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The Bells, the Shells and the Santiago Compostela

The Bells, the Shells and the Santiago Compostela
3 Scalloped shells, the emblem of St. James

An update has been added to the end of this blog 25/07/2013
Over this last year I have been researching the British Royals, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Prince William and the London 2012 Olympics, and how they are all inter-connected. A few weeks ago I stumbled on something through this research, at first I felt I had got totally side tracked, but as it turned out the distraction actually fitted in to the project I was already working on.

I will begin with what led to me to this discovery. When Prince William turned 18 he had his own Royal Coat of Arms drawn up, like all top British Royals, it has the lion, the unicorn, harp etc. However he apparently insisted that the crest of his Mothers family be added to it. The Spencer family crest includes 3 escallops, Diana before, during and after her marriage to Charles had the 3 escallops on her respective coats of arms.
William had an extra one added to his, he has 4. Four is the number of the God energy.

Prince William's Coat of Arms, with the 4 shells and 6 pearls.

“Mr Peter Gwynn-Jones, Garter Principal King of Arms, who is the senior herald and responsible for all matters of Royal Heraldry, said at the time of Prince William’s eighteenth birthday "It is a welcome innovation to incorporate maternal symbols into the Royal Family's arms and it is something that Prince William and his family wanted to do. In the fullness of time, Prince William's Arms will change, as The Prince of Wales's shall, but a precedent has been set here that others in the Royal Family may well follow". He went on to say that "Three escallops were added to the ancient Despencer arms when they were adopted by the Spencer family, in the latter part of the sixteenth century".
As to the escallop's symbolism, Garter said, "There are references to the escallop being worn by pilgrims to the shrine of St James of Compostella, in Santiago, during the twelfth century. It was a popular symbol among mediaeval pilgrims and inevitably became a favoured 'charge' in heraldry". Link
Notice how Peter skilfully side steps the fact that the Despencers were not actually related to the Spencer's, and they adopted the Despencer arms fraudulently to make it appear as if they were from an aristocratic bloodline.

Advertisement for the Jubilee flotilla, complete with big serpent in the back round!
Eight bells have been commissioned for the Queens diamond jubilee; they will travel up the Thames on a specially built barge with a belfry on the 3rd of June 2012 as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The flotilla that it will be part of, will be one of the main events of the jubilee celebrations. Incidentally, Princess Diana’s last official engagement was also June 3, 1997. It was a Royal Gala performance of Swan Lake, the engagement was reported at the time, notable because of an exquisite pearl necklace which Diana wore. This was the one and only piece of Jewellery that Diana ever designed and commissioned herself, and it was made by the Royal jewellers Garrads. After the engagement she left it back to Garrads to have matching earrings made. She was killed before the completed set was returned to her, as she had not yet paid for them, Garrads sold them, they are officially known as “The Diana Princess of Wales Swan Lake Suite”. To date, this is the only jewellery worn by Diana which has been sold.
The necklace featured 5 pearls, at Diana’s inquest it was recorded that 6 pearls were found in the Mercedes, the matching necklace and earrings which she never got to see boasted 7 pearls. Prince Williams coat of Arms has 6 pearls.

 18 days after the flotilla has symbolically made its way up the Thames, from Wands-Worth, past Auld-Witch and onto Green-Witch, William will celebrate his 30th birthday on the 21st June.

The “Shell” logo is one of the most recognisable logos of the 20/21st centuries. Surprisingly it was also adapted from the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela!  Shell’s own web site says that the symbol was adopted in 1904 because a Mr Graham who imported Shell oil, and sold it under his then trading name “Graham Oil”,  suggested the symbol, as the shell, or pectin as it is also known, featured on his families coat of arms. Graham went on to become a director of Shell oil, then known as “The Shell Transport and Trading Company”. The shell appeared on his family Arms because a member of his family had made the pilgrimage to Santiago Compostela in Northern Spain. Link

Santiago de Compostela
Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain
There are three main sites of Pilgrimage in the Christian Church, one The Basilica of saint Peter’s in Rome, The Holy Land (Jerusalem) and the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain.
Santiago translated is Saint James/Jacob, and Compostela is “Field of Stars”. It is the third largest shrine, and has since its inception in the 800’s attracted millions of Pilgrims. James is the English translation of Jacob, which comes from the Hebrew Yak’ov. The James in St James is said to be the disciple of Jesus, but the most famous James in the Bible is Jacob, later known as Is-Ra-EL, and the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. London is awash with buildings, palaces, churches etc all dedicated to James/Jacob/ISRAEL! “And we will build Jerusalem, in England’s Green and pleasant land” William Blake. It is also worth mentioning the “ZION” logo of the London 2012 Olympics.

The cult of Santiago is one of the greatest examples I have ever come across, of Roman deception for political and spiritual control of the people.
The tale begins in 44AD in Jerusalem when apparently James the disciple was killed by King Herod Agrippa. Pontius Pilate was the Roman Prefect of Jerusalem from 26AD to 36AD. The Romans were if nothing else meticulous record keepers and Pilots time there is well documented. However there is no record of him ordering the death of a man called Jesus/Yeshua or whatever you want to call him. Christians however believe that Pilot was responsible. His tenure as Prefect was a troubled one, as there was much opposition from the Jews to Roman rule. He was eventually removed.

In 39Ad the Emperor Caius came to power and made Herod Agrippa King
By 41AD Claudius had become Emperor of Rome, and he gave Agrippa the further territories of Judea and Samaria as a thank you for helping him become Emperor.
A time of relative peace followed in Judea, Agrippa was a well respected King, he embarked on great building projects and treated the people well. Between Agrippa and the wise council of Claudius Judea prospered.
This peace was short lived, as Agrippa died during a public festival while visiting Caesarea at the base of Mount Hemon. According to Josephus an owl appeared to the King to announce his death (Moleck/Baal). He died in 44AD and was 44 years old.

Now according to the Christian Bible, this was also the year that he imprisoned Peter and Killed James! The martyrdom of James is the only Christian martyrdom recorded in the Bible. Other than the bible there is no documentation of these events.
There is no more mention anywhere of James until the 800’s when his body mysteriously showed up at Santiago Compostela! This incredulous happening occurred apparently on July 25 813, and July 25 is the Feast day of St James.

Now, you know how many who follow religions, when you question them they tell you “You need faith”? Well…..anyone who believes any of the tales about how James remains got to Santiago would also need a lobotomy to go with the faith!
Santiago de Compostela is marked on the left, and Jerusalem is on the right.....
Just so you know the geography before hearing how James body made its way to Spain

Myth 1.  After James died his body was taken to the Iberian Penninsula by his disciples. Off the coast of Spain a heavy storm hit the ship and the body was lost to the ocean. After some time it was washed ashore completely undamaged and covered in seashells!!!!!!!!
Most odd considering he was apparently beheaded by Agrippa!

