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Demand that the International Criminal Court present evidence against Muammar Gaddafi.

Demand that the International Criminal Court present evidence against Muammar Gaddafi.

I have today emailed the International Criminal Court, asking them to provide me with evidence that any of the Gaddafi family have committed any crimes. They still have not answered my email from last week demanding that NATO be tried for war crimes. In this email I have also accused to ICC of acting as accomplices to NATO in this illegal invasion.
I would urge others to also contact the International Criminal Court and demand that they furnish evidence to support their charges against the Gaddafi family, and charge NATO with war crimes for the heinous crimes they have committed in Libya.

Email to ICC Ref evidence against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
Dated 09/09/2011

Ref Charges against Col. Muammar Gaddafi:
Attention of Luis Moreno Ocampo, The Prosecutor of the international Criminal Court.

Please supply charges and evidence against Muammar Gaddafi.
Add to Contacts To:

Can you please outline for me the charges you have made against Col. Muammar Gaddafi, can you also supply me with the evidence that you have to support these charges.
I will not accept as evidence “Tweets” from Al Qaeda or other terrorist organisations, who had a vested interest in taking control of Libya. I will also not accept propaganda from the BBC, which was totally wholly and completely unsubstantiated. I would like REAL evidence, like the evidence that the Russians have provided that Mr Gaddafi could not have bombed the Libyan people, based on evidence from their space satellites that no aircraft was in the sky over Libya when the alleged bombing took place.

As foreign journalists, aid workers on the ground and the populations of the towns that were supposedly bombed, have now all confirmed that no bombing took place I would like to know when the ICC will be dropping this charge.

I would also like to know when Mr Gaddafi and his sons were found guilty of any wrong doing, and when did the ICC agree to a death sentence without a trial.
NATO has since they invaded Libya continuously bombed near every residence, of members of the Gaddafi family. So far they have murdered Saif al-Arab Gaddafi, his friend, the infant child of Aisha Gaddafi, the husband of Aisha Gaddafi and 2 other grandchildren of Muammar Gaddafi.

A bounty of a million dollars has been put on the Col’s head, and NATO now says they want him dead or alive! Are we living in the wild west? Is this how NATO and the ICC administer humane and international justice?
Muammar Gaddafi is much loved and respected by the majority of Libyan people NATO in cahoots with the ICC have made this man and his family fugitives within their own land! Thousands of terrorists have been armed to the gills by NATO, and are now combing Libya to find Mr Gaddafi and kill him, the ICC, NATO and Amnesty International have all conspired to cut off any escape route the Gaddafi family may have had, and they have threatened neighbouring countries who may have given the Gaddafi family refuge. The terrorists on the ground are assisted by Special Forces from France the US and Israel, to name but a few of the countries who are taking part in this illegal invasion. NATO foot troops is against the UN mandate that allowed them in there, when will they be prosecuted for this?

It is my belief that the ICC has acted illegally in issuing warrants against Muammar Gaddafi and two of his sons, they have committed no crimes. Terrorists, backed and armed by NATO attacked a military base in Benghazi. Libyan forces retaliated, this is not a crime, and every country in the world has the right to defend its military bases against armed attack by terrorists.

I have also uncovered evidence that members of the Libyan Investment Authority were working in cahoots with NATO long prior to the invasion. Over 99% of Libya’s overseas investments had been deposited into banks in countries that now form the NATO alliance. I have proof that Farhat Bengdara who was a trustee of the LIA, and Governor of the Bank of Libya conspired with NATO to put these funds in NATO alliance countries, so that when NATO invaded, the legitimate government of Libya would have no access to the countries wealth to defend itself from this illegal invasion.
The Executive of the LIA Mohamed H. Layas is also implicated in this conspiracy; in January he reported to the US Ambassador in Tripoli that he had deposited $32 million of the Libyan people’s money in US banks.
This evidence shows that long before February 17 NATO were planning to invade Libya, I have compiled a list of their co-conspirators, and other evidence that shows the crime of invading this sovereign Nation by NATO was very much pre-meditated.
(LINK: To my blog detailing the rape and plunder of Libya)

The ICC issuing charges against Muammar Gaddafi and his two sons was vital to their invasion plans, so I have to seriously question the neutrality and allegiances of the ICC!

I am already conferring with two separate teams of international lawyers with a view to proceeding to have NATO charged with war crimes. I will also be looking into the possibility of having the ICC investigated for their part in this travesty.
Whether individuals within the ICC have acted illegally in facilitating NATO in this illegal invasion, or the ICC has acted collectively, it will be examined, and the guilty will be exposed. From what I have seen so far Luis Moreno Ocampo appears to be NATOs main accomplice within the ICC.
I am still awaiting a response from the ICC to my last email, if you think ignoring me will make this go away, you do not understand the nature of this Lady!

Sandra Barr  

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  1. The Libyan war should be entered in to history as a disgraced and failed democracy of the West and Arabs. Sadly we will discover soon that this was was not only about oil, it is a war to change the direction of humanity towards evil. The US, UK and egypt will soon discover that they are also the biggest losers from this war.

  2. hi Sandra ,im trying to contact you on Facebook you seem to have dissapeared,keep up the good work on Libya ,Lynn George -Evans


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