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The Rape & Plunder of Libya

Ibrahim Sahad

The current situation in Libya kicked off on 17th February 2011. The previous week the London based National Conference of Libyan Opposition (NCLO) called for the 17th February “Day Of Rage”.

 The NCLO was created in London in 2005 by Ibrahim Sahad and his National Front for the salvation of Libya, which has been the Gaddafis main opposition group since the 1980’s. Since the 1980’s they had been behind several attempted uprisings and assassination attempts against Gaddafi.

Records found in the US Library of Congress indicate Sahad’s NFSL had CIA training and support. Sahad now directs the unrest from Washington DC.
Initial reports coming out of Libya, after Sahad's "Day of Rage" told tales of bone-chilling atrocities committed by Qaddafi against "unarmed protesters." Qaddafi was accused of strafing crowds of unarmed protesters from the air, storming hospitals and kidnapping injured patients, mosque massacres, and just about anything else the imaginations of the corporate owned media could conjure up.
The BBC did however concede that nearly all of their reports were impossible to confirm, as they were all entirely based on opposition "witness accounts." 

This week, Russian military officials boldly asserted that such air strikes never took place, (Based on their radar reports from Libya) and even the US Department of Defence was forced to concede that such attacks could not be confirmed. 

Secretary of Defence Robert Gates was asked recently "Do you see any evidence that he Qaddafi actually has fired on his own people from the air?" to which he responded by saying, "We’ve seen the press reports, but we have no confirmation of that." Admiral Mullen added, "That’s correct. We’ve seen no confirmation whatsoever." 
(Source Tony Cartalucci)

It has now transpired that what actually happened on February 17, was Al Qeada and other terrorist groups, who were heavily armed with weapons which had been shipped over the Egyptian border, attacked a heavily fortified Benghazi army base.
 They then seized heavy artillery and armoured vehicles. Libya responded as any country would and fired on them. This breaks no international laws, as every country has the legal right to defend its military bases against armed attack by terrorists.

The BBC showed this crowd of people
in India, & Reported it was the people
of Tripoli celebrating being liberated!
They are waving Indian Flags!!!!
This was all part of a carefully constructed conspiracy to invade The Great Socialist people’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, and oust the leader Muammar Gaddafi. The initial claims by NATO that it was a humanitarian mission were soon exposed as a hoax of gigantic proportions, just to gain support for the invasion. Since then, in order to justify their continued presence in Libya, they have conspired with the MS media to embark on the most despicable propaganda campaign.

This conspiracy, which has been years in the planning, was executed with such speed, that the rest of the world was left dazed and confused as to what was really happening.
Trying to get an accurate picture of this situation was severely hampered by a sophisticated propaganda exercise embarked on by the NATO Alliance in conjunction with the Western worlds Main Stream Media.  

Abdurrahman Shalgham
Based on fictitious reports which have now been shown to be false, and could easily have been proven false at the time, had anyone taken the time to investigate them, the Libyan defector and Ambassador to the UN Abdurrahman Shalgham, withdrew his support for Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and urged the UN to act against “the atrocities of Col. Gaddafi”.
In an emotional speech to 15 members o the UN security council, now known as the North Atlantic Treaty, in New York he said  "Muammar Gaddafi is telling the Libyans 'either I rule you or I kill you'. : "We need a courageous resolution from you".

Outside the chamber, he gave another speech in which he pleaded for the outside world to do something "within hours, not days" to stop the bloodshed in the country.

Ibrahim Dabbashi
Libya’s deputy representative to the UN Ibrahim Dabbashi, also based on the groundless allegations from the MS press propaganda, also urged the UN to enforce a no fly zone to end the carnage in his homeland!
Considering that NATO has now murdered thousands of innocent men women and children in Libya, these pleas seem somewhat ironic! The have rained over 50,000 bombs on Libya, depleted uranium, and committed the most heinous war crimes. It will take decades just to document them.
 Dabbashi also asserted that Colonel Qaddafi was flying in mercenaries recruited from other, unidentified African countries to crush the uprising. He offered no proof to support his assertion.
On 25 February The UN security council imposed sanctions on Gaddafi’s regime, based on the fictitious reports from the Western media!
The International Criminal Court in cahoots with the UN alliance and with no evidence then issued charges against Muammar Gaddafi, two of his sons and some of his close aids.

This photo has not been doctored in any way!
Evil man just look at the forehead and eyes! 

