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"Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual's power to resist domination by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain and will thus make him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him."
A German Scientists opinion on fluoride, which was adopted by the German General Staff LINK

Public Meeting: Wednesday 23 May 2012 @ 7pm
Venue: Community Spirit, 27-29 Castle Lane Belfast BT1

LINK UTV report 25 april 2012                       Facebook Group "NO FLUORIDE in NI WATER"
Edwin Poots

On the 25th April 2012, NI’s Minister for Health Edwin Poots announced he is considering putting fluoride in NI water. The UTV report demonstrated the most disgusting bias and misleading information. This blog will address the questions that UTV failed to ask, and correct the information presentation in the report.

Mr Poots starts off by telling us that the Republic has the best teeth in Europe and we have the worst, they have fluoride, we do not. I have no clue where he came by studies which would back this up! Due to the high level fluoridation in the South, Fluorosis is a huge problem, which effects over half the population to one degree or another.

Poots said that NI children have the worst rate of dental decay in Europe; he failed to mention that 98% of EU countries have voted against fluoridating water.
  1. Because of grave concerns about the effect of fluoride on human health.
  2. Fluorides ineffectiveness in combating tooth decay.
  3.  Drugging entire countries water supply breeches human rights.

"They may not be able to afford the fluoride toothpaste frequently enough to give their kids the preventative effect," he added. Is this guy for real! NI people are so destitute they cannot afford the cheapest toothpaste on the market! Please!
I have not used fluoridated toothpaste for over 15 years, non fluoridated toothpaste is not available in Supermarkets or most chemists, I have to go to a Health Food shop to get my toothpaste, and it costs over £4!
For many years I suffered gum abscesses and cysts in my mouth, since switching to non fluoridated I have had no problems, the difference in my oral health was so significant, that my dentist asked what tooth paste I used, and he later recommended that his other patients with persistent mouth ulcers and cysts switch to the non fluoridated tooth paste which I used.
If Mr Poots thinks that the dental problem with NI children exists because they cannot afford a 60p tube of toothpaste, why does the government not just give them toothpaste? Why drug 100% of the population for a problem which apparently only exists in 3% of the population?
I'm reminded of
Dick Turpin!
Now onto dentist Derek Maguire! Derek would have us think that fluoride which is added to drinking water is 100% natural, he said and I quote “Fluoride is a natural substance”. This is true, fluoride does occur naturally in the environment, NI would have very low levels of naturally occurring fluoride, arsenic and lead are also naturally occurring elements in the environment, this does not mean that they are good for human health. Parts of the world with high level naturally occurring fluoride suffer great health problems from the fluoride, India in particular has high levels of fluorosis.
What Derek fails to mention, is that the fluoride which is added to water, is not naturally occurring fluoride, the fluoride added to drinking water is the toxic by product from the Aluminium, fertiliser and nuclear industries. If these industries had to dispose of this toxic waste it would cost them millions, if they dump it in drinking water, they actually get paid for it!
 The toxic soup they want to add too our drinking water is called Hydrofluosilicic Acid.

This excellent mini documentary, demonstrates where the fluoride added to drinking water actually comes from. (under 13 mins long)
Derek compares the dental health of people in the South, to those in the North and says, “The dental health area is much better than it is here in the North”!!!!!!!
                                                     A video presentation by NIFF, on Dental Fluorosis