Myth 2. After his death he was mysteriously transported by a ship with no crew to the Iberian Peninsula (no witnesses a better way of putting it, lol), as the crew-less ship approached land a wedding was taking place, the young groom was on horseback, and when the horse seen the ship he got spooked, horse and rider plunged into the sea. Through miraculous intervention….the horse and rider emerged from the sea unscathed covered in seashells!

Myth 3. James had travelled to the Iberian Peninsula before his death and brought Christianity to the area; he then returned to Jerusalem, was killed and somehow turned up back in Santiago where he was enshrined. Due to Roman persecution however the early Spanish Christians were forced to abandon the shrine, and with de-population in the area following the Fall of the Roman Empire the location of the shrine was forgotten. As the legend goes some time in around 813AD or 838AD, a Hermit named Pelagius, led by a beckoning star and celestial music discovered the buried relics!
There is no evidence that James ever visited the Peninsula, and Im not even going to go there with the Hermit!

Myth 4. The Bishop of Iria in Galicia, Theodemar discovered the tomb in Compostela, sometime between 818 and 842

Myth 5. In 813 a Shepard was watching his flock by night and seen a bright star, he followed it and it took him to the burial sight in Santiago de Compostela. He quickly reported it to the Bishop of Iria, Bishop Theodomiro. The bishop declared at once that it was the remains of the Apostle James and notified King Alfonso II in Oviedo.

Its not hard to see how these Medieval peasants fell for this scam, with so many of the ruling elite all in on the conspiracy to deceive them! Some things never change!

Santiago is in the Northwest corner of Spain in an area called Galicia. It is not far from the Atlantic Coast and the Romans who were in the area from the early 400’s (possibly earlier), called the Western most tip Finisterre, which literally translates from Latin as “End of the world” or “Lands End”.
 The entire pilgrimage to Santiago echoes the ancient Celtic “Death Journey”. The Atlantic is named after the lost continent of Atlantis, the pilgrims headed West to Santiago, in the direction of the setting sun, to the end of the world, and the vast Atlantic Ocean. They travelled on a road translated as the Milky Way, through the field of stars, and onward to the “coast of death” (Costa da Morte), and the Sea of darkness, this was in a time long before the Americas had been discovered, and so no one knew that there was land at the other side of this ocean. Every night the sun would descend into the dark abyss of the Atlantic…death….then re-birth and resurrection again in the morning from the east.

By the 4th century AD Constantine had invented and implemented the Christian religion. The entire Area under Roman control was ordered to abandon whatever beliefs they had and become Christians. This was enforced with military precision, and long after the Roman Empire appeared to fall, it was still being ruled by the Roman Church. It is recorded that in the 4th century AD there was a Roman burial ground at the site where the Cathedral now stands. The road to Santiago is referred to as “The Milky Way”, the Spanish translation is “El Comino de Santiago”.
James is often referred to as “The Son of Thunder”, supposedly because of his bad temper, coincidence Im sure, but before there was a Christian Church on the site there was a Temple to Jupiter…The God of Thunder!

When the Romans imposed Christianity on the masses, they built grand Cathedrals to the new Christian icons, however they filled them with symbols of existing Gods and Goddesses. With connecting James to myths concerning the sea and shells, they got to incorporate shells, which are symbolic of the sun and the goddess Aphrodite. The shell of course also looks like the setting sun and the female mons pubis.

When the relics were discovered in the 800’s Romans were losing control of northern Spain to the Muslim Moors. The Spin doctors back at HQ set about propagating the invented myths, they even hired story tellers to travel far and wide to spread the word, and this is an historical fact. Pilgrims were big business in those times.
Further inventions about James had him appearing on a white horse to fight the Moors in 844AD; he appeared to Charlemagne in a dream, urging him to liberate his tomb from the Moors, and showing him the direction to follow by the route of the Milky Way. 

The Egyptians viewed the celestial Milky Way as the great heavenly river, so James appearing from the sea and his body ending up in the field of stars in the Milky Way, all added to the deeper esoteric meanings. The hierarchy then as now would have understood these things; the poor blind sheep were just cajoled into paying homage to the whole thing having little clue what the real meaning was.
Great miracles were reported and backed up by the Bishops and Popes, news spread throughout Europe and beyond. The first church was built in 829AD by the 1100’s it had become the centre of the greatest pilgrimage in Medieval Europe!

Left: The cross of St James featuring the 8 pointed star of Isis, the challis, symbolic of the female womb, the fluer de les symbolic of the demonic Goddess Lilith, and the crown with pearls.

The pilgrimage route to Santiago

 The success in their promotion of this sight also meant a surge of Christians to the area, which helped in their battles with the Muslim Moors. By 1170 the Knights of the Order of Saint James had been formed to protect travellers on the pilgrimage.

“To be received as a knight of Santiago, it was necessary to prove nobility of blood for four generations on the paternal as well as maternal sides. The postulant could not have any ancestors who were Jewish, Saracen or heretical, or had been condemned by the Tribunal of the Inquisition. These proofs were presented before a canon and a knight of the Order” .Link

Odd that Jews were not allowed considering their Jesus was Jewish! This order still exists today, and is reported to have 35 Knights and 30 Novices. Noble birth is still a necessity to be enrolled.

The Benedictines built monasteries and hostels to host the pilgrims along the main pilgrim routes, Europe’s first tourist industry sprang from these pilgrim routes and all manner of businesses were created to serve the pilgrims. Not lest the sale of shells! The pilgrims wore shells so as others would know they were pilgrims, and the hostels and other places that served the pilgrims displayed shells to attract the pilgrims. Anyone displaying the shell may have got discount, or even a free meal.
The pilgrims carried a card throughout their pilgrimage, and got it stamped at the churches in the towns they passed through as evidence they had made the pilgrimage. St James at Garlickhythe was one such Church that stamped the pilgrims card. The emblem of St James Church is the shell, and the 8 bells which have been commissioned for the Queen’s Diamond jubilee will be housed in St James, this is what set me off on the journey to find the meaning of the shells and bells.

The card which the pilgrim gets stamped as proof of their journey.

While most came as true believers, many were forced to go as a stipulation of an inheritance, an alternative to prison or for pennants. Many couples who could not conceive made the pilgrimage as it was associated with fertility. (more on this later when the esoteric meaning of the shell is covered).

