerful! Obviously they overlooked the bouts of severe depression that were overcoming him with recurring frequency. So what? Why should one doubt the suicide verdict?
Let us look at the bodies that were exhumed from beneath the cellar, the back patio and the garden. Professor Bernard Knight the Home Office pathologist who oversaw the recovery of the buried remains was baffled by missing bones from every body. These were the finger bones and the toe bones. In his book Masters outlines what Professor Knight noted in the case of the first five skeletons excavated. Knee caps and the odd collar bone were missing, but I want to concentrate on the following details:

  • 1st) 63 finger and toe-bones missing.
  • 2nd) 42 finger and toe-bones missing.
  • 3rd) 24 finger and toe-bones missing.
  • 4th) 52 finger and toe-bones missing.
  • 5th) 58 finger and toe-bones missing.
And so it went on as subsequent skeletons excavated were similarly mutilated with finger and toe bones missing. To see the significance of this let's take a quick look at a gruesome murder that occurred in 1943.
SKELETON IN A TREE - The Hagley Wood Murder
In April 1943 three young boys were playing in Hagley Wood located in the Worcestershire area when one of them climbed a large tree truck which proved to be hollow. Inside he saw what he first thought was the skeleton of a dog. Upon closer examination he saw that the skull appeared human. The three boys ran and got help. The boy who made the discovery fell ill and died soon after.
So what has this got to do with Fred West? Here I quote from "Murder By Witchcraft" by Donald McCormack (Arrow, 1969):
'But the most bizarre feature of this crime was that some of the smaller bones of the skeleton, including those of the fingers of one hand, were found buried at some distance from the body. This fact not only complicated the police's enquiries, but it also suggested this was a most unusual crime.' 
Professor Margaret Murray, an eminent Archaelogist and Professor of Egyptology, became involved. Dr. Murray, as she was known, was also the leading authority on witchcraft, not only in Britain but western Europe also. McCormack says,
'I have no doubt at all that this clue [the missing finger bones] being buried separately caused Dr. Murray to believe that the crime was linked with witchcraft. For in Devil worship the hand of an executed person was greatly coveted by devotees of the cult.' 
McCormack emphasises that the history of Satanism is littered with mentions of the "magic hand" where finger bones are buried near the newly sacrificed victim for the purpose of enchantments, etc.
The Wests had a bar built in their home in Cromwell Street to cater for Rose's clients. With the encouragement from her husband she worked as a prostitute in her home. Fred would video her various sexual encounters. The bar was called "The Black Magic Bar."
According to Rosemary West, it was given this name because several of her clients were black skinned. I really do think she believed that. Maybe it is correct? However, I suspect that Fred gave the bar its name as an in-joke that related to his activities as a caterer for a black magic coven that was (and almost certainly still is) meeting in the Gloucestershire area.
Fred West confessed to several killings, including that of his daughter Heather whose remains were found beneath the patio. I feel that there is something wrong with some of these confessions. He is always rather vague about the actual murder, e.g.,
' long I held her for I don't know, I can't remember because for that few minutes I can't even remember what happened to that extent..' 
Yet when he comes to the dismembering and disposal of the corpses, his recall is remarkable. While it is not at all unusual for serial killers to suffer blackouts after their killings, there was no evidence that West was a psychopath. In the case of Dennis Neilson, he lived alone, was a homosexual who coudn't bear to see his partners leaving the next day, and he was always in a drunken stupor when he killed - hence the blackouts!
During his interviews with the police, as outlined in Masters' book, Fred West told them that they now had a "vast amount of the truth." He further commented,
'And what I'm saying is, for God's sake put it together... My life means nothing to you, but it means a lot to me... and if the police sorts it out then I haven't said anything.' 
So despite his dire predicament he was frightened of the consequences if he named names. He told a journalist that he was covering for others. When asked who these others were, he said that it would all come out eventually.
My contention is that Fred West was silenced before he could get into a courtroom for the simple reason that "the others" could not allow him to be questioned in open court.
Fred West was assisted by his brother and at least two other friends in various sexual assaults on, and rapes of many of the victims. However, this was not murder. His brother John West was arrested and charged with multiple rape and was due to appear in court when, well would you believe it...he was found hanged!! His "suicide" happened only ten months after Fred's.
It is unlikely that Fred West was a member of the coven. According to Dr. Murray, commenting on another witchcraft killing, the famous Pitch-Fork Murder of farm labourer Charles Walton at Lower Quinton (only 40 miles from Hagley Wood),
'It was even suggested that Charles Walton was the member of a coven and that he was sentenced to death for revealing its secrets. That is nonsense ... I assure you the modern practitioners of witchcraft, inside or outside of covens, are not to be found among hedgers and farm labourers. They come mainly from the professional classes...' 
Professional classes ..... like, for example, a senior police officer? Did Fred West supply the sacrificial victims for a local coven and then dispose of them after the rituals were over, minus their finger bones? He swore that he did not remove any bones from the bodies. He also, eventually, swore that he never killed the women found under the grounds of his house. Maybe, in the end, he was really telling the truth....but nobody was allowed to listen.

Fred West commited "suicide" on new years day 1995 , found hanged in his cell! 
How was Fred West able to hang himself in a prison cell which is designed to thwart any attempt at suicide, especially by hanging! UK prison cells have no places on the ceiling or on the walls where a rope or torn bed sheet can be attached. So how did Fred West hang himself in a UK prison cell?
My mind goes back to an old World War 11 photograph of a notorious Nazi and concentration camp commandant who was found "hanged" in his prison cell . He was seen sitting on the floor with the rope around his neck and attached to the metal bed frame six inches above his head. 
Does one get the picture?
Maybe this can explain how Fred west commited "suicide"!


  1. This article was extremely interesting and I agree that a satanic coven was involved. I watch all the Fred/Rosemary West documentaries and one of them sticks out, I wish I could remember the name of it and which UK channel it aired on, it was a couple of months ago and they brought up an actual interview from the 90s with a young girl who had been in a orphanage, she said she was often taken to the West's home in Cromwell Street, along with other very young teenagers, where they would be abused by people attending the 'parties', she went on to say there were lots of adults there drinking etc. and they were mostly 'well dressed'. This has stuck with me as it sounds as though there were wealthy and high-ranking people visiting the Wests and this may relate to the covens?

  2. As an expert Cult Investigator I can say that many Satanic underground groups are still very active in the USA and UK. Regardless of how skeptical you can be on these secretive malefic lifestyles, these clandestine evil worshipers are highly trained in order not to be detected while abducting children for ritual sacrifices. The FBI and Interpol are well informed and aware of these horrific groups yet refuse to arrest and prosecute these menacing culprits! As such, I been involved in several search & rescue operations of victims along their repatriations to their family members. See the below interview to corroborate with evidence such bizarre events.


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