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Prince, Jimi Hendrix & The Simpsons

By Sandra Barr

Please note, I have not linked every single bit of info in this blog, but I have added most of my sources at the bottom.

Screen shot from the episode of the Simpsons where Prince gets killed.

 Prince and Jimi Hendrix

Since the death of Prince Rogers Nelson on 21 April 2016, I have been researching his life and death, and I have frequently been struck by the parallels with the life and death of Jimi Hendrix. I thought I would publish this blog on the parallels to run along side my other findings on the death of Prince. Also included in this blog Prince and Hendrix on the Simpsons.

1: Purple Rain/ Purple Haze
Both stars had a fondness for the colour Purple.

2: Prince was a Jehovah Witness, Hendrix's birth name was Johnny Allen Hendrix, JAH, which is one of the shortened versions of Jehovah, and one of his biggest hit singles was “All along The Watchtower". The Watchtower Society is the name of the governing body of the Jehovah Witnesses, it is also the name of the magazine distributed by the Jehovah's.

 3: Both men had serious issues with people and corporations within the music industry who were ripping them off, and claiming ownership of them and their music. Prince had long drawn out legal battles against his former Record label Warner Brothers, he fought for control of his Master recordings and his name. 
Just prior to Hendrix's death, he was meeting solicitors about the contracts that he had been tied into.


 4:  Both men were speaking out about political issues, and against the establishment.

5:  Both men were funding "subversive" groups, Hendrix was supporting The Black Panthers, and Prince had donated £50,000 to a 9/11 truth group.

6: Both men were musical geniuses who died under very mysterious circumstances.

7: Both men at the time of death, were taking their music in a more spiritual direction.


8: Prince recorded an album Rainbow Children, Hendrix made an album and film just prior to his death called Rainbow Bridge.

Just prior to Prince's death he posted a selfie on Instagram with the caption "JUST WHEN U THOUGHT U WERE SAFE". At some time after it was posted the caption was removed, but the picture remained. It was the last thing Prince posted before he died.
It was published on April 14, at 9-05 am, which was the day he played at the FOX Theatre in Atlanta, within 14 hours of him posting it, his private jet had to make an emergency landing in Illinois. 7 days later he was dead.

9: Immediately after death, the main stream media embarked on a global campaign to besmirch and defame their reputations. With Hendrix they said he had committed suicide, and that he was a heroin addict who choked on his own vomit while stoned, with Prince they said he had full blown AIDs, and that he was a drug addict.

Compare the death of Bowie to the death of Prince, right after Bowie died he was given demi God status, and the A Listers were queueing up to say what a wonderful guy he was. From the day Prince died they have been quoting un-named music industry insiders, drug dealers, and alleged associates, and its all been derogatory.
Bowie was of course a good little puppet, he never spoke about chem-trails or the sharks within the music industry, he was a long time heavy drug user, but not a mention of it after his death, or even a suggestion that his years of serious drug abuse, was in any way tied to his death at a fairly young age. 

10: Both men were reported to be suffering from influenza just prior to their deaths.
From Jimi's Wikipedia page:

"In the days before his death, Hendrix had been in poor health, due in part to fatigue caused by overworking, a chronic lack of sleep, and an illness assumed to be influenza-related." Source
This interview was filmed September 7, 1970, 11 days before Jimi died. He has a hanky in his hand, and he blows his nose, he puts his sniffles down to the change in climate touring from country to country. The change in climate does not seem to be affecting his band mates, seen with him. Link

From Prince's Wikipedia page:

"On April 7, 2016, Prince postponed two performances at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta from his Piano & A Microphone Tour; the venue released a statement saying he had influenza.  Prince rescheduled and performed the show on April 14, even though he still was not feeling well. While flying back to Minneapolis early the next morning, he became unresponsive, and his private jet made an emergency landing at Quad City International Airport in Moline, Illinois, where he was hospitalized and received Narcan, but he left against medical advice. Representatives said he suffered from "bad dehydration" and had had influenza for several weeks" Source


When both men died, they were both under contract to Warner Brothers. On April 14, 2014 Billboard Magazine reported that Prince had done a deal with Warner, just over 2 years later April 21, Prince was dead, and Warners have the licence for most of his music.