From the apparent discovery of the relics the Bishops and Pontiffs propagated the myth as if it were fact, in November 1884 Pope Leo XIII issued a papal Bull authenticating the relics. The basilica of St SATURNin in Toulouse also claimed to have the relics; the church passed this off explaining that the remains may have been separated at a time, and agreed both churches had the relics!
St Saturnin is supposedly named after a Bishop sent from Rome to convert the people of Toulouse, they murdered him, using a bull (Baal) of all things, who ripped his head off allegedly. The Cathedral was later built and named after him. It no longer claims to have the relics, normally when I examine these cathedrals Im looking for symbols to see what Gods and Goddess they are really dedicated too, but the name says it all with this one. While looking at this Cathedral, I stumbled on something of interest. Bear in mind that this Basilica was also on the pilgrim’s route.

Tolouse, home of the Basilique St. SATURNila, which just happens to form a perfect pyramid, the other
 points being the Ozar Hatorah Jewish School, and the spot where Mohamed Merah was killed. It has since transpired that he worked for French Intelligence! Link

Santiago de Compostela
 The Obraddoiro fa├žade of the cathedral is depicted on the Spanish 1 cent and 2 Euro coins. James was made the patron Saint of Spain.
 Of the three most holy sights for Pilgrimage in Christianity, the Santiago Compostela in Spain is built on the sight of an earlier temple to Jupiter, which was a cemetery before that, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was formerly a temple to the Goddess Venus (Greek equivalent Aphrodite), built by the Emperor Hadrian, and Peters basilica is also built on top of a cemetery. Link Vatican
 When the Crusades began in 1096 Knights volunteered to help Spain fight her Muslim conquerors, and they were excused from Jerusalem campaigns, liberation from the Moors was eventually secured in 1492, Ferdinand and Isabella  of Spain celebrated their final victory by bringing “offerings” to Santiago Compostella. And so the purely fictional St James, the invention of the catholic churches imagination, helped in securing Northern Spain for the Church of Rome.

The scalloped shell became the emblem of the pilgrimage, the pilgrims, Santiago Compostela, The Church of St James in Garlickhythe and anything else associated with James.  Many of the European Nobles adopted the shell onto their coats of arms, the Spencer’s added three shells to their arms in 1595.

The Esoteric meaning of the Shell

Aphrodite bedecked in pearls
The Shell as a symbol is most commonly associated with the Goddess Aphrodite whose Roman equivalent is Venus. Pearls of course come from shells, and Aphrodite/Venus is often depicted wearing pearls. The wide spread use of the shell emblem by the so called “blue bloods”, aristocrats and big business, has got Diddley Twat to do with an imaginary Saint or pilgrims, it is symbolic of them being “bloodline”! Before the advent of Christianity they used overt sexual symbolism, dating back to the ancients, however their new religion demonised sex, this was no accident, it meant the sacred nature of the sexual union became perverted and sordid. The down side for them was that they had to invent more covert methods to present symbols of the male phallus and female genitalia. The word “Yoni” in Sanskrit not only means female genitalia, it also means the point of all creation, and from ancient times the phallic symbols were deemed most sacred. In human anatomy the mons pubis, Latin for pubic mound, is also known as the mons veneris, which is Latin for Mound of Venus. The Romans throughout history bastardised other cultures belief systems, their Venus evolved from the Greek Aphrodite.

A scallop, the little black dots are its eyes.

Scallops have up to a hundred eyes, probably another reason why the elite are so fond of using the shell motive, as their favourite symbol is the eye, most commonly believed to be from the eye of the Egyptian Sun God Horus, although it could also be from the “Watchers”, which is just one of the names for the Fallen Angels. Their eyes are reflectors, which can only see light or dark, they can reflect moving objects as they pass successive eyes.

Myth records that Uranus, (Caelos in Roman), who had no parents but was born out of the chaos of the Universe, created Law and Order. Incidentally, the motto of the Masons is “Order out of Chaos”. Uranus was the Father of Cronus (Saturn in Roman), and as is common in myth, the son overthrows the Father to become the supreme deity. Cronus/Saturn castrated Uranus and threw his genitals into the sea. It is said that the blood formed white foam, and Aphrodite was born of the foam, and was carried to the shore on a giant shell. A lesser repeated myth states that it was the sperm from his testes that formed the foam. In Sumerian the word “ab” was used for water and semen, water was seen as the semen of the Gods, so the same word was used for both.
Cronus (Saturn) was Father of Zeus (Jupiter in Roman), and Poseidon (Neptune in Roman. In time Zeus/Jupiter , overthrew his Father to become the primary Greek God.

Botticelli's Venus, the Roman equivalent of Aphrodite

Aphrodite was both aunt and lover of Poseidon, in fact Aphrodite, famed for her beauty was a bit of a girl, and had sex with more men, mortal and immortal than you could shake a stick at. She is actually the Patron Saint of Prostitutes. The word “aphrodisiac” comes from Aphrodite, and scallops which come from shells are an Aphrodisiac. This is not just because of nutritional properties of the scallop which may make one more amorous; it also comes from the image of the scallop, and its similarity to the female vulva. Many authors when documenting these myths avoid the obvious sexual associations with the myths, but in order to understand why the shell and pearls are so commonly used by the elite, it is important that I outline the sexual connotations associated.

This statue is of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and it is housed in the cathedral Santiago Compostella. The Virgin Mary is of course just their most recent Goddess incarnation; (invention may be a better word). The Princess Diana may well replace the Blessed Mother in the 21st century Goddess stakes, I believe William will be promoted by the shadowy elite as some kind of Messiah avatar, and naturally the Messiah has to come from the Goddess. Diana was frequently photographed in pearls, and was very often wearing blue when she wore them, this again reinforces the “Goddess” programming. Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea, and in the case of Aphrodite she came from the sea the child of Uranus in the sky.
This statue of Mary is the most incredulous depiction of her that I have ever came across, note the Vulva shaped arch surrounding her, the child’s head at her feet, presumably having just came from her womb, and under the child’s head, the two are on top of a reptilian creature of some kind. I am not sure what this creature is, it looks like a snake, but it has legs, it could be some kind of lizard, but it really does not look like a lizard either, the only thing I can say for certain is that it is reptilian. I wonder how they explained this bizarre statue to the devoted with its obvious female and reptilian composition.
If you do a Google images search of “Princess Diana/Queen Elizabeth/Queen Mother Pearls”, you will find that in at least 8/10 occasions 

when they wore pearls, they wore blue.
From pagan times the shell was a symbol of fertility and was used in fertility rituals, this tradition was carried onto the pilgrimage to Santiago, and couples often made the pilgrimage so as to conceive, as mentioned previously the shell was worn by the pilgrims. It is also a symbol of baptism and a shell is often used in the Church to carry the water (ab, semen) which is then poured over the child’s head, given that the oysters and scallops that come from shells looks like the female sex organs, 

the allegory here needs no explanation. John the Baptist is often depicted baptising Jesus using a scalloped shell.
The female genitalia (left) and the shell, oyster and pearl.(right) The pearl is symbolic of the female clitoris, its fleshy bed the vulva.

