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Combined Disasters & Big Ben

Illuminati playing cards
 In 1995 Steve Jackson Games marketed a game which contained 49 cards; it was called the “Illuminati Card Game”. Every card offered the player a different option in the game; most were to bring about disasters, although many were to avert disasters.
The prophetic nature of these cards has brought the said cards a great deal of attention. Among the many events predicted was the murder of Princess Diana, complete with Paparazzi connection and 9/11.

 This last few months I have been looking into the possibility of a “False Flag” being staged at the London Olympics, I had looked at the “Combined Disasters” card a while back, but I dismissed it, as the clock tower on the card looked very like the Wako clock tower in Tokyo Japan. However this morning something caught my attention and I thought I would have another look.

The time on Big Ben is 3 minutes to 3.    33 the most sacred number to Freemasons
This is the actual picture which CNN used in the March 23 report.

In an article posed on the 23 March 2012 by CNN, they reported that Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood is leading a campaign to have London’s famous “Big Ben” re-named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II to mark her Diamond Jubilee, (60 years on the British Throne). It would seem that this plan has considerable support from MP’s, and they are hoping that it will be re-named within weeks, in time for the Jubilee celebrations, which kick off at the beginning of June. Apparently neither Big Ben nor the Tower in which it is housed was ever given a name! Given they have rituals, ceremonies and dedications at every opportunity this in itself is very peculiar!
Link To CNN article.
The picture accompanying this article of Big Ben jumped out at me, I checked the time and it was 3 minutes to 3 oclock! Emmm 33, the sacred number to Freemasons, I thought I would check the disaster card to see what time the clock on it said, it was 15.55, 0r  5 minutes to 3.
Two minutes out, however many of the people who have posted this card on the net, post it with the picture of the Wako clock tower, and there is only one descent pic of it on the net, where you can actually see it close up and the time, and the time on it is 3 minutes to 3 o’clock, just the same as the picture published by CNN of Big Ben!
3 mins to 3 is also 2.57, 2+5=7, 7/7
0r 2+5+7=14  1+4=5 in Satanism 5 is the number of death.

A quick check on the Wako Clock tower, and I realised that it was not damaged in the 11 March 2011 earthquake and subsequent tsunami, which killed 19,000 people.
The Wako clock Tower is located in the Ginza shopping district in Tokya. The store which it sits on is called Ginza Wako. Wako was founded in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori, it is now Seiko Holdings Corporation. In 1947 the retail division split off as Wako Co. Ltd. From 1894 to 1921 the Hattori Clock Tower stood on the site that Wako occupies today, it was demolished in 1921, and reconstruction was delayed by the Great Kanto earthquake of Sept 1, 1923. The building was completed in 1932, complete with the Clock in homage to the previous building with clock. During WWII bombing raids it was one of the few buildings left standing in the area.

When the building was completed in 1932 the political situation in Japan was volatile, both domestic and abroad, the build up of hostilities against Japan and the USA, and the League of nations, (A forerunner to NATO) were at crisis point.

“In the First World War, Japan joined the Allied powers, but played only a minor role in fighting German colonial forces in East Asia. At the following Paris Peace Conference of 1919, Japan's proposal of amending a "racial equality clause" to the covenant of the League of Nations was rejected by the United States, Britain and Australia. Arrogance and racial discrimination towards the Japanese had plagued Japanese-Western relations since the forced opening of the country in the 1800s, and were again a major factor for the deterioration of relations in the decade’s preceding World War 2. In 1924, for example, the US Congress passed the Exclusion Act that prohibited further immigration from Japan.”
In 1940, Japan occupied French Indochina (Vietnam) upon agreement with the French Vichy government, and joined the Axis powers Germany and Italy. These actions intensified Japan's conflict with the United States and Great Britain which reacted with an oil boycott. The resulting oil shortage and failures to solve the conflict diplomatically made Japan decide to capture the oil rich Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) and to start a war with the US and Great Britain.
In December 1941, Japan attacked the Allied powers at Pearl Harbour and several other points throughout the Pacific. Japan was able to expand her control over a large territory that expanded to the border of India in the West and New Guinea in the South within the following six months”.

So, bearing in mind the political situation its pretty weird that they decided to have the clock tower play the Westminster Chimes! Big Ben is part of Westminster! Westminster is home to the British Parliament and the House of Lords, hostilities between Japan and Britain at that time were at an all time high, so why did they chose the Westminster chimes for the clock tower?

There is much debate and speculation on the net about the “Combined Disasters” card, one school of thought thinks it means the earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan, and the other thinks it is foretelling a false Flag in London during the 2012 Olympics, as the people in the card are wearing the colours of the Olympic rings.