Below: Sales of Prince singles and albums in the week after his death, Warner Brothers have the licence to all the singles and albums listed.

Source: Screen shot from WB site

Screen shot taken from WB official site 09/05/16

This section is so lengthy and complex that I have put it in a separate blog: LINK
This is a Dick Gregory interview, he is speaking about the death of Prince, and he appears to have come to the same conclusions that I have arrived at! This really is a must see!

12: Larry Graham

Larry was a long time friend and collaborator to Prince, it was Larry's influence that persuaded Prince to convert to be a Jehovah's Witness.
In an Associated Press interview on May 3, 2016 he said that he had seen Prince just 3 days before he died, and that he seemed well bar a cold that he had.

At some time after the death of Jimi Hendrix,  Eric Clapton gave an interview, and he discussed his relationship with Hendrix. At 1.27 he says that he seen Jimi at a Sly and the Family Stone gig in the Lyceum in London the day before he died. Jimi died on Sept 18, 1970.

Between 1966 and 1972 Larry Graham was the bassist for Sly and the Family Stone!

So Larry seen Jimi the day before he died, and Prince 3 days before he died!

Like what are the chances? Prince and Hendrix were two of the most iconic musicians of our time, and Larry seen them both just before they died 46 years apart!

Eric Clapton talking about seeing Hendrix the day before he died.
MK Ultra
I have already published a lengthy blog on the death of Prince, and I intend adding to that blog, (Link to previous blog, Death of a Prince) I wanted to keep the parallels  with Hendrix separate.

 I have no doubt that Hendrix was a victim of MK Ultra, and at the time of his death he had woken up, and he had remembered the abuse, and how he was used. Before he died he told one of his girlfriends that he was sexually abused by a man in a uniform when he was a child. Sex is one of the primary methods of torture that they use on small children to create the trauma needed to fragment the personality.

Prior to Hendrix' death, he was finding himself, the core being, and he wrote this song:
"Room full of mirrors" by Jimi Hendrix. Taken from his last album "First Rays of the New Rising Sun"



Source: Jimi Hendrix and MK Ultra, lengthy explanation about the use of mirrors in MK Ultra programming

Anyone that knows about the MK Ultra programme, will know that mirrors are a vital part of the trauma based mind control programming, Michael Jackson wrote all his songs in a room full of mirrors, when Hendrix released the above song, his controllers in the USA and UK would have instantly recognised that he was freeing himself from the slavery of his mind control, and he would in effect have signed his own death warrant. In the early MK programmes victims often started waking up in their late 20's, hence the 27 club was formed, and Hendrix is the most famous member of the 27 club. Vigilant Citizen 27 Club

As for Prince and mind control, I have scant evidence that he was under mind control, however in his early work, when he was under the control of Warner Brothers,  he was playing their game, and his work was highly sexed with trans-genderism heavily promoted.
If he was under mind control he broke free, and when he left Warner Bros he fought for control of his music and name, and he released “Emancipation”, a clear indication that he was being freed from slavery, in fact while under the control of Warner, he often appeared with “SLAVE” written on his face. 

After his emancipation, he churned out near two decades of fantastic music under his own label, the record industry, radio stations, media etc chose to completely ignore the fantastic music that he was churning out, despite him playing to packed out arenas all over the world.

He was speaking out about chem-trails, and the corruption within the legal system and music industry. He would long of been a thorn in the side of the established music industry, his immense wealth meant he could isolate himself, at Paisley Park he had his own recording studio, venue and private underground vault to house his master copies. He was an island onto himself, and he was advising young artists not to sign away rights to their master copies or their name.

 Prince speaking about Chemtrails.