The Sacred Virgin!

In Tahiti the black pearl was only worn by Royalty, it was referred to as the “Pearl of Queens and the Queen of pearls”. Prince Charles gave Diana a set of black and white pearls. Near all the ancient myths from the four corners of the world relate pearls to the moon and Moon Goddess. Near all myths also associate pearls with tears, an ancient myth from Ceylon (present day Sri Lanka) relates white pearls to the tears of Eve, and black pearls to the tears of Adam, the black pearls being rarer as men do not cry as often as women.
Pearls are the only gems that are nurtured by a living animal, and birthed out of water, which is probably why the ancients held them in such reverence, and created so many myths around them. The whole pearl represented the virgin, and the pierced pearl the female who had been penetrated.
The ancient Chinese believed that the black pearl was created in the brain of the dragon, and fell from the sky when dragons fought, thus the human quest for “pearls of wisdom” required the arduous process of slaying the dragon. Link, Myths about pearls.

Left is the Celtic Sheela na gig, emphasising the female genitalia. These were often used to ward of evil, as it was thought that the sight of the sacred feminine would scare of demons.

Diana and the 6 Pearls
At the inquest of Diana Princess of Wales, it was recorded that 6 pearls were found in the Mercedes she was travelling the night she was murdered (sacrificed). I carefully examined all footage of her in the Ritz before her death, and she was not wearing pearls that night. I spent and endless amount of time trying to find more information on these mysterious 6 pearls, but other than that one mention at the inquest, there is nothing about them on the net. The one mention that exists did not say a pearl bracelet, necklace; earrings….it said 6 pearls, suggesting they were separate, and not part of an item of jewellery.
The Newspaper clip which mentions the 6 pearls.

As Mother of their new Messiah I believe they have endeavoured to present Diana as some kind of Madonna. And they have linked her to many of the ancient Goddesses.  Her official perfume is ISIS, the Egyptian primary Goddess, a huge statue of ISIS in bird form over looks her official Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park. Over the millennia Isis morphed into many other Goddesses, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus, to name but a few. When they attempt to present us with another Goddess icon, they often take aspects of past Goddesses and wrap them into their current one.
I would assume that Diana liked pearls, as she was so often seen wearing them, on her 18th birthday the Spencer family gave her a pearl choker which she was often seen wearing, she famously had a white gown covered from top to bottom in pearls, and at her wedding all the senior female Royals wore blue with pearl necklaces, her wedding gown 

Lady Diana Spencer Arms from before her
marriage, with the 3 shells added in 1595.
The rest of this arms is actually the arms of
the Medieval Despencer family. No connection
what so ever to the Spencer's. 
had a thousand pearls sewn in. Some may think that this is a bizarre set of coincidences, but it is not, it is predictive programming, on a sub conscious level we register thousands of things a second that the conscious mind does not see, the female vulva is the most sacred aspect of the Goddess, and as demonstrated above the shell, oyster and pearl are all symbolic of the sacred feminine. Our sub conscious mind recognises these symbols, and our thinking is altered on various topics, without us ever giving it a conscious though. Believe me it is no accident that the Royal women so frequently wear pearls, it is to influence our subliminal thinking, and have us recognise them as Divine. This they constantly reinforce because if the masses were to really waken up they would recognise that these people have no more divine right to rule than you me or anyone.

Diana & Charles's wedding, all the senior Royal females wore blue and pearls. Even the men are wearing blue ties, ties is the modern replacement for sashes, blue represents "Blue Blood". Red ties also denote bloodline.

The Royals do not eat shell fish, the reason given for this is fear of food poisoning, I have no idea what the real reason is, but I do not buy the food poisoning excuse. Diana however did eat shell fish, and was said to enjoy it.

Link Pictures of Diana wearing pearls.
Link "Preparing the way for the Messiah", My blog examining how we have been manipulated into believing Prince William is some kind of "Messiah" figure.

Diana’s last official engagement before her death was on the 3 June 1997, exactly 15 years to the day, previous to the Royal jubilee flotilla! This engagement was reported in the press at the time, and the main point of interest about the engagement was the stunning 5 pearl necklace which she was wearing!
The necklace was designed by the Royal Crown Jewellers Gerrard with Diana’s assistance, and after the engagement she returned it so as to have matching earrings made to go with it. She died before they were finished and so never got to wear the complete set. So we have her wearing 5 pearls on her last engagement, 6 pearls found in the Mercedes after her death, and the 7 pearls that she never got to wear!
And here is the best bit! Her last engagement was the Royal Gala performance of Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall! Of course in show business the “Swan Song” is the last performance of an artist! The necklace and earrings subsequently became known officially as “Diana Princess of Wales Swan Lake suite”! They were sold to a private collector, who auctioned them on December 16, 1997.
On her last engagement she wore a blue gown, again associated with the Goddess, the sky and sea is blue.
Link The princess Diana Swan Lake suite
"You can check out any time you like.....
But you can never leave"!
The auction was scheduled for December 16, 1999, interestingly on November 23, 1999 a West coast auction preview was held at the Beverley Hills Hotel in California. Does that hotel sound familiar to you? It did to me, a quick Google search revealed it was the Hotel that featured on the cover of the Eagles “Hotel California” LP!

“Her mind is Tiffany twisted, she got a Mercedes Bends, she got a lot of pretty pretty boys, that she calls friends”.
Anyone familiar with the MK Ultra mind control programmes will understand the significance of the Diana's pearls being taken here.They were purchased by a James McIngvale, who earlier in 1999 purchased Elvis’s favourite car, a 1956 MK 2 Lincoln Continental!

Diana is said to come from the Merovingian line, (there is not one jot of evidence to support this, but that is what they want us to believe). Merovee the founder of the Merovingian dynasty said that his Mother was raped by the sea monster Poseidon, he was the result of this encounter, and he claimed divine ancestry to the Gods through his Father the sea God Poseidon.
As Christianity swept through Europe, the Merovingian’s decided it might be more advantageous to come from the bloodline of the Hebrew Messianic King David, and accordingly changed their linage, and buried the Poseidon fairytale. They then feigned conversion to Christianity, and helped the Roman Church enforce it on the masses. It was enforced with military precision, and dissenters were killed as heretics, witches or blasphemers. It was under the Roman Emperor Constantine that Christianity was inflicted on the population of the Roman Empire, he like the Merovingian’s however continued with his Pagan belief system. Christian apologists when you point this out to them come back with the retort “Oh but he converted on his death bed”!!!! Yeah right, of course he did…now go along and get back in the sheep pen with the rest!
Update 10/08/2012: I have just been sent this, it is aLINK to a book called "The Mysteries of Isis". On page 44 they say that the shrine of Isis in Spain has 6 pearls. So again Spain ties in. Diana's official perfume was Isis, and a statue of Isis over looks her memorial in Hyde Park. 
I think this may be predictive programming, associating Diana with the Goddess, mother of the God Horus.

