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Prince William comes of age!
The Messiah Card, taken from the 1995 Illuminati Card Game.
24/07/13 This is the link to my "Topless Kate" series. LINK I began the series last year (2012), after her staged topless stunt. This blog is about Prince William, and the extraordinary lengths they went to prior to his birth to have us all think he was the new messiah, the Topless Kate series examines her topless stunt, it now transpires this was all part of the planning leading up to the announcement of the subsequent pregnancy. The blog and videos were made last year, this morning I have added my observations of this last week, and how the Olympic rituals, Sandy Hook and the topless stunt all tied into the birth of the new "Sun God". At this stage yet to be named, but i would put money on Francis, Alexander or James!
For many years the internet has been awash with speculation that Prince William is the Anti Christ, personally I think he is neither Christ nor Anti-Christ, but the proponents of the anti Christ theories did raise quite a few interesting anomalies about his birth day, numerology of his name ect. So I started looking into it, and it soon became evident that a very elaborate plan had been hatched long before he was born, to have the masses believe he was some kind of Saviour.
I believe that the murder of his Mother was a sacrifice to the entities the ELite worship, and they had many reasons to kill her, but one of the bonuses for them about the murder, was that the world looked on as her two grieving boys walked behind her coffin, I’m sure there was not a mother on the planet who did not want to hug and love them. These people are energy vampires they feed off the mass emotions they generate of the masses, this tragic event was just part of their plan to have the world worship and adore William.
He has already been initiated into their most secret societies, the Knights Garter etc, and he will at this stage have some clue about his destiny. His destiny was laid out long before he was conceived, not by God, but by the people who see themselves as Gods and the controllers of mankind.
This year 2012, William turns 30 that is the age that the Messiah characters traditionally start their Ministry, and I believe that they have big plans for William this year. Can I say at the off set, I do not believe this young man is evil, or anything of the kind, but I do believe that he has very evil forces around him, who are guiding and manipulating him to be and do what they want him to do.
This is my research so far on how the masses have been manipulated and mind bended into receiving their new Messiah.

Numerology of NEW WORLD ORDER (Chaldean method)
N=5 E=5=W=6  W=6 O=7 R=2 L=3 D=4   0=7 R=2 D=4 E=5 R=2
5+5+6+  6+7+2+3+4+7+2+4+5+2= 58  5+8=13     1+3=4
The number 4 comes up so frequently in my research that I have written this separate BLOG  just about the number 4. From antiquity 4 has been the number associated with the Gods.
7 is the other God number
4+7=11 Eleven is one of their favourite numbers, and they attach it to events that they want a successful outcome to.,
Please remember this, as this blog is full of 4s, 7s and 11s!
Mount Hermon in Northern Israel. The River Jordan springs from this mountain

Please believe me, absolutely nothing these people do is by accident. Everything they do is planned meticulously, the colours they wear, the dates they are born, who they marry, these things are all planned long in advance, and everything is ritualistic.
The Queen, Princess Margaret, Prince Charles, Prince William, their births were all induced early, so as they could be born on specific dates!
According the Prince Charles’s biography, they are all baptised with water from the Holy River Jordon. The river Jordon springs from Mount Hermon in Northern Israel, and the book of Enoch names it as the place where the Fallen Angels (Grigori, Watchers) fell to Earth.
These Gods were the children of Elohim, as in ELite, ELizabeth, AngEL.
 It was long revered as the home of the Gods, and the Pagan Gods Baal and Molech were worshipped there.
The Jesus character was baptised in the River Jordon by John the Baptist, and John the Baptist said “I baptise with water, but the one that comes after me will baptise will fire”, referring to Jesus.

They re-enact dramas from the myths of their ancient ancestors, they pay homage to their ancestors, who they believe were Gods. Everything they do is designed to reap the energy of the masses, and glorify themselves that they can hold onto their elevated place in society.
As David Icke constantly reiterates, they are not the Royal families of Europe, they are the ONE FAMILY! They are all related and inter-married.


Long before William was even conceived, we were prepped and prepared for his birth.

If I were to say to you “Virgin Mary, pick a colour you associate with her”

You would most likely pick BLUE, as she is most commonly depicted wearing blue robes.

From Diana’s engagement to Charles was announced, she was most commonly seen wearing blue, right up until William’s birth. Blue the colour of the sky, and the home of the SUN

Not convinced? Take a look at the wedding pictures!

5 November 1981, the Princess’s first pregnancy was officially announced
5+11+1+9+8+1=26   6+2=8            8 is also 4+4
Also worth mentioning 8 is the number of the planet Saturn.

On the 5th of November 376 years previous in 1605, Guy Fawkes was found in
Possession of gunpowder which he planned to blow up the British King James1, and the British Parliament. His capture is celebrated in the UK to this day.

“Remember remember the 5th of November”

The Birth
Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor was born on the 21st of June 1982.
He finally arrived at 9.03 pm. Weighing 7Ib and 10 Oz at St. Mary's Hospital
in Paddington, London.
Always good to have a Sun God connected in some way to the Virgin Mary!
Will, I AM Arthur!
Numerology 2+1+6+1+9+8+2= 29       2+9 = 11
These people really love 11’s!!!!!!
Eleven also represents the twin pillars of Solomon's Temple, Jachin & Boaz, which represent the Hebrew King Solomon and King David respectfully. Even though there is no tangible evidence to link the British Royals to this bloodline, they constantly reinforce through imagery that they come from this Messianic bloodline. Even if they were related to this line, it would give them no more "Divine Right To Rule", than it would give any of us.
See my BLOG "The British Royals are Frauds".
The twin pillars of Jachin and Boaz are celebrated by Freemasons, and are one of their main symbols and part of their initiation ceremonies. 
More on Jachin & Boaz
They even gave him a name with an 11 in the middle! Wi 11 iam!