From the hour of his death, the media embarked on a scurrilous campaign to besmirch him, and provide plausible reasons why he died at the young age of 57.
It was the same when Hendrix died, on the morning of his death Eric Burrdon of the Animals announced to the press that he had died by his own hand and that he had committed suicide, he later recanted this, but the headlines on the TV and newspapers were that he had taken his own life thanks to Burdon telling this to the press. 
The autopsy on Hendrix revealed he did not have one needle mark on his body, no recent needle marks, and no historic needle marks, yet the press reported he had died choking on his own vomit after overdosing on heroin. They also said he was drunk, his blood alcohol level was just slightly over the permitted level for driving, which is about 2 glasses of wine, so hardly drunk either.

The Simpsons

Another thing that links the two men, those who have fought to find the truth about 9/11, will be well aware that prior to 9/11 an episode of the Simpsons showed an image of Bart and New York with the Twin Towers and a fist full of dollars. 
After Prince died, it emerged that  an episode of the Simpsons, season 20, episode 4, Treehouse of Horror XIX (19) showed Homer murdering Prince. 

Link to full episode

It was aired on November 2, 2008.   11/2 
Prince died on April 21, in leap years April 21 is the 112th day of the year!

(In the USA they put the month first and the date second, it is the other way around in the UK)
This episode aired around Halloween, and it was comprised of 3 short episodes, all horror/Halloween themed. The segment that features Prince and Jimi Hendrix is titled "How to Get Ahead in Dead-Vertising:"  (It begins at 6:36)
It begins with Homer in a black suit falling from a large building, before falling he is in a room that  is abstract, the walls are falling away, it is very surreal, and the accompanying music is hypnotic.
Homer in slow motion free-falling, is reminiscent of the people who jumped from the Twin Towers to escape the flames on 9/11.
He leaves a box of donuts in the abstract room, so I presume they intend some kind of Black Magic theme! And the Black Magic ads featured a James Bond 007 type main character.
After accidentally killing Krusty the Clown over the destruction of a daycare mural that used his image without his express permission, Homer is hired by two ad agents who have discovered a legal loophole in using celebrity likenesses in their advertising campaigns. If a celeb is dead, you do not need their permission to use their image in advertising, nor do you have to pay them.

Jimi Hendrix and Prince in Celebrity Heaven
After Homer kills Prince, Neil Armstrong and George Clooney, they all arrive in celebrity heaven, they are shown with Jimi Hendrix, John Wayne, John Lennon, Shakespeare, George Washington and others, when they realise their images are being used they form a heavenly army, and the go back to Earth on horseback to seek revenge.

This could be seen as predictive programming, but it is also pretty ironic that Prince spent years fighting Warner Brothers for control of his own music, his image and name. When he became an unpronounceable symbol, this was a real kick in the teeth for his label ( Warner Brothers).  He had patented the symbol, so they had to pay him to use it, their contract was with the legal entity known as Prince, when he became "symbol", he could step outside of his contract and do things that he could not do if he was the legal entity Prince. Homer killed him with his guitar, which was the shape of the symbol by which he was known, the same symbol that caused such problems for Warner Brothers.

After Jimi Hendrix's death his father inherited his estate,  in 1966 Al married a Japanese woman, she had 5 children, four of them were grown when Al married her, he adopted her youngest daughter Janie Lisa, and he put that daughter in charge of running the estate. 
When Al died in 2002, he left the managing of the estate to his adopted daughter, and Robert Hendrix, a cousin of Jimi's. Robert has since died and the entire estate is now run by the adopted daughter, she was only a child when Jimi died, and she only met Jimi 3-4 times, each meeting was brief, backstage at concerts. 
Al Hendrix only had one child, and that was Jimi, Jimi's Mother Lucille however had another 4 children, Jimi also had a network of cousins aunts and uncles,  Al set the trust fund up so as his grandchildren would benefit from it, as recently as 2004 the family sued Janie LINK,
 it would seem that Janie has been spending millions on herself and her husband, while the trustees have been getting nothing.

