Monday, 20 June 2016

Jo Cox The Sacrificial Lamb

 By Sandra Barr

This is video 1, Jo Cox, The Sacrificial Lamb
I will be adding much more information and links to this blog when I find time.

Part 2 in the video series, I will hopefully get part 3 up this week.

 In part 1 I looked at the reverence John Dee attached to Mercury, the above pic is the grand staircase in Buckingham Palace, the statue that can be seen on the landing is Mercury.
Now saying you revered a particular God, and you wanted to give that God a commanding spot in your home, there could not be a more commanding spot than this one!

Short vid (4.33) linking the Pulse, Brexit and Christina Grimmie, Lucifer is the connecting dot!
This morning I was watching supposed survivors of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, I noticed something very odd, they all seemed to be wearing clothes that had pentagrams on them.
I have already documented links between the Pulse shootings, the shooting of Christine Grimmie and the Brexit vote in the UK ,  the pentagrams also tied in, as the EU flag has a circle of pentagrams.

Now we call Venus the Morning Star, the trajectory of Venus is the shape of a pentagram, and so the 5 pointed star is associated with Venus.
In Greek Mythology Phosphorus was the Morning Star, the night Christine Grimmie was shot, she had been playing with the Band "Before You Exit", (BREXIT) in the band name, their symbol is the symbol for Phosphorus, and it was behind Christina on her last performance.
Phosphorus means Morning Star, in the Bible they translated Phosphorus to Lucifer, which also means Morning Star.

Christina Grimmie was shot on Friday June 10, Friday is named after Venus, from Wiki:
The name Friday comes from the Old English Frīġedæġ, meaning the "day of Frige", a result of an old convention associating the Old English goddess Frigg with the Roman goddess Venus, with whom the day is associated in many different cultures. The same holds for Frīatag in Old High German, Freitag in Modern German, and vrijdag in DutchSource

Some of the pics used in this vid were taken from this site, this guy has compiled a lot of information and pics on the use of the pentagram. LINK 

This you Tube Channel "IAMME857",  has also made connections with these events and Gematria. Link

Lucifer worship, survivors account: LINK
Orlando Pulse event, witnesses and casualties all with 5 pointed stars on their cloths. As covered in part 2, the symbol for Christina Grimmies band is the symbol for Phosphorus, the morning star, now known as Venus, the five pointed star is the symbol of Venus. The bible translated Phosphorus to Lucifer! LINK
Crisis actress Christine Leinonen is interviewed by Anderson Cooper, this is just days after her sons apparent brutal murder, and it beggars belief! Link
Academics try justify Dee's sorcery LINK
The Chymical Wedding 1616  LINK
John Dee Wikipedia LINK
The truth about Shakespeare, includes depiction of Dee and Bacon LINK
Dee & Bacon LINK
Francis Bacon Rosicrucian   LINK
Queen, Harry, Obamas, Invictus games vid LINK 
Arrest of Tommy Mair. He appears to have suffered a head wound during the arrest, and he has a large cut on his elbow. There is blood on the road from his head wound, and a little on his T shirt from the cut on his elbow, bar this, there is no blood on his clean grey T shirt.
When a neighbour was interviewed, she said that she had spoken to him that morning, and he was wearing a grey T shirt, so he had not changed his clothes. LINK


  1. Thanks Sandra, good job, very well done!

  2. The man in the road is the 78 year old man who tried to intervene,that's why they are bandaging his head,its not Tommy Mair ! For a start he's not skinny enough,has been debunked on another video,but I agree it's a sacrifice and Mair was triggered to do it, so many conflicting witness statements and weird behaviour from her family and husband


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