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Part1: Blood Sacrifice at Aurora & The London Olympics

Part 1
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Over this last year I have been researching the London Olympics and their deeply occult nature .
Many people are now waking up to the fact that these seemingly unconnected random killings, are in fact well staged ritualistic sacrifices carried out by hapless victims either under mind control or hypnotized.
The 4 primary Egyptian deities were Set, Isis, Osiris and Nephthys. Their initials spell SION, and if you take all the letters that make up their collective names, without repeating letters, you get “Hypnotizer”.
One way or another the devotees of the ancient Gods and Goddess have strived to keep us all under a spell, hypnotised into believing what they want us to believe, and doing what they want us to do.

(English spelling Hypnotiser, American spelling Hypnotizer) 

The centrepiece of the London opening Ceremony is an 80 foot wizard/sorcerer, it sits on an area of the map that equates to the Isle of Dogs…reversed GODS.
The press have speculated that the Wizard is Prospero from the Shakespearian novel “The Tempest”. The whole ritual kicks off with the pre-show at 8.12 (8+1+2=11), and the main show begins at 9 with the tolling of a 23 ton bell. 9/11
The bell is inscribed with a line from the Tempest “Be not afeard, the Isle is full of noises”. A movie theatre has isles, the witnesses from the Aurora shooting said that when the shooting started they thought it was special effects from the film; the Isles were full of noises!

It is widely believed that the man William Shakespeare did not write the plays that have been attributed to him, apparently the man was barely literate. Francis Bacon (22 January 1561 - 9 April 1626), is thought to be the real author, Bacon was a devotee of the Greek Goddess Athena, Athena carried a spear, and when she shook her spear, mankind were enlightened with knowledge. Shakes-Spear!

John Dee (13 July 1527 – 1608/1609) was a secret agent of Queen Elizabeth I, even now his duties to the Queen are not fully understood, he was an astrologer, astronomer, mathematician and renowned sorcerer, it is believed that Bacon based the character of Prospero in the Tempest on Dee, so the opening of the 2012 Olympics will have an 80 foot statue of John Dee.

Over this last week I have been reading up on Dee and Bacon, I became aware of the Aurora shooting yesterday afternoon, and the first thing to jump out at me was the Cinema, “Century 16”, 16th Century!
The very word “Cinema”, contains Amen, manic and Cin/Sin

"The angelic channeler John Dee believed that specially constructed mirrors could draw magical power from the sun and transmit messages and objects to distant stars and other worlds. Dee attempted to receive visions from 'angels' using a globe of crystal." Link

The big Mirror that most people have in their homes, is the TV, and it is used to tell you how to think, what to think, it influences your opinions and is their tool, which they use to get you to give your energy to their Satanic rituals.

The murders happened on the 20th July 2012, in the US the date reads 7/2, in the UK 2/7.
The number 27/72 has such deep esoteric meaning, that I actually penned a blog a few months ago just about 27! It of course adds up to 9, the number which represents Satan and death.
One of the victims, Alex Sullivan died on his 27th birthday.
 LINK Meaning of the number 27.

Initial reports claim 12 dead, 12 astrological signs, 12 Tribes of Israel, 12 disciples etc. Twelve adds up to 3, the most revered number in Freemasonry. A 3 month old baby was also injured. My first question is, what the hell was a 3 month old baby doing at a midnight screening of a movie that carries a PG 13 rating? Why were they allowed in with such a small baby, especially given the PG 13 rating? Who in their right mind would take such a small baby to a movie that was sure to be full of very loud noises so late at night? A 6 year old girl was also injured, why was a 6 year old allowed into a PG 13 film so late at night?
This too had to be part of the ritual!

Since I began researching the Olympics, the name James comes up over and over and over! James is the English equivalent of the Greek Jacob and Jacob comes from the Hebrew Yakov. In the Bible the most famous Jacob is the father of the 12 sons who formed the 12 Tribes of Israel. In the Bible Jacob’s name changes, God gives him Israel,(then the land of Canaan), at that point his name changes to Israel.

The shooters name is James Holmes. Israel Home L.

 In his communications with Queen Elizabeth John Dee used the sigil 007, Ian Fleming who created James Bond added the 007 in homage to John Dee, the opening ceremony of the Olympics starts with a short James Bond Film called “The Arrival”! Israel Arrives!
“L” is an inverted 7, and the Hebrews associated 7 with Saturn/Satan. It was the seventh planet at that time which could be seen with the naked eye.  
The pronunciation of “L” is the same as “EL”, the shortened version of Elohim. So his name could also be read as Israel homes Elohim.
It could also be read as James Home 7
James reportedly had his hair dyed red, and told people he was the Joker. Red hair comes up 3 times in this blog!
Today the press have published a picture of James with red hair. The picture is from an account on the dating site Adult friend Finder, which is believed to be James Holmes account. The picture of him with red hair is at the top of the blog, James on the left, and James on the right look like two completely different people, is this the real James Holmes?