The 8 Bells
Official Diamond jubilee emblem.
Would you say that looked like a shell?
On SUNday 3rd June the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Flotilla will make its way down the Thames. (formerly known as the River Isis). It consists of a 1000 vessels, and millions of spectators are expected to line the route. Nothing these people do is by accident, everything is ritualistic, and everything has great symbolic and esoteric meaning. These rituals are planned as ceremonies to their Gods, and they believe that these rituals will if favoured by their Gods, will bring about success in whatever endeavour the ritual is for.

Between the Jubilee celebration and the Olympics, the entire United Kingdom will be subject to the most incredulous rituals this year. I believe that these rituals are to bring about success in two separate endeavours, one being to somehow catapult prince William into Messiah-hood, and secondly to bring about World War III!

Bellona the Goddess of war. 
The Shamrock is another covert male
symbol. The 2 lower leaves the testes, 
the top leave the penis. Note where they
Have placed the shamrock in this depiction
BELL-ONA is the Roman Goddess of war, she was both sister and consort to Mars the God of war, her festival is celebrated 
All Senate meetings in Rome relating to war were conducted in the Templum Bellonae. (Temple of Bellona)
She is most commonly depicted wearing a helmet, just like the Goddess Britannia, who will no doubt be featured in the flotilla. She has also been depicted with a torch, which is one of the primary symbols of the Olympics, a sword or a spear. On MOONday 4th June beacons (big torches) will be lit across the UK to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. Also on the 4th June a huge concert has been planned to be held at the Victoria memorial in front of Buckingham Palace, with the Goddess of Victory centre stage of the memorial. 
So we have war being celebrated on the SUNday and Victory on the MOONday.
The name Bellona is derived from the Latin word for war “Bellum”, and is directly related to the modern English word “bell-igerent”, war waging. She was known previously as “Duel-lona”, an ancient word for Battle.
In Shakespeare’s Macbeth the Thane of Ross refers to Macbeth as “Bellona’s Bridegroom”, when he has been introduced as a violent and brave warrior.
During the eighteenth and nineteenth century’s mock temples of Bellona became a popular feature in many landscape English Gardens. In 1760 a Temple of Bellona was erected in Kew gardens, it contains plaques which honour those that served in the seven year wars of 1757-1764.
On the 18 April, to mark the 100 day countdown to the Olympics, the 5 Olympic rings, planted in flowers were unveiled in KEW GARDENS, which also has a Temple of Bellona LINK

The first of the Queen's 8 bells being cast at
the Whitechapel foundry.
The eight new bells being cast for the Flotilla are being cast at the WhiteChapel foundry, the same foundry have been given the contract for the 27 ton bell for the opening of the Olympics, although it will be cast in Holland.

That makes 9 new bells in all coming to London this summer. 
The Whitechapel Bell foundry is on the Whitechapel Road, in Roman times this Road was called "Virginal Way", and was flanked either side by Roman burial grounds. As Bell comes from "Baal", and virgins were sacrificed to Baal, this would have been a perfect site for the bell foundry.
 (Maps further down the blog in St James section)
In the Church of Satan every ceremony begins with a bell being rang 9 times. The purpose of this is to separate the mundane reality from the ritual space, purifying the air and opening the gates of hell to usher in the demonic entity. The greatest magick is worked when the setting is complete with things symbolic of the purpose of the ritual!
Say for instance you want to start WW3, then you would incorporate the Goddess of war, guns, military paraphernalia and military personnel, all of which will form part of the Jubilee flotilla!  Link
The ceremony ends with the bell being rang a further 9 times.
Extract from a Church of Satan service:
“LaVey picks up a large brass BELL, waves it over the alter to sanctify it, and slowly revolves counter-clockwise before his followers. He rings the bell 9 times….Satans number”
Hail Satan is chanted 9 times, and at the end of the ceremony the bell is rang a further 9 times.

In the novel by Sayers “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, the title was taken from a custom which was in place before telephones and instant communications. In days gone by church bells were used to notify the parish, and surrounding Parishes of a death in the community. If a man died the bell would toll 9 times, followed by a pause then a stroke of each year of the persons life. If a female died there would be 6 tolls, again followed by the age. The number nine is the number of death, 6 of course is a nine inverted.
The very word “Bell” derives from the God Baal worshipped by the Hitities, Canaanites and Phoenicians. This ancient God who demanded human sacrifices, namely children, was worshipped from antiquity all over the globe, and went by many names, Bel, El, Bal, Bael, Molech, El as in Elohim, Elite, IsraEL. Christians called the Devil Baal, yet every Sunday rang bells in their churches that were named after him! Baal can be depicted as a golden lion, the symbol of the UK, so the flotilla will no doubt also pay homage to Baal.
The original "Green Man" Osiris
The Bel-tane festival is still celebrated by Pagans starting on the eve of Beltane which is May 1st.  The May Queen and the Green Man lead the ritual, which marks the beginning of Summer. I’m sure we have all heard of “The Little Green Men” of Mars, before his current association with war, he was the God of Flora and Fauna, like the God Pan. Pan was half man half goat, depicted as green and was also the God of flora and fauna. The "Green Man" has most likely evolved from the Egyptian God Osiris, the God of the Underworld, who was the original Green Man. Osiris's evil brother Set chopped him up, his wife Isis magically put him back together, but he was minus a penis, so she fashioned a big golden one, and with it it conceived the Sun God Horus. Obelisks and all tall towering structures when used by the elite represent the penis of Osirus, this is also where the "May Pole" evolved from.
To most of the people who follow Pagan beliefs these rituals seem harmless to all who part-take, but believe me, at the very highest echelons these rituals are acted out and people (mainly Children) are sacrificed to Baal.
Moleck is also Baal, and is represented by an owl, the most famous place today for the worship of Moleck is Bohemian Grove in the USA.  This year as part of the Jubilee/Olympic celebrations, Monty Python star Terry Jones and Full Monty composer Anne Dudley will create a floating Opera, of “The Owl and the Pussycat”, this showpiece will then be sailed around London’s Canals! So if the nine bells were not enough the Capital will be subjected to a bloody great owl floating around the City! It is said that before sacrifices to the demonic entity Lilith are made, an Owl statue is placed where the sacrifice is to be made. Lilith was the Goddess of night and all things which are evil, she was said to take children, and she was feared by the ancients going back to Babylon, Sumeria and later Israel. Many sources, including the bible compare her to the owl. So if an owl marks the spot where the sacrifices are to be made, I would be interested to know where exactly this floating "Owl and the Pussycat" opera will be staged. As yet no details have been given, other than that it will be staged during the Olympics.