He was not due until mid July, and the birth was induced 3 weeks early, the official reason given for this was that Prince Charles had polo matches mid July that could not be put off!

William was born on The Summer Solstice,
when the sun is at its highest in the sky.
The Sun/Son on high!

There also happened to be a solar eclipse that day, the name of the eclipse was “Soros”. And it was the 117th Saros eclipse.

When he was born the Soros eclipse was in its 1189th year. Ominously the bible contains 1189 chapters, and Psalm 117 is the very middle chapter. It is the shortest of all the Psalms.
 Psalm 117
 1 Praise the LORD, all you nations; 
   extol him, all you peoples. 
2 For great is his love toward us, 
   and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever.
Praise The Lord

Sar is Aramaic/Hebrew for Prince or King!
Credit for Saros info, Kal Dani' Oracle, which also has a lot of other fascinating information about William. LINK

With Williams every move being scrutinised by the entire world, they have opted for subliminal covert sun symbology, rather than methods they used with their past Sun Gods, like big sun bursts around his head. When he was young, and always flanked by his mother, he was most often photographed against sun colours. (Red, Yellow, Orange). The Princess seemed to wear a lot of Red and yellow when she went out with him!
He also wore a lot of reds and yellows.

In this photograph, taken January 15th 2010, William was awarded his wings, there was the longest Eclipse of the millennium. He will be a pilot on the SAR (search and rescue)
 Sea King 115helicopter. 
Sar is Aramaic/Hebrew for Prince or King!

During the pregnancy Princess Diana tried to kill herself, in one of her attempts she threw herself down the stairs of Sandringham palace.

Holy Blood Holy Grail

74 days after the pregnancy was announced The book Holy Blood Holy Grail (Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, Henry Lincon)  was first published on the 18th of January 1982, by Jonathan Cape in London.

153 days later……William was born

The masses were goaded into thinking great secrets had been revealed to them, what had actually occurred was that they were manipulated into believing that the bloodline of Christ was alive and well, and that the Merovingian line was off that bloodline!

Another thing that Holy Blood Holy Grail, was responsible for was to propagate the lie that the Spencer’s of Althorp were descended from the Norman family of Nobles Despencers.  Despite the similar name these two families are in no way connected.

The first Spencer of note (From Prince William’s line) was John Spencer of Althorpe and Wormleighton.  He was a successful farmer on the Northampton-Warwichshire border, in 1504 he was granted a Coat of Arms. The arms he adopted was very different to the current Spencer Coat of Arms, which is the actual Coat of the Norman Despencers.
John Spencer never made any claim to have descended from the Norman Despencers, and indeed if you visit the web page Althorp House, they make no claims to be from the Despencers, yet they still use the Despencer COA’s. The Spencer Linage on the site is traced from the farmer John Spencer in the 1500’s
The Arms awarded to John Spencer in 1504

“It was utterly discredited by that doyen debunker of phoney pedigrees, Horace Round, in his essay on The Rise of the Spencers in Studies in Peerage and Family History published in 1901 and has been frequently cited as a typical Elizabethan forgery in works such as Sir Anthony Wagner’s English Genealogy (1960). Round describes the Spencer pedigree and arms as “a typical case of the Heralds' College providing a family, when it has acquired wealth, with arms to which it is not entitled on the strength of a pedigree concocted for the purpose”.” Link

The arms of the Despencer Family,
Fraudulently adopted by the Spencer's in 1595.
The 3 shells were added at this time.

Another Link exposing the fraudulent history of the Spencer's.
Holy Blood Holy Grail re-wrote history, and the reason for this fraud was so as the masses would believe that William was the heir apparent to the roll of Messiah!

Holy Blood Holy Grail also put it into the public consciousness that the Holy Grail was in fact the female womb that would carry the New Messiah!

The seed was planted, Princess Diana, from the Merovingian line

Incidentally, I have tried to trace how exactly Diana descends from the Merovingian’s, and I have not been unable to find the link! Given these people keep bloodline records like thorough bred horses, its odd that it is not documented!
However, given my other research, she could well have descended from them, as they are all inter-married and inter-bred!

Laurence Gardner's first book Bloodline of the Holy Grail, The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed, was published in 1996, it propagated much the same rubbish as holy Blood holy Grail. Now deceased, SIR Laurence Gardner was also known as "The Histographer Royal to the House of Stuart,"  he was well rewarded for his work of fiction!

The Da Vinci Code

On the 21st of June 2003, Prince William celebrated his 21st Birthday
Exactly 35 (3+5=7) days later, on the 25th (2+5=7) of July, (7th month)
The Da Vinci Code (Author Dan Brown) was first published!

Both books came from the same publisher Random House., and both books sent out the same message, that there exists a holy bloodline, coming from Jesus Christ to the present day.

The bible tells us that Jesus was from the Davidic line, on his Father Josephs side. Holy Grail and Da Vinci code by-passed the fact that the bible also tells us that Joseph adopted him, and God was his real Father!
(Apparently….laughs uncontrollably)

Also the Biblical King David that they claim to be descended from, there is no credible evidence that he ever existed! My blog on the matter. The British Royals are frauds

The Merovingian King Merovee II
 The Merovingian’s ruled France, and much of Germany from 448 to 752.
The first Merovingian King of the Franks was Meroveus II, and it is from him that the Merovingian’s Dynasty derives it name.
It is said that the site where Diana had her "accident", the Port d' Alma tunnel, was an ancient site where the Merovingian's made human sacrifices to the Goddess Diana.

His father was Clodion the hairy, (also known as Merovee, meaning from the sea) in those times, just like now, to rule, its always good to have some kind of divine origin. Clodion claimed that his Mother Queen Argotta had been raped by the mythical sea monster known as the Beast of Poseidon/Neptune!
In another version of the same myth the sea monster was called a Quinotaur. The name from Latin translates to bull with 5 horns! And is commonly interpreted as the Pagan God Neptune, he is commonly depicted with a trident, which Christians later used to depict Satan from the Bible.
Incidentally EL(Elohim)ton John is now formerly known as Sir Elton Hercules John! Hercules was a nephew of Poseidon.

