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Part 2: Blood Sacrifice at Aurora, The London Olympics & 007

By Sandra Barr
Part 2

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This is my video presentation detailing the ritual nature of the Aurora murders. During my research trying to unravel the ritual I had at least 50 OMG! moments, the transparency of their ritual beggars belief. America truly needs to waken up to what really happened in Aurora, and if my findings are not enough to convince people, then I do not know what it would take to waken them!

Since the tragic event at Cinema 16 in Aurora, Colorado, I have been working like a woman possessed to document the evidence which connects this tragedy to the London Olympics.
Over this last year I have been researching the Royal Family and the Ritual nature of the Olympics, when the shooting happened in Aurora I could immediately see the connections to the Olympics. I was guided from one piece of information to another, one thing literally just led to the next until an astonishing picture emerged of a well planned ritual sacrifice, played out in front of the eyes of the whole world.

The Satanic inbreeds who control all things on this planet are psychopaths, we are nothing more than livestock to them, and the evil entities that they worship demand blood sacrifices. They feed of human grief and suffering and they demand we participate in their rituals. For thousands of years this is how they held onto power and enslaved the human race.

Unfortunately for them there has been a shift in human consciousness, they have strived to stop man seeing behind their veils of secrecy, but all their rituals and sacrifices have not been able to halt mankind’s awakening. Once you start to recognise the numbers, geography and sacred geometry that they hold so dear, the veils start to lift, and then, as if by magic the inner veils drop at your feet and the depths of their depravity are revealed. This is the journey I have been on since the Aurora Sacrifice.

This video presentation is almost 30 minutes long, believe me I have diluted, it could have been a 4 hour epic, but I have detailed the most important of the information. People need to wake up now, if they watch this vid, and still chose to believe the official version, then there is no hope for humanity.

On close investigation of the numerology, geography and symbols they have used for both the Olympic Opening and the Aurora sacrifice, I have to say that their “Magick” is rudimentary and clumsy, it is not much more evolved than the Harry Potter Magick, they honestly believe that if they throw in a few pyramid shapes and obelisks then the purpose of their ritual will succeed!
I kid you not, this is how retarded and f**king psycho they really are!

We are many, they are few, if we can all just see past the flimsy veils they have in place then we have won, and they will disappear to the sewers and rat holes that they belong in.

As Bessie and I have been saying all year, August 4, 2012 for some reason is of the utmost importance to them. 4/8, 8/4 has been coming up in the numerology they use all year. We have only been able to speculate as to what they have planned for that date, but I am convinced they have something huge planned, and the most likely scenario is an attack of some sort at the London Olympics. The Aurora sacrifice was the blood sacrifice before the mega opening ritual. 13,22 and 31 also add to 4. So watch those dates at the Olympics.
Update 10/08/2012: On the 4th August 48 Iranian pilgrims were abducted in Syria by NATO backed terrorists.
On August 3, a 12 year old girl went missing in London. The British press who normally would have this front page news, did not even report it until Monday the 6th! The child Tia Sharp is still missing, understandably her family are distraught so I will say nothing more on this for now, and I pray that Tia returns home safe and sound.

As I have detailed in the video, James Holmes deserves our deepest sympathy not hatred, this man is clearly under some form of hypnosis or mind control, his guards have reported that he keeps asking “Why am I here?”, he seems to have no notion as to why he is in prison. When he appeared in court he looked like a lost little boy, barely conscious, dazed and confused, typical signs of someone who has been a victim of mind control.
They will hook this poor man up with lawyers who will stitch him up left right and centre, they will not question the possibility of him having been under mind control, and they will drug him up and get him to the electric chair as soon as possible. Meanwhile the American public will be drip fed a load of shite about how evil he is!