The opening ceremony of the Olympics will have a Shakespearian theme, and the bell will be inscribed with the words “Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises”, taken from Shakespear’s “The Tempest”. The British Isles will sure be full of noises this summer with the clanging of these huge bells!
In the Tempest this line is spoken by Caliban, who is the offspring of the Witch Sycorax* and the Devil. He is a grotesque creature, part man, part beast and part fish. This could be an allegory for the genetic manipulation of mankind reputedly by the Anunnaki, it could also be connected to the Sea God Poseidon, part man part Sea Monster, and reputed Father of the Merovingian line, of which we are told William springs from.
*Sycorax is an anagram of “Scary Ox”. Baal is most commonly depicted as an Ox!
The Berlin Olympics of 1936 also featured a large bell; (9.6 tons) it was housed in a 77 metre high bell tower, at the Berlin Olympic Stadium. This picture was taken in the workshop where it was made. Odd that it is beside the dead Jesus! Did it summons the death of the Christ consciousness? Three years and one month after the Berlin Olympics WW2 had begun. To my knowledge, the Berlin 1936 games, and the London 2012 games are the only games that had very large bells cast for the occasion. 

The eight bells for the Jubilee will be rang the entire route of the flotilla, and the bells of the churches either side of the Thames will also be rang as a response as the bells pass by, as harmonics and vibrations effect us on many levels, this racket will be sure to effect everyone in the flotilla, and the spectators, maybe even the expected global audience of millions, as the whole debacle will be televised world wide.

Update 03/07/2012, they have now announced that the day the Olympics begin (Friday 27 July) bells across the UK will be rang loud and hard for 3 minutes.

"Friday 27 July 2012 will be no ordinary morning. At 8.12 AM on the first day of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, 'Work No.1197: All the bells in a country rung as quickly and as loudly as possible for three minutes' by Turner Prize-winning artist and musician Martin Creed, will be performed throughout the UK.
The nation is invited to ring thousands of bells at the same time, whether schools bells, church bells, town hall bells, bicycle bells or door bells.
To make this performance happen, the All the Bells team invites bell ringers and those interested in ringing bells to sign up and get involved in the performance, alongside thousands of people across the country.
By ringing any kind of bell – hand bell, church bell, bicycle bell, door bell – you will be part of the performance and involved in welcoming the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to the UK." LINK

St James at Garlickhythe
First let us look at the location of St James Church,, this is a Roman map of central London, dated around 190 AD. Saint Pauls was added at some time as a marker. Note also the road called "Virginal Way". Virginal as in vagina and virgin!
In this Roman map dated 190 AD, St Paul's has been added at some stage as a marker. Also the Thames embankment means the Thames is not as wide as it was in190 AD.
Virginal Way is now Whitechapel Road, which is where the bell foundry is which is making the bells for both the Jubilee and the Olympic bell.
Note there is a Roman graveyard either side of this road.

This is a map of Modern London, with the Roman sites added in red. Modern sites in blue. As you can see Roman Temples were just down from St Pauls. Currently this site is occupied by St James Church Garlickhythe.
In this image taken from Google Earth you can see the site of St James Garlickhythe, and the Whitechapel Road, formerly Virginal Way. As bell comes from Baal, and virgins were sacrificed to Baal, this would have been a perfect site for a Bell Foundry!
St James Church stands on a site formerly occupied by Roman Temples. Whitechapel Road has been highlighted in red. I will endeavour to find out what Roman Temples, but at this stage I would hazard a guess at Venus/Aphrodite given the shell emblem.

The James in St James is Brother of John son of Zebedee. In the year 44 AD he was martyred in Jerusalem. 4 is a number which repeats throughout my blogs, it is the numerical value of the New World Order, the number of the Anunnaki God Enki, the Hebrew God YHWH, and the God Mars. Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun, it has 4 digits and a Mars day is 40 mins longer than an Earth day. Prince William turns 30 on the 21st June, 44 days later is the 4th August. Blog on the number 4
The 8 Bells will be housed in St James church at Garlickhythe in the City of London.
James comes from the Latin Jacob, which derives from the Hebrew Ya’kov. In the Bible the most famous Jacob is the Grandson of AbRAHam and Sa-RAH*, who was deceitful and treacherous, and stole his Brother Esau’s inheritance. The God of the Hebrew’s however decided to gift Palestine, then the land of Canaan to Jacob, and renamed him Israel. He is allegedly the father of the 12 sons who went onto form the 12 tribes of Is-RAH-el.
*RAH the primary Egyptian Sun God, often symbolised with a golden sun burst, as the Shell logo demonstrates, a golden shell looks very similar to a golden sun burst. Aphrodite was said to have been carried ashore by a golden shell. As mentioned before Aphrodite is the patron Saint of Prostitutes, the Biblical SaRAH was also given to the odd bit of prostitution, and AbRAHam’s great wealth came from prostituting her out on at least two occasions. Incidentally, SaRAH was also AbRAHams sister!         
 Before travelling to the land of Canaan, Abraham and Sarah lived in Sumer. In ancient Sumeria “AB” is the word for both Semen and water, as water was deemed to be the semen of the Gods, so Abrahams name literally translates as Ab (semen) Rah (Egyptian Sun God) Am.

St James Garlickhythe
St James in Garlickhythe has a very long and very chequered history, so I will dilute. It is the Official Church of the British Intelligence Services. It was first built in 1100, burned down in the great fire of London in 1666, in 1676 the Foundation stone was laid for the current church, and it was re-opened in 1683.
Building of the steeple began 33 years later and was finished in 1715 at a cost of £7230.
In May 1914 a 500lb German HE bomb was dropped by a Zeppelin, and crashed through the roof of St. James, it buried itself in the South Isle during the London Blitz. It did not explode, and was taken to Hackney Marshes to be detonated. Once a year St James has a Bomb ceremony as a result! In 1953 repairs began, and the church was found to be infested with the Death watch beetle. It then closed for a further ten years, and was re-opened in 1963. Fast forward to 1991, and a crane being used to build the near by Vintners hall somehow collapsed, and the jib buried itself in the south wall. 