On one of his murderous rampages he killed 100 Philistines,
and removed their foreskins, and gifted them to King Saul.
By 496 A.D. Christianity was sweeping through Europe, (named after the Phoenician Goddess Europa, who was also abducted by a sea monster)   and any form of Paganism was being demonised, so the Merovingian king Clovis feigned conversion to Christianity in 496 A.D. This was a strategic move, as they teamed up with the Church of Rome, which brought them great wealth and power.
Realising it might not be advantageous to claim descent from a mythical pagan sea God, they then decided to tell people they were from the bloodline of the biblical King David! There is not one jot of evidence to support this!

The Merovingian’s were famed mystics, and excavations of their graves, have revealed all kinds of occult paraphernalia, like crystal balls, a Golden bull head and golden bees. The golden bull is symbolic of the Pagan God Baal, known from antiquity, and from antiquity Baal demanded human sacrifices mainly children.

They were known as the long haired Kings, and they believed their strength and power was derived from their hair, because of this, and symbols that they used to identify themselves, like the bee, it has been speculated, or stated as fact by some so called researchers, mainly Yair Davidy, (another pedlar of dis-information)  that they descended from the tribe of  Dan. There is no evidence to support this.

Josh Bernstein's show on the History Channel, "Digging for the truth", made a comparative DNA analysis to see if there were any common genetic markers between the Merovingian dynasty and the Jews of Migdol (also known as Magdalene). He got the jaw of a Merovingian queen from a crypt in France and obtained DNA from some live Migdol Jews in Israel (mouth swabs) and sent both to a DNA analyst.

To put this farce to bed once and for all, DNA testing on the corpse of a Merovingian Queen, was compared to DNA taken from a Jew of the Migdol (Magdalene) tribe.
The results were that they could say with almost certainty, there was no connection, and the Merovingian Queen had no Middle Eastern DNA!

 The Authors of Holy Blood Holy Grail hypothesized that this "descended from a fish" legend was actually referring to the concept that the Merovingian line had married into the bloodline of Jesus Christ, since the symbol for early Christians had also been a fish. This theory, with no other basis than Lincoln and Leigh's concoction, was further popularized by Dan Brown's bestselling novel, The Da Vinci Code.

The Zionist controlled main stream press at this time then started to leak that Princess Diana was in fact descended from the Merovingian’s.

This entire ridiculous collection of lies was then passed off as fact….and who gained?
Why the descendants of the Merovingian’s, Princess Diana, and her off spring William, who sprang from her womb, and both books propagated the lie, that the Holy Grail was actually the womb of the female descendant of Christ!

Who in my opinion is as mythical as the Beast of Poseidon!

The Court Case
Accusations of Plagiarism were levelled at Dan Brown, and his publishers Random house were sued by Baigent and Leigh, odd considering Random House were also their publishers!

The Zionist controlled main stream media, who only ever feed us dis-information, promoted both books shamelessly, the BBC made a series of documentaries, Sony made a movie, and the coverage of the plagiarism trial covered front pages for months!

The point of all this was to be sure the masses were aware that there existed a holy blood line dating back to Jesus, and the heir apparent to the position of new Messiah was Prince William.

The hype and frenzied coverage of these 2 books culminated on July 12th 2006, (22 days after Prince Williams 24th Birthday) when Dan Brown was found not guilty of Plagiarism in the High Court. Both books sold millions as a result of the high court case and coverage.
Cha-Ching for Random House who were the publishers of both books!

Prince William’s namesake King William III fought at the Battle Of The Boyne on the 12th of July 1690. This was the ritual which was played out in the form of a battle, where William defeated James to become King of England, Scotland and Ireland.
1+2+7+1+6+9=26           2+6=8   4+4=8 double God number

Herbert Armstrong, William’s John the Baptist!
Herbert Armstrong, William's John the Baptist!
What God me wonders!
All the great Messiah types in the bible had a precursor who prophesied their coming; Prince William’s came in the form of a man called Herbert Armstrong.

Armstrong was a British Israeli, who set about re-writing history, so that the masses would accept their new Messiah.

In 1980, 2 years previous to William’s birth, and one year before the pregnancy was announced, Armstrong published a booklet called “The United States of Britain”.
In his booklet, he passes off as fact, that the Prophet Jeremiah landed in Ireland in 569 B.C., he had with him the daughter of Zedekiah, the last king of Judah, (bloodline of the messianic King David) ,who was ousted by the Babylonians.
He claimed that the Hebrew Princess with Jeremiah was called TEA-TEPHI, and she married an Irish Prince, and became the Queen of Ireland. Introducing the bloodline of the Royal King David into Ireland, later Scotland and to the present England!
He concludes that:
“"In view of the linking together of biblical history, Prophecy, and Irish history, can anyone deny that this Hebrew princess was the daughter of King Zedekiah of Judah and therefore heir to the throne of David” “That when the throne of David was first overturned by Jeremiah, it was REPLANTED in Ireland, later overturned a second time and replanted in Scotland, overturned a third time and planted in London? When Christ returns to earth to sit on that throne, He shall take over a LIVE, EXISTING throne, not a nonexistent one”.                                                                                                                                             

1980, Worldwide Church of God. Pp. 99-102.ebrew

Not one word of it is recorded in Irish History!