Golden Dawn
There is so much more to this, I hope to get a part 2 out this week. One area which I did not cover in the vid which deserves more attention is the Golden Dawn.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was a secret society which evolved from the Rosicrucian tradition. Its most famous initiate was Aleister Crowley, also known as “The Beast 666”. Crowley is rumoured to be the Father of Barbara Bush.
As it happens Denver has an Order of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

"Welcome to the official Denver, Colorado Golden Dawn Website of the Temple of Thoth Amen-Ra!" LINK

Batman "Dark Knight Rises",
vol. 1, "Golden Dawn". In this
picture Dawn Golden with
Batman, and the Beast is her
Father Aleister Crowley.
In the Dark Knight Rises Batman series, volume 1 is actually called Golden Dawn
Dawn Golden is a character in the series. She was a childhood sweetheart of Bruce Wayne.
Dawn Golden is the only child of Aleister Crowley in the series.

Dawn Golden carries an amulet given to her by her Father, on his death bed he tries to kill her, he told her that her greater purpose was to be sacrificed so that he could become Hell’s Lord on Earth!

To cut a long story short, Batman and Dawn are attacked by demons, they kidnap her, she is taken to the Gotham sewers.
Alistair Crowley possesses the body of Ragman and straps her to a table to conduct the ritual which will make him Lord of the Earth and give him eternal life.

Dawn Golden
Batman and Etrigan try to save her, but to no avail, Crowley stabs her, she dies and the ritual is complete.
Etrigan later kills Crowley, which frees Dawns soul.

Aleister Crowley’s real name was Edward Alexander Crowley, he is also known as “the Great Beast 666”
Incidentally 2 of the Aurora victims were also called Alexander
Crowley was responsible for the founding of the religious philosophy of Thelema, he seen himself as a prophet who had been entrusted with informing the world about the coming eon of Horus.

Aleister Crowley

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn  was a secret society devoted to the study of the deepest levels of esoteric knowledge, based primarily on Rosicrucian and Cabbalistic teachings.

James Bond Creator Ian Fleming was a high ranking naval Commander, and during WW2, he attempted to recruit Crowley and have him work for MI5.

Aurora is a Roman Goddess, the English translation from the Latin is DAWN
Aurora on the map, to the left has a place name Golden, and further to the left is the Golden Gate Canyon State Park.
Update 4/8/2012: Headlines in British Press 4/5 August "

"Golden dawn for Great Britain as Team GB finally delivers" LINK

NBC News reported that James Holmes was an initiate of the GOLDEN KEY Honors Society, and would you believe it, their emblem looks like an Olympic Torch!

Since February another researcher (Bessie Totten) and I have speculated that the O2 Arena is the most likely target should our Government stage a false Flag. The O2 is owned by Trinity College Cambridge, Dee, Bacon and Crowley were fellows of TCC!
Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes was also a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and by chance he also attended Trinity College Cambridge!
William and Kate are now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The O2 is run by Anschutz entertainment group, (AEG) and they pay rent to TCC.
James Holmes was a graduate student in neurosciences at the University of Colorado at Denver’s Anschutz Medical campus.

The Anschutz Medical Campus is on the site of the decommissioned U.S. Army’s Fitzsimons Army Medical centre.
It is named after the billionaire Philip Anschutz who donated the $91 million to build it.
Previous to this Holmes worked on the military’s “Peak Soldier Performance Program” as a research assistant at the Stalk Institute at the University of California.

Trinity College Cambridge bought the O2 from Quintain on 9 October 2009 for £24 million.
The word Quintain means “Knights Target”.
A Quintain, "Knight's Target".

On 18 July, two days before the Aurora shootings, it was reported that Quintain had sold a further chunk of their real estate at the Greenwich Peninsula to a Hong Kong Company called Knight Dragon!
This deal is reported to be worth £500 million!

KNIGHT DRAGON is just one of the companies owned by Hong Kong billionaire Henry Cheng Kar-Shun.
Max James is the Chief executive of Quintain

AURORA Building, Tower Hamlets London.

 This is the Aurora Building; it sits on top of the Blackwell Tunnel to the North of The Isle of Dogs/Gods.
It overlooks the O2, the Blackwell Tunnel also runs under the O2
Coordinates of the O2: W elev 007!
Circled in yellow, the AURORA building, just over the Thames from the O2

 Definition CAM (As in Cam-bridge)
A projecting part of a wheel or other moving piece so shaped as to give alternate or variable motion to another piece against which it acts.

