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Zion and the London 2012 Olympics

Zion, As Above So Below
It was Ian R. Crane who first
noticed that the Logo could be
re-arranged to form "ZION",
This was shortly after it was
first unveiled in 2007
As is evident to all, the theme of the London 2012 Olympics is Zion, also spelt Sion.
Most people think this came from the Hebrew Bible, Old Testament in the Christian Religion. I have my own very unique take on where the term Zion originated.
Much of the Hebrew faith is taken from the Ancient Egyptian belief system, and their beliefs came from Babylon and Sumeria before them. They all have their origins in the Cosmos.

Over a year ago I began my study into the Unicorn and its relationship with the British Royals, and other global elite. The British Royals Coat of Arms features a Unicorn, and has done since James I introduced it into the Arms.

Knights Templar Coat of Arms

He was the first Stuart King, and the Unicorn was, and still is the emblem of Scotland, the House of Stuart is also known as the House of Unicorns. So how did this Mystical beast ever come to be associated with Scotland? Well in the early 1300’s the Knights Templar had to flee France as King Philip in cahoots with the Pope was rounding them up, torturing and killing them. Many were tipped off about the arrests and fled France, it is believed that most ended up in Scotland. The Unicorn has been the emblem of Scotland since the early 1300’s, I think it to coincidental that the two arrived in cold wet Scotland at the same time, and I would assume that the mystical Unicorn was brought to Scotland by the Templar's.The Lion is the main emblem of England, when James formed the UK coat of arms he joined the Scottish unicorn and the English Lion. Dating back to antiquity, the lion with its golden mane was symbolic of the Sun.

In the Bible Mount Hermon in Northern Israel is compared to a Unicorn by God, (King James Bible, James had a bit of a fixation with Unicorns). The book of Enoch says that the fallen Angels landed on Mt Hermon, and the blood of the Serpent was introduced into the Human race when they had children with the “daughters of men”. The Nelphim and Giants of old were the result of this union. Mt Hermon has been known by many names, but one of them is Sion.

The Constellation Monoceros (Latin for Unicorn), appears in or around December 25th, the Winter Solstice. It remains in the sky for a few months, then disappears from view until the following Solstice, when it is re-born again. This is likely the real reason why the Unicorn came to be so associated with God, Christ and resurrection.

This video is part 1 in my Prince William and the Unicorn series. Part one outlines the importance of Mount Hermon.

I felt this fable had to have evolved from earlier myths, which is so often the case, so I started researching the Egyptian myths. Please believe me, I am diluting this all to the bare bones, as it would be a book if I were to go into details with every point.

In the Egyptian Creation myth, in the beginning their was only water and chaos, the Egyptians called this NUN or NU
The S-UN God RA (Re/Rah) emerged out of this primeval chaos, he appeared out of a giant Blue lotus flower which appeared on the surface of the water, the Sun ROSE, and the Universe had light.
Ra created the God of air SHU, and his wife TEFNUT, the Goddess of moisture.
Shu & Tefnut gave birth to the sky Goddess NUT, and the Earth God GEB, and so the physical Universe was created.
Geb and Nut had 4 children, all in one go, two sets of twins, Osiris and Isis, Set (Seth) and Nephthys.

Osiris married his sister ISIS, and Set married his sister Nephthys.
Each of these deities was a representative of a celestial constellation.
Set = Lepus

Isis = Canis Major (Canis/Dog, God backwards)

Osiris = Orion

Nephthys = Canis Minor

Near all creation myths since Ancient Egypt are variations on this theme.
Set and Nephthys were the dark, and Osiris and Isis the light, day and night so to speak. Link Egyptian Creation Myth.

Symbols for this quadrant of Egyptian deities are everywhere, and the masses give their energy to these deities without having a clue that they are doing so. If we just take ISIS, over lap the 4 letters, and you get $ which is probably the most easily recognisable symbol in the entire world.

If we now look to the heavens, and see where these constellations are placed, they surround the Constellation Monoceros, (Latin for Unicorn).
In Ancient Babylon people worshipped Unicorns as far back as 3500 BC. The Egyptians believed that the Milky Way was the Heavenly river, its reflection on Earth was the Nile. Monoceros lies in the Milky Way on the celestial equator.

 If we look to the tail of Monoceros we have the Constellation Hydra, the serpent or dragon.

