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The Zion Olympics. Video Presentation

The Zion Olympics
Part 1, A Bridge to Hell

Part 1 looks at the geography of the Olympic Park; it is an Island within an island, surrounded by the River Lea and off-shoots of the River Lea, which drain into the Thames. The Thames flows into the North Sea and then connects with the waterways of the world. Water carries a vibration and a memory, should anything negative or positive happen at the Olympic Park, the vibration would be carried around the globe.
The Biblical Lea-H was the wife of Jacob, later known as IS-RA-EL, she was the mother of Judah, and so is Mother to all Jews.
This part also examines the Heneghan Peng Bridge. The Olympic committee have called this a “KEY” bridge, and it is known as the Central Bridge. It straddles the Carpenters Lock. The Geometry of this bridge with its “Z” shape staggers belief, Heneghan is an anagram of “Gehenna”, (Another “H” left over), Gehenna is the Jewish Hell, Peng is a Chinese adjective for “Big”, so we have “Big Hell” as the main approach to the Olympic stadium.
Heneghan Peng are a Dublin based Irish company, in Montague Keen’s channelled messages he has constantly reiterated that the “KEY” to the unfolding of 2012 will come from Ireland.
 7 bridges lead to the inner Island where the stadium sits. The 7 Seals of the apocalypse and the 7 seals of Saturn are very much connected.

LINK PDF explaining the Seven Seals of Saturn, collectively known as "Solomon's Key"

Part 2, Saturn Lord of the Rings
Part 2 looks at the opening and the influence of Saturn. Organisers have said that the opening will be “Magical”, for a magic ritual to work certain tools and symbols must be incorporated, the opening ceremony has a Wizard centre stage, a huge obelisk, cauldron, fire, virgins, looms to weave the spell and an assortment of animals.
James Bond 007 kicks the show off, a short film has been shot in Buckingham Palace featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond, it is called “The Arrival”, and it ends with him being parachuted into the arena.
James is the English for Jacob, the biblical Jacob was the father of all Israel, and so the whole ritual kicks off with the symbolic appearance of Israel.

John Dee's signature
 Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond added the “007” in homage to John Dee, the occultist who advised Queen Elizabeth I. Dee is recognised as a master sorcerer, and it is believed that the character Prospero in The Tempest was based on Dee. Given that the opening ceremony will have a Shakespearian theme, and the 23 ton bell has an inscription from The Tempest, the British press have speculated that the 80 foot Wizard at the centre of the stadium, is in fact Prospero. The Tempest is also on an Island, and the sorcerer Prospero is the main character.
In communications between Elizabeth I and Dee, Dee signed his name “007”. In part 2 I just touch on the James Bond significance, I hope to add another part which will delve into the Bond connection further.

Link John Dee

Part 2 also looks at the influence of Saturn/Satan on the stadiums design. Saturn, the original Lord of the Rings will be stamped all over the opening ceremony.
Matthew 16v19 says that Jesus gave Saint Peter the keys to the kingdom, the Vatican have been the care takers of those keys ever since. They show us the keys, but the lock and kingdom they keep hidden.
On 11/09/06 NASA released pictures of a storm on Saturn’s South Pole, it looked just like the “EYE” symbol so commonly used by the elite.
It takes Saturn 29.45 years to orbit the Sun
Matthew 16v19
Again 9/11, with a left over 6.
Saturn is the 6th planet from the Sun, Saturday is named after Saturn, it’s the 6th day of the week, and Saturn’s North Pole has a 6 sided hexagram.
NASA released the pictures of the “EYE” on Saturn’s South Pole on 11/09/06
Again 9/11 and a left over 6!
The opening ceremony "Pre-Show" begins at 8.12 (8+1+2=11)
The main show starts at precisely 9pm, when the 23 ton bell will be tolled.
Again 9/11

Part 3
Part 3 examines the placement of the Thames right up the centre of the Stadium for the opening ceremony, and compares the placement of the Wizard, cauldron and obelisk to the actual map. The Wizard is sitting on Millwall on the isle of Dogs, his wand points to Orion’s Point. Orion is the Greek for the Egyptian God Osiris.
Millwall FC’s logo is a roaring lion standing upright, almost identical to the emblem for Jerusalem and the Tribe of Judah. The place where the Wizard sits is the birthplace of the Millwall logo.

The Wizard of OZ is also briefly touched on in this episode, for a full analysis of the OZ connection this is the link to Bessie Totten’s blog. (OZ IN ZION).
LINK "The 2012 Olympics and the land of OZ, Saturn returns". A blog by Bessie Totten

The cauldron in the Olympic Stadium is placed in the general area of the Blackwall Basin and the exit for the Blackwall Tunnel. In my False Flag August 4 blog I pinpointed the Blackwell Tunnel as a very possible target for a false Flag attack, it runs under the O2 (OZ) arena, which could well be a primary target.
LINK "False Flag, August 4, 2012, London Olympics".

The letter “H” has cropped up throughout my research, so “H” is examined in this episode. The Opening Ceremony ends with Paul McCartney singing "Hey Jude". Add the spare "H" and we have the ritual ending with Juda-H.
Starts with Zion....Ends with Zion!

Part 3 ends with a selection of miscellaneous portents and omens which are all connected, including Noah’s Arc being in the Thames during the games and the recent ritual of fire at Stonehenge.

In conclusion, they have given us so many clues that it is impossible to document them, there are many areas which I would like to have delved into further, the John Dee connection, the ley lines of the area and the Aldwych Tube Station.
When I am conducting my research I go where Im drawn, and something keeps drawing me to the disused Aldwych Tube station.
Who knows….a Part 4 may follow.
LINK This link is Richy at Lawful rebellion's research on the Olympics. He has covered many areas which were also of interest to me, like the ley Lines, and the Holy Wells. In my August 4 blog I briefly covered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, who disappeared on August 4, 2002. This year will be the 10 year anniversary of their disappearance and subsequent murders. I believe the sacrifice of these two beautiful young girls was very much part of the preceding ritual for this 2012 Olympics.
Sandra Barr

LINK My blog history, which includes my other Olympic blogs.


  1. What do you think of Krymsk (Russia) flooding happened on 07/07/12? The city of Krymsk is located not far from Sochi where 2014 Olympics will be held

  2. I mean if the Krymsk flooding can be regarded as a some sort of sacrifice built into a chain of events planned to 2012 Olympics. Krymsk citizen say that at least over 2000 people were killed not 171 as officials state


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