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Manchester Arena Event

Just after 12 I was about to go to bed when I seen a tweet someone had posted on Facebook, it was published at 00.07 (23/5/17) by the Daily Mail.
"Several people killed and many injured after 2 explosions in Manchester Arena at the end of Ariana Grande gig".
The Manchester Arena was opened on July 15, 1993, it is the largest Arena in the UK, and the second largest in Europe, it seats 21,000 people.  Celebrity is the new religion, and these vast arenas are the Temples where the new Gods perform surrounded by light and high technology. They enthral and bewitch the unwashed masses, who show them devotion akin to the reverence that Saints and Avatars commanded in the past.

Ariana is a Latin name, and it literally means "Holy One", Grande is Spanish and it means large or tall, whether figurative or literal, so the big Holy One was the High Priestess at this event.
Manchester Arena, the Temple where this event took place, with "The Holy One" within the ball of light centre stage!

Doctor John Dee
Straight off the 007 caught my attention, it's the Doctor John Dee (13 July 1527-1608 or 1609) code that I see stamped over so many false flags and other contrived events.
 Dee was Queen Elizabeth I's right hand man so to speak, he was a magician, astrologer, cartographer and all round genius of his time. The Ian Fleming character James Bond 007 was given the 007 in homage to Dee, as he signed his correspondences to the Queen "007".

Ariana Grande

The explosions are supposed to have occurred at 22.33 just as Ariana Grande had finished performing. Prior to this evening I had never heard of her, but it took me all of 3 mins to establish she has all the tell-tale signs of being MK Ultra, this is a screen shot of her singing "Dangerous Woman" wearing an MK PVC Bunny hood. Link to song.

So, on 22/5/17, at 22:33, 22 people were killed at this ritual/event/false flag, call it what you will, but it has all the trade marks of a staged event!
The concert was part of her 2017 Dangerous Woman tour, and we are told that she was not in the stadium when the bomb went off, so she must have made a very speedy exit after she finished performing. Miss Grande is being promoted as the next Maria Carey, this event will have brought her name to millions of people who had never heard of her previous.

Back in 2014 on September 17, the Huffington Post reported that Ms Grande had been visiting a Manhattan radio station, she was all sweetness and light to waiting fans, signed autographs had her pic taken etc, when she then got into a lift with her music industry colleges she allegedly said "I hope they all F**king die"! 
Naturally Little Miss Diva denied having said it: LINK

Now lets just look at the area. The Arena is served by Victoria Station, which is just beside it, the Victoria approach road links the Arena and Station. To the front of the Arena is Victoria Street, and it runs between the Arena and Manchester Cathedral, formerly known as The Cathedral and Collegiate of Saint Mary, SAINT GEORGE and Saint Deny. The event happened on May 22, which is 2 months to the day prior to Prince George's 4th birthday. (2+2)

The Roads, Streets, Station etc etc etc in the area are all of course named after Georges gr gr whatever Grandmother Victoria.
Now, lets take a brief look at Ariana Grande, born June 26 1993, which was 5 days after Prince William's 11th birthday. She began her career in the musical "13", which is the number of the sacred feminine, her character in 13 was CHARLOTTE", which just happens to be the name of George's sister.
Her second role was Cat Valentine in "Victorious", the name Victoria is Latin for Victory, obviously victorious derives from Victory as well, and Cat is a pet name for CATherine.
Queen Victoria was born on May 24, 1819, May 24 this year will be the 198 anniversary of her birth, so on May 23, 2017, the 198th anniversary of the eve of her birth, the world will wake up to this horrendous massacre! Remember her name is stamped on every street around this arena!

Ariana is also Latin and it means Holy One, so for tonight's ritual we had a Cathedral that was dedicated to George next door, his ancestor Victoria's name on all sides of the Arena, and the Holy one on stage. Of course every good ritual needs water and the river Irk runs past the Arena and Cathedral and then under Victoria then goes on its merry way past MIDDLETON! 

Now, back to the Cathedral, in 1421 it was made a Collegiate by Royal decree, and what is now known as the University of Manchester is the college that was aligned with it. At the get go I mentioned Doctor John Dee, well, as it happens he was the Warden of the Collegiate from 1595-1608, he lived in the Wardens House and it is now part of the Chetham's Library, and it sits right in the centre of the triangle formed by the Arena, the Cathedral and Victoria Station. The Chetham's Library is now part of the Chetham's School of Music.

Above, what is now Chetham's Library, between 1595 and 1605 it was the home of John Dee, and it is literally right beside the Manchester Arena!

