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A very brief history of the world so far, and how 10% came to be in control of 85% of the worlds population!

In ancient times the people did not have much in the way of entertainment, but they did have the night sky, which revealed to them the wonders of the Universe. This would have appeared magical and mystical to our ancient ancestors.
The more accomplished of the sky watchers were able to track the procession of the planets, the movements of the moon, and every aspect of the sun. The knowledge of these ancient astrologers astounds modern astrologers, as their mapping of the heavens was so accurate.
We still use the system they devised to separate the equinoxes and summer and winter solstices.

They then devised myths and legends, and attached them to the things they seen in the Sky, names were given to the various stars and constellations; elaborate tales were spun about the relationship between these heavenly bodies.
Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus were tracked through the night sky. The Sun of course was seen as the most important thing in the sky, and without it nothing else would exist, so special reverence was given to it.
These planets were the Gods in the heavens, this was all fine and well, and a bit of entertainment for the masses, but in time Earthly humans realised that they could control and enslave the rest of mankind, if they could just convince them that they were actual physical embodiments of the celestial bodies!

And so from Ancient Samaria onwards, earth beings aligned themselves with these heavenly deities. The peak of their control as representatives and physical embodiments of the Gods, is well demonstrated in the ancient Egyptian culture.
As they were master astronomers, they were ahead of the rest of the masses, as they knew the path of the stars. Astrology is based on the fact that to predict say what will happen in July, they map out what planets will be in what astrological sign in July, and based on what happened on earth, the last time that planet was in that house, they could then predict what might happen in July!

They could then use this information to convince the masses, that they knew what would happen when, because they were the physical embodiments of the planets/Gods.
Neat trick don’t you think?  You can see how ancient man might have fallen for it!

This had to be the greatest con of all time, and it put a select group of people in control of the masses, the planet and it resources. They set up a system whereby a small group of elites came to control everything and everyone.

Hundreds of years passed….thousands of years passed, and through holding onto the occult knowledge that they had acquired, they held onto power, and the bloodline of that small elite band, are as much in control now, as they were then!

But hey….the times they are a changing! With the advent of the internet, the masses are acquiring knowledge that has long been hidden from them; the veils are lifting; now we can all see how they became powerful, and how they held onto it.
Any one of us can travel into the night sky, using computer technology we can travel through the entire solar system. They knew this day would come, so they invented new methods to control us all, religions, education/indoctrination systems, poisoned food, water, pharma drugs, chem-trails, vaccines, mercury fillings, etc etc etc!

To slow this awakening down, they have thrown every resource available to them at it. They are now gearing up to begin WW3, the old blueprints that have served them in the past, Order out of chaos, the Hegelian Dialect, and all their occult knowledge, only works for them, with the consent of the masses, but with so many of the masses now seeing through their sham, things are becoming increasingly difficult for them.

A study undertaken in 2000 revealed that 10% of adults accounted for 85% of the worlds total wealth and resources, the time to re-dress the balance is now, seize it, there may not be another time!

If they are allowed to have their WW3, it will lead to their end plan, which is a one world government, bank, religion, healthcare, a New World Order, of their design and totally under their control. Mankind will be totally and completely enslaved by them, there will be no way out!

They have surrounded us with their symbols, numerology and propaganda. They align themselves with the ancient Gods, albeit more covertly than they used to. They attach great meaning, even magic to their symbols. Here is just one example of how they use their secret knowledge.
Nut the God of the heavens and Geb the God of the earth, gave birth to
Set Isis Osiris & Nephtys........SION
If you take all the letters which make up the 4 names, you get 
S E T I O R N P H Y anagram of HYPNOTIZER!
(Set, Osiris, Isis and Nephtys are Gods of ancient Egypt, who they still align themselves with.)
 This is the links to 2 vids I made, about the self proclaimed Sun Gods. Sun Gods Part1      Sun Gods Part 2

Please people, waken up now, not just for your own sake, but for the sake of all the generations to come!

Sandra Barr

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  1. Good post and Smart Blog
    Thanks for your good information and i hope to subscribe and visit my blog Ancient Egypt and more Isis' Hunt for the Body thanks again admin

  2. Sandra ~

    Your answer to this lies in Sumeria.
    Adam $ Eve: The separation of HUman into male and female with the reptilian as the spine.
    A new breed of HuMan....homo sapien sapien. From thence forward, they had us; Having easy access to our mind-pattern from the reptilian stem of the brain.


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