British Intelligence have left their calling card!

This evil looking beast greets you at
the entrance to Denver Airport,
exactly 7 miles from Aurora!

 Aurora is exactly 7 miles from Denver airport, that would be a blog (book) on its own! Visitors are greeted by the fourth horse of the apocalypse, a huge pale beast with fiery red eyes, the artist Luis Jimenez who created it, was killed when part of it broke off and fell on him!
Revelation 6 v 7-8
“And I looked, and behold a pale horse;
and his name that sat on him was
Death, and Hell followed with him. And
power was given unto them over the
fourth part of the earth, to kill with
sword, and with hunger, and with
death, and with the beasts of the earth”.

It has got underground bases bigger than cities, the direst apocalyptic paintings you could imagine, run ways in the shape of the Nazi symbol, and Masonic logos throughout!
Vigilant Citizen report on Denver Airport: Link
For years I have been reading up on Denver airport, it was reported a few years ago that the bloodline families were buying up vast sways of land around the airport, and Aurora is just 7 miles from it, I have no clue what the real meaning of this is, but I feel sure it is all tied in.

As I covered in my most recent series of videos about the Olympics, the stadium sits on an Island within an Island; it has 7 bridges leading to the main stadium. (Link to Olympic vids)
There are seven seals of the apocalypse, outlined in the Book of Revelation. There are also seven seals of Saturn, collectively known as Solomon’s Key.
James Holmes is from San Diego, translated San Diego means Saint James.
During the celebrations for the queen’s diamond jubilee, 8 bells were commissioned, during the flotilla which sailed up the Thames on June 3, the bells were housed on a specially made Bell Tower barge. In December the 8 bells will be ceremoniously installed in their permanent home, which is St James Church at Garlickhythe on the banks of the Thames. This church is famed for being part of the pilgrim route which went to The Santiago Compostela in Northern Spain. Santiago also means Saint James!
The Santiago Compostela Cathedral sits on a site which formerly had a Roman Temple to Jupiter, and it is awash with imagery which would suggest that it is still a Temple to Jupiter. St. James is supposed to be the disciple of Jesus who was beheaded in 44 AD. James was famed for his temper, and Jesus called him “The Son of Thunder”, Jupiter was the God of Thunder.
The feast day of St James is July 25, and in the past this was the beginning of a week of festivities devoted to St James. The opening of the Olympics is July 27.
Link My blog "The Bells, The Shells and the Santiago Compostela". This blog contains all my research on St James.

Jupiter and Venus appearing in the night sky in late March. Picture taken from  Warwick castle.

The shooting happened just into Friday, which is the day of Venus. (Greek counterpart Aphrodite). Venus is the sister of Jupiter. Throughout the ages they change the names of their deities, and I believe that James is their current name for Jupiter. In late March there was a rare planetary alignment which meant that Jupiter and Venus could be seen either side of the Moon. Jupiter is the God of Thunder, and Thursday is his day, and on Friday 20th July the whole world heard the thunder of James  (Jupiter) Holmes!

James Holmes was studying for a Phd, and had already graduated from the University of California in spring 2012 with a BSc in neuroscience. By all accounts James Holmes was academically gifted, and excelled throughout his education, yet an Instructor at the University of Colorado Denver, where James was a student up until a month ago, told the Washington Post that he done poorly in his last semester exams. What happened James in this last few months will likely remain a mystery.
A diligent intelligent man just dropped out of University, dyed his hair mad red, joined an "Adult" dating site, described the dimensions of his penis, and then went on a murderous spree! Personality transplant, walk in, clone, mind controlled, hypnosis, who knows, but it sure as hell wont be that a regular guy unexpectedly went crazy!

 Please do not give your energy to blaming or hating this young man, he was most likely under mind control, and he would have been programmed to carry the ritual out exactly as they wanted it done. If you do not believe this is possible, watch Darren Brown demonstrate how easily it can be done.
James Holmes like the precession of mass murderers before him has been described as “A shy loner”. This guy is a as much a victim as the people he killed.

The previous batman movie stared Katie Holmes, and recently she has also been all over the papers, the main angle being that she has returned “Home” to her catholic faith, and renounced Tom Cruise’s Scientology. Katie of course is short for Catherine the martyred Saint.