I find it quite incredulous that the infamous John Dee lived right beside where this happen! This man above all others is revered as England's most highly revered Magician and oculist, so much so, that when they stage false flag events all over the globe, they use symbolism, numerology and all tools at their disposal to incorporate his energy in the event, and here we have an event that happened just a stones throw from where he actually lived! The Chetham's library still has 5 of his books! LINK 
The elite hold John Dee in such high esteem that a book that he once owned, read and touched, would be priceless, the British Museum has an array of Dee's Mystical tools, including his crystal ball and an Aztec obsidian mirror which he used to summon demons. Link 

Today the Mirror published this photograph taken outside the Chetham's School of Music , this building is on the grounds that surrounded Dee's former home. it looks just like many others I have seen, supposedly taken after one of these events, people just lulling around like bit part actors, and positioned in key areas that link something seemingly unconnected to the event. Another example of this would be the Aurora Century 16Cinema shootings, it was 2012, an Olympic year, and the event took place just 7 days prior to the grand Olympic Opening Ceremony, the victims were rushed down the road to the Gateway High School of The Olympians, which had Olympic symbols stamped all over it, and the Olympic Torch at the entrance.

In just about every event John Dee or his prodigy Francis Bacon show up somewhere! I will give you just one example, directly opposite the building where the Charlie Hebdo event took place, there was a huge mural with William Shakespeare on it, Bacon is widely believed to have been the real author of the plays attributed to Shakespeare.

Left: The mural opposite 10 Nicolas Appert, where the Charlie Hebdo event was staged.
Below a close up, William Shakespeare on the left .


Ariana Grande in Jewish Gematria is 269
Black Horse 269
Dark Knight 269

July 20, 2012 saw the Aurora Century 16 Cinema shooting, the film being shown at the time was Dark Knight Rises. John Dee and Francis Bacon were stamped all over that one as well, just for starters they both lived in the 16th Century! Link to part 1 of my Aurora work and John Dee.

Black Horse! Just yesterday my co-researcher Bessie Totten published a blog where she discussed the EuroviSION song contest, one of the acts that grabbed her attention was the act from Azerbaijan named Diana, for the entire bizarre performance a man with a black horse headdress stood on a step ladder behind her! In Bessie's blog she explains the significance of the black horse which she related to Prince Philip, the name Philip literally means "lover of horses" Link to Bessie's blog.

Eurovision song contest 21/05/17: Diana representing Aberbaijan, with weird man up a ladder

Ariana Grande in Simple Gematria 93, as mentioned previously 13 is the sacred feminine, 13+13+13=39, mirrored 93
Saturn is also 93. Saturn, the dark destroyer and the God of the Jews.

Victims or crisis actors?

Part 2: The aftermath :23 May 2017

3 pm news announced that Roger Moore died today, that would be Roger Moore who played James Bond 007 a record 7 times! He died from cancer aged 89. His death has insured that every newscast today will include oo7!

Roger Moore's most successful Bond film was Moonraker, it was released in the UK on 26 June 1979, which was 14 years to the day before Ariana Grande was born on 26 June 1993.

In 2003 he was Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, making his full title Sir Roger GEORGE Moore! Yes, thats right, his middle name is George!
The first named victim from last night's event was GEORGina Callander age 18 (666), Georgina, feminine of GEORGE.

The second named victim was Saffie ROSE Roussos, age 8. Rose is another word that crops up frequently in these events as Bacon and Dee were both Rosicrucian's, and their rosy-cross doctrine was used to shape America. 
The 16th Century trinity that crops up over and over in these events is Elizabeth I, her magician John Dee, and her son Francis Bacon. Right is one of many portraits which depict her holding a blood red rose over her heart, the rose was also the symbol of her Tudor Dynasty.
When surnames were first adopted in France in the middle ages, they were often just the persons nickname, and the name Roussos is an example of this, it was a person with red hair or a ruddy complexion. The old French word "Rous" meant "red". So this child's name literally translates to Rose with the red hair! Please see pic to the right.
The name Saffie means Spice, during the Elizabethan era, for the first time spices were brought to England from the New World, and the trading of English goods for Spices is one of the key things that marked her reign.LINK

The alleged suicide bomber has just been named, he was Salman Abedi age 22! So on the 22nd day of May, at 22.33, 22 people were supposedly killed by a 22 year old! HELLO! Like who buys this shit?

Gematria Salman Abedi          (E) 486
Gematria Manchester Arena (J) 489

They have no doubt been able to identify him because he was carrying his passport, which magically did not get damaged in the explosion, same as 9/11 and all the rest.

All the other MK Ultra puppets have been Tweeting their condolences about the Manchester event, the most notable so far has to be Rihanna's! She has tweeted 2 messages of condolence, and above them a picture promoting her latest album, it shows a young boy with his own image superimposed over his body twice, this looks like a depiction of a young MK victim, whose personality has been shattered and two new personalities formed. The bottom half of the picture is white, the colour of innocence, and the top half looks blood drenched. The boys eyes are covered by a golden crown, emm, little boy who looks to be about 4 with a crown! I wonder who that could be!!! Link to her Twitter


Earlier this evening someone sent me this in a Facebook message:

It would seem that someone has nominated a pink balloon as the sympathy symbol for the Manchester Arena Event!

Today pictures have been circulating of the Arena after the bomb, and the place was awash with pink balloons, presumably at some stage of the evening they were released.

Now what would be the chances of connecting pink balloons to John Dee oo7? Slim you are thinking. 

