Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Pleasure and Pain….We Are One Consciousness

Pleasure and Pain….we are One Consciousness
         The Camel: even animals complain to God

This morning I saw this picture on a friend’s wall on Facebook. My eyes seen the image, my brain registered it, and my heart and emotions immediately responded.
My heart ached, tears sprang into my eyes, and a lump formed in my throat.

I imagine that anyone who is a parent will react more to this picture, as a parent, the worst thing you can imagine in life is something happening to your children, so on that emotional level, when you see this picture, you feel the pain of the camel at losing its child.

The caption under the picture in Arabic was “even animals complain to God”

When I examined why I had reacted so intensely to this picture, it reminded me we are all one, the camels suffering in that instant was also my suffering. All living things on this planet are connected, the pain of one, is the pain of the collective, the Joy of one is the Joy of the collective.

Pleasure and pain….both of these extreme emotions remind us that we are here, on this planet at this time, and experiencing the heart felt emotions that come with this existence.

Some call it “CHI”, some call it “TAO”, and others call it “Universal Consciousness”. Whatever name you put on it, we are all one, and the sooner we all realise this, and act as one, the sooner we will live in a harmonious world.

Before we can start to appreciate the “ONENESS” of all things, we first have to accept the oneness of ourselves. If there is a part of your body or personality you don’t like, that will be reflected to all living things. So stop with the “my bum is too big”, “My legs are too short”, or any other self criticism, when you accept yourself as you are, you will then be equipped to accept others as they are.

If you do not fully love yourself, then you will not accept love from anyone else, as it will be beyond your understanding that anyone could love you.

When you master self love, then you can radiate that love to all living things, and it will be returned to you.

I felt compelled to write this short blog this morning, please do not think that I am writing this as some kind of spiritual Guru, and that I myself have mastered these skills, because I have not, and every day sends me new challenges on my journey.

To re-balance the grief of the camel picture, I have included this wonderful picture of a Buddhist Monk and a tiger. The love between man and beast is clearly obvious. The pleasure they feel in each others company is obvious.
When I look at this image I feel their pleasure reflected in my being.
Again this is a reminder of the oneness of all things, as I felt the camel’s pain, I feel their pleasure.
The many prophesies and predictions regarding 2012, say that the veils that have hidden so much from us will be lifted this year, and that as a species we will take a giant leap in consciousness, if we cannot grasp this simple concept of “ONENESS”, as a species, we will go nowhere. So lets all work on it, and enjoy the ride. 
Sandra Barr

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