Prince Harry
When Princess Diana produced Prince Harry, her job as brood mare for the Windsor’s was complete, as she said she had produced the heir and the spare. Diana unwittingly had done much more, she had given them 2 boys that they could re-enact their myths, the Osiris (good brother, and Set (bad brother), from ancient Egypt.
Left to right, Osiris, William, Harry and Set

William good brother, Messianic, flies in a big Golden helicopter saving lives, Harry bad brother, wears black uniform and kills people in his black helicopter.
Harry with his flaming red hair is “The Joker” of the two brothers! Holmes dyed his hair red and said he was the Joker.
Red is associated with SET, as the setting Sun with its red hues are Set. (Sun Setting)

Yesterday the British press ran a story on Prince Harry, it ran alongside the Aurora shootings, Harry has been seen out with a new girlfriend, Blue-Blood Cressida Bonas.
The report makes a point of telling us that:
On Wednesday she joined Harry and his cousin for a party following the London premiere of Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, at the Freemasons’ Hall in Covent Garden”. 
We have Harry, Dark Knight Rises and Freemasons all in the one sentence!"

Is Harry the Dark Knight? This story ran right beside the Aurora shootings!

Jessica Ghawi
On July 13 Jessica posted this pic on her
Twitter Account, with the caption "
to a classified ad and just took this guy home."

This was exactly one week before her death. 
Of the 12 victims this beautiful young red head has been singled out. Her name is an anagram of “Wishes Jaga-i”. Jaga is a Germanic name, it means Battle; female warrior. i=eye
Also her surname is G-Haw-I. The opening of the London Olympics will have a replica of Glastonbury Tor, on top of it will be a haw tree, thought to have magical powers since antiquity. It is a sacred tree, and will have the most revered spot in the stadium during the opening. In Freemasonery “G” is for God, the great architect of the Universe, and he is represented by a single “G” on Masonic imagery.
I=eye. Jessica is a Hebrew name, and it means "He Sees"! 
It is also the name Shakespeare gave to the daughter of the Jew money lender in "The Merchant of Venice". In the play she converted to Christianity.
I believe this young woman was the primary target, and she would have been singled out. As Arizona Wilder has testified, red heads are of the utmost importance to them, they believe red heads to have special powers.
Jessica, like the shooter was 24 (2+4=6) 12+12=24

Incredibly Jessica was at a Mall in Toronto on June 2, and near enough the same thing happened! A lone gun man shot one man dead, and injured 7 others! Another man died from his injuries on June 11th. Jessica escaped injury as she had just stepped outside! The name of the mall was “Eaton”, James Holmes middle name is Eagan.
The victim was Ahmed Hassan, also 24 years old!
June 2 2012 was the day the Queen officially celebrated 60 years on the  British Throne. Her Coronation was June 2, 1953.

To the South, the Eaton centre is bordered by Queen Street west, and to the West it is bordered by James Street! What a lot of coincidences!
One way or another they seemed intent on killing this young woman.
Jessica Tweeted:

 "Had I not gone outside, I would’ve been in the midst of gunfire. I walked around the outside of the mall. People started funneling out of every exit. When I got back to the front, I saw a police car, an ambulance, and a fire truck."
"I saw a man on a stretcher, the blanket underneath him spotted with blood. Multiple gunshot holes in his chest, side, and neck were visible."
Link To Jessica's Twitter account.
The Eaton Centre, James Street at the back, and Queen Street to the side.

Barak Obama has said he is “heartbroken”, is he fuck! Evil c**t will have been in on it with the rest of the Cabal! He said  "Today is a moment to grieve and remember." For their rituals to work, they need the collective energy of the masses to focus on their atrocities, so his urging the masses to grieve and remember, is just part of their evil ritual to have us all participate.

The Guardian report on the shooting referred to a CNN report, and emphasised the time the report was aired, 5.48 ET, and 10.48 BST. In February I published a blog theorising that if they stage a false flag at the Olympics, the 4th of August is the most likely date, since then I have seen 48’s everywhere, Whitney died aged 48, the Tetra Pac heiress Eva Hausing died age 48, 48 seems to be fitted into near every report about everything under the sun!
Guardian report: Link

Aurora is the Greek Goddess known as the morning star. Lucifer is also known as the Morning Star, as is Jesus!

In Latin Aurora literally means “Dawn”. She is the sister of Sol, the sun, and Luna the Moon. Every morning she would fly across the sky to beacon the coming of the Primary God, the Sun, Zeus.
The press reported that a Whitehouse spokesman said that the President was WOKEN AT DAWN, and told about the shooting!
The Olympic research which I have carried out so far, would suggest that this mega ritual will be acted out to bring many of their plans to fruition, and one of those plans is the arrival of a New Messiah. So the world’s attention being focused on Aurora, the Goddess who announces the arrival of the Sun God is no accident.