The Minister for Health in the Republic of Ireland has admitted on camera that 50%* of Southern Irish people have varying degrees of dental fluorosis, caused by fluoridation. Fluorosis starts with white spots on the teeth, these spots then turn into brown marks, and the teeth appear as if they are rotten. Fluorosis does not just affect the teeth, it affects the skeletal system, and the damage to the teeth is just a marker of the damage to the skeletal system. There is no cure for fluorosis, and the only thing which can be done is cosmetic dentistry to hide the problem. Most dentists will not consider giving a patient crowns, caps or veneers until the patient is an adult (20-21). This means that if you take the fluorosis when you are 10, you have to go through your school life with brown teeth, which causes a great deal of emotional suffering to the child. This brings me to another of Derek’s comments!
*71% of ROI water is fluoridated, many people still get their water from springs on their land. So 50% of the people having fluorosis, means that the actual percent suffering fluorosis, as a result of fluoridation is much higher than 50%. The percentage of people suffering it who live in fluoridated areas would be more like approx 70%, possibly much higher.
Dentists are keen on water fluoridation”!
Whys that then Derek?….could it be because they make a fortune from the caps and veneers to hide the fluorosis! Veneers range from £500-£1000 per veneer! 10 teeth affected…..£5000-£10000!!!!!!! Cha Ching!
Derek really, did you think NI people are to dumb to work this out!
In the Repubic of Ireland:
“By the age of 15 yrs, approx 1% or about 300 children in Ireland have developed 'severe' dental fluorosis” 
“36% of 15 year olds living in fluoridated areas have some degree of abnormal damage to the teeth enamel.”(Source: Oral Health Services Research Centre, Cork) LINK
Childhood fillings are peanuts to dentists; the big bucks are in cosmetic dentistry. Childhood fillings are covered by the NHS, adult cosmetic work does not usually come under the NHS, in the South of Ireland this is a huge problem, and many people have to sink themselves in debt to borrow the money to hide the problem. Many at that age are embarking on their University education, and simply cannot afford the solution, and so have to go through University life with varying degrees of fluorosis.

''Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive'' 

Sir Walter Scott

Anyone like myself who has studied body language, will be aware that when we lie, our bodies instinctively blink when we lie….watch how many times Derek blinks in the interview!

By the look of his web site, it would seem he specialises in cosmetic dentistry. LINK

“The Celebrating Success event also recognised this year’s highest achiever through the Star Award, which was awarded to Portadown dentist Derek Maguire. Derek was presented with an iPad2 and spoke of the benefits of the Programme to SMEs in Northern Ireland” LINK

Derek would appear to be a very innovative fellow, always dreaming up new ways to drum up business!

Right after Dereks performance we have Michael Donaldson, Head of dental Services, who says that poor diet, too much sugary foods, and not enough brushing of teeth is the primary problem, he is also advocating fluoride, as head of dental services he also has a financial vested interest in promoting this deadly chemical which causes dental fluorosis. If this problem is as severe as they would have us believe, then surely the education of children and parents is the solution, and anyone with an iota of common sense, would remove the Coca-Cola machines from our schools! 

Many of these soft drinks contain highly concentrated sugars like corn fructose syrup, which have a very detrimental effect on teeth. The cynic in me is thinking “Problem reaction solution”, Fill our schools with sugary foods and drinks, then offer mass medication for the entire population as the solution! Sugar is not the only problem, the artificial sweetener aspartame in the sugar free drinks has also been shown to have a corrosive effect on teeth. Of course it is not just teeth that these dangerous ingredients effect, dental health is often just a marker of overall health and well being.

We are also told that 1200 NI children have been “lucky” enough to be selected for an experiment where they will have the back of their teeth painted with this deadly chemical, at a cost to the tax payer of £1.7 million, over 4 years. Were the parents of these children given any advice on proven detrimental health effects of fluoride? Were they told that studies have proven that fluoride has been the cause of bone cancer in young boys?  Were they told that fluoride causes fluorosis, which stains the teeth, and causes skeletal fluorosis?

"New American research suggests that boys exposed to fluoride between the ages of five and 10 will suffer an increased rate of osteosarcoma - bone cancer - bet-ween the ages of 10 and 19".
Source The Guardian LINK

This experiment would be illegal in 98% of EU countries, and given the grave health concerns associated with fluoride, I am horrified that NI children are being subjected to this experiment. Will this experiment monitor cavities, and the associated health risks of fluoride, or will it just monitor cavities? I pretty much know the answer to that without even asking!