Experience Hendrix is the company that Janie controls, she constantly reiterates that the company is run by the Hendrix family, and all profits go to the Hendrix family. This is not true, all profits go to her  and her husband, the 2004 court case showed she had been misappropriating funds and her extravagant lifestyle meant there was no profits left to be divided amongst the beneficiaries.

Jimi had two children, a daughter in the US and a son in Sweden, neither of them profit from their fathers estate.....Janie on the other hand seems to be doing nicely from it! She also lost one of the few Hendrix guitars that was returned to the family after he died. She says her ex husband (Sheldon Reynolds) stole it, and legal action is on going for it to be returned to the estate. Link
Jimi was close to his brother Leon, and he has had various court battles with Janie over the estate.

This episode is not just prophetic, it sends a message to any celebs who might want to rock the boat, "be a good little compliant slave, do what you are told, or you will end up in celeb heaven with the rest who rocked the boat!

Also, note, at 12 seconds in, Homers Dad is seen with a placard "I still like Ike". Prince was a big David Icke fan, he sent him tickets to one of his London shows, and they met after the show. 
When Prince died, David Icke paid a wonderful tribute to him, and spoke about their meeting. 
Like what is the chances of the Simpsons just throwing this shot into an episode where Prince is killed?

In the USA "IKE" would be recognised as the 34th President, Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower, however in the UK, most people would immediately think of David Icke, the screen shot below is from Eisenhower's Wiki page, as can be seen, David "IKE" is actually within his name!

Above, David Icke tribute to Prince, and recollections of their meeting.

OX God Baal

The network that aired this series of The Simpsons was FOX. The week Prince died a replica of the arch of Palymra was erected in Trafalgar Square, London.
The original archway stood in Palymra Syria, and it was at the entrance to the Temple of Baal, (also known as Bel/Moleck/Molach), Baal was a Pagan God and he was often depicted as an OX, as in F-OX, he demanded human sacrifices. The original arch was destroyed by ISIS in August 2015.
The replica arch to his temple was erected in London on the 19th April, and it was there for 3 days, Prince died on April 21, which was also the Queen's 90th birthday. I have covered this in much more detail in my first Prince blog.

Fox Theatre Atlanta

Prince's last concert date was 7 days previous to his death on April 14, and he played at the F-OX theatre in Atlanta. When he left the concert venue he boarded his private jet to return home to Minneapolis. In the early hours of the 15th, he became so ill that his jet was forced to make an emergency landing in Illinois.

 Airport staff reported that he was “unresponsive” when the plane landed, which would suggest he had no vital signs, and he was in fact dead. He must have been revived, it is worth noting that he died after leaving the F-OX theatre!

This theatre was built in 1929 by the Shriners, who are an off-shoot Freemasonic group. It was originally built to be their Temple!
 Earlier in 2016, on February 27, Experience Hendrix had a concert in the same F-OX theatre. Link
Link, Fox Theatre Atlanta Wikipedia

In another odd coincidence, George Frederick Handel lived in the same London apartment that Jimi Hendrix later lived, there are two blue plaques outside the apartment, one for Jimi, one for Handel. Handel died on 14 April 1759, which was 257 (77) years to the day before Prince's performance at the F-OX theatre.
The German born composer was famous for his opera "The Messiah"
The apartment was 25 Brook Street, Mayfair London, also known as The Handel House. 
The apartment was owned by Ringo Starr, and when Hendrix and Kathy Etchingham moved out John Lennon and Yoko moved in.

Tubal Cain

 In the years before Prince died he was often seen with a walking cane, after decades of dancing and jumping of amps and pianos, he was said to have hip problems, although he used his cane more like a fashion accessory than a walking aid.

In the beginning there was Adam and Eve, their first son was Cain, and their second was Abel.
Cain killed Abel, as punishment for killing Abel, and lying to God about killing him, he was expelled from the garden of Eden by God, and God marked him so that he would have divine protection and not suffer an early death. He married his sister Awan, he was the first city builder, and he died when his house fell on him!