With my research into past False Flags and major events which they have planned, Im in no doubt that they plan events decades, maybe even hundreds of years in advance, they are meticulous in their planning, and they leave us clues dotted all over the place. Having read many of their blue prints I have been working on trying to pin point events that have yet to happen. And it seems totally bizarre to me, that this clock tower in Japan has survived WWII bombs, numerous Earthquakes and a tsunami, and it plays the Westminster chimes! Big Ben also survived all the bombs that were dropped on London during the Blitz.
Big Ben and Westminster on the banks of the Thames, formerly known as ISIS, the Egyptian Goddess.

The "Lords" Chamber
 Westminster sits on the North bank of the River Thames, the bible says that the Kingdom of God is in the North, so probably no accident that the British house of Lords and parliament are within Westminster!
The tune of the Westminster Chimes is attributed to William Crotch, and it is said to be a variation on a phrase taken from Handel’s Messiah! It was first used at great Saint Mary’s Church Cambridge.
Westminster was originally a Royal palace in the 11 century, and remained the main seat of English Kings until a fire in 1512 burned the place down, it then became the home to the British parliament, in 1834 an even greater fire raised the place again, one of the few structures to survive the fire was the Chapel of Saint Mary Undercroft, which still stands today.
Mary, the Mother Goddess, known in previous incarnations as Isis, Venus, Ishtar…..and more recently Diana Princess of Wales! So we have William, Messiah and Mother Goddess all in the one paragraph!
Lilith and the serpent
 My Blogon another Illuminati Playing card, “Preparing the way for the Messiah!”
And now Big Ben is to be known by his Grannies name! Already there is speculation as to what new nick name it will be given, as Queen Elizabeth II is a bit of a mouthful, her family apparently call her “Lilibeth”. Lilith is a demonic Goddess from antiquity, recorded in Hebrew and Sumerian texts. She is the Goddess of darkness, and said to feed of children who she steels in the night. She is most commonly depicted with a snake, and is believed to be the Mother of the serpent cult.
Lily, Elizabeth, Lilibeth are all variations of her name.

The word bell comes from Baal the God of Antiquity who demanded human sacrifices.  Known also as Moleck/Bel/Bal. as in Belfast, Balmoral, Balphomet. Homage to this God is alive and well today, most notably in Bohemian Grove in California in the USA, where a 40 foot stone owl is worshiped. 40 is the number that the God Enki from the Anunnaki was known, and the owl is one of the main symbols used for Baal/Moleck worship, the bull is the other most commonly associated with Baal.
My BLOG on the number 4, and how this number is used by the Illuminati (NWO)
William and Harry having a little fun with a possible relation.
If I were to hazard a guess at the new nick name I would go for LilyBell, that way they get to pay homage to Lilith and Baal. The Egyptian pharaohs built great Temples and other reminders of themselves, as they believed that after their deaths, the more their name would be said, the more power it would give to their souls, this is a belief that the elite have held onto, so they devise ways to get us dumb peasants to say the names of their Gods unwittingly! 

Augustus Pugin designed the Clock Tower; it was to be his last commission as he descended into madness after he submitted the plans and then died!

Myself and another researcher Bessie Totten have already been working on a possible False Flag at the Olympics, the target we believe will be the O2 Arena in GreenWitch. Formerly known as the Millennium Dome, we have been looking at the 4th of August as the most likely date for the False Flag. Based on many factors, Queen Mothers Birthday, Barack Obama’s birthday, 30 anniversary of Prince William’s Baptism, and many other factors.
The Jubilee Line is the Tube that runs to GreenWitch, it is the most recent Tube line to have been created, it also serves Canary Wharf and Canada water, both new stations. As it happens, the Jubilee line runs close by Big Ben, and as a result of its construction Big Ben now leans slightly to the North West, by roughly 220 millimetres. (8.66 inches). This can now be noticed by the human eye.
That means it has tilted almost an inch per year since 2003…..should it continue at this rate, then in 20 years it would be tilting about 25 inches!!!!!!
I would say that would make it a very likely target should there be a FF! They have no problems destroying monuments and buildings of historic value; it means they generally get to waste more tax payer’s money building newer, bigger and better ones.

This is a poster from the 1948 Olympics, this year Next will be
using this poster on T shirts. Next as in what happens "NEXT"!