 Should these children become ill as a result of this study, where they have been used as human guinea pigs, who will be liable? Will Mr Poots personally be liable for allowing NI children to be used in this most despicable fashion? LINK

If Edwin Poots pushes ahead with his plans to poison our water, you can be sure that a well oiled machine, designed to hoodwink the people of Northern Ireland will spring into operation. I would hazard a guess that the glossy flyers with the hard sell have already been ordered. A well planned campaign, costing the tax payers millions, will be launched. Those of us who know the dangers associated with fluoride, will have no funding to counter-act their propaganda, even though we can present peer reviewed papers and other documentation and studies to back up our claims, we will be painted as “Looney’s” and “conspiracy theorists”. So it is the responsibility of those of us who know the dangers, to warn everyone else. As previously mentioned, fluoride is the toxic by product of the aluminium, nuclear and fertiliser industries, it is big business, they have unlimited funds to create misleading studies. Our government seems to serve corporations and not the people, if the people do not make a stand on this issue, generations will be affected by our apathy.


Here is a few other FACTS about fluoride, please take the time to read this evidence, and please pass it on to others.

This is part one of a video presentation by Walter Graham. Walter has spent many years researching and campaigning against water fluoridation, it is mainly thanks to Walter’s hard work that we do not already have fluoridation. In 1996 water fluoridation in NI was proposed, by an overwhelming majority, councils, the people, Unions, and the Government voted against it. Yet here we are again, with the fluoride industry trying their luck to off load their toxic waste on the NI people.

Please, Please take the time to listen to this interview. Ireland's Declan Waugh, speaking on Canadian radio about the devastating effect fluoride has had on the health of the Irish people. This is a must watch.
In 2003 the UK government passed a new law, which exempts them and water companies from liability against claimants who have been damaged or killed from fluoridated water. LINK


Fluoride is one of the primary ingredients in Rat killer, anaesthetic, Prozac and other anti-depressants. Between soft drinks, bottled water and toothpaste, we already get high doses of fluoride.

LINK Effects on the Pineal Gland:

"The pineal gland is responsible for the secretion of melatonin and connected to many other parts of one's body. The calcification of this gland will make a person more susceptible to depression, conformity, lethargy, metabolic problems, and learning disabilities. 
It prevents a person from realising his or her fullest potential, be it physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally or spiritually.
 It enslaves, degrades and poisons humanity."

The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have warned on their community Water Fluoridation page, that mixing baby formula concentrate with fluoridated water on a regular basis may increase their child’s chances of developing enamel fluorosis. So if babies bottles cannot be made with fluoridated water will the NI health minister be supplying all new parents with a reverse osmosis filtration system at a £1000 to remove the fluoride from their water?
The live Birth rate in NI for 2011 was 25,273, that would mean a cost of approx £252,730 per year on filtration systems!

Dental fluorosis Wikipedia LINK

LINK Study paper on Thyroid and fluorosis by Dr Susheela in India

Fluoride lowers IQ study LINK

20 years ago very little was known or understood about the Pineal Gland, that is not the case today, and wide spread studies have been conducted on the adverse effects fluoride has on the Pineal Gland. This excellent link details various studies on the Pineal and Fluoride. LINK

Excert “EU ambassadors in Dublin have been informed that their nationals living in Ireland should not make up baby bottles with tap water. Following an Open Letter (1) to the European Commission by leading Dutch paediatrician, Dr Gavin ten Tusscher and others associated with Amsterdam University and the NGO Ecobaby, EU diplomacies in Dublin have been alerted to the risks from tap water in Ireland which contains untrialled, falsified medicinal products (fluorosilicates) that are unsafe for bottle-fed babies. “ LINK

Studies have shown that in any population, between 1% and 5% of the population will have varying degrees of intolerance and allergy to fluoride. (An allergy is something which is defined as having the ability to cause death on contact), When this deadly chemical is added to our water, and we are forced to drink it, prepare our food with it, and wash in it, how can we avoid it? I have a great many allergies, not to food, to chemicals, I do not need to be allergy tested, I know in advance I will be allergic to it given my long list of chemical allergies and intolerances. When I travel to the ROI, I bring my own water as I know that drinking their fluoridated water would have a detrimental effect on my health and well being. Will we also be given filtration systems for our showers and drinking water?
If one is allergic to dairy produce, then they stop eating dairy, if one is allergic to fluoride, how do you avoid it when our government has added it to our drinking water? LINK