To date mountains of REAL evidence have been supplied to the ICC which prove that Tony Blair really has committed war crimes, and has been responsible for genocide in Iraq, but they have chosen to ignore this, 
which would seriously bring into question the allegiances and objectives of the ICC, and their own criminal negligence!

During the hurried resolutions that were passed in February, the White House reported that Barry Sowento had lengthy conversations with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. Germany has not taken part in the actual NATO invasion, but this would prove that they did take part in the planning of the NATO invasion of Libya.
After the UN passed its resolutions, US representative to the UN Susan Rice said the following after the 8.00 o’clock vote on Saturday 25 February.
Susan Rice with her partners in crime
“When atrocities are committed against innocents, the international community must speak with one voice and today it has,”
 “The Security Council has come together to condemn the violence, pursue accountability and adopt biting sanctions targeting Libya’s unrepentant leadership. This is a clear warning to the Libyan government that it must stop the killing and those who slaughter civilians will be held personally accountable.” 

Now 6 months later, NATO has rained over 50,000 bombs on Libya, they have completely destroyed the countries infrastructure; they have bombed the water and electricity supplies, hospitals, Universities and schools. They have murdered thousands of civilians, a death toll cannot even be established, due to the fact that NATO have shut down the internet, and hampered all means where by information on the atrocities could be reported outside Libya.
 Lets hope Susan Rice pursues the NATO/al Qaeda alliance for their slaughter of civilians, with the same vigour that she pursued the Gaddafi regime for their alleged crimes, which have now transpired to have been fictitious!

 So who are the conspirators?

Libyan Ambassador to the UN, Abdurrahman Shalgham, who called on NATO to intervene.

Libya’s deputy representative to the UN Ibrahim Dabbashi, who also invited NATO to rape plunder and commit genocide in Libya.

The UN Security Council by passing illegal resolutions based on groundless allegations.

The International Criminal Court, who passed illegal arrest warrants against Muammar Gaddafi, his sons and aids, based on groundless allegations.

The leaders of the NATO alliance
USA Barak Hussein Obama (his assumed name, real name Barry Sowento), and his Government.
UK’s PM, David Cameron and his Government
France, PM Nicolas Sarkozy, and his Government.
Canada,PM Stephen Harper and his Government.
Nertherlands, Dutch PM Mark Rutte and his Government
Denmark, PM Lars loekke Rasmussen and his Government.
Belgium, Yves Leterme, and his Government.
Italy, Silvio Berlusconi and his government.

This alliance also includes the military and intelligence services of the above named countries and Governments, who have partaken in the invasion and plunder of Libya.

Mustafa Mohammed Abdul Jalil, formerly Libya’s minister of Justice, was one of the first defectors, and is now the Official Chairman of the NTC.
Ibrahim Sahad, National Conference of Libyan Opposition

Farhat Bengdara, Ex Governor of the Central Bank of Libya
Mohamed H. Layas, Executive Director  of the LIA

The speed at which the National transition Council was formed, and the strategies and acts which they employed, were clearly planned well in advance. One of their first actions was to seize control of the Central bank of Libya.
This was a vital and well thought out move, and was not decided upon by a few Hillbilly rebels on the spur of the moment!

From the beginning of this conflict I could not figure out how the vast bulk of Libya’s overseas funds and investments, were all held by countries that were part of the NATO alliance who had invaded them.

So lets look at who was responsible for Libya’s overseas investments.
The Libyan Investment Authority was established on 28 August 2008. It was set up by the General people’s Committee of Libya. It is a holding company which oversees and manages government investment funds in various areas.
It was responsible for all overseas investments; the money belonged to the people of Libya, and was invested on their behalf.
It was a Sovereign wealth fund.
 §                    Chairman - Baghdadi Mahmudi
§                    Deputy Chairman - Abdul-Hafiz Zlitni: GPC Assistant Secretary.[2]
§                    Board member - Taher al-Juhaymi: GPC Planning Secretary
§                    Board member - Muhammad al-Huwayj: GPC Finance Secretary
§                    Board member - Farhat Bengdara: Governor, Central Bank of Libya.
§                    Executive Director - Mohamed H. Layas

It took me the longest time to figure this out, but I got it now! Since the NATO invasion, I could not establish why the “Anti Zionist” Gaddafi, had near all Libya’s wealth invested in the worlds top Zionist banks!
It turns out that Gaddafi had very little to do with Libya’s foreign investments, if anything at all.
Farhat Bengdara
It was the above named Cabal who were responsible. I have looked at each of these characters and Farhat Bengdara actions since February would suggest that he has been working in cahoots with NATO and the rebels for a considerable time.
Bengdara was born in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi in 1965. He was a Libyan politician and banker (what a mix), and was also the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya.