According to Jewish tradition there is no consensus as to Cain's Father, but The Serpent, a fallen Angel, Samael or the Devil himself are the four best contenders.
Cain & Abel Wikipedia

Tubal Cain is a biblical character, mentioned in Genesis 4 verse 22, He was a descendant of Cain, 

Genesis 4:22:
And Zillah, she also bare Tubalcain, an instructer of every artificer in brass and iron: and the sister of Tubalcain was Naamah. KJV
The preceding verse Genesis 4:21, which is the actual date prince died (April 21) says:
His brother's name was Jubal; he was the father of all who play stringed instruments and pipes. NIV

So Jubal was the father of all who played stringed instruments, ie guitars, and Tubal-Cain was the father of all things metal, like Heavy Metal!

On the left John Dee's secret sigal, on the right a  Two-ball-cane (Tubal Cain) pin. Also note, it looks like the Facebook logo

In Freemasonry Tubal Cain is a secret password, Masons have all sorts of secret handshakes and codes that they use so as one Mason will know another Mason, and this secret password was developed into a badge which to all the world would just look like a badge worn by a golfing fanatic. It is a cane with two balls, TWO-BALL-Cane.
As can be seen it also looks like an “F”
So F-OX has within it the secret Masonic Tubal Cain password, and OX, the animal form of the God Baal.
John Dee, astronomer, magician, mystic etc etc etc to Queen Elizabeth I used a variation of the 2 ball cane as his signature in secret communications with Queen Elizabeth.

o that I would always have access to the Simpsons episode featuring Prince and Hendrix, I tried to upload it to my You Tube channel, before it even finished uploading, You Tube emailed me to tell me that FOX had claimed copyright of the episode and I was forbidden to have it on my channel!

Joining the last few Dots!

 Lastly, when Homer killed Prince the tune in the background was Talking Heads, Psycho Killer, David Byrne, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth first wrote and preformed this song in 1974, at that time they were not known as Talking Heads, their band name was "THE ARTISTic". For years during the 90's Prince was often just referred to as "THE ARTIST".
They then changed their name to Talking Heads, and the Psycho Killer single was released on their Talking Heads: 77 album. Psycho Killer was released as a single in December 1977.

David Byrne, lead singer of Talking Heads, has also spoken out about the music industry, and the corruption within it. Link

In my first Prince blog I have documented Prince's fixation with the number 7, he was born an epileptic, when he was 7 he told his mother that an Angel had visited him and told him he would not be sick no more. Throughout his life thereafter, he incorporated the number 7 into everything he done. Also, he was born on June 7, 1958 and he had a hit single named 7.
Above, video, Prince talking about what happened him when he was 7 

A European style 7 and its mirror image F


A mirror image of a European style 7 is of course an "F". They do like reversing things! As already discussed, the two ball cane/Tubal Cain password and symbol is very important to Masons, and the number seven was very important to Prince, when arranging tour dates he played on dates that were either 7 or multiples of 7. His last tour began on the 21st Jan, he was supposed to play at the Fox theatre on the 7th, but he was unwell, so it was moved to the 14th, and he died on the 21st!
The number 7 is also highly revered by the elite, Christine Largarde, head of the IMF, in a 2014 speech talked about the "Magic Seven".

F is the 7th letter of the alphabet
Pythagoras believed the number seven was the most divine of all the numbers, it is no accident that the 7/7 attacks in London happened on that date.

Above, Christine Largarde, head of the IMF, discussing the "magic number seven"
The Talking Heads Album, Talking Heads: 77. was released on the 17 September 1977.
This was the eve of the 7th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix's death, 18 September 1970

Between December 1975 and August 1977, a serial killer was loose in New York, he murdered 6 people, and injured 7 others, he was apprehended on August 10, 1977, and his trial ended on June 12, 1978.

Son of Sam killer, David Richard Berkowitz
The killer was David Richard Berkowitz, and the murder spree is commonly referred to as THE SON OF SAM killings.
Berkowitz confessed to all the murders, his defence was that he was acting on the orders of an ancient demonic entity who had possessed his neighbour Sam's dog. 