 This is Declan Waugh's report on fluoridation, which has led to Kerry County Council voting to removing it from the water.
Kerry County Council have agreed they want to remove fluoride in light of the recent report by Declan Waugh (2012 Human Toxicity Environmental Implications and Legal Implications of Water Fluoridation). LINK

  Fluoridation is not only very dangerous, it is also illegal, and the UK and Irish Government are in breach of EU regulations by adding it. LINK

Fluoride is a cumulative poison that damages the immune system, poisons over 100 enzymes, makes minerals such as calcium and magnesium precipitate and become unavailable, causes premature aging, causes hypothyroidism, increases risk to cancer and bone pathologies such as osteoporosis, and causes seizures in susceptible people.  Fluoride also increases the risk for the so-called autoimmune diseases, such as Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and others, and increases the incidence of mongoloidism and crib death (SIDS) in newborns. Yiamouyiannis reports that over 130 million Americans are being poisoned from water fluoridation. LINK

The global population average incidence level for neurological disease is 6.3%. The figure for Ireland is 17.5%. Irish citizens are the most exposed individuals in the world to silicafluorides which are known to be a major risk factor in developing neurological disease. To find out more read the latest scientific report at: Declan Waugh LINK
Edwin Poots is keen to quote studies between the North and South of Ireland in relation to dental cavities, demand he also produce studies on fluoride related diseases, and demand to know the difference between, infertility, cancer, thyroid problems, fluorosis, neurological problems and osteoporosis. I have in the past tried to obtain comparative studies between North and South in relation to diseases associated with fluoride, they either do not exist, or they are not available. The current UK cancer rate, is 1 in every 3 people are expected to develop cancer at some stage in their lives, it has been documented that in many areas after fluoridation begins, cancer rates go up by about 10%. This would push existing cancer rates up to almost half the population developing cancer at some stage!

Southern Ireland has twice the incidence rate of osteoporosis compared to UK with over 300,000 people estimated to suffer from this disease. Fluoride is a major risk factor in developing this disease. To find out more read the latest scientific report at: LINK

The Russians also used fluoride in Prison Camps to dumb prisoners down.

Fluoride is a primary ingredient in Sarin Nerve Gas, it is also the main ingredient in Prozac, and many other anti depressants. Take a look at the ingredients list on rat killer, or any other vermin control poison, and you will also find Fluoride listed as a primary ingredient. During WW2 the Nazis added it to the drinking water in the concentration camps, not because of any concern for the Jews dental cavities, it was added to make them docile, infertile and compliant! Now why is our government so keen to add it to our water? These facts may seem a little hard to swallow to some, but believe me they are all well documented, do not take my word for it, do your own research, these are FACTS, and easily proven. LINk

Declan Waugh's Excellent full report on fluoridation in Ireland. Published February 2012

Dr Russell Blaylock (Retired neurosurgeon) on the dangers of Fluoride. LINK

This is a really excellent report on the long term effect fluoride has on horses. Over 4 generations thorough bred horses became more and more diseased and deformed. The subsequent peer reviewed study on "Cathy's Horses", it very shocking. LINK

This web site offers links to various studies and the adverse affects of fluoride. LINK

Ten FACTS about fluoride with linked studies. LINK

LINK Studies of the adverse effects of fluoride on cows. NI has more farmers than dentists, so please be sure and share these studies with them. If the cows drink the fluoridated water, then they will be producing fluoridated milk!
LINK This is a US study which looks at the alarming percentage of fluoride in some cows milk, and the effect this would have on babies and small children.

When Poots was feeding us crap about the great teeth people in the ROI have, he failed to mention they also have the highest cancer rates in Europe! LINK

Many EU countries are even calling for a ban on all fluoride supplements, because of rising cancers and osteoporosis, and Poots is painting our children's teeth with it!!!!!  LINK

Another great LINK with lots more information about the dangers of fluoride.