In Greek Aurora was Eos, and every morning her rosy fingers appeared before the Sun Rose. In other words, Aurora/Eos is the name given to the first rays of sunlight which appear before the Sun can be fully viewed. To millions all over the world, the first light of Friday the 20th of July, Aurora’s rosy fingers brought the news of a bloody sacrifice.

One of her lovers was Orion, if we look at the Wizard in the opening ceremony of the Olympics, his wand points to an area on the map called “Orions Point”.
Orion is the Greek for the Egyptian God of the Underworld Osiris.

On the map Aurora is surrounded by British place names, Derby, The Highlands, Littleton, Chatfield, Hayden, Roxbourgh, Thornton, Englewood, Staunton, Glendale and Westminster, all British place names!
Westminster is the seat of British Government, both domestic and global, interesting that the Century 16 Cinema is under Westminster! In the bottom left corner there is a place name "Bailey", The Old Bailey is England's most famous Court, the seat of where the Uks corrupt legal system operates.

The Aurora High School, which is pretty much right beside the Cinema, is called "Gateway High School", and its motto is "Home of the Olympians". As the picture demonstrates, their emblem is the Olympic rings and torch! WTF!
Link Gateway HS. Thanks to Mizzie for bringing this to my attention.

The injured and traumatised were all taken to this school, full of its Olympic motto's and symbols
Dark Night, Golden Dawn
I believe that the primary reason for this ritual, and the Olympics, is so that the cabal can usher in their One World Order. A Golden Age for them, a totalitarian regime for the rest of us.
Looking at the film name “The Dark Knight Rises”, and the place name Aurora, which is the first rays of morning sunlight, I was reminded of “The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn”, which was a secret society devoted to the study of the deepest levels of esoteric knowledge, based primarily on Rosicrucian and Cabbalistic teachings.

Thinking that the Dawn of the Golden Age, would no doubt be preceded by a very dark night, I Googled “Dark Night, Golden Dawn” to see if there would be anything specific from history.
 Over 3 million results came up, and near all of them were for “Dark Knight, Golden Dawn”. It transpires that one of the main characters in The Dark Knight Rising series  is called Golden Dawn! You just couldn’t make this shite up!
Aurora is the Golden Dawn, and it’s a character in the film!!!!!!!!
NBC News reported:
“A student who lived across the hall from Holmes at Cal-Riverside, who asked not to be named, said Holmes completed the honors program and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Golden Key honor societies.

When I have time I will delve into the “Golden key Honor Society”, for now I will just point out that the 7 Seals of Saturn are collectively known as Solomon’s Key, and the “Golden Dawn” evolved from Solomon’s key. The 7 seals of Saturn can be used to summons demons, and to make them adhere to your will, mastery of Solomon’s Key and the symbols can bring about anything the Master’s heart desires, earthquakes, volcanoes, wide scale death and destruction. I will hopefully add to this section later in the week.

On the map to the left of Aurora is “Golden”, I don’t know if this is a town park or what, it does not say. To the left of that is “Golden Gate Canyon State Park”. So lots of gold around Aurora.

In the Dark Knight Rises Batman series, volume 1 is actually called Golden Dawn,
Dawn Golden is a character in the series. She was a childhood sweetheart of Bruce Wayne.
Dawn Golden is the only child of Aleister Crowley LINK
The real life Aleister Crowley was a Black magician, and is thought by many to be the evilest man who ever lived! He is also thought to be the real life Father of Barbara Bush!

Dawn Golden
Dawn Golden carries an amulet given to her by her Father, on his death bed he tries to kill her, he told her that her greater purpose was to be sacrificed so that he could become Hell’s Lord on Earth!

To cut a long story short, Batman and Dawn are attacked by demons, they kidnap her, she is taken to the Gotham sewers.
Alistair Crowley possesses the body of Ragman and straps her to a table to conduct the ritual which will make him Lord of the Earth and give him eternal life.
Batman and Etrigan try to save her, but to no avail, Crowley stabs her, she dies and the ritual is complete.
Etrigan later kills Crowley, which frees Dawns soul.

Aleister Crowley’s real name was Edward Alexander Crowley, he is also known as “the Great Beast 666”
Incidentally 2 of the Aurora victims were also called Alexander
He was responsible for the founding of the religious philosophy of Thelema, he seen himself as a prophet who had been entrusted with informing the world about the coming eon of Horus.
Crowley was an influential initiate of The hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

If I were to analyse every aspect of this Satanic Ritual, it would fill an encyclopaedia, their signs, symbols and calling cards are absolutely everywhere.