Yet he presents it as facts from the ancient Irish annuls of history!  It is not, it is all lies! He took some character names which do exist in Irish History, and completely re-wrote their parts in History! Herbert Armstrong’s motives are very sinister he is planting the seeds for Prince William, to be recognised as the legitimate Heir to the Title Messiah, and king from the line of David!                      
Armstrong’s organisation “The Woldwide Church of God”, have absolutely saturated the internet with this fraudulent re-writing of History.
Depiction of Queen Scotia arriving in Ireland
The Irish Annuls DO record a Queen Scotia coming to Ireland who was the daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh. Ireland & Scotland in the medieval period was called Scotia after her, Scotland is still named after her. The annuls say she brought a very precious stone with her, this Stone is now called the Stone Of Scone. It is because of Armstrong’s lies that people now think this stone came from Israel, via the imaginary Israeli Princess!      


He removed Egypt from Ireland’s history, and inserted Israel, planting the seed, that Prince William through his linage from The House Of Stuart, had the holy messianic blood of the barbaric King David.

Royal blood of King David!

At age 30 King David was crowned King over Israel and Judah, and God made a covenant with David, promising that the House of David would be established FOREVER!
                            ……………F O R E V E R……………..

On the 21st of June 2012 Prince William will turn 30.
Sixteen days before his birthday (1+6=7, God Number) on 4 June 2012, (4+62+1+2=6, the number of enlightenment), there will be a mega ritual right in front of the Palace. This star studded event has been presented to the sheep as a concert to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The Victoria Monument, in the centre of the pyramid shape at the front of the Palace will be the stage, and the masses will be directing their energy towards the Goddess for Victory in the centre of the monument. In my opinion, this will be the ceremony whereby the adoring masses will unwittingly give their energy to the new Messiah, and the whole ritual is a precursor to his 30 birthday, which will mark his initiation into Messiah-hood. Historically this is the age when their Messiahs begin their ministry.

Of course every self respecting new Messiah needs to be pictured with a lamb, the church explains this as the Lamb of God. If one sheep walks of the end of a cliff, the rest will blindly follow, such is their stupidity and reputation to blindly follow what ever is in front of them….BBBaaaaaaaa!
And Jesus said “Very truly I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep” John 10v17
Lol…you just could not make this sh*t up!

The Jesus character also began his ministry age 30, as did John the baptist and King David. All fictional inventions of the Roman Church in my opinion.


On the 20 March 1981 the film “Omen III The Final Conflict” was released. The premise of the film, was that the anti-Christ Damien Thorn, realises that the second coming of Christ is going to occur on the 24th March 1982 in England. Damien then sets about trying to have all boys born in England on that day killed. This was the first ever film, which acted out the scenario of the Christ being born.
Fast forward 230 days, and on the 5th November 1981, Princess Diana’s pregnancy was officially announced.
The date in The Omen when the Christ was to be born, was the 24th march 1982. 89 days later William was born 21st June 1982

William was baptised on the 4 August 1982, in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace.
4th day, 8th month (4+4), 444
Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was born on the 4th of August 1900
4+8+1+9 =22                  2+2=4
4 the number of the Goddess! What a coincidence!
William’s christening was her 83rd birthday.        8+3=11

William screeched most of the way through his christening, and almost went into a convulsion when the Lizard Queen senior tried to nurse him.
Diana later said in the Andrew Morton biography that his screaming was due to the fact that they had the ceremony at a time which suited them, not her and William. The time of the christening is not on public record.

Sir Laurens Van de Post
Something very unusual happened during William's christening, and in a 1983 interview, which was published in a South African magazine, Sir Laurens van de Post recanted the incident.
Sir Laurens stood as a Godfather to the Prince; he was a close friend of Jung.

'"It was a very simple ceremony - and a remarkable thing happened. The windows of the music room were open, the sun streaming in - and then the sky went grey, as a great storm gathered. Just as the Archbishop of Canterbury handed over a lighted candle, a violent gust of wind blew through the windows. The candle flickered - but did not go out".
Sir Laurens recalled how his friend Jung once had an important dream, of standing in a great storm holding a lighted candle - how vital it had been that the candle should not be blown out, and how, when he awoke, he took great comfort from the fact that he had managed to keep the flame burning.
When asked whether he had told Prince Charles about Jung's dream, Sir Laurens said: "Oh yes, of course. He understands these things."'
According to the article this event was clearly regarded by Sir Laurens as a powerful omen, and interpreted to Prince Charles as such. But what would the two men have made of it?
The candle symbolises not only life, hope and light, but William himself. And, as William is heir to the throne, the candle also represented the Monarchy. The candle flickering indicated a grave crisis, but the fact that it wasn't blown out indicates that William and the Monarchy will survive.
Well, that is how they would have interpreted the omen!
Source:  This story appeared in early 1983. The name of the magazine and the issue in which it appeared are unknown. All we know is that it was sent by George Taylor to Derek Appleby in 1983. Astrology (the Lodge Quarterly), 57/1, Spring 1983, p 37.  Link

Was Diana the threat that might harm the monarchy?      
Diana was born at 7.45pm on 1 July 1961                                                                                     
 TIME: 7.45  7+4+5=16    4x4!  
DATE: 1/7/1961 1+7+1+9+6+1= 25   2+5=7                                                                                                                               

She was killed (sacrificed) on the 31 (3+1=4)August 1997 . Remember  William's baptism was 4 August 1882.
31/08/1997  3+1+8+1+9+9+7=38    3+8=11                                                                        Her death was recorded at 4am!
Did the Royals, who pay close attention to omens, think that Diana was the threat to the monarchy that the omen predicted?

Fitting that Elton John sang “Candle in the wind” at her funeral! Or Sir Elton as he is known officially, Knight of the Realm, and puppet to the reptilian EL-ite…EL-ton….EL-ohim!

“Your candle burned out long ago, your legend never will”! It takes on a whole new meaning now!