The dog was called Harvey. On the eve of Jimi's death, he was at the apartment of Harvey Philips between 5.30pm and 10.40pm.

"Phillip Harvey, the son of the late British politician Lord Harvey of Prestbury and member of the Parliament for the Conservative party, wrote a detailed affidavit describing several hours he and two female friends spent with Hendrix and Dannemann, on September 17, 1970, the day before Hendrix died. The affidavit, which emerged in 1995 after the death of Harvey's father, stated that Phillip Harvey and two female companions, Penny Ravenhill (then 16) and Anne Day (then 19), spent about five hours, from about 5:30pm until 10:40pm with Jimi Hendrix and Monika Dannemann at Phillip Harvey's home on the evening of September 17, 1970, the night before Jimi's death. Harvey's home was at 4, Clarkes Mews, London, just behind the King Edward VI Hospital off Beaumont Street." source

At his trial he said there were many other Sons of Sam out there, and many believe he was not acting alone, however to date he has been the only person charged. He left a note beside the body of one of his victims, and he referred to himself as Son of Sam in the note.

On the early morning of November 27, 1976, Berkowitz shot two young girls in Queens, New York. His victims were 16 year old Donna De Masi and 18 year old Joanne Lomino. Thankfully both young ladies survived the attack, but Joanne was left a paraplegic.
Jimi Hendrix was born on November 27, 1942, he shot the girls on what would have been Hendrix's 34th birthday. (3+4, another 7)

In the mid-1990s, he amended his confession to claim that he had been a member of a violent Satanic Cult, which orchestrated the incidents as ritual murders.
In the aftermath of the killing spree, the interim period prior to the trial, and during the trial, Psycho Killer was the theme tune. Talking Heads insisted this was coincidental, and a case of macabre synchronicity !

Now, back to Cain and Abel, Cain was the first person in the Bible to commit murder, the Jews believe that Archangel Samael, the Angel of Death was possibly his Father. So Cain was possibly the first Son of Sam!

Samael is the Angel of Death, there are 7 heavens and Samael is in charge of the Fifth Heaven.

Samael, the fifth Angel of the apocalypse: picture credit Knostic Teachings

Revelations Chapter 9 Vs 1-12

The Fifth Trumpet—the Bottomless Pit
1Then the fifth angel sounded, AND I SAW A STAR FROM HEAVEN WHICH HAD FALLEN TO EARTH ; and the key of the bottomless pit was given to him. 2He opened the bottomless pit, and smoke went up out of the pit, like the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke of the pit.  
3Then out of the smoke came locusts upon the earth, and power was given them, as the scorpions of the earth have power. 4They were told not to hurt the grass of the earth, nor any green thing, nor any tree, but only the men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads. 5And they were not permitted to kill anyone, but to torment for five months; and their torment was like the torment of a scorpion when it stings a man. 6And in those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, and death flees from them.
 7The appearance of the locusts was like horses prepared for battle; and on their heads appeared to be crowns like gold, and their faces were like the faces of men. 8They had hair like the hair of women, and their teeth were like the teeth of lions. 9They had breastplates like breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots, of many horses rushing to battle. 10They have tails like scorpions, and stings; and in their tails is their power to hurt men for five months. 11They have as king over them, the angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in the Greek he has the name Apollyon.
12The first woe is past; behold, two woes are still coming after these things. 

Source With the rest of chapter 9

Screen shot from the Prince episode, the "STARS" falling out of heaven!

Now back to the Simpsons, Prince and the other STARs fall from Heaven, they charge on white horses like the attack of the Angels of the Apocalypse!

Neil Armstrong has also died since this episode was aired, he died on August 25, 2012, he of course was the most famous of the Astronauts, and he was the first man to set foot on the Moon, the Misson name APOLLO 11. the Angel of the abyss, Greek name APOLLyOn. The Greek God Apollo is a Sun God.