I will probably be updating this blog as more details emerge. I will leave you with this picture which Jessica Ghawi posted on her Twitter account, it was posted 4 days before she died, on the 16th of July, she add the caption "I miss Home".
I was already familiar with this pic, I also make videos, and im always on the look out for nice pics that can be used as background pics to add text. I have them in different folders, and I have this pic in my "God" folder, as it reminded me of Heaven!

Sandra Barr
Posted on Facebook by "Pig Mine News". This is not the same man! Also note the eyebrows and eye lashes, one is dark the other fair. The ears are also very different.

Update 23/01/2015:
Since publishing this blog in 2012, a great deal has happened, I am currently researching the Paris Shootings, 7/1/15, yet again Francis Bacon is closely tied to the Paris attacks, I will be covering this in more detail when I get round to putting together all my info on it. The followers of Saint Germain, believe that he was Francis Bacon, they believe Bacon faked his own death in England, and then traveled to Europe, on May 1, 1684, through alchemy, he achieved immortality, and from that time on was known as Saint Germain. The followers of Saint Germain strive to implement Bacon/Germain's objectives, primarily a one world religion, and government. The theosophical beliefs of Bacon/Germain were passed from one generation to the next, various theosophical societies were formed from them, Crowley, Blavatsky and the rest all derived from Bacon/Germain.
I am adding this update to my Aurora work, because while researching Paris, and the Bacon/Germain connections, I came across this, it is the headquarters of the Saint Germain foundation in the USA. It is located at AURORA Avenue, Seattle, Washington! LINK


  1. We are now up to 3 young men who died at the shootings who were 27!

    1. 27, in Biblical Numberics, is the Proclamation of the Gospel or Prophecy!! Sounds like a direct threat, if you ask me!!

    2. Also, I knew that the Century and the 16 meant something, but I couldn't figure it out!! Kudos to you!! I am still trying to figure out, why the Theatre Room was 9. Check this out too, Sandra. Illuminati Card Game

  2. This is a sick and horrific account of this murderous event. There are reports that the FBI may be involved in the murder of those 12 people and the training of this killer to the point that he was let in the emergency door of the theater. With all the gun equipment he had on, there is no way that he wouldn't have gotten in through the box office.

    Also, with this and the upcoming London Olympics, I think you have a duty to call in to the Alex Jones Radio Show as well as Coast to Coast AM and discuss, with the hosts, your findings. We would have a better shot at preventing a false flag from happening on the London Games. Heck, I am praying that the games are delayed at the very least.

    1. Hopper F, My False Flag blog was first posted in February, myself and many others have been warning of this, my blog is on forums all over the net, cant do much more than that. I have also phoned various authorities and reported my findings, they were not interested and marginalized my concerns.

    2. I just need to point out that Alex Jones himself is a puppet for the Illuminati himself. Do yourself a favor and look into Alex Jones. He has an agenda and its not to help us.

    3. And George Noory Also,no help there

  3. I really don't understand why the letters of the English transliterations of ancient gods' names(which could also, with equal validity be rendered: Cet, Eyesis, Osyrus, Nefitis) analyzed for patterns such as "hypnotiser" (which is spelled wrong, btw, it's "hypnotiZer") is proof of connection. I'm not being flippant, but th reasoning seems very flawed.

    1. I live in Ireland, we spell the way the English spell, and the English spelling is Hypnotise with an "S". I presume you are in the USA, and I do not know what names Set, Isis etc are best known by where you live, but in Ireland and the UK they are most commonly called Isis, Set, Osiris and Nephtys.
      If you dont understand, that is hardly my fault or problem, maybe you should read blogs that are a little easier for you to understand, with American spelling, so as you do not get fixated with perceived spelling mistakes. :-)

  4. Sandra, hiya, nice post, thanks. Also re James. The game plan is to create a global United Kingdom (British Israel). One needs to look at (Stuart King) James 1st and 6th, Bible reviser and UK amalgamator, then watch the situation with Scotland (Stone of Destiny). It is basic alchemy in that the parts have to be broken down to base before the rebuilding exercise (The Golden Age)

    Prospero is hermetic as in Hermes, as in "as above, so below". Note Wills was born during an eclipse on longest day of year, thus replacing the Sun, you already know that though.

    Red hair = Merovingian - House of Stuart

    Re the tree on the Tor, it was meant to have sprung from a staff left by Joseph of Arimathea, legend say he had Jesus with him.