Big Ben was cast on the 6th August 1856, and weighs a massive 131/2 ton! This year the centrepiece of the opening ceremony of the London Olympics on the 27th July is a 27 ton bell, twice the size of BB, and on the 3rd June another 8 new bells will make their way up the Thames as part of the Queen’s diamond Jubilee flotilla. The Thames was formerly called the river ISIS after the Egyptian Goddess, so more Goddess and Baal symbolism.
At the base of each of the clock dial on BB is the gilt inscription in Latin “Domine Salvam Fac Reginam Nostram Victoriam Primam, (O Lord please keep safe our Queen Victoria the first)

Big Ben celebrated its 150th anniversary on the 31st may 2009, in the times that it has been a London icon, it has very rarely ever stopped due to malfunction. Periodically it is stopped for under 2 hours for maintenance work, but the time that it has just stopped are few and far between. On the 27 May 2005 it stopped at 10:07pm local time, it restarted, but stopped again at 10:20pm, it remained still for 90 minutes before beginning at 11:50. No one knows why it stopped, one theory was that it had something to do with the heat, it was 90 °F at the time.

41 days later on the 7/7/2005 the London bombings happened.
4+1=5, in Satanism 5 is the number of death.
The date it stopped: 27/05/2005       2+7+5=14
Date of the bombings: 7/7/2005        7+7=14

It stopped for 90 minutes, after the bombings it emerged that firemen were prevented from entering the tunnels where the bombs had went off for 90 minutes because of Health and safety regulations! Given that people had just been blown up and were in agony, many of them dying, people were outraged at this anal approach to petty rules. Of course keeping the firemen out for this length of time ensured maximum pain, and possibly maximum fatalities!

David Koresh
If you’re like me, when you see “Wako”, the first Wako that springs to mind is the Wako in Texas which saw 76 Branch Davidians murdered by the FBI on April 19, 1993. 
19/4/1993   Take the three 9s out and you are left with 1413
1+4+1+3=9, 9 is 6 inverted, so we have 666 6
9 is the number they attach to death and destruction.
Meaning of numbers 27 & 9
On August 5th 1989 Koresh announced that was from the House of David, sent to lead the “Special people”.
The dead included 20 children and 2 pregnant women. Their leader David Koresh was also killed in the massacre.
The siege at mount Carmel began on February 28, 1993, and on that day 4 FBI agents who were part the team which attacked the Davidian compound were killed,  6 Branch Davidians were also killed that day.

The "Scorching" Mount Carmel, Wako Texas
Their compound takes it name from Mount Carmel in Northern Israel, a sacred site since antiquity, and mentioned in the Bible as the place where Elijah done battle with the followers of Baal. On the South East peak of Mount Hermon there is a statue to Elijah called “The Scorching”, (Hebrew Muhraka),  It is there to mark the spot where the God Of Elijah set fire to a sacrifice after Elijah had ordered it. Elijah is depicted sword in hand raised as he is later said to have murdered the Priests of Baal.
So Mount Carmel in Israel and Mt Carmel in Texas are both famed for a scorching!

"The Scorching" Mt Carmel Israel

Shrine of Bah on Mt Carmel Israel (Bah as in Bah-Bah-Bah the sound sheep make!)
Bahá'u'lláh, The NWO Messia
Mt Carmel is also famous as the site of the tomb of Bahá'u'lláh, meaning "Glory of God"; 12 November 1817 – 29 May 1892), born Mírzá usayn-`Alí Núrí , he was the founder of the Bahá'í Faith and The Bahá'í International Community. This bunch of crazies have 6 millions cult members world wide, and it is their belief that the world needs a one world government, and towards these ends they support efforts of improving international relations through organizations such as the league of Nations, the UN, UNICEF, UNIFEM, UNEP and any other NWO outfit you can think of! They actually have offices at the UN in Geneva and New York, and regional commissions at other UN offices globally!

They also subscribe to Obedience to government and non-involvement in partisan politics unless submission to law amounts to a denial of Faith. And with regard to the pursuit of world peace, he prescribed a world-embracing collective security arrangement as necessary for the establishment of a lasting peace. Translated: A ONE WORLD ARMY!
LInk The "One World Order of Bah"

Bah who originated in Iran from a Royal Bloodline, and made his way to Israel, believed himself to be the incarnation of God, in the line of Abraham, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses, Buddha and Jesus! At least a picture exists of this apparent Messiah! If the NWO thought this Messiah would catch on they were mistaken!
I reckon this guy was set up to have us all sucked in and embrace their plans for a one world totalitarian regime! Just like the Roman Empire they thought they could rule us militarily, politically and Spiritually….just goes to show, the best laid plans and all…Its just not all going as they planned!

Sandra Barr
This is Link is to my blog detailing the many things which led me to believe they would stage a FF, and the preceding rituals to it
This Link is the work of my fellow researcher Bessie Totten who has also been working on a 4th August FF. Michael Jackson, history of the O2, much more all tied in.

Wikipedia Big Ben
Link More on the Illuminati card game


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