Of the 3 stars that Homer killed, George Clooney is the only one still alive! Also, he is not shown killing Kate Winslet, but just prior to the stars falling from heaven, he tells his neighbour that he bought his fountain with the money he got from killing Kate Winslet.

James Stewart is guarding the Gates of Heaven in the Simpsons episode, he did not die until July 2, 1997, so he too was alive when it aired.

So, 8 years after this Simpsons episode, Prince dies, everyone's attention is brought back to this episode, and we are shown an apocalyptic scene with the prophesied STARS falling from Heaven to Earth to create chaos.

Has this all been about End time programming for the masses?

I will leave you all to draw your own conclusions!

End word on Hendrix:
When I first realised there were parallels between Prince and Hendrix, I started looking at the life and death of Hendrix, this transpired to be a much bigger rabbit hole than I had envisaged, I became totally engrossed in it for weeks.
His death, and the extremely complex wrangling about his estate since his death deserve a thorough investigation, and the complexities could not possibly be added to this blog, When I have it all figured out, I will detail my findings in a separate blog, for now though I will say this much, near all main stream press reports about his estate and death are incorrect.

When the lame stream media start publishing "conspiracy theories" with vigour, then the reported conspiracy theory needs to be treated with the same  scepticism and suspicion as the other shite that they print.   

In 2009 a man called James Tappy Wright published a book "Rock Roadie". He claimed that Jimi's manager  Michael Jeffrey murdered him by having him held down and red wine poured into him, he claimed that Jeffrey admitted it to him. Jeffrey was killed in a plane crash in 1973, so there was no one to call him on it. Wright's claims were vigorously denied by people who knew Hendrix and Jeffreys.

His claims were backed by one of the doctors who briefly seen Hendrix when he arrived at St Mary Abbots hospital , the doctor was an Australian called John Herbert Bannister, in 1992 Bannister had been struck off the Medical Board of New South Wales Australia for fraud. He appealed the decision in 1995, and a tribunal at that time would not over turn the original decision. At the time of the tribunal he had debts of $20,858,070, and he had declared himself bankrupt. I think it is safe to say, this man cannot be relied upon as a credible witness.

In the early 90's, Hendrix's long time English/Irish girlfriend, Kathy Etchingham began her own enquiries into his death, at this time it was established that Hendrix had died some time before 4 am on the morning of 18 September 1970. So when Hendrix arrived at St Mary Abbots he was long dead. The woman who was with him Monika Dannaman did not call an ambulance until 11.18 am. 

At first light of dawn she called Animals front man Eric Burdon and numerous other people, Burdon and Terry Slater went to the apartment in the basement of the Samarkand Hotel and searched the room. Burdon took the last poem that Hendrix had written, "The Story of Life", 
"The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye. The story of love is hello and goodbye. Until we meet again
When Burdon and Slater left the apartment Dannaman went with them.
When the ambulance arrived  the apartment door was wide open, and Hendrix was ALONE and fully dressed on the bed, he had no pulse and no other signs of life. The ambulance man John Saua said the following in a 1992 statement to Kathy Etchingham:

"Well, I remember we had a hell of a time trying to suck him out, I mean the vomit was dry and there was a hell of a lot of it. The aspirators in those days were all right, but not like you have today. They couldn't shift that lot.
We knew it was hopeless. There was no pulse, no respiration. We got down to the flat and there was nobody but the body on the bed, we had to radio for the police from the van, and we couldn't touch anything in the flat. As I say we knew he was gone, he was on top of the bed dressed, but I didn't recognize him. I don't know if any anybody would've recognized him. His own mother wouldn't have recognized him. He was in a pool of vomit, it was everywhere."

In the aftermath of his death Dannaman made up one ludicrous story after another, she insisted she was there when the ambulance arrived, and that she went to the hospital with Jimi, and that he was still alive at that time. Her lies all started to unravel when Etchingham sued her for liable in 1996, Dannaman was found guilty, and she committed suicide after the trial. 