Link Excellent report from the Weston A. Price Foundation in New Zealand on fluoride.

“AUSTIN -- The University of Texas will be the first school in the nation to provide fluoride-free water fountains. Student government approved the bill 35 to 2 Wednesday night to protect women and African-Americans. Studies show these two groups are particularly vulnerable to fluoride toxicity, especially if they have kidney disease, thyroid disease or diabetes.The EPA and CDC lowered the maximum level of fluoride in drinking water by 42 percent in 2011” LINK

Professor Love Texas University
 “Love has researched fluoridation extensively. Love focused primarily on the diseases fluoride worsens, for the purposes of the bill. Love said fluoride is dangerous to people with kidney disease, heart disease, thyroid disease and diabetes.
“People with kidney disease are told to drink a lot of water, but this just perpetuates the problem,” Love said. “They’re consuming more and more fluoride, thus causing the kidneys to work harder to filter out fluoride.” LINK

LINK This is the results of a 1977 scientific study on fluoride from the National research council of Canada.

If fluoride has been proven to exasperate these existing conditions, will Mr Poots be supplying all the people in NI who already suffer from these conditions with a £1000 water filter?


Officially, the only fluoridation of NI water, was in Holywood and Tandragee, and the people of those areas fought for years to have it removed from their water, it was only when they marched on Stormount, that the government eventually relented and stopped fluoridating their water. Unofficially, a great many people here believe that during the troubles, their water was covertly fluoridated, not because of any concern about dental cavities, but to dumb the people down. West Belfast and Coalisland are among the suspected areas that were fluoridated.

As this VIDEO clearly demonstrates, the corporations who produce this deadly toxic waste, by producing very questionable studies suggesting that fluoride lowers the chances of dental cavities, in fact by stealth devised a way to off load their toxic waste, and have it filtered by human bodies.
As detailed in this blog various medical and scientific bodies recommend that baby’s bottles are not made with fluoridated water. It has also been shown that fluoridated water both causes various diseases, and exasperates existing conditions. Then there are people like me with compromised immune systems, who would have no tolerance to this deadly chemical, is the NI office going to buy us all expensive filtration systems?
98% of EU countries have banned water fluoridation, its just bloody typical that NI bureaucrats, 30 years behind time come up with this dangerous and hair- brained solution to a minor cosmetic problem!

The dangers of fluoride are now well documented; it is also now commonly known that the Nazis* used it to dumb down captives in the concentration camps, and Edwin Poots thinks he will dump it in our water! Its not on, not now not ever. I believe this toxic waste to be so deadly, I publicly call for Poots to stand down as Health Minister for even suggesting such an action, which would inevitably cause death disease and suffering to the people of Northern Ireland. His loyalties clearly lie with the corporations who produce it, as opposed to the citizens of this country.
*Nazi link

In the coming months we will be bombarded with mountains of propaganda both from NI ministers and their mouth pieces in the main stream press, we the public will be financing this onslaught of Mickey Mouse Science. And people like myself who have taken the time to study the dangers of fluoride will be undermined and silenced in the face of a massive public campaign to mind bend the masses into agreeing to this. In 2003 the UK Government passed a new law which absolves them and the water companies from all liability, if you become ill with a fluoride related disease, or a loved one dies from the added fluoride, this law means that you are on your own, and they are not in any way liable. Why would they pass such a law?

We need to stop this in its tracks, and not only stop it, we need to have it written into NI law, that at no time in the future will water fluoridation ever be allowed in NI. Holland have this written into their constitution, we need to follow their example, if we don’t they will wait another few years and try it again.
As it is dental fluorosis is on the rise in NI, thanks to imported food and drinks from fluoridated countries like the ROI. Soft drinks and bottled water companies often add fluoride, it’s near impossible to get a mouth wash or tooth paste without it. If it is allowed to go into the water supplies, people who already have too much of it in their diet will be subjected to dangerously high levels of it. Our Brothers and Sisters South of the boarder have been fighting for decades to have this toxic waste removed from their water, they have compiled a great deal of evidence on fluoride which will help us in our fight to stop them adding it.