Emblem of St James, the phallic looking
things are supposed to be garlic! I hate to 

point out the obvious, but the under side of 
the shell represents the female genitalia
The garlic looks like the male penis and testes
entering the female genitals. Then just to crown 
it off we have horns coming from the shell! 
Again the Church was closed while the South wall was re-built. During this churches long history, it would seem it was closed for long periods at a time, given its prime location I’m wondering was there another reason for this,” secret services” perhaps, it is the official church of the Intelligence Services! Speculative I know, but worth mentioning.
The current church was designed by Sir Christopher Wren, and was known as “Wren’s Lantern” because of a profusion of light which streamed through its many windows. Most of the windows have now been bricked up.  It is a Church of England and is in the Vintry Ward of the City of London. It is the official church of 11 City Livery Companies.
The official Feast day of St James is the 25th July, which is 2+5=7  7/7, date of the London bombings.
In the late 1800’s the population of inner London began moving to the suburbs, meaning the Churches of the city were minus a congregation, many churches were demolished at this time, the ground sold, and the money made from the sales, used to build new churches in the suburbs. St James was saved, and even picked up some memorabilia from other churches that were demolished, namely the nearby Church of St Michael. A Sword and a Stuart Coat of Arms came to St James from St Michaels. Prince William of course comes from the Stuart line on Diana’s side. The church also boasts a lion and a unicorn statues, both of which feature on the coat of arms of the ruling monarch. The thing that sets Williams coat of arms apart from the other Royals, is the shell, and St James also boasts a number of shells, in fact its official symbol is a shell. The shell came to be part of the churches symbology because it is one of the churches associated with the pilgrimage to St James at Compostela in Sandiago Spain. St James was allegedly beheaded with a sword, so a sword is also a symbol associated with him, odd really; I wonder if he had been shot with an AK47 would they have used a gun as symbolic of him!
And so ends my investigations into the shells and bells, I realise it is an odd mix of information, and I expect I am the first to join all these dots. As the veils lift all their hidden meanings are being revealed, the next time you see a shell or bell… will be aware of all the hidden meaning.
Hope you enjoyed the read, and I will leave you with this one last picture
This may look like a big Masonic Brotherhood whoo-haa, but this is Lloyd's of London. Bankers who helped manipulate the global financial meltdown, who have made billions from wars.
The centre of their adoration in this picture is the Lutine bell/Baal, housed in the penis shaped tower with in the feminine vulva. The bell/Baal used to be rung once if a ship sunk, twice if it was safe. It is now rang twice a year, once on 9/11 and once on 11/11! Notice how the entire architecture is "V" shaped, "V" for victory, and "V" for the horns of Baal/Balphomet!
Sandra Barr
Update 08/06/2012
The Diamond Jubilee Flotilla has now been and gone, the Queen showed up bedecked in Pearls, not only had she a pearl necklace, her entire outfit was covered in pearls. She also wore her 8 pointed ,Star of Isis brooch, fitting considering that the Thames stems from what was known as the River Isis.
This is predictive programming to reinforce the idea she is off the Gods. Water, pearls, Aphrodite, symbols of Isis. Why cant people see these people for what they are, ordinary people, who have duped the masses into thinking they are divine. She is a very well looked after pensioner, who has spent her entire life living in wanton luxury, all financed by the people she claims to serve, in reality the masses serve her and her Germanic family of inbreeds and not the other way round.

The Saxe Corburg Gothas have parasitically lived off the British people, and the people of the Commonwealth for long enough. The abundance of the colour red was just another reminder that they are bloodline, the same bloodline that through trickery and deception, have ruled the planet for thousands of years.

Guys and St Thomas Hospital sits right on the banks of the Thames, patients and staff had a river side view of the spectacle, the BBC interviewed a mother in the maternity unit who had just given birth, three guesses what her baby was called.......You got it...SANTIAGO!

Now what would be the chances of a baby being born in London, right on the banks of the Thames, and given a Spanish name?

This is a small selection of the decorations that were on the barge the Royal party travelled on. As I predicted there was an abundance of shells and mythical sea monsters.

Update 1/8/2012: All year the name James has been coming to me in its many forms, on the 20/07/2012 James Holmes committed the Aurora murders. James is from San Diego, which also means Saint James. I believe this was a ritual sacrifice, and I have put a great deal of time and effort into backing this up.
LINK To my blog "Blood Sacrifice at Aurora, Part 1"
LINK Part 2 which includes a 26 minute video presentation.

My research into the shootings has uncovered information which is relevant to this blog.

John Dee was an astrologer, mathematician and occultist. He is credited with having the largest library in England in the 16th Century. Dee is not only credited with bringing the Rosicrucian Order to England, he is said to have been the head of the Order in England and Europe.
Ian Fleming creator of JAMES Bond, added the "007" in homage to Dee, as 007 was the sigil Dee used in correspondences with Queen Elizabeth I. The London Olympics opening began with a JAMES Bond sketch, called "The Arrival", symbolically this was the arrival of James/Jacob/Israel.

Dee passed his knowledge of the Occult onto Francis Bacon, and in this engraving Dee is depicted passing a lantern onto Francis Bacon. The lantern is a euphemism for the secret knowledge.
Between Dee and Bacon they concocted ideas that would shape the world, and we are still living with the blueprint they drew up.
This "lantern" of knowledge and secret teachings was passed from one generation to the next, and Bacon and Dee's plans for a British Empire, controlled by occult Secret Societies is very much in evidence today.

Sir Christopher Wren designed St James at Garlickhythe, and much of the rest of London after the great fire. St James was called "Wren's Lantern" because it had so many windows, and shone like a lantern at night. Wren is also said to have been a Grand Master of the Rosicrucian Order, and the new street plan of London after the 1666 fire is certainly Masonic.

This information sheds new light on St James Church at Garlickhythe. We already know that it is the official church of the London Livery Companies and the British Secret Service, but the word "Lantern" being a euphemism for knowledge, would suggest that from the outset this was more than just a regular Church of England. The fact that this inner city Church was saved when so many others were demolished, and its placement on the Roman ruins of previous Temples, would suggest that there is a lot more to this Church than meets the eye.

As I have already commented, the fact that this Church was closed for long periods at a time I think is suspicious, often it was closed for years at a time. What the true purpose of this Church is I cannot say, but my best guess would be that it is used for secret rituals and ceremonies. The Satanic ELite who govern the planet through their secret societies, offer human sacrifices to the entities which they worship. These sacrifices are offered for many reasons, but most of the reasons come down to them holding onto power and control of the human race.

These people strive at all times to hide their identities and agenda, I think that the name James is very likely the name they use for Jupiter. Photographs and footage have been released of James Holmes, when compared to the real James Holmes year Book picture, they man facing trial looks nothing like James Holmes. Whoever this red headed man is, he has displayed the classics signs  of someone who was acting under mind control. So why would they use one man for to commit these murders, and use another man's identity? The other man had the right name to be attached to the sacrifice that's why.....JAMES!

Update 17/10/2012

The bells are now installed in their new permanent home at St James in Garlickhythe.

On June 19th the Bells were dedicated at St James. The Rt Reverend John Waine dedicated the bells saying: “Almighty God we dedicate these Royal Jubilee Bells to you in thanksgiving for the Diamond Jubilee of the reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II”.