Michael Fairchild is one of the Hendrix experts who helped run the Hendrix estate after his death, he is without question devoted to ensuring that the life and work of Hendrix is passed onto future generations artistically and accurately. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen opened the Jimi Hendrix museum in Seattle, Allen's involvement with Jimi Hendrix legacy deserves full investigation, and it is far to lengthy to go into here. This Link is to Michael Fairchild's website, he has a lot of information on his site about Jimi.
This is part 1 of a lengthy presentation by Michael on You Tube , in this presentation he explains in detail the involvement of Paul Allen with the Hendrix estate.

One last point, if you do a Google search "What height was Jimi Hendrix", thousands of sites come up, all with the same answer, 5"10. The original source of this information is his army records which were eventually released years after he died, they stated he was 5"10. I asked Michael Fairchild did he know what height Jimi was, and he directed me to a questions and answers site, the answers all having been documented from various Hendrix interviews. 
In an interview with New Musical Express Jimi said he was 5"11. LINK 
So how come the army got it wrong and what else did they get wrong?

I feel that the Hendrix sections of this blog should of had much more information, the above is my reasoning as to why I did not include more, and as said, I hope at some time to do a separate article on Hendrix.  

Sandra Barr

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 Link: My previous "Death of a Prince" log 
Link: Radio interview with Kathy Etchingham

 Link: Full episode of the Simpsons with the death of prince
Link: How the CIA control the Music Industry/MK Ultra
Link: How Prince changed the music industry, his slavery to Warner , and his fight to own his own music.
Link: Jimi Hendrix and Rainbow Bridge
Link: Jimi Hendrix's London flat opens as a museum. (video)
Link: documentary, Jimi Hendrix the last 24 hours. (includes some disinfo)
Link: Jimi Hendrix Political Harassment, Kidnap and Murder Experience 
Link: Wikipedia, the death of Jimi Hendrix 

Hendrix was a huge Bob Dylan fan, his biggest hit was the Dylan classic "All Along the Watchtower". This is my blog about Dylan Baez, and the social engineering of a generation .

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  1. Brilliant as always Sandra. Thanks for all the connections and the links for further reading.


    1. Excellent! I see me and Mr Gregory are on the same page! I have added the link to the blog, many thanks for posting.

  3. This is Jezreel from your unicorn video,

    Man I was looking into cern and the arch of triumph at the time of princes death hard, but this was way more detailed. If you look at image of prince on the 21st or 22nd it was up for 12 hrs. You have to see it, i took a screen shot because it was so weird.

  4. Sandra Barr, I am really grateful I found your blog here about Prince & Jimi Hendrix. You put an incredible amount of work into this & it is absolutely incredible & extremely convincing. I have been "waking up" for the last year now & this is excellent information for me to add to my sources. I was deeply saddened when I heard about Prince last year & absolutely had my doubts about what 'really' happened with him. I was not aware of a lot of the details you provided regarding Warner but I DID recall seeing him several times with "slave" written on one of his cheeks, also that the last 20 years he received no "media hype", not that he needed it, and how great for him that he was smart with his money & was able to at least enjoy the second half of his career, on his own terms, as his own self-contained island, as you said! I had odd feelings about Jimi Hendrix as well. What you said that I can most of all relate to is how deep the rabbit hole goes. I had no idea when I first starting becoming aware of this stuff how many crazy twists & turns I would be experiencing along the way. That is how I was able to come across your information & it is just more stuff I truly feel "right" in my gut about.
    All of the Simpson stuff just makes this all that much more astounding & freaky & surreal almost! Have you ever looked at the Trump stuff from 2000 and 1998? Surely it is no coincedence that The Simpsons is the longest running show in American History. I stopped watching it faithfully over 10 years ago as it got too goofy for me but I love seeing the predictive programming pointed out and I know I didn't see the Prince episode.
    But again, WOW, what amazing & excellent work & research you did with Prince & Jimi, just really superb!!!!

  5. I never knew that Burdon was there. I have read that he is a top handler for the MK ULTRA program.


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