To cover the ritualistic nature of Diana’s death would be a blog on its own, but just a few facts, the tunnel where the accident happened, was in ancient times a sacrificial site to the Goddess Diana. Known in previous incarnations as the Egyptian Goddess Isis.
Egyptian Goddess ISIS
Port de Alma translates literally to “Bridge of the Soul”. Isis was often depicted wearing a horned Head dress. This was symbolic of the gateway in the Galaxy known as the Silver Gate of man. Which is the point in the Galaxy that souls are said to pass through at birth.
In our Universe, where the Galactic and Ecliptic midplanes intersect, the ancient Egyptians put gateways.
The Silver Gate is the Milky Way ecliptic crossing at the Gemini-Taurus nexus. It is most often represented by horns, as it lies squarely between the horns of the Taurus bull.

The Golden Gate (arch) is the ecliptic Milky Way crossing at the Scorpio-Sagittarius nexus on the zodiac, and we pass through this gateway at death into the next life.
The bible tells us that Jesus gave St Peter the Keys to the Kingdom, and that is two doorways that they have zealously guarded, and keep locked to the sheep!

The Galactic gate of Man between the horns of Taurus the Bull.
The torch is the symbol most commonly used to denote the Worship of Lucifer/Satan. Before he was cast out of Heaven he was said to be the brightest most beautiful light in the heavens, and his falling to earth is described in the bible as lightening from Heaven. (Luke 10:18). 
On the bridge above where Diana was killed, there stands a big Illuminati calling card, a massive torch, a stone torch sits on her grave. JFK's grave is also marked with a torch.

London is home to the 2012 Olympics, where the torch of Lucifer will be carried to every part of the UK!
Diana's coffin rests in Westminster Abbey on the Masonic Black and White floor, with the lilies on top, symbolic of the demonic Lilith that they worship.
This is just part of the hideous Diana memorial at Harrods, full of Illuminati symbolism. This is apparently the glass that Diana had her last glass of wine from before leaving the Ritz in Paris

Prince William and Kate now live in a cottage in Kensington Palace, this humble abode is only temporary, they are only there until Princess Margaret's old Gaff at Kensington Palace is refurbished.
William of course spent most of his childhood at Kensington, Diana moved in there after her divorce. Despite the fact that Granny is the richest woman in the world, Wills and Kate are desperately exploring ways that the public purse will have to finance this very costly refurbishment! So while the rest of the country struggle to pay rent/mortgages, their taxes will go to renovating their new home!
Anyway....A Mater Mason designed Kensington Gardens in front of the Palace, he incorporated both a pentagram and a compass and square. The White House also has a huge pentagram laid out in front of it. 

"In occultic/Satanic doctrine, the upper four points of the Goathead represent the four elements of the world, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. The bottom fifth point represents the spirit of Lucifer. In the photocopy of the Goathead Pentagram, the fifth point extends down into the mind of the goat, who represents Lucifer. Thus, in this street layout, the fifth point is the White House, a symbol placement which represents the intention that the spirit and the mind of Lucifer will be permanently residing in the White House." LINK

William lives in Kensington at the point where the top point of the pentagram lies. Representing the mind of the goat/Lucifer.
The circle which forms the fountain in the middle, could represent a number of things, the halo that denotes the divine, the sun, the all seeing eye, the water being symbolic of the semen of the Gods, fertility and divinity. Who knows which of these meanings they attach to it, its my guess it represents a combination off all off the above.

                                     The 4th of August 2012
Numerology of the New World Order=4
4 August 1982, William's Christening
The 4th of August 2012 will be the 30 year anniversary of William’s baptism.
4+8+2+1+2=17    1+7=8   4+4=8 Double God number again.
Lets take a look at the 4th of August
The Queen Mother- Date of Birth 4 August 1900    4+8+1+9=22     2+2=4

The picture (left), is Lizard-Beth senior nursing William at his Christening on 4 August 1982, which also happened to be her 82nd birthday.
Throughout the Christening William screeched, especially when Lizard senior lifted him.

On the 4th August 2000 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, El (Elohim) Liza(Lizard) Beth(Lilith, the demonic Goddess)  Celebrated her 100th Birthday at Buckingham palace. She appeared on the balcony with the other inbreeds to wave at her adoring sheeple.

4 August 2000, Old Queen Lizard celebrates her 100th Birthday, waving to her adoring sheep from Buckingham Palace

If the Queen Mother was still alive, the 4th August this year, would be her 112 (Another 4) Birthday. Its a little known fact, but there is an emergency phone number in Europe, it is 112, every EU counrty has its own emergency number, but 112 can be used in any country.

"It was all very unreal of course, I mean all very exciting. I remember when war was declared going outside Buckingham Palace and cheering with all the crowds as the king and queen came out on the balcony and being frightfully excited and thinking it was splendid that we were going into the war and all the rest of it – so different from the outbreak of the last world war, where there was none of that." LINK

At 7 pm on the 4th of August 1914 there was also a gathering at Buckingham Palace, huge crowds gathered at the Palace to cheer his Majesty King George V, after the declaration that Britain was formerly at war with Germany.
This of course was the beginning of World War 1!
Qubbat al Sakhra Mosque in Jerusalem, the site where the 2 previous Jewish Temples stood, and the Holiest site in the world to Jews.

On the 4th August 70AD the Romans destroyed the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. 
 The Muslim Qubbat al Sakhra (Dome of the Rock) was later built on the site. This is the Holiest site in the world to Jews, and they believe they will, when their God allows build a third Temple there.  Link
As it happens the first Temple of Jerusalem on the same site, was also destroyed on the 4th August 585/586 BC. (There is dispute about the year, not the date.)

On the 4 August 1961 at 7.24 pm, Barry Soetoro, also known as Barrack Hussein Obama was born.
4+8+1+9+6+1=29     2+9=11
Geez all these 11’s!!!!!!
On the 4th of August 2012 he will celebrate his 51st Birthday!

I will leave you with a few interesting facts that came up in my research for this article.