The O2 sits on the Zero Meridian, where time literally begins, the movement of a clock is controlled by cams and cogs.

The target was passed to the Cam-Bridge
As previously covered in my other vids,  bridges have deep esoteric meaning, where will this bridge take us?

Angel of Death at the Dome
On August 4 HOBBS Angel of Death are advertised to be playing at “The Dome”
This is not the O2 Dome, but it means that this Satanic picture with Dome and 4 August can be posted all over London.

Meanwhile back in Greece:

 In the home of the Olympics, a Neo Nazi Party has rose to prominence; the parties name “GOLDEN DAWN”
Over this last year support in Greece for this Nazi group has rose, which has led to constant headlines in the global press: “Rise of The Golden Dawn”.
Update 07/08/2012
On Saturday 1 August The Telegraph posted the Headline "Golden Dawn for team GB". Coincidence....I think not! LINK

3 August, 12 year old Tia Sharp went missing. A child going missing in the UK usually demands top story news. This childs disappearance was not even reported until the 6th August. And as every report on the Monday mentioned, she had been missing 3 days and 3 nights before they bothered to report it! 33 the highest degree in Freemasonry. By 4 August this should have been the top story on every news report, why was it not?
Daily Mail report
SKY New Report 
Update 08/09/2012: Tia's body was found in the attic of the house her Grandmother and partner Stuart Hazel shared. Hazel has subsequently been arrested and set up for the murder. Like the Aurora case, this one stinks to high heaven! Its a small house, 3 seaches failed to find a body, third search and bingo, body found in the attic! My report on the setting up of Stuart Hazel  LINK

William, Kate and King Henry VIII
Something else which I stumbled on during my research was an apparent link to William and Kate, and Queen Elizabeth I.

In 1570 John Dee published “A Boke of Very Godly Psalms”, and he dedicated it to Lettice Knollys.
Her Sister was Elizabeth Knollys, the British press have claimed that Prince William and Kate are actually distant cousins, and Elizabeth is their common ancestor.
Other genealogists have dismissed this, and said that Kate is not descended from Elizabeth, but for whatever reason they appear to want us to think she has descended from this line.
Kate Middleton’s genealogy is available on line, and she does not stem from Elizabeth Knollys, William does, she does not. Why do they want us to think she does I wonder?
 LINK Kate's genealogy chart.

 The is Queen Elizabeth I and her first cousins Lettice and Elizabeth Knollys
They are rumoured to be full cousins because the Knolly sister’s grandmother, Mary Boleyn had an affair with Henry VIII, who was Elizabeth I’s Father.
Marys sister was Anne Boleyn Henry’s then wife, who he later had beheaded.
If this is true, it would mean that William, and possibly Kate actually descend from King Henry VIII (8th)
LINK Excellent link which details Mary Boleyn's affair with Henry.
Another interesting snippet, King Henry VIII was 6ft 4” tall, which during the Tudor period, would have been extremely tall.

Another incidental snippet, Batman live is GOTHA-M City
The real name of the British Royals is Saxe-Coburg GOTHA
“M” in Chaldean numerology is a 4, which has such deep meaning to them that I actually wrote a blog just about the number 4!
LINK My blog on the number 4

End Word
For Millennia these in-breeds have stuck with the “Order out of Chaos” motto. They create Chaos, so as their unpalatable solutions can be implemented, all the time moving us all toward the Totalitarian Global Dictatorship which is their end goal.
They have spent thousands of years studying our psychology as if we were lab rats, for every diabolical situation which they create; they predict our reaction in advance.
My advice at this very critical time in our evolution, do not be predictable, they are already prepared for us rising up and taking to the streets, do what they least expect….NON-COMPLIANCE!
Step as far out of the Matrix as you can, envisage a world full of peace love and light.
Do not play their games, do not give your energy to whatever catastrophe they have planned next….Think Smart and Stay Safe!