Hostilities in Libya broke out on the 17 February; on the 21st of February Bengdara left Libya, and got a direct flight to Turkey, where he has remained since. Keep in mind that the UN no fly zone and sanctions were introduced on the 25 February.
This would suggest that Bengdara had fore warning as to what was coming! He remained formally in office until 6 March, by which stage the government realised he would not be returning, and he had in fact defected.

In an interview with the Financial Times dated May 2011, he said that he waited until all UN Sanctions were formally in place before he resigned!
During his last days in office, he admitted that he delayed requests to transfer Libyan sovereign funds from the NATO alliance banks into accounts in countries that would likely have ignored the UN resolutions on freezing all Libyan funds!
He proudly proclaimed in this interview that as a result 96% of Libyan overseas funds were blocked, and this was having a major impact on the Gaddafi regime!

I think we can safely assume that this traitor to his people did not begin negotiations with NATO some time in February!
 Bengdara also admitted that 4 of Libya’s top bankers had defected with him, but he declined to name them.
Mohamed H. Layas

Executive Director  of the LIA Mohamed H. Layas, on the 20 January informed the US Ambassador in Tripoli that LIA had deposited $32 million in US banks. This was almost a month prior to the rebels attacking the military base at Banghazi. Five weeks later on February 28 the US Treasury “froze” the Libyan accounts.

 Now, think about this, if you were going to invade a sovereign nation, and take full control of that Nation, battle plans would need to be drawn up many years in advance, and this is becoming more and more evident in the Libyan conflict. Long before they intervened militarily, they were conspiring to get all Libya’s vast wealth transferred into banks that were under the control of countries in the NATO alliance.
This in effect has robbed the Gaddafi forces of access to the countries wealth, to buy ammunition and other supplies needed to fight the NATO/Terrorist alliance.

While Burlisconi, Sarkozy and the rest were ass licking Gaddafi, they were already making plans to invade his country and rob the people of Libya of their vast wealth and resources.

The now deposed Prime Minister of Libya Baghdadi Mahmudi, had over all control of investments, and was Chairman of the LIA, in late August he announced his defection to the NTC, and pledged his support to them!
At this stage I have no evidence that he was part of the conspiracy, but if he was, Im sure it will eventually become known. The UNSC resolution 1970 imposed a travel ban on Baghdadi, which could suggest his part may have been un-witting.
Mustafa Mohammed Abdul Jalil

The Chairman of the National Transitional Council is Mustafa Mohammed Abdul Jalil. He was formerly Libya’s minister for Justice. This man had to have been conspiring against Gaddafi for some time, the Rebels/NATO would hardly have trusted one of Gaddafis ministers to the senior position in the NTC had he not.
The NTC was established on the 5 March 2011, just over a week after the UN resolutions, one of the first actions they performed, was to take control of the banking system! Now why didn’t Che Guevara think of that!

Libya had an estimated total of $150 Billion invested outside Libya.
So lets break that down between the nations that form the NATO alliance to we see just how corrupt this alliance is!

The USA: The United States has frozen more than $34 billion in Libyan assets. A reported $32 million was held in cash in US banks.
On August 25 the United States and South Africa struck a deal to allow the release of $1.5 billion in frozen Libya funds for humanitarian aid and other civilian needs.
The $1.5 billion is expected to be split into three $500 million sums to pay for humanitarian relief by U.N. agencies, for civilian power and for health, education and food, the U.S. State Department said.
Incredible, considering they bombed the hospital at Zliten, the countries food stores, schools and the University in Tripoli!
Stuart Levey,  a senior fellow for national security and financial integrity at the Council on Foreign Relations, said he believed that a lifting of the sanctions imposed by the Obama administration “won’t happen instantaneously.”
“I expect they will use the lifting of sanctions as a point of leverage to make sure they get the kind of government they want to see,” said Mr. Levey, who served as under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence at the Treasury Department under Presidents George W. Bush and Obama. “It is clear that the sanctions policy was a very effective tool. It yielded exactly the thing it was designed to yield.”
France: 7.6 Billion Euro is held by France They have already pledged to unblock 5 Billion euro.

Italy:  holds 7 Billion euro of Libyan funds, and have started releasing funds to the rebels. The Chairman of the TNC Jiblil, said these funds were essential to the rebels. 
Italy is planning to release 2.5 billion euros ($3.6 billion) of Libya's assets and transfer it to the rebel government,

UK: Britain had frozen $19.2 billion of Libyan assets. This not only includes investments made by the LIA, they have also plundered personal accounts and investments belonging to members of the Gaddafi family.