The Numerology of his name
P R I N C E  W I L L I A M
8 2 1 5 3 5     6 1 3 3 1 1 4  =43      4+3=7
In Chaldean numerology, there is also a forecast for the total number before it is reduced.
In the Chaldean system, the name used is the name the person is most commonly known by.
This is the reading for number 43
This is an unfortunate number. It is symbolized by the signs of revolution, upheaval, strife, failure, and prevention and is not a fortunate number if it comes out in calculation relating to future events.
If William becomes King, he will be King William V (5th)
VI is the Roman numeral for 6, if you split the W, you have 3 Vs, and 3 Is
VI VI VI….666
The global ELite who control the planet worship the planet Saturn (known as the old sun).  Saturn is said to control time, and its time is coming to an end, which will mean an end to the time of the evil entities controlling the planet, they are desperatly trying to prolong their time. The number 5 is said to be the number which can bring salvation to the number 8 (Saturn), is William their hope of Salvation? 
LINK This link explains the astrology and numerology of Saturn the numbers 8 and 5

Right after Charles and Diana’s engagement was announced, she was sent of to Clarence House, Home of the Queen Mother. This quote is taken from David Icke’s book, “The Biggest Secret”.
she allegedly was forced to participate in an Illuminati ritual known as The Awakening of the Bride. This is a satanic ritual reserved for young women who are to marry into the highest echelons of the Illuminati. If this terrifying ritual actually occurred, it would have caused Diana to fear the Windsor’s for the remainder of her life.”


According to the Bible, many await a Messiah who has a Mother from the Tribe of Judah and the Messianic bloodline of Line of King David, and a Father from the Tribe of Dan. Strangely the bible also predicts that the anti-Christ will have a Mother from the Tribe of Judah and a father from the Tribe of Dan. There have been forces at work since long before Williams births, trying to have us all believe he fits the bill for Messiah. The internet is also awash with speculation that Charles descends from the Tribe of Dan, no evidence what so ever presented, but it is often presented as fact.

David Manning
On 17 January 2010 a man called David Manning was appointed by the Queen as senior advisor to William. I am sure that most people have never heard of this man, but he is one of the shadowy elite, who work behind the scenes, he is one of the puppet masters as opposed to a puppet. Princess Diana referred to these people  as “The men in grey suits”.

Here is a point bulletin on David Manning’s Pedigree
1.  Sir David Manning, who is Jewish, (Zionist) was in Washington meeting Richard Armitage around the time of 9/11. He was flying over Staten Island when the planes hit the towers, and had a bird’s eye view of the destruction. He helped plan the Iraq war, and memos have revealed that a year before the war, he knew that Blair planned to go to war.
Some conspiracy theorists might speculate that Manning was one of the planners of 9/11.

2. On 16 November 2008, he won a £50000 U.S. defence job. Manning also holds a senior post with U.S.-owned arms company Lockheed Martin., who are one of the biggest arms manufactures in the world. They have been charged with espionage and they were given the contract to conduct the UK 2011 Census. Lockheed earns large sums from the British Ministry of Defence, and they are one of the most corrupt companies in the world. Lockheed made billions from the Iraqi war.
 3.  Manning was UK ambassador to Israel between 1995 and 1998, foreign policy adviser to Blair from 2001 to 2003, and UK ambassador to the USA from 2003 to 2007.
4. Manning is one of the people who wanted the Bank of Scotland to be taken over by an English bank. He is on the board of Lloyds TSB.
5.Manning is on the advisory board of Hakluyt, a private intelligence firm partly staffed by former MI6 officers. It was set up by former M16 agents to spy on campaign groups.  It once spied on Greenpeace on behalf of oil companies.
David Manning Wikipedia

As Nick Rockefeller said to Aaron Russo when referring the President of the United States, “The Puppets come and go, we are always here”.  Manning is one of the people who are always there and always guiding both government and Royalty to do what the main controllers want. And this is what is controlling the future King of the United Kingdom!

We can only speculate as to the exact roll they have planned for William, but given the above documented facts, they have big things planned for him. It is a distinct possibility that he could meet the same end as his Mother, as it would not cost these people a thought to sacrifice one of their own to further their ends. To them the sacrifice of a King to the entity they worship is worth the equivalent of tens of thousands of everyday people.
Messiah, Anti-Christ, Sacrificial lamb....who knows, only time will tell.

Update 02/08/2012: Since the marriage of William and Kate, she has been seen wearing blue near constantly, they are now using the same blueprint for to prepare us for the next in the line. Any day now a pregnancy will be announced, probably preceded by a blood sacrifice somewhere, and another load of bullshite to have us all believe that another divine entity is on the way!
Stay alert people, be wise to their games!

Since the engagement was announced Kate, like Diana before her has worn blue on near every occasion. Do not take my word for it, Google her name, in near every pic she is seen wearing blue, the Gods/Goddesses came from either the sky or the sea, both blue, so the new Madonna before the birth has to be seen in blue.

I posted a vid a year ago, and I predicted that she would be wearing blue a lot this last year, she has not disappointed! Clearly Kate does not watch my vids, or she and her handlers might have strived not to be quite so obvious!

She has now started wearing more sensible shoes, which would indicate she may already been fertilized!

Where the hell would you start with the imagery in this one! The people near all wearing blue forming a pyramid, with Kate at the apex, which is under the arch leading into the Palace with a golden light emanating! Kate as usual wearing blue!
They really are so obvious when you recognise the symbolic language they use. The Olympic torch was then passed over in front of them, the torch of Lucifer, with Kate's face right behind it, giving us a clue as to the fruit that is probably lying in her womb right now!