Update 08/09/2012 Very important information regarding this case has been published by "The Examiner" today.

 "Friday's report by the online version of Denver's Westword Magazine details shocking claims made by, what appears to be, a new victim in a case that has throttled a community still in morning over the tragic events. According to the court documents an individual, whose name has been officially redacted from the documents, came forward to file a “Motion to Intervene” for the right to be reasonably heard under the Crime Victims' Rights Act (a)(4), for the purposes of presenting newly discovered evidence to the court."

"The stunning accusations, dated August 27, reveal a startling story by the claimant as having been visited at home by police chief Dan Oates and Dist. Atty. Carol Chambers where they forced the unnamed individual to testify as a fake victim of the shootings, under the threat of being arrested for prostitution and escort services and charity fraud, for the purposes of garnering an easy conviction against alleged shooter James Holmes. But not before being shot by the police chief in “non-life-threatening areas” of the body, according to the motion, to appear as having been shot by James Holmes himself. 

The motion also claims that it is likely some of the victims in the theater were merely paid actors working on behalf of the conspirators and wants multiple individuals involved in the situation to take polygraph tests to prove their innocence.

"The judge, however, instead of taking a closer look, decided to strike down the motion as fraudulent, claiming the motion as likely being forged by an individual or individuals unassociated with the events. The judge also suggested the situation be investigated by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's office and those responsible for the motion be taken into custody by the Arapahoe County Department of Human Services and “referred to the appropriate mental health agency.”

This is an important indicator of how this case is going to play out, the judge will only permit evidence that tallies with the official line, God Help James Holmes, they have everything stacked against him!
Link to full Examiner report
Sandra Barr

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Credits: Thank you to many of my Facebook friends who gathered snippets used in this blog and the vid. Thank you also to the guy who sent me the information about Quintain and Trinity College Cambridge. Not everyone wants their name advertised on the net, I will check with him, and if he does not mind being named, I will add his name.
This is information is for sharing, so please do, however please credit the author.
Sandra Barr
NB: Can I just make it clear, I do not in any way suspect the lowly Masons at Aurora Masonic Lodge of any wrong doing. It is the placement of their Temple which would have been of strategic importance to whoever planned the Aurora sacrifice.

LINK Great blog by Merovee, also joining many dots between the 007, the Olympics opening and Aurora
Link  Excellendocumentary about Francis Bacon.


  1. A few miles to the west of Century 16 lies Windsor Lake.

  2. Fascinating information, thank you! A few more points if I may:
    1. Holmes was charged with 24 counts of 1st degree murder, 2 for each victim.
    2. Massacre occurred 20 minutes into the midnight (12:00 a.m.) showing of DKR.
    3. The official body count is 12. All 12 were killed in theatre 9.
    4. The wounded mother of the 6 year old who was killed was 8 months pregnant. She lost the baby during surgery. Victim #13?
    5. 58 wounded. 5 + 8 = 13.
    6. The connection between Holmes and Temporal Illusions: Getting a Grip on "Temporal Illusions" and What They Mean: http://bit.ly/QCsvz1
    7. James Holmes' presentation of Temporal Illusion (perception of time/reality/time-travel): http://bit.ly/Qy7M29
    8. Although he is said to be adopted; his lineage goes back to the Mayflower (1st settled in PA).. and beyond.. to the Town of Strabane, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland: "The Presbyterian Irish Holmes probably migrated to Northern Ireland from England or Scotland in the late 16th or early 17th century following the Nine Years War in which England defeated the Gaelic tribal chieftains of Ulster. Large land grant plantations were formed by Queen Elizabeth I’s government and continued by James Stuart I. The Holmes lived as tenant farmers on one of these estates owned by the Earl of Abercorn in Tyrone. We often think of Irish immigrants as Catholics but by 1705, 95% of Ulster was Protestant" http://bit.ly/MTlNpz [pg 12]
    9. James Holmes’(adoptive?)father, Robert Holmes, set to provide crippling info on Libor & other banking scandals: http://bit.ly/T4UCXY
    10. His (adopted?) father designed algorisms (Arabic system of numeration) for FICA.
    11. Aurora in Latin means "Goddess of Dawn". The Aurora Massacre occurred during the movie, "The Dark Knight Rises". Another movie,"Breaking Dawn", is to be released in 4416 theaters November 16, 2012.
    12. Warning #1: 6 weeks before the incident: Psychiatrist called threat-team about Colorado movie theater shooting suspect James Holmes: http://bit.ly/QxegOU but it went nowhere after he dropped out on June 10 and lost campus access on June 12.
    13. Warning #2: Holmes called MTV star "Diggity" Dave Aragon of Pimp My Ride fame at KNX 1070 AM radio station twice in June because he was concerned the caliber of weapons used in his upcoming film, "The Suffocator of Sins", (dark spoof on DKR), the story of a young vigilante Batman, were too small. Homes claimed to have watched the trailer 100 times: http://bit.ly/N5HqPT - includes chilling trailer said to have been shot in a movie theatre.
    14. Warning #3: The Notebook Homes sent to his psychiatrist, Dr. Lynne Fenton, sat unopened in campus mailroom for 8 days: June 12 (his last day of access) to July 20 (day of incident).