Well, further up the blog I posted a picture taken of Wikipedia of Chetham's Library, which was the former home of John Dee. This is a close up shot of the front door....two pink balloons! 

 LINK to the Wikipedia page for Chetham's School of Music, which is where I got the picture.

Blood Sacrifice     (E)726
Pink Balloon         (J)302
Salmon Abedi      (J)302        

Pink Balloons (E) 840
SEVEN, Prometheus (Lucifer), Order of Rosicrucian, The Holy Grail and Diana of the Moon are all also 840 in English Gematria.   

It was recently revealed by the Guardian, that the secret code phrase to be used by civil servants, the government etc when the Queen dies is "London Bridge is down". LINK

London Bridge is down: (S) 203
Salmon Abedi                    (J)  302
Please note, I believe his name is spelled "Salman", but when his name was first released many of the top newspaper outlets reported it as Salmon.

London Bridge is down  (J) 1404
Pink Balloons                     (S) 140

When the Queen dies, Charles will become King, he will be King Charles III

King Charles III   (E) 144
False Flag             (E) 414

The alleged bomber was Salman Ramadan Abedi, born 31/12/1994

Salman Ramadan Abedi  Jewish 360
                                                 English 798
                                                 Simple 133

360 is the highest degree in Masonry, 33 is the highest of the lower degrees, however in the shadowy echelons of the highest ranks, full circle 360 is the highest known degree. Charles in charge is also 360 in Jewish.

Salmon Ramadan Abedi      (E) 786       (S) 133
Charles in charge                           786
New world ahead                          786
Book of the Law*                          786
Highest Magician*                        786              133
Kate Middleton                               786            133
THIS IS A HOAX                               786             133

*Book of the Law was penned by Aleister Crowley, as occult books go, this one would have to be in the top ten!
*Highest Magician, John Dee would of been in the Highest Magician in England in his day.

UPDATE 07/06/2017

 On June 3, 2017, exactly 12 days after the Manchester event, there was another "terrorist" attack, this time at London Bridge/Borough Market. 
8 people were killed and 48 injured. One of the dead was shot by police by mistake.
As previously mentioned, these rituals are always carried out near water, and this event began on London Bridge over the Thames.
Please see map to the left of the location.

Below is a screen shot from Google Earth of the location, to the left is the ancient Tower Ward, which used to be known as Tower Street Ward. On July 13 , 1527 John Dee was born within Tower Ward! So the Manchester event occurred right beside where he lived in the years previous to his death, and the London event occurred right beside his birth place!  What a really big coincidence!

1720, Tower Street Ward Map. LINK

Sandra Barr

John Dee Wiki


  1. As usual always on point, thanks for writing so quickly.

  2. What an amazing, conspiratorial mind. Thanks again, Sandra!

    Wonder what's to come of Prince William... (popcorn/doom)

  3. Very interesting article, especially with the connection to 007. 5 days before Manchester, Chris Cornell who sang the Casino Royale theme tune also died.

  4. Annie did you catch this pic I posted , it shows a screen grab from the BANG BANG Video, shot just a month before ariana made the Comment about her Fans.
    Watch the video and you will see blue and red lights marking out the square building,
    almost a copy layout of manchester itself measuring from the eye shape.

  5. "When I heard what went on today. The first thing I thought of was you and the false flag . I was going to inbox you but I've been driving all day and talking to people . The people on your wall don't know any of us . Keep your head down and stay safe mate."
    Above is the message sent to me by one of the Girls brothers.

  6. Brilliant Sandra, my friend's Wife was allegedly killed here. And when I say friend, I mean friend. I know them both,as it was me who introduced them to each other. He went to see her at the morgue and I quote, "She looked beautiful,Al. There wasn't a mark on her".
    He was the fellow, Steve Howe, who they had on the news the day after. His wife is Alison Howe. I am well known as a 'conspiracy theorist'in my town,and I was following the whole event on Twitter. I posted a couple of cryptic comments on Facebook, because it was local to me, I couldn't be sure if I would know anyone there. Turned out that I ddid.The girl she was with was also killed. I got a message from her brother, telling me to be careful with my comments, he wasn't threatening,he was concerned for my safety. It was only the day after,as both he and my friend had trawled all the hospitals in the area, that they found out that these two girls were dead.To be honest with you, my head tells me that they are not dead,but my heart thinks differently. My friend's daughter, Sasha,was given a White BMW by a Manchester dealer. Also the source of the River Irk begins in the town where I live,and where the victims live. The town is Royton in Lancashire. The Irk flows through Middleton and joins the River Irwell at Salford, I believe.

  7. Royton is a town in the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, Greater Manchester, England, with a population of 21,284 in 2011.[1][2][3] Close to the source of the River Irk, near undulating land at the foothills of the South Pennines, it is 1.7 miles (2.7 km) northwest of Oldham, 3.2 miles (5.1 km) southeast of Rochdale and 7.6 miles (12.2 km) northeast of Manchester.


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