Please! Could they be more obvious! Wakey wakey people, start recognising their idiotic symbolic language. As they say, a picture can speak a thousand words, and the subconscious mind every minute notes thousands of things that the conscious mind never notices. However, when the conscious mind recognises the truth of something, the subconscious is changed forever.
Sandra Barr

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  1. Also when Diana met Charles she was wearing or wore Diorissimo:

    "Diorissimo is a romantic fragrance of the 50’s. At its heart, a gentle lily of the valley, blooms as Dior’s favorite “fortune” flower. Diorissimo is fresh and clear, just like a dewy, spring morning in the woods. Top notes include lily-of-the- valley and ylang-ylang, the heart is composed of amaryllis and boronia, leaving a jasmine trail. Christian Dior believed that lily-of-the valley is the symbol of hope, happiness and joy. French consider lily of the valley as the legendary flower. According to the legend a brave and fearless fighter, called Saint Leonard wanted, to spend his days among the flowers and trees and live a life dedicated to God. He asked permission to go live in the woods. A dragon called Temptetaion lived in those woods. They fought and blood was spilled. Leonard bravely fought the dragon until it was defeated. Poisonous weeds began to grow where the dragon spilled his blood, but beds of lilies of the valley started to grom wherever the ground was moistened with Saint Leonard's. The French believe that lily-of-the valley is a holy flower and so did Christian Dior whichinspired the creation of this wonderful fragrance."

    Lily of the valleys. My surname Shusha means lily and i was 11592 days old on princess Diana's funeral and the word in position 11592 in Strong's compendium is Kiron meaning lily.

    Weird huh?

    For anyone wishing to read my work on prince William here is my article:

    Thanks Sandra keep up the good work youve written some insightfull articles on the royal familly and other great causes.

  2. That is really interesting info.Plus Whitney Houston had purple Lilies on her coffin, which ties in with my latest blog.
    Dont you just love coincidences, lol Many thanks for that info.
    Your blogs are also very informative, I guess we are just geeks, information sponges, lol, I have credited you for the Soros info on one of my vids, cant remember off hand which one, its in the "William and the Unicorn" Series, have you seen it? If not I can send it on. I would also appreciate if you could read this, I would appreciate your thoughts on it.

  3. Kal, I have just checked your blog, Im guessing you already know what Im going to say, lol, NO ISRAELI princess, only the one Herbert Armstrong invented. Queen Scotia very real though (apparently), she is in the Irish annuls of History and recorded as bringing the stone of scone to Ireland.

  4. Hi, very interesting article, thanks for sharing. I would be very interested to hear what you think to this :

    Suggesting that Princess Diana is actually fathered by Sir James Goldsmith.

  5. Billie, I looked into this a while back, from what I can remember Diana's mother had a son die shortly before she got pregnant with Diana, she was on anti depressants and rarely left the home in her grief and depression, she apparently was a devoutly religious woman, so from what I have read up on her, and her life at that time, I ruled it out. All things are possible I suppose, but I think this one very unlikely.

  6. For me this smacks of truth!!!
    Lord Jesus help me to be wrong! BUT THY will be done and not mine.

  7. Michael, this is the real "The King has Got No Clothes On", once we just see it, the spell is broken forever.

  8. Sandra ~
    William is a Moonchild:
    He was demonized in utero during the second trimester.
    He's 50 good (Diana- really good) and so to keep in balance 50 really bad.
    The 50 good would be compartmentalized; masked and controlled for him to experience.
    Even they've got your brilliance empathizing with him/it.
    Great blog though, by the way; superbly presented.

  9. The new age Zeitgeist movement along with new age infiltrators of the truth movement present Lucifer (satan after his fall) as the answer to Satan and demonize the true God while at the same time counterfieting his word. Satanists reverse everything thus Lucifer is the good guy who tried to save humanity from God the bad guy. They call themselves EL because they are borrowing the real Godhead glory (Elohim, father, son and holy spirit) Jesus was the word that created the universe after all so must have there "Before Moses I AM" The earliest counterfiet of the trinity can be traced to Babylon with the Nimrod / Semiramis / Tammuz father mother son cult (still practised by the church of Rome) Babylon being the source of all pagan religions, freemasonry, mystery schools, black magic, witchcraft etc. Satan was present in the Garden of Eden after the fall when God told told him "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel"
    Satan must have been aware (as the cleverest of all God's creations) what this meant so he would of course counterfiet it, which Jesus knew he would do as he warns us of False Prophets, False Christ's and Antichrist's. The Theosphists/Lucis Trust who control the United Nations have long predicted the coming of cosmic christ energy or Maitreya and death to all those who will not embrace the new age as per Barbara Marx Hubbard and David Spangler. Whilst real christians face increasing persecution, the followers of the new age will be more and more loved with their false unity, love and onesness, trained to hate those "hateful christians"who stand in the way of peace and cosmic progression. Any false messiah must have these properties and will be a Messiah of the last Babylon calling "evil good and good evil" of course. it is prophesised Satan will unite the world in last stand agaisnt God and the sovereign rights of Jesus Christ and it seems he is being allowed his "little season" to do this. Don't let any false messiah fool you or that there is not really a real messiah that Satan counterfiets. The false messiah comes first, the real one will return in Glory.

  10. Hi Sandra,
    Well if the Bible claims that Jesus was really the son of GOD and that Joseph adopted him, it would fit in perfectly with the monastic practice.
    GOD was (and maybe still is) a title of the chief priest of the Zadokite priesthood. His mother Mary was sent to a monastery school from the age of three. She actually knew the Angel Gabriel who was a teacher there. The Angel Michael held the title GOD (at that time), now the title of GOD is shared between 3 angels, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael (also titles), they are the holy Trinity. They were priests, teachers and military leaders.

    When Ben Bernanke was asked who gave him the right to print money for the Federal Reserve Bank, he replied GOD. It is now known that the Knights Templar own the Federal Bank, so I wonder who GOD could be!

    Great article. I have just got to the part about Da Vinci Code, so I will go back and read it now.