  3. Your blog does ignore this :

    ,,,,so *where is the second shooter ? And why was the next hearing in Centennial, Co. [=century] postponed to Nov.30 ? Maybe because of this book, which keyword predicted Colorado Shooting and was on the way to prove that there was no ancient times, no medieval times, no dinosaurs, no nuclear bomb http://checkthis.com/aurora ;
    "Revealing[^pre|dicting] Aurora" ...

    http://soundcloud.com/ewing2001/pre-dicting-aurora-im-a ; sampling reports on second shooter, obviously inspired by keywords from "Revealing.. Aurora... : --- Hotel Aurora, 16 Century, dies in Room 6-99, edgar yellow hair/orange hat, toys, exit ... ---

  4. Hi
    I had a look at your videos and found them interesting, so did some looking around the Olympic venue myself and spotted some name similarities to history.

    First one is, the great fire of London is reported to have started in a “bakery” in Pudding lane. If you look at Google maps of the Olympic Stadium area, you will see that Pudding mill lane runs into the loop road that goes round the stadium. Pudding mill lane is to the south of the stadium. The mill part of the lane name could indicate some sort of bizarre obscure connection to the bakery that the great fire of London started in.

    Pudding mill lane link: http://hidden-london.com/gazetteer/pudding-mill-lane/
    And here: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=42756

    You mentioned a Shakespeare connection in your video; The Olympic stadium venue is situated in “Stratford city London”, and is named in newspapers as the Stratford Stadium.

    A section of the river Thames at Oxford is known as the Isis, the ancient Egyptian connection appears to go back centuries.

    Hope you find this of interest.

  5. From Tgambilltom@yahoo.com
    To Sandra B. You have done incredible work with the connection. I can add to you the exact connection with the Biblical prophesy and the origin of King James Bible as the facts are known and not what the Jesuits, Rosicrucians, Illuminati and Zionist wants people to believe. I have unusual Knowledge about the connection of what you have done and how it fits in the reality of the spiritual warfare is going on and ......the coming Day of Declaration and Disclosure of "so called ET's" or "Aliens" which is a lie. I know about the ET hoax that has been set up since 1897 to now. However, you will find them in Genesis 6:4 as the "sons of God" and their offspring, "Nephilim" that are in the ruling families of today. FACT. we need to TALK!!!