I have made a series of Vids called “Prince William and the Unicorn”, which goes into much more detail about the Unicorn. In Christianity the Unicorn is symbolic of the Christ energy, as it is famed for its purity, strength and mystical powers. So if we look again to the Cosmos, the four pillars of Sion surround Monoceros, with the serpent at its tail.

 The horn of Monoceros points to the horns of the bull Taurus, and this is the point in the Milky Way where the ecliptic mid planes cross, (the Gemini-Taurus nextus), and form the Silver gate which we are said to pass through at birth, known as “the gate of Man”.

Madonna wearing the head-
dress of Isis, the horns of the
Bull Taurus, Also known as the
silver gateway of man, that we
are said to pass through at birth.
Isis was often depicted with a head-dress with Bulls horns, which were symbolic of this gateway. At Madonna’s half time ritual at the Super-Bowl she was wearing the Horned Head-Dress of Isis. 
Link This is an excellent analyses of the ritual she preformed.

There is also a Golden Gate (Arch) it is at the ecliptic Milky Way Crossing at the Scorpio-Sagittarius nexus on the Zodiac, and we pass through this Gateway at Death. Probably no accident that McDonalds have a double Golden gateway! Plus the primary symbol for the Roman Catholic Church is a Silver and a Golden Key. That is them letting us know that they have the keys to the gateways of life and death, of course they wrapped it up with a cock and bull story about Jesus giving St Peter the keys.

Flag of the Vatican with the Silver and Gold Keys.

“Mediaeval Christian mystics employed the unicorn as an emblem of Christ, and this creature must therefore signify the Spiritual life in man. The single horn of the unicorn may represent the pineal gland, or third eye, which is the Spiritual cognition centre in the brain. The Unicorn was adopted by the Mysteries as a symbol of the ILLUMINATED spiritual nature of the initiate, the horn with which it defends itself being the flaming sword of the Spiritual doctrine against which nothing can prevail.” Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

At the nose of the Unicorn there is one of the most beautiful sights in the Universe, the Rosette Nebula, so called because it is so pink and resembles a ROSE.

The Rosetta Nebula lies at the mouth/nose of the Unicorn

Rosetta Nebula
Having spent this last year studying this, and trying to establish just why the Unicorn, Rose and Sion is of such importance to the elite, I think I may have the answer, its an unconventional one, and this is purely my own hypothesis on the matter.

The Unicorn is the symbol of the Christ energy, and in the Cosmos it is the constellation Monoceros, at its nose is the Rosetta Nebula, and its horn points to the “Gate of Man”, the gateway in which we pass through at birth, when we arrive here via the womb and birth channel, we arrive with the blood of our Mother, blood is red, as in ROSE red.

The Constellation Monoceros is only visible during January and February, and it can be found in the Northern sky. The bible says that Kingdom God of is in the North, so it my opinion, that they use all these symbols which are associated with Monoceros, as they believe it is the home of God, and the Christ energy, they use the symbols to harness that energy and tap into it.

Now, here is the most interesting bit the respective Coats of Arms for the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William, and all the Royals dating back to King James I, the Unicorn is chained! The official reason for this, is that unchained the Unicorn would be a dangerous beast! Dangerous for whom I wonder? Is this their way of demonstrating that they harness that energy and control it? The Unicorn in the Rockefeller tapestries is also chained and captive, these people do nothing by accident, everything they do has deep symbolic meaning.
This is the Coat of Arms of Queen Elizabeth II, and the UK. Variations of this arms have been used since James I became the King of England and Scotland on March 24, 1603.
From Sumeria and Babylon the Lion was the Sun, and the Unicorn the Moon, over time they readjust the myths, and I believe the unicorn now represents Monoceros.
Also please note the ROSE and the harp.
In this map of the constellations you can see a harp, this is the constellation Lyra, in Latin Lyre and English Harp. On the UK arms the harp represents Ireland, but even this has its roots in the Cosmos.

In 1922 the Rockefeller family paid $1 million for a set of Unicorn tapestries, I have taken a closer look at the symbolism of those tapestries in this BLOG.