Dedication of the bells, June 19 at St James Church. For students of the occult this looks like a Satanic ritual! Predominant colours black, red and white, this is the colours associated with Satan/Saturn. Note the Masonic black and White floor, which to them represents duality, black/white, light/dark, Christ/Lucifer.


On the day of the flotilla the bells were housed on a specially made barge/bell tower, which they called “Ursula Catherine”. They were hoisted onto the Ursula Catherine on May 23rd at GRAVESEND. The eight bells were named after the eight most senior royals, the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince’s Andrew, Edward, William and Henry (Harry).

Given that Catherine is the name of William’s wife, it’s a little odd that a Catherine had to carry the weight of these bells! And Ursula just happens to be the name of the “Eve” of the haplogroup “U” MtDNA group!


At the beginning of 2012 when I began compiling notes for this blog, there were key words and names that seem to jump out at me from many news reports on many different topics. When I first started work on this blog I somehow knew all these things were connected, and I feel the blog does tie up, but really it is an odd collection of information!

They key words in this blog are James, Bells and Shells, over this last week the UK has been rocked by the revelations about Sir James Vincent Savile, a man famed for his shell suits, who we now know called the teenage girls he molested his “Oysters”!

Yesterday I Googled “Jimmy Savile, bells” to see what would come up, and there were hundreds of news reports listed in the search results with “Alarm bells” highlighted!


When I published this blog back on Friday April 13, I knew I had stumbled on something, that meant more than I could at that time understand, I felt I had been guided in some way to try and figure why the words bells, shells and James were cropping up so frequently in the press. I have no explanation as to why they were, I wonder were they prepping us for the subsequent revelations about Savile (AS-EVIL), was it some kind of cognitive programming, or as has been suggests by a poster on my FB page, was it key words to influence people under mind control, are the words triggers of some sort? Who knows, I certainly do not have the answers. I will in due course be publishing a blog on Jimmy Savile and the much deeper meanings behind the revelations. The MS press really have just lightly scratched the surface with their reports, my enquiries so far would suggest much deeper meanings behind the information released so far.

Sandra Barr
Irene was one of two of Peter Sutcliffe's victims who were attacked right in front of Savile's home. Another victim Josephine Whitaker was murdered in Savile Park Halifax. How well did Savile know Sutcliffe? and for how long? This will be the topic of my next blog. Also note the knowing glances between the three men, and the very obvious Masonic handshake.

Santiago Compostela Update 25/07/2013
Since posting this blog in April last year a lot has passed. The Aurora shooting on July 20, 2012, the huge ritual that was the opening of the London Olympics (July 27), December 3 and the pregnancy was announced, 11 days later Sandy Hook.

The whole Ritual of the Olympics opening seemed to be about ushering in some new entity; a big freaky baby was wheeled in, doctors and nurses from Great Ormond Street hospital gathered around it as if paying homage to it. 360 days later and Kate gave birth to a baby boy. 360, the number of degrees in a full circle!

As covered in this blog the cathedral at Santiago Compostela was formerly a temple dedicated to Jupiter, his Greek equivalent was Zeus, the primary God in Greek legend.

The Olympic flame was lit as tradition dictates at the temple of Hera in Olympus. Hera was the consort of Zeus, and her temple was formerly a temple dedicated to Zeus, when a bigger temple was built for Zeus, the old temple was rededicated to Hera.

From antiquity the Olympics were to honour Zeus. On May 10, 2012 the flame was lit by the suns rays at the temple of Hera, it was brought to the UK, and it traveled the length and breadth of the UK, frenzied crowds gathered just to catch a glimpse of it. By the time it reached London on the 26th of July, the day before the opening, the streets were thronged as it made its way around the capital stopping at famous landmarks.

Fire is an energy, people gathering in mass also create an energy, that flame carried the spirit of Zeus to every part of the country, the masses not knowing the significance of the ritual willing gave their energy to it.

The highlight of the London tour was when it reached Buckingham Palace, William, Kate and Harry came out sporting London Olympic tops. The Addidas Pyramid on one breast and the Team UK Lion on the other. They stood in a row as if on markers, an Olympic official carefully positioned the two torch bearers in front of Kate, and the photos that the entire worlds press ran with the next day showed Kate, the two torches forming a golden pyramid in front of her, her womb encased within the pyramid, and the fire of Zeus burning above it. 361 days later and her womb bore fruit!

At 4.24pm on July 22 she gave birth to a son, it was a hot day and by evening the UK was hit by thunder and lightening. Zeus/Jupiter were the Gods of Thunder and Lightening. As covered in this blog St James was famed for his temper which was compared to thunder.

As covered in this blog the feast day of St James is July 25th, on July 24 a train coming into Santiago Compostela crashed at local time 20.40, GMT 18.41.

This was the Eve of the feast of St James, and 2 days, 2 hours and 17 minutes after the birth of the Royal baby. (2+2=4, 7+1=8……48!)

Initial reports claimed that 77 people were dead. Even after it became apparent that many more had died, many News Stations were still reporting the 77 death toll.

Bear in mind that the photographs of Kate behind the golden torches were taken exactly one year previous.

As I highlighted in the above blog, published on Friday the 13th of April 2012, Prince William has on his personal Coat of Arms 4 Shells, they come from the Despencer coat of Arms and they represent the pilgrimage to the Santiago Compostela!

Furthermore, the grand flotilla to mark the Queens Diamond Jubilee made its way down the Thames on June 3, the flotilla had a barge with 8 bells especially commissioned for the jubilee. Each bell had the name of a major Royal engraved into it, one was called William, its tone an F sharp. The bells were then taken to their permanent home, St James church in Garlickhythe. Each bell was then given a name, and Williams’s bell was called Catherine. As detailed above, the church of St James at Garlickhythe was on the pilgrim route to Santiago Compostela, there is an energy line created by thousands of pilgrims from that church to the Santiago Compostela.

As I stated at the beginning of the blog, I was researching the Royals and the Olympics, when I was taken to Northern Spain I thought I had went right of track, but I felt guided to finish what I had started. It now feels as if I was completely on track!

Shortly after publishing this blog, a friend who rarely reads my blogs, casually told me she was going to be working in Spain for the summer of 2012, I was staggered when she said she was going to Santiago Compostela, prior to writing the blog, I never heard of the place.

I told her that I did not understand the full significance as to why I was guided to write about that place, but I felt that something bad was going to happen there, I worried about her the whole time she was there. She arrived home safely and I forgot all about it until the train crash.

So what does it all mean….I have no idea! Just today I watched a vid by a guy called Jake Kotze, he calls it synchromysticism. Is it all just coincidences? Is it the Universe giving us clues about something? Is it elaborate planning to reap energy and provide human sacrifices? I don’t know….a mixture of all of the above maybe.
Sandra Barr


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This information is for sharing, but please credit the author.
Sandra Barr


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