  6. Everyone seems to have made a connection to 8/4 but what about 8+4=12 and 8/12 which happens to be the date that Ian Fleming died? It is also the day that Cleopatra committed suicide and the day on which Adolph Hitler's Mother Klara and George Soros were born. it is also the day that marks The Feast of the Prophet and his Bride,
    Glorious Twelfth,HM the Queen's Birthday and National Mother's Day (Thailand),International Youth Day,and the release of IBM's first PC. Being as the opening was James Bond perhaps the anniversary of Ian Flemings death has special significance

  7. Sandra, do you believe Krymsk flooding happened on 07/07/12 can be regarded as a sacrifice related to the Olympics ritual? Krymsk is located not far from Sochi where the 2014 Olympics will be held. That flooding might be artificially produced as a 22-feet tsunami wave covered the city at 2:00-3:00 am, which is not typical for ordinary flooding. It was John Baptizer's Eve.
    The satanic elite can do sacrifices all over the world not only in England or US.

  8. Didn't know THAT about 02! Amschutz is heavily connected in with child grooming, entrapment and snuff operation SOS Childrens' Villages and word had it that James Holmes (the original) had been working as a steward there in 2008 and set up (as everyone is who visits). Such scenarios are then used to keep victims and perps in line and compromised. That is to do with why he was leaving. I guess by setting up the fake James in Aurora (reportedly a 'hit' ordered from Chicago Mob, executed by G4S) they effectively 'killed' the reputation and identity of the real James Holmes if indeed he is still alive. According to a tome by William Cobbett on the Reformation in England, Henry V11's daughter was Anne Bolyn from an affair of many. Elizabeth was ripped from the womb of her dying mother on Henry's orders. He typifies that line as a syphillitic psychopathic tyrant.

  9. I see the O2 as perhaps a barely veiled reference to OZ, eg. as in Liber OZ (book 77) by Crowley...OZ means strength in Hebrew and it probably refers to THEIR strength. This OZ gets factored in everywhere, from Baum's (rosicrucian)Wizard Of Oz to Oz-zy Oz-bourne and beyond...this will give you an additional tie-in to Crowley and more Golden Dawn aspects etc. That also pays directly into the 'rainbow themes' (over the rainbow) and the child abuse aspect that seems to be a part of it all, also not forgetting the sirius aspect with rainbows too (Alice Bailey). Also did you know that the codename for the US's involvement in the international military operation in Libya (2011) was Operation Odyssey DAWN. The Golden Dawn...venus/lucifer/hermetic order. Have you looked at Crowley disciples Parsons & Hubbard (scryer) and compared their magickal workings with Dee & Kelley (scryer)...you're in for a surprise if you haven't! There are even claims that Crowley's wife Rose Kell(e)y...could have been a descendant of Edward Kelley, it was Crowley's wife Rose who took him to the Horus statue (666) in Cairo and then the Thelemic bibe 'the book of law' soon followed, much of it under her direction.

  10. If you want a comparative case to Holmes...I suggest people look into Theodore Kaczynski and the unabomber event, the 2 Ted & James share very similar academic backgrounds etc. The apartment of Holmes was booby-trapped apparently, which invokes the acts of the Unabomber. It is already a given that Kaczynski was involved in mind control experiments whilst at Harvard and he was a PHD student. I find common ground between these 2 cases...the 'virtual script' for the Unabomber appears to have been 'The Secret Agent' by Conrad (Józef TEODOR Konrad KORZENIOWSKI, geddit!) about a madman who lives in a shack (like Ted)who attempts to destroy the god of science (like Ted tries to)....Kaczynski kept a copy with him at his shack and was very familiar with the text...Was Ted's 'The Secret Agent' book used in the same way as 'Catcher In The Rye' was for Mark David Chapman (Lennon)? We have the 'Arnold Crump' DC Comics 1986 Batman release (with its mind control undertones) as a pre-event script for the Aurora massacre. Just thought I'd mention it.

  11. is there any connection between the olympic torch (eternal flame) and the torch of knowledge? i can't find any...i bring this up because it is the torch (or flame) of knowledge that is depicted on the golden key logo not an olympic torch. sometimes seeming connections are not connections at all...

  12. Just making my way through your blog now. You may find my Olympics blog interesting:


  13. I have just run through your post but I want you to remember about 7 missing Cameroonian's from London. I think that they are sacrificed at the Olympics. What do you think?


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