This is David Rockefeller talking about the significance of those tapestries, and what the Unicorn meant to him and his family. In the tapestries the Unicorn is hunted and killed, then like the Christ it is resurrected, but the last tapestry shows it in captivity, it has a fence around it and it is chained to a tree, yet it seems content in its servitude, it almost seems drugged, a bit like the spell humanity is under with the poisoned food, drugs TV, Celebrity cult etc. You can see why these tapestries were of such importance to the Rockefeller’s if my theory is correct. 
The short vid posted above is a very rare insight into the Rockefeller family, at one point David Rockefeller starts talking in a child's voice when reminiscing about his childhood memories of the tapestries. Given this man's part in the founding of the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, director of the Council of Foreign Relations, financier of the Travistock Institute etc etc etc...this really is a rare insight into his personality. The Travistock Institute was founded and registered as a charity in 1947, it has since then endeavoured to develop ways to "hypnotise" mankind, through wars, mass media, social programming and trauma based mind control. Its place in moulding our current world cannot be understated, and The Rockefeller's financed this, so the death of the Unicorn in these tapestries, and its subsequent resurrection, drugged and captive, is symbolic to them of their intentions for mankind and our Spiritual nature.

The Rothschild family also have a Unicorn on their coat of arm.
The Rothschild Coat of Arms, note their Unicorn is not chained! Also top right the Horns of Taurus with the 8 pointed Star of Isis between them.
So back to Zion, Set, Isis, Osiris and Nephthys initials spell SION. Zion marks the spot in the heavens where the Christ energy reigns. If you take all the Letters from their names without repeating letters, you get SETIORNPHY, If you run these letters through an anagrammer, they spell HYPNOTISER! And that is exactly what they intend to do to humanity, keep us all under their hypnotic spell, keeping us all distracted with wars and rubbish news on the Celebrities that they created to spell bound us!

The Virgin Mary is a re-hash of Isis, who gave
birth to the Sun God Horus.
 Hydra of course lies at the tail of Monoceros, which would explain their use of reptilian symbology, although I feel the reptilian connection runs much deeper than what I will be explaining here.
In the picture to the left is a statue of the Virgin Mary, which is housed at the Santiago Compostella Cathedral in Northern Spain. Notice the female vulva arched around her, at her feet is the Christ head, and it rests on a reptile.
How they explain this to the devoted is beyond me!
Link This blog is about the 8 bells that have been made for the Queens Jubilee, they will travel up the Thames in the Flotilla, they will later be housed at St James Church Garlickhythe, which is very much connected to the Santiago Compostella. "The Bells the Shells and the Santiago Compostella".

The ancient Myths about the Unicorn state that it is almost impossible to capture, but it will freely give itself to a virgin female. By doing this it risks capture, death or enslavement, but it will risk its life and freedom for the pleasure it feels in the company of the virgin maiden. I believe that when the elite sacrifice virgin females, it is to capture the virtue and power of the Unicorn/Christ energy. The Gods they make their sacrifices to have many names, but ultimately they want to harness the energy associated with the Constellation Monoceros.
This is the Constellation Hydra in relation to the Thames. The head of the Hydra is at the Millennium Dome. The head of the Hydra is where it takes in breath, at this point on the Thames is the O2, which of course is the abbreviation for Oxygen!
Hyde Park which is home to the Serpentine man made River is to the left.
This is one of the posters to advertise the Queens diamond jubilee flotilla, June 3, 2012, I believe that the Jubilee Celebrations, Prince William and the Olympics are all inextricably tied into the rituals preceding whatever they have planned.
Note the snake in the shape of the Hydra/Thames in the sky, and the caption "power, Pageantry and the Thames", POWER! Is that what this flotilla is all about! It winds its way up the Thames, from Wands-Worth, past Auld-Wych to Green-Wich! Just what kind of Magick are they hoping to achieve?

 Zion/Sion seems to be imprinted all over the Olympics, in the above pic taken from Google earth, I have labelled Lepus LTD (Constellation Lepus/Set), next ISIS Capital management (Constellation Canis Major/Isis), next Orions point, (Constellation Orion/Osiris), and lastly Isle of Dogs (Constellation Canis Minor/Nephthys) SION! All on the banks of the Thames!
The Queens Diamond jubilee Flotilla will pass by all these points, and finishes off just short of the O2 Arena.

The more I researched the Unicorn and the constellation Monoceros, the more blindingly obvious it became to me, that the image of the Unicorn, which has been part of the UK’s arms since the 1600’s means way more to them than they have told the masses. 

