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Yair Davidy and Herbert Armstrong Frauds!

I have recently been researching Prince William for a series of Vids I am producing. This has meant trying to trace the bloodline the Royals claim to be off.
I have come across 2 men on the net who are peddlers of disinformation. They have made up a pack of lies and passed them off as fact!
And I am going to name and shame two of the authors of disinformation.

Yair Davidy inventing history!
One is Yair Davidy, who runs the Brit-Am website. In his effort to link near all the people of the world to the Tribes of Israel, he has fabricated a vast amount of lies.
I could list a thousand of his lies, but I will give you an example of just one, as this asshole has wasted enough of my time already.
He lists the Tuatha de Danann of Ireland as descendants of the Lost Tribe of Dan!
Only problem with this, is that the annals of Irish history, which are an accurate account of the ancient history of this land, list the Tuatha de Danann, as arriving in Ireland C. 1897 B.C., and their reign as Kings lasted to 1700 B.C!
The biblical Dan was only born in 1737 B.C., as recorded in Genesis!
The Tuatha de Danaann arrived in Ireland long before he was even born! Yet Yair Davidy lists the Tuatha de Danann as descendants of the Tribe of Dan, and uses this as evidence that the Irish are descended from the Tribe of Dan!

Herbert Armstrong, a liar and a fraud!
The second peddler of disinformation is a British Israelite called Herbert Armstrong, who has written a booklet called “The United States of Britain”.
In his booklet, he passes off as fact, that the Prophet Jeremiah landed in Ireland in 569 B.C., he had with him the daughter of Zedekiah, the last king of Judah, who was ousted by the Babylonians.
He claims that the Hebrew Princess with Jeremiah was called TEA-TEPHI, and she married an Irish Prince, and became the Queen of Ireland. Introducing the bloodline of the Royal King David into Ireland, later Scotland and to the present England!
He concludes that:
“"In view of the linking together of biblical history,
prophecy, and Irish history, can anyone deny that
this Hebrew princess was the daughter of King Zedekiah
of Judah and therefore heir to the throne of David”
“That when the throne of David was first overturned by
Jeremiah, it was REPLANTED in Ireland, later overturned a
second time and replanted in Scotland, overturned a third
time and planted in London? When Christ returns to earth to
sit on that throne, He shall take over a LIVE, EXISTING throne,
not a nonexistent one”. (Luke 1:32).
1980, Worldwide Church of God. Pp. 99-102.ebrew
Not one word of it is recorded in Irish History, yet he presents
it as facts from the ancient Irish annuls of history! It is not, it is all lies!
But this very modern fabricated myth is a prime example of how the Israelites over time have stolen other people’s history, and passed it off as their own! Herbert Armstrong’s motives are very sinister
He is planting the seeds for Prince William, to be recognised as the legitimate Heir to the Title Messiah, and king from the line of David!
Note the date of his publication 1980, Prince William born 1982!
I would not even mention these 2 peddlers of disinformation, if it was not for the fact the the web has been saturated with their lies, and other researchers are quoting them as factual.
Yair Davidy & Herbert Armstrong, re-writing history for their own ends!
Sandra Barr
NB, there are variations of the name Tea Tephi, Tamara Tephi or Teia Tephi are just a few of the variations.

Tamar Tephi Fictitious person Link
No Teia/Tea/Tamara Tephi in Irish history Link

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Yair Davidy and Herbert Armstrong Frauds! 13/07/2011


  1. This is a great link which exposes the British/Israeli contingent that is re-writing world history.
    This link details how Herbert Armstrong has re-written Irish history.

  2. Hebert Armstrong was no, "Man of G-d". He was a pedophile who molested his own daughter for over 10 years, even impregnated her AFTER she married, producing a child who's short life was filled with agony! Read David Robinson's, "Herbert W Armstrong's Tangled Web. He was no more a, "Man of G-d" than any other self-appointed prophet! This man made predictions his entire life, can you name for me a single one where he was correct? Now read Deut. 18:22 "When a prophet speaketh in the name of HaShem, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which HaShem hath not spoken; the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously, thou shalt not be afraid of him."

    1. Thank you for that Calvin, I knew little about him other than where my own research had taken me. Thanks to your advice I have just read a little more about him, and it would seem that I only scratched the surface with this blog.

    2. why do you write 'g-d' instead of GOD or GODS? don't act like a semite ( 'hashem' means semite, after all... shem/sem)

      you are an indoeuropean: an aryan. return to ur real gods, and leave aside the bible bullshits: with that dirty book full of misery, lies, deception, usury and murder, they have robbed the indoeuropeans from their real Gods and traditions, and now they are rewriting history on their behalf, transforming celtic deities in 'the tribe of dan'.

  3. very well done, Sandra- british israelitism is a gross manipulation created in order to make the jews being accepted by the aryans ( in this way mixing among us and exploiting us... ), but in effect it is fried air, discharged by serious historicians, archeologists, genetists and researchers.

    i had too a discussion with the asshole u mentioned, telling him not to manipulate history, since the so called ' wailing wall' was historically a wall built by the romans, as archeologist E. Martin demonstrated with his own excavations, and there is no link genetic between indoeuropeans and jews, so the so called ' lost tribes' bullshit is and remains only a bullshit. and he answered me: ' in efect, genetics can be a problem'

    lol! genetics is a problem because it doesn't match with bullshit!

  4. I only want to add an information to you article: Thuatà De Danaan are said to come from Tir Na N' Og, the land of youth,
    beauty and richness.

    in breton poems, Morgaine La Fey, daughter of Gorlois, the roman duke of Cornwall, says ' In some days of sun, u can see the profile, among the mists, of the lost isles of Lyonnesse and Ysse." this same line is reported by Marion Zimmer Bradley in her famous ' The Mists of Avalon'

    according to philosopher and hermetician Julius Evola, who wrote ' The Mystery of the Grail', the ' islands in the north of the world' are the isles where the Thuatà came.

    are these 2 islands Ireland and UK, the Tir Na N' Og? No, because Morgaine said ' I can see the LOST islands of Lyonnesse and Ysse' from Cornwall.

    Well, it seems the two islands of Hy Brasil, among UK and Ireland, are the 2 islands she was talking about. Hy Brasil isles were 2 twin isles, like Lyonnesse and Ysse, and they disappeared from the maps in 1860. It seems they are under water now.

    are these islands under and above water, as the legend says, in different historical periods?


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