  11., no and no...but nearly....christ means 'annointed one' therefore anti-christ means anti-annointed. Annointed being the kings and princes who became royalty after the lord annointed them with holy oil. that is according to the Abrahamic bibles. All but one of these books say the same thing in a nutshell. So the book that goes against the rest is the book of the anti-christ, the anti-christ is otherwise known as the false prophet. As for british israelism, the tie they make, is that the british monarchy is descendant of the house of alpin. That is a pictish royal house, where the first king of scotland actually stems from.King Alpin, he brought the stone of destiny to Scone. Scotia brought the holy stone ie Jacobs pillow to ireland. Have a look at the stone of destiny which is in Edinburgh castle....and then go look at the other one which lies in ireland. The one in ireland is jacobs pillow, the one in edinburgh is the stone of destiny. Which one of these would you rather rest your head on?? The stone of destiny is a be-heading stone not the holy pillar!! hmpf. Now look at the seed of alpin clans. You will find a clan there which is the highest ranking clan of the seven. Written in history, to be one of the most barbaric highland clans ever. They acted in self-defence against the low land clans that sided with the other side of scotland and their norman keep the land that was righfully theirs. They were made outlaws through slandering and their lands were stolen.The picts, classed as druids due to the pictish stones found on the opposite side of scotland from the pictish territories. These were roman stones, not pictish, or pictii as the romans called them. The picts spoke roman hence 'nemo me impune lacessit' which was said by them, to the roman intruders. St Columba's abbots were infact another of the seven clans of siol alpin(seed of alpin). Portmahamock picitsh monastery, built with the same architecture as the egyptian pyramids.Look at their clan mottoes.St patrick was born in pictish catholic land....dumbarton. he was not a roman, he was a pict, which is why he talks about 'apostate picts' these were the southern pictii (near hadrians wall) who had turned from their catholic faith. The st patrick flag, the flag of the lamb of god aka the lion of the tribe of judah. Now turn to your bibles and see where the the tribes of judah went to.hint hint. You will also see that the picts and the clans of them have been classed as some of thee most barbaric civilizations known to man...scary when they start praying before fighting, reciting 'the lord is my shepherd, i shall not want, and as i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i shall fear no evil....' as was the prayer of judas in maccabees. No fear of man what so ever. Dal riada in scotland, pictish land, as was dalriada in ireland as it was gifted to them by the high kings of ireland who were in fact druids until st patrick got in about them. therefore not belonging to the british empire as it was stolen from the picts by robert the bruce and his cronies. Oh the windsor name, well their actual name is Saxon coburg and gotha, a german royal house, which they changed during WW1 when the gotha bombed london.

  12. Ethiopian monarchy. Solomonic bloodline. They stole that story and passed it as theirs. Haile Selassie I/Rastafari was the comforter Christ spoke of. "That would change men from the inside". Not to be worshipped but to stand as an example of good and right at a time when almost all other kings and world leaders bowed to the wickedness. Read his teachings and apply them to the earth situation and politics of the time. Before David.. Bathsheba. Before Moses.. zipporah. Before Solomon Makeda. It's always been there under radar. The lord of rings book was styled after Ethiopia. This to help enforce the subliminal suggestion of "the return of the King" in a European light. But Where is GONDAR. Nothing against white people, but the powers that shouldn't be, have used the Caucasian race to subjugate the rest of the world into materialism or lack of and when in lack therefore savagery. But the division's of man in all its forms must be acknowledged , understood, and forgiven in order for unity to occur and the powers that shouldn't be will no longer be. One spirit many forms. Do not bash religious people they are misguided but good intentioned usually. You have to understand ones emotions in order to help them heal, don't judge them with your mind. You are no better then they. Lol Christ said " all one must do to enter the kingdom of heaven is to love the creator with all your heart. And to love your neighbor as much." Hold to this example. But balance love with wisdom. But love comes first . Peace be to all in the name of infinite creator. Adonai vassu borragas

  13. Ethiopian monarchy. Solomonic dynasty. They stole the story. The lord of the rings was a allegorical for the story of Ethiopia. But to predictively program and enforce the "the return of the King" in a European light. But where is that Gondar in lord of the rings. Haile Selassie I was the comforter that Christ spoke of. But not to be worshipped but as a guidepost on the path. An example of good and right. Before David.. Bathsheba. before Moses zipporah. Before Solomon Makeda. It's always been under our nose. Not against white people. But the powers that shouldn't be have clearly used the Caucasian race to subjugate the rest of the world into a lowly material vibration. The divisions of man must be acknowledged, understood, and forgiven for us unify and " to crush the cruel dragon that oppresses humanity. I love you All infinitely. Adonai ahava vassu borragas.

  14. Concerning the Merovingian Dynasty and whether or not certain individuals descend...
    It is difficult to determine if someone has descended from another individual who lived over 1000 years ago. Even more so when you think how many wives/concubines/mistresses/whores any king thought that he was entitled. And never mind that genes can mutate at any time for any generation.

    And I checked that documentary's website. The 'Digging for Truth' website states, "Jean-Jacques explains that for a conclusive analysis to be made, two independent but identical strains of DNA must come from a sample. Unfortunately, only one strain was successfully recovered from Aregonde's toes. He's exploring getting more samples from her body, but for now, we have to work with only partial results."

    I seriously doubt such scant evidence would hold up in a modern day court of law unless some other evidence can be substantiated.

    As far as descendency, well Prince Charles is descended from Vlad the Impaler as is the great grandson 16 times removed from him by his great grandmother Queen Mary, George V’s consort. And now Prince Charles is officially the Prince of Transylvania.
    So they are more than likely descended from the Merovingians as noble families are always very careful with documentation and lineage records.

  15. The Rosemary's Baby dress Kate wore after Prince Louis's birth was another striking occultic theme surely?


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