If you have read this blog, and you are still of the opinion that you want this, then I ask you to please consider the rest of us who do not want it, we will be forced against our FREEWILL to have it. This deadly mind numbing chemical will be added to our water, and there will be no avoiding it. Fluoride is the main ingredient in Prozac, it is a medication, how dare they medicate me against my FREEWILL. When a doctor prescribes a medication he has to evaluate the disease and the most suitable medication, our government is proposing that we all be medicated with no consultation! Please pass this blog on, if we all sit back in the hope that someone else will fight this for us, then we will all pay for such apathy, and not just us, but the generations that follow us. And please, please, do not just take my word for this, do your own research. And if you see studies promoting fluoride, question them, find out who financed the studies, and what vested interest they may have in promoting it.

We all need to shout now, and shout loud, as they will push this through before we know what is happening. Phone/write/email everyone you can think off, community groups, councillors, MLAs. Visit the Facebook group, lots more very informative links have been posted on it.  LINK
Thank You for taking the time to read this.

Sandra Barr
My video "No Fluoride in NI Water, detailing all the reasons why we, the people of NI do not want this!

LINK My follow up blog to this one, exposing the NI Chief Medical Officer Michael O'Bride and the World Health organisation. The roll they both played in the Swine flu hoax demonstrated where their loyalties lie, and its not with the people of NI, its with big pharma and the fluoride industry.

Donncha O'Carolan had dental practices North and
South, so he cannot claim ignorance about the huge
problem in the South with Fluorosis!
People with financial vested interests in fluoridation,
should not be involved in the decision making process.
LINK Donncha O'Carolan

This is the response I received today from Donncha O’Carolan, the Chief Dental Officer (04/05/2012)
Dear Ms Barr,

Thank you for your e-mail of 27 April regarding the fluoridation of the Northern Ireland water supply.
The Minister has asked me to reply on his behalf.

The Minister, Edwin Poots, announced on 25 April 2012 that he is considering fluoridation of the water supplies. The Minister will consult with his executive colleagues to seek their views on water fluoridation.
Fluoridation of the water supplies is internationally recognised as the most effective, cost-effective and equitable way of improving dental health and its effectiveness and safety is endorsed by all reputable health bodies including the World Health Organisation.

We understand that there are anxieties about fluoridation, however there is no significant evidence of any link to health problems. Approval at Executive and Assembly level and informed public consultation will be needed before the Minister could make a formal decision to fluoridate the public water supply.

Donncha O'Carolan

Chief Dental Officer
They must think we are all so stupid! LIES LIES LIES! My Bullshite detector has went off the scale!

My Responce:

LIES LIES LIES!!!!!!!!!!
Do you think NI people are stupid!!!!!!!! 1000's of studies have proven both the ineffectiveness of fluoride in fighting cavities, and causing serious illness and death! 
Are you people for real!!!
But thanks for the reply, I can add your propaganda and bullshit to my blog to demonstrate to the people of NI the kind of psychopaths we have in power!
Now, please supply me with the evidence to back up your ridiculous claims.
"its effectiveness and safety is endorsed by all reputable health bodies including the World Health Organisation."
 WHO conducted a survey that proved that fluoride did not make one jot of difference to dental cavities, do you think we are all so dumb we cannot use Google and access study results!!!!!! As for the dangers, 98% of EU countries have voted against fluoridation based on its established dangers, the ROI is considered a rouge state because of its still using fluoride, the ROI has the highest rates of cancer and osteoporosis in Europe because of fluoridation, EU diplomats living in Ireland are advised not to make their babies bottles with the dangerous ROI fluoridated water!  This is my blog, which will inform the people of NI of the truth of fluoridation, I will be amending it later today, and I will add your email, it will demonstrate to the people of NI the kind of corporate psychos we have running the country!
I have a great many allergies, I have to eat all organic food, I do not need to be tested to demonstrate that I am allergic to fluoride, the very fact that I am a human being and fluoride is toxic waste, is enough to tell me I would be allergic, if I used a fluoride toothpaste just once, my whole mouth would break out in abscesses, for this reason I stopped using it over 15 years ago. If you think you can dump this toxic waste in my water, you can think again! 
As for WHO's credibility, the Swine Flue farce demonstrated to us all how corrupt they are!

