Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Covert Fluoridation


The NI Minister for Health Edwin Poots is proposing that NI water be fluoridated.
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Request to the Northern Ireland Office, for information regarding covert fluoridation of NI water during the NI "Troubles".
The Ombudsman 
33 Wellington Place 
BT1 6HN 

I hereby request from the Northern Ireland Office, under the Freedom of information Act, all available information on trials conducted in Northern Ireland on Fluoridation, dating back to 1968.

I know that the water board’s official line is that Holywood and Tandragee are the only two areas where experiments were carried out. It has been brought to my attention that there was much more wide scale fluoridation than this, Holywood and Tandragee were the overt testing areas, it is the information on the covert testing that I am corned with. I already have eye witness testimony that there was wide scale fluoridation, and I am conducting enquiries into the scale of it, and actively trying to trace more eye witnesses. The eye witness, whom I have spoken to, has said that they were told that the fluoride killed germs in the water.

  1. I request information on all areas that were fluoridated between 1968-1990
  2. I request all related information, quantities of fluoride used and the specific water plants and the areas they covered.
  3. In April 1981 the doctors charged with the care of Bobby Sands in Long Kesh (The Maze Prison) reported that the fluoride in the water in the Maze was making him sick, so they had been giving him bottled spring water. It is my understanding that they had the water tested and had pin pointed fluoride as the cause of him throwing the water up, what levels of fluoride was found in the drinking water at the Maze Prison at that time?
  4. Was the source of the fluoride established? Had it been added to the water in the prison, or was it added to the entire areas drinking water?
  5. I am from Coalisland, I am particularly interested in establishing was the water supplied to the people of Coalisland fluoridated. During my childhood there was a great deal of sickness in our town, it was much talked about, the people thought they were being poisoned, but could not establish the source. At one stage in 1969 a lot of people’s budgies and canaries died. By 1979 my Mother was diagnosed with a defunct thyroid Gland, my Father had cancer, and my younger sister spent 6 months in bed with Glandular Fever and Jaundice. All these diseases have been linked to fluoridation. (Peer reviewed papers available on request).
  6. What justification was given for medicating the population in the covert studies?

I hereby put the Northern Ireland Office under order to comply, with the above mentioned requests for information, under the Freedom of Information Act.
Please be aware that this request will be published, as will information supplied to me as a result of my request.

Sandra Barr

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