    The car that Holmes was (allegedly) driving has the reg. 119 Roc. There are 119 farmyard animals in Danny's opening ceremony. Let's say that Kate and Wills are involved too, the WoW (William of Wales) in the cauldron lighting, then we have 121, 11 squared - they love the double 11.

    The Olympic torch was abseiled into the Tower of London on Friday night by a marine surname Williams, then passed to Dame Kelly Holmes

    NB- I cannot see a false flag, but for sure the global financial economies are due to collapse and a new global currency issued. My bet would be the Royal Bank of Scotland as underwriters, given the Uk "state" own them, but that might be rubbish. We will see though.

    cheers, thanks again brian

    1. So Friday began with one Holmes causing mayhem, and ended with another having the Olympic torch in her hand!

  5. Wow Sandy. Love the way you put it together. I'll be watching my old friend. I see a lot of this crazy evil stuff too. Just to me it is not crazy.

  6. There is another common link, they all went to Trinity College Cambridge who now own the O2 Arena, I will hopefully be making a vid covering this over the next few days. I was reading up on Yeats yesterday, one of my favourite poets.

  7. Your story reminds me about what Rik Clay saying about the Olympics and the haiti massacre
    It start around 45 min

  8. here are some interesting dates in history (starting tomorrow, July 25th, and including July 27 & August 4)… FWIW

    July 25, 306 Constantine I proclaimed Roman emperor by his troops
    July 25, 1603 James VI of Scotland is crowned first king of Great Britain
    July 25, 1775 Maryland issues currency depicting George III trampling Magna Carta
    July 25, 1866 US Grant named first general of Army
    July 25, 1934 Nazis assassinate Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss in a failed coup attempt
    July 25, 1943 Benito Mussolini dismissed as premier of Italy during WW II
    July 25, 1946 Operation Crossroads: An atomic bomb is detonated underwater in the lagoon of Bikini atoll.
    July 25, 1946 The first bikini is shown at a Paris fashion show
    July 25, 1963 “US, Russia & England sign nuclear test ban treaty
    July 25, 1976 The infamous Face on Mars and pyramids were photographed
    July 25, 1981 Voyager 2 encounters Saturn
    July 25, 1993 “Israel launches a massive attack against Lebanon in what the Israelis call Operation Accountability, and the Lebanese call Seven-Day War
    July 25, 1995 A gas bottle exploded in station Saint Michel of line B of the RER (Paris regional train network). Eight were killed and 80 wounded.

    July 27, 1694 Bank of England chartered
    July 27, 1789 “The first U.S. federal government agency, the Department of Foreign Affairs, is established (later renamed Department of State).”
    July 27, 1794 “French Revolution: Maximilien Robespierre is arrested after encouraging the execution of more than 17,000 “”enemies of the Revolution.”
    July 27, 1977 John Lennon is granted a green card for permanent residence in US
    July 27, 1996 “Centennial Olympic Park bombing: In Atlanta, Georgia, a pipe bomb explodes at Centennial Olympic Park during the 1996 Summer Olympics, killing two and injuring 111
    July 27, 2005 “STS-114: NASA grounds the Space shuttle, pending an investigation of the external tank’s continued foam-shedding problem. During ascent, the external tank of the Space Shuttle Discovery sheds a piece of foam slightly smaller than the piece that caused the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster; this foam does not strike the spacecraft.”

    August 4, 0070 The destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem by the Romans
    August 4, 0181 Supernova seen in Cassiopia
    August 4, 1753 George Washington becomes a Master Mason
    August 4, 1789 In France members of the National Constituent Assembly take an oath to end feudalism and abandon their privileges
    August 4, 1830 Plans for the city of Chicago laid out
    August 4, 1858 First trans-Atlantic cable completed
    August 4, 1892 “The family of Lizzie Borden is found murdered in their Fall River, Massachusetts home.”
    August 4, 1902 Greenwich foot tunnel under the River Thames opens.
    August 4, 1906 “Central Railway Station, Sydney opens.”
    August 4, 1914 Britain declares war on Germany

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  10. In this TV commercial (which aired this past weekend during British Open coverage)... In the beginning the camera pans up to reveal 9/11 as the time on Big Ben (surrounded by occult symbolism in the form of many famous buildings around the globe)...

    In the next frame... The Kuala Lumpur towers (Baphomet), stand watching a conference room where there are 8 people at 4 computer screens... A black man crosses to the center of the screen and a person points in his direction (Obama 8/4)?... Over his head is the middle of 3 TV monitors that says "Mumbai" (where there were terrorist attacks all across the city in "11" of '08...