Their well documented assault on the young women of the Philippines and Mexico in 1994, demonstrated what their objectives are! And Dr Jong Wook Lee, you masterminded the attempt to make the young women of the Philippines and Mexico infertile, through a tetanus vaccination, went onto to become the Head of the WHO! Those of us who pay careful attention to what is really happening in the world, know only too well what WHO’s objectives are! So do not ever mention them to me again as if they were a credible organisation!
Please also be aware, all correspondence will be published on public forums.
Sandra Barr

"Fluoridation of our community water systems can well become their most subtle weapon for our sure physical and mental deterioration”

"Fluoridation of water systems can be slow national suicide, or quick national liquidation. It is criminal insanity--treason!"

"As a research chemist of established standing, I built within the past 22 years, 3 American chemical plants and licensed 6 of my 53 patents. Based on my years of practical experience in the health-food and chemical field, let me warn: fluoridation of drinking water is criminal insanity, sure national suicide. Don`t do it.”
Dr. E.H. Bronner,
Mfg. Research Chemist, Los Angeles. 

 (Einstein’s nephew, and an ex prisoner of war) LINK


  1. Fluoride will expired your teeth so that you need to remove a Fluoride from the water else need to drink a Fluoride less water.

    Rubbish Removal

  2. Where I live, in Hertfordshire, the water authorities say they don't fluoridate the water but there are a host of other chemicals in the water that are probably just as harmful. Sometimes, first thing in the morning, the water has a strong chlorine taste. This may sound odd but I've decided to filter and boil rainwater for drinking. Rainwater collected from my shed roof is devoid of minerals that would naturally collect if the water were to come from a natural spring, but I think it's still far better than tap water. It is essential to be scrupulous regarding preparation of the water before drinking as all manner of nasty bugs can collect in it from the roof and whilst it is stored. My plan is to first let it run through a water tub filled with shale in the bottom, then charcoal (natural, not the stuff used for barbeque's that can have chemicals in it) then a layer of sharp sand finished by a topping of very fine sand. Each layer should be about 300mm or more deep; the deeper the better. The first few times it is used some sand will collect in your container, so it's best to flush the system through a few times. The charcoal is optional, but it gives an extra degree of filtration. Some systems, especially in Africa, only use sharp sand. There is plenty of info on the Internet and Youtube. The water is still not suitable for drinking. Next pour the water through an ordinary Brittas or similar water filter then boil the water for a least one minute. Apparently tea tastes excellent and when the water is used in cooking there is a noticeable change for the better. Hope you find this useful.

  3. i have started an Avaaz petition 'Stop adding the toxic by-product hexafluosilicic acid to our water supplies'. Need to get this past 100.

  4. Greetings from the Commonwealth country of Canada where Corporate Feudalism rules over every move you make. I live in Toronto right on Lake Ontario our water is Chlorinated & Fluoridated and guess what we have a Nuclear Plant called Pickering which releases on occasions a radioactive substance called Tritium right into this glorious body of fresh water & our CNSC(Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission wishes to reassure members of the public that tritium levels in drinking water do not pose a risk to their health) Note I do not need to watch The Comedy Network as it is 24/7 right here in Toronto!!! PS The Hexafluosilicic acid costs the tax payer $2 Million per year to get dumped in the water. Do I think there is an agenda in place? Why yes as the population is so complacent & dumbed down.

  5. I think this How to remove Fluoride from water article will fully complement your article. PLease continue publishing helpful topics like this. Regards, from CWR.


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