There are many like myself who have studied the symbols the elite use, the obvious pyramid and eye symbols and now commonly recognised, yet the seemingly innocent unicorn has been promoted endlessly, our children love their "my Little Ponies", and other Unicorn toys and pictures, every single official letter we get in the UK has the unicorn on it, our passports which are our main papers which identify us, and allow us to travel have a unicorn on the front cover, our birth certificates, car registration documents and every other official document all have a unicorn, and up until now no one has questioned it, or wondered why! And in every depiction, the unicorn is chained, symbolising their control over all that is good in the Universe, and their harnessing this energy for their own evil gain and control.

The Unicorn to them is Zion, it is the place in the heavens where our spirit resides before it passes through the Rosetta Nebula, and through the Silver Gate, the gate of man and into this realm. It is the energy of this most important area of the Cosmos that they try to harness. Monoceros lies on the Celestial equator in the Milky Way, and the only way to capture or harness its energy is with the lure of a virgin female.
Most often they do this in occult ceremonies, but they also stage tragedies where virgin females will die.

The image above is the Anunnaki God Enki, if you Google “Anunnaki, Enki”, this is the image that comes up more than any other. Many so called experts on Sumerian history have put forward their theories as to the meaning of this depiction; strangely they do not even mention the Unicorn under Enki’s foot! Most in their explaining this stone carving crop the picture so as you do not even see the unicorn!
This carving is one of the oldest on Earth, it dates to somewhere between 2000/3000 BCE. His left foot is over the horn of the Unicorn, as if he is rising up from the Unicorn. His head has passed through what looks like a river. The ancients believed that the Milky Way was the Celestial river in the Heavens, and Monoceros is on the Celestial equator of the Milky Way. The horn of Monoceros points to the Silver gate of Man that we pass through coming from the Heavens to earth, Enki is stepping in the direction of where the horn is pointing, and he has a bird in his hand…..could the bird be flying him from the Heavens to earth? Who knows.
With the research I have carried out into Monoceros, when I seen this picture its meaning seemed crystal clear to me. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.
History has proven that many so called experts in their respective fields were wrong! The earth is not flat, cigarettes are not good for you, and vaccines cause retardation, autism, a lowered IQ…and often death! Never take the word of an expert!

Sandra Barr


  1. Very comprehensive post here will have to take a deeper look at all of this but very impressive work so far. Thank you!

  2. Just an FYI:
    Zion in the Bible means "A Parched Land" and refers to Jerusalem
    Sion in the Bible means "Mount Hermon" - where the Angels fell.
    The Olympic Symbolism celebrates the Giants (Olympians)offspring the Watchers created when they slept with Human women. According to scripture they will return in the last days. The Olympics is replete with references to these Giants whose leader is Apollo. That is what 2012 is all about.....the return of Apollo to rule the age of aquarius.
    The Cumaean Sybil prophecy goes like this: "“Now the last age by Cumae’s Sibyl sung Has come and gone, and the majestic roll Of circling centuries begins anew: Justice returns, returns old Saturn’s reign, With a new breed of men sent down from heaven. Only do thou, at the boy’s birth in whom The iron shall cease, the golden race arise, Befriend him, chaste Lucina; ‘tis thine own Apollo reigns. … “He shall receive the life of gods, and see Heroes with gods commingling, and himself Be seen of them, and with his father’s worth Reign o’er a world… “Assume thy greatness, for the time draws nigh, Dear child of gods, great progeny of Jove [Jupiter/Zeus]! See how it totters—the world’s orbed might, Earth, and wide ocean, and the vault profound, All, see, enraptured of the coming time!”

    Remember the 9/11 False Flag?

    Apollo is the Beast from Revelation 9:11 !!!!!

  3. Thank you Sevan, I read your latest on the Royals and Venus this morning, very interesting.
    Over a year ago I started researching prince William and the Unicorn, one thing led to another, and I ended up amassing a huge amount of information on the Unicorn/Monoceros. The info is now spread between various blogs and vids. My blog on the Rockefeller Tapestries is an interesting insight into the elites relationship with the Unicorn.

  4. Thank you for show me the truth. I hope God bless you.

  5. Hi Sandra
    I love the post. I came here by accident looking for something else. Anyhow, I have a theory.
    I've put it into a vid: Bear with because the 25 December, the day Minoceros rises does come up and at the end you will realise that the Elite are keeping a big secret from us and you will understand why the Unicorn is chained.
    I hope it goes a little way to help you find the Truth.
    Send me a message via YouTube if you want to collaborate.


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