The Netherlands has frozen 3 BILLION Euro of Libyan funds. Their PM Mark Rutte wants 2 BILLION Euro released immediately to help rebuild the Libyan economy!
Translated….. now that they have bombed the crap out of Libya, and completely destroyed the countries infrastructure, they are going to take the Libyan people’s money, from their own accounts, and give it to their own (NATO alliance) contractor buddies, to rebuild the country they destroyed!
The Netherlands has already released £87 million to the World health organisation, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ward Bezemer said the money was being released to save Libyan lives, and would be used to buy treatment for diabetic patients and medicines for heart patients, and surgical equipment! WHO has also said in a statement that vaccination programmes in Libya will not be affected! (I bet they won’t)

Are these people for real! Thousands of foreign workers who worked in Libyan healthcare have fled the country, NATO have dropped over 50,000 bombs on Libya, resulting in  thousands upon thousands of bomb victims, their hospitals in total disarray, I was gob smacked at these statements!

BELGIUM: the Belgium PM Yves Leterme, speaking before going to Paris for the big carve up of Libya with his NATO cohorts, said that he would be releasing 9 million euro of frozen Libyan funds in Belgium to help with the reconstruction of Libya!
250,000 Euro to be given to civil society organisations.
A further 6 million Euro will be released to help finance the democratic re-building of the country.
Translated, to install the NATO puppet government!
Im sure Mr Leteme feels like Santa Claus, he has 14 BILLION Euro of the Libyan people’s money!

Canada said on March 1, that it held $2.4 BILLION assets belonging to Libya.

All figures in US dollars
Libya also owns billions in foreign bonds, shares land and property deals. An overall amount has not been put on these investments. The UN sanctions have put near all these investments under NATOs control.  
Germany has not taken part in direct military action against Libya, but as reported by the Whitehouse, Obama has spent long periods on the phone to the German Chancellor Angela Merkin prior to the invasion.
As it happens Germany has $9.73 billion of Libyan investments!
Add this to the $99.06 and we get $108.79

Denmark is part of the NATO alliance; if Denmark has Libyan money invested I have not been able to find a figure.
The NATO assisted terrorists, now also have access to 144 tons of Libyan Gold. Held by the Libyan Central bank.
While compiling this information, I have been quite staggered that much of the MS press, are reporting the seizure and distribution of these funds, while referring to them as the Gaddafis personal funds. Inferring that the Gadaffi’s had robbed the Libyan people of this money, when in fact the money was invested for and on behalf of the Libyan people and it is them that are plundering and robbing the Libyan’s not the Gaddafi’s.

This is a list of other countries who also have Libyan funds invested, and have complied with the UN directives to freeze funds.

Spain :  Spain holds $2.78 Billion and has asked that 350 million euro be unblocked so as they can give it to the TNC.

Switzerland holds $827.Million. Last week it planned to release millions of Swiss francs worth of frozen Libyan assets as soon as the United Nations lifted sanctions.
Austria’s central bank has said some 1.2 billion euros in Libyan assets were deposited in Austrian institutions.
Luxembourg holds $1.39 Billion
Arab banking corporation $1 Billion
Chairman of Libyan National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdel Jalil said that China was blocking the release of Libyan frozen assets.

In a separate matter, the banking giant Goldman Sachs invested $1.3 billion on behalf of the LIA in 2008, over the course of a few short months, they gambled and lost 98% of it! Leaving the Libyans with $25 million of their initial investment.
It is thought that GS downloaded the Libyan money into investments that they knew were about to hit the pan. Link from RT news reporting on the Goldman Sachs Libyan rip off.

“At the “Friends of Libya” gathering in Paris on 1st September, hosted by Prime Minister Cameron and President Nicolas Sarkozy, a gloating, unnamed British official is quoted in The Economist as saying that: “NATO’s involvement in the Libyan uprising means that now we own it.”
Incidentally, the Paris Cabal took place on the forty second anniversary of the Free Officers Movement bringing Qaddafi to power on the 1st of September 1969.”
Felicity Arbuthnot,  Global Research`s Human Rights Correspondent based in London

When NATO announced that they were liberating the Libyan people, what they meant was they would be liberating them from their countries vast oil and gas reserves, the Nations sovereign wealth and gold. They will leave the Libyan people enslaved by debt. The Billions that they are presently releasing on “humanitarian” grounds will disappear into thin air, the same as happened in Iraq, no one will know where it went, no one will try to find it and it will be forgotten about.