    1. Which commercial are you taking about? I'm curious now! Send me in

  11. Add another one to the list…

    Sherman (George Jefferson) Helmsley ~ “Movin on up”

    aged 74 (7+4)=11

    Dies today in El Paso (the way), Texas…

  12. This is all new stuff to me, however, before I found your blog I found this video on youtube Somebody found this strange album posted by "Dr. Holmes". Interesting that the "33 degrees" title of the album might correlate to freemasonry??? You need to check this out. Also, one of the songs on the album is titled "Playin with Puppets", isn't that what James Holmes did with the police? I don't know anything about this stuff but I'm sure you will find it extremely interesting.

  13. The Oregonian today posted "Obama breaks bread in Portland" at an unscheduled stop at the Gateway Breakfast House in Portland.

  14. Kate Middleton will be at the O2 arena on 8/4 for an event. The ritual you made a video about on the triathlon takes place right before this event starts. I believe Prince William is a major part of what's going on in London and potentially the messiah figure for the Freemasons. Do you think they plan on a False Flag event on the O2 arena with Kate in it?

    BTW- The time between 911 and the Century 16, or 116 event that you so cleverly pointed out, was 10years 10months and 9days. Backwards this is 9.1.1. and fits the theme of planned terror on Theater 116 & 911 twin towers. Thanks for your research and God bless!!


    So the queen that was dead, is now reborn as a male. As per an idols judge and media face in the UK: Piers Morgan.

    100% support for your ideas.

  16. Sandra, this is the most incredible research ever, *applauds*, and with all the predictive programming in the movies, tv shows, cartoons, and video games, I don't see how they wont pull a false flag event @ the olympic stadium, BUT my guess would be after the closing ceremony only, and great job with this site, the pics, laymans terms, research, just excellent, u deserve an award!!! Keep up the great work!:)

  17. Another "Westminster" shooting today:

    Odd.... That name keeps popping up.

  18. Another "Westminster" shooting today:

    Odd.... That name keeps popping up.

  19. FBI could it be this... F=6 B=2 I=9.. 6=2 =8 and then add 3 for the number of letter in fbi you get 8+3 =11 11+9 just my 1 p worth.. great site..

  20. A cyclist was killed by a double decker bus at the Olympic Park last night.

  21. Hey Sandra, You are from Singapore right? cuz i see your link, it has a .sg on it. I from Singapore too, and I am really glad that someone else from my country actually cares about the government conspiracies, and actually does so much research on it. Keep up the good work and keep on digging the TRUTH!

  22. Sandra you certainly have mind aware.
    Thanks for helping me see the brighter "light"

  23. along the same line, 8+4=12, 12th of august marks Klara Hitler's Birthday (Adolph's Mother), Ian Fleming's death (kind of fits with the James Bond theme) and The Feast of the Prophet and his Bride
    Glorious Twelfth (United Kingdom)
    HM the Queen's Birthday and National Mother's Day (Thailand)
    International Youth Day (International)
    Just saying...

  24. Well, thank you; I'd never made the connection to Light Prince (William Lucifer) and Dark Prince (Harry Saturn) before; neither of whom are from the loins of Charles. Romelus and Remus come to mind in the founding of the 'new Empire'. As far as I can establish, James Holmes (the real one) father is Robert Holmes an proclaimed mathematician who was preparing to go to a Senate hearing to blow the lid of Libor now worth $800 Trillion worth of scam. The patsy version of James Holmes was set up as a threat to both the real James Holmes (who may or may not be alive and well) and most certainly his father Robert Holmes. At least two FBI agents were being hunted by security forces as 'whistleblowers' in support of Holmes. Libor British Banking Association Mafioso is linked to child porn and snuff as well as major 'T' attacks including 9/11 and 7/7. You dot-connection abilities are excellent.

  25. The only thing missing is the Sirius connection....the star that the controller/masons venerate over all others....the dog star, in one aspect this is the all seeing eye displayed in the masonic lodges. The 3 lights of masonry are the sun, moon & sirius. Sirius is the consort of Orion and what do we find right next to Orion's Point (penis word play)why the Isle of Dogs, of course. Sirius 'the dog star' Canis Major, so you have Orion's Point, Sirius & The Obelisk as a trinity...on the map. Homage to Sirius was imo given during the 9/11 ritual...the WFC buildings (built in '88) that surrounded the immediate area of the WTC are a rendering of the Sirius glyph (star, dome & obelisk)...this glyph being the Hieroglyph of Sirius/Sopdet/Sothis (my old blog covers this & more). Great work Sandra.