The implications of my findings on this matter would prove collusion long before the NATO invasion, between NATO, overt and covert Gaddafi dissidents and the global banking system.

Before they sent in the military, NATO and Farhat Bengdara conspired to secure Libya’s funds so that the legitimate Libyan forces did not have access to them.
This in effect meant that the cabal of thieves, robbers and bullies which is NATO, could effectively gain control of that country, even though most of its citizens supported the Gaddafi regime.
They would have us believe that their intervention was because of events on the 17 February; my findings would indicate that this was very much a pre-meditated invasion, and transfer of funds by Bengdara, to NATO alliance countries long in advance of the NATO invasion, would prove pre-meditation. Bank transfers are well documented; we know that $32 million in cash was deposited in the US in January, when the other funds were transferred will be on record. I believe this information can, and I hope will be, used bring NATO to book for their crimes against humanity in Libya.

Sandra Barr

20/09/2011 Addendum. I have just come across the following link, and according to this Telegraph report, Tony Blair has been in talks with the Libyans on various occasions since 2008. The report names Mohamed H. Layas as Blairs contact in the Libyan Investment fund! Layas is one of the people I suspected of having a part in transferring Libya's money into NATO banks. This article also infers that Saif al-Islam had something to do with the fund, no evidence is produced to support this, and I have found no evidence that any of the Gaddafi's had any influence over this fund. From reading this article it would seem very likely that B. Liar personally set the Libyans up!   The Telegraph link. Other investments in companies and banks. This will take you to my Facebook account. I have emailed the International Criminal Court, and urged them to charge NATO with war crimes. I put the email in a FB note, and have urged others to copy and paste, and send to the ICC. I have also emailed my MP urging he do all possible to get NATO out of Libya. This FB note contains the email. Please copy and paste and email your MP.

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  1. Thank you for this research, well done. It's a sorry state of affairs. ((

  2. Nice try, but merely another well-disguised description of the Libyan people as a herd of cattle, able to be herded in whatever direction their masters intend.
    The Libyan people are now in control of their country, more so than many other countries, in fact. And have a golden opportunity of creating a society which suits their needs. Libya is not the victim any more. It is quite capable of now managing its resources for itself, and does not need the leadership of an Imperialist Poodle like Gadaffi. No more than the Syrian, Tunisian and Egyptian people will tolerate their respective despots any more.
    Power-Worshippers like you will have to get used to the facts of the New Order. Just as your fellow-travellers in the Pentagon will.

  3. Big in a box, your too funny! On Friday past the UN security council sent the IMF in to take over Libyas central bank, and run Libyas finances! They will cripple the Libyan people with debt the way they have crippled us all in the Western world!
    King Idris was the puppet king, who was controlled by the British and French, Libya once again flies Idris's flag! And once again the British and French are running Libya, already they have handed out big contracts to all their buddies to rebuild the Libya that their bombers destroyed!
    The British, French and Israelis have already been grated Military bases, and the US will no doubt be claiming back the military base they had before Gaddafi rightly kicked them out!
    This last few days I have come across a few NATO trolls on line, propagating the NATO lies, I can recognise your crap a mile off!
    Libya is destroyed, NATO have dropped over 50,000 bombs, the uranium will put cancer rates and birth defects through the roof, same as it has in Iraq. On other forums about Libya where I have commented, the NATO spies remove my comments, that wont happen here, its my blog!
    Shame on the traitors who invited NATO to murder thousands of Libyan's, Who would have invited a murdering psychopathic bunch such as they are into their country, to bomb the people, water supplies, electric and the entire infrastructure! Whether you like it or not, over 80% of Libyans supported Gaddafi, and those people aint going away!

  4. NATO / UN are the face of CORPORATE FASCISM.

    Western 'democracy' is corporate fascism.
    Nationally, they rape their own people, and their own people's future generations' future generations. Western 'democracy' is NOT free market capitalism. There is absolutely nothing free about CORPORATE FASCISM.

    Western Citizens must RISE AGAINST against their home grown terrorists - THE CORPORATE FASCISTS and their whores - OBAMA, Cameron, Sarqozy et al.



    biginabox - go back to ur box degene.rat NATO.drone

  5. Thanks for the great work you have done here.


  6. Thanks for an eye opening info. We believe in judgement day...that is the utmost important believe...those who perish for their religion and land..Allah has promised Jannah and for those who does evil will go to hell...forever and ever.

    This life is a test, a test to test our faith...


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