    One other thing...did anyone notice the 'virtual script' that TPTB were probably using for the Aurora shootings...the Batman comic from 1986, Arnold Crump? Crump commits the act after listening to Stairway To Heaven (Led Zep/Crowley connection) repeatedly and finding a backwards message, that makes him shoot 3 cinema goers...At Holmes' address the reports said that a music tune was left on repeat, not Led Zep of course, but a techno track...I find the similarity interesting. Hoffman contends that TPTB (aka cryptocracy) often will accompany their crimes with 'virtual scripts'...jsut a mention in case it was missed. Holmes (or whoever they have in custody) was no doubt a 'mind controlled' asset using the typical MO as outlined in McGowan's Programmed To Kill etc...I am open to idea that he's been patsied too etc.

    1. It is a unwell as well as dreadful accounts of the homicidal function. You can find accounts how the Federal bureau of investigation could be active in the killing of the twelve individuals and also the education with this fantastic to the stage which he has been admit the actual crisis doorway from the theatre. With the weapon products he'd upon, it's impossible he probably would not have got obtained inside from the ticket office.

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  26. At the closing ceremony they had Churchill (druid) being ejaculated out of the tip of Big Ben (penis/bell end) and quoting Shakespeare's (shaking your spear, sexual innuendo) The Tempest, yes Prospero...who is no doubt, modelled on John Dee. The only thing missing was putting the Big Ben phallus through the Eye, for a total sex-magick payoff, perhaps you're aware of sodomy & sex-magick. John Dee & Edward Kelley utilised the Enochian Tablets (magick) and I think the source was Rabbi Loew of Prague(he of Golem fame)...kabbalists the lot of them. Re: Bacon, there is a school of thought on Bacon that he was the illegitamate son of Isis/Elizabeth I...and of course the well known tale that he wrote Shakespeare's plays...which are imo, crammed full of cyphers....Bacon's main cypher being 33. The red hair aspect crops up a lot in the research of ancient times...the Phoenicians (canaanites, cain, sons of cain masons) were the red-headed race and probably also the bluebloods too...which would tie-in very nicely with the Phoenix rebirth party that we've just witnessed at the closing ceremony. The Phoenicians were skilled mariners and hence their ability to dominate, very much like the British who were able to defeat the Spanish Armada under Isis/Elizabeth I, some even claim that it was Dee's magick that caused the bad weather that assisted in the victory! (now check the dee/kelley & hubbard/parsons 'magickal working' comparison and note the instance of weather and boats and also what happened to each seer's wife...a real WTF moment!!!)

    "The Armada was delayed by bad weather, forcing the four galleys and one of the galleons to leave the fleet, and was not sighted in England until 19 July, when it appeared off The Lizard in Cornwall."

  27. Not wanting to take this off-topic but I think we both know what is going on to some degree and how it all overlaps...they've got their fingers in so many pies etc.

    "Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian self-admitted perpetrator of the July 22, 2011 bombing and massacre in Norway, wrote a manifesto in which large chunks of text were copied and pasted from the manifesto of Kaczynski, with certain terms substituted (e.g. replacing "leftists" with "cultural Marxists" and "multiculturalists")." source wikipedia

    It's possible (probable more like!) with Kaczynski that he was a pharmakos (scapegoat) for the larger ritual being played out and he was apparently picked-up in and around this location...The Scapegoat, at Lincoln, Montana, the Scapegoat Wilderness and the Scapegoat Eatery. I expect that in your own research you've probably come across 'ironic like' synchronicities within the sphere of certain cases...personally I think TPTB or the 'cryptocracy' (or whatever we want to name them) have a very sick sense of humour...although I appreciate sometimes there are random coincidences. The other aspect I wanted to mention with Ted was that he was picked-up due to his own brother, who tipped off the authorities after claiming he recognised Ted's writing in the manifesto...Ted's brother has been rumoured to have intelligence links, perhaps CIA or whatever. Anyway just thought I'd mention it...becuase the MO in all these things seems very similar etc and Holmes & Kaczynski seem to be cut from the same cloth.

  28. There's also another James your forgot to mention. James Paul McCartney, who sang "Hey Jude" (Hey Jew? - Isreal? I mean, just listen to the lyrics "take a sad song, and make it better") at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies!

  29. how do you get "hypnotizer" when there is no zed in set, isis, osiris or nephthys?

    1. The US spelling is "hypnotizer", the English spelling is "Hypnotiser". Now corrected and explained.


    If we are rendered powerless, what else can we do to confront the tyrants?

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”.
    ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

    “In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”.
    ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956.


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