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The Number FOUR 4

The number 4 means many things to many people, but from Antiquity it has been recognised as the God number by many people for numerous reasons.

When I opened my You Tube Account 
25 September 2007, I took about 10 seconds to think up a user name, I chose “Truthseeker”. As there was already a few thousand Truthseekers I had to think of a number. I had just read a Doreen Virtue numerology book, in it she said that 444 was the number of the Angels, so I thought “That will do”. Back then I never realised that all these years later I would be making my own vids, blogs etc, and I would be known by “Truthseeker 444” more than my own name. I have often been asked since why I chose that name, I have had a fascination with numbers and numerology since childhood, but when I chose “Truthseeker 444”, there was under a minutes thought went into it.

In my research into the workings of the shadowy Elite, the number four comes up over and over. So I thought that rather than explain it in each of my Blogs, I would write a blog just on it significance.
This depraved bunch of wackos see themselves as the controllers and manipulators of mankind, so it figures they would attach the number "4" the God number to themselves.

Anunnaki God/King Ninurta
The glyph for 4 evolved from a cross symbol. In this picture the Anunnaki King/God Ninurta is seen wearing a cross, and also has sashes across his chest forming a cross.

The picture on the left is an Egyptian ANKH, the picture on the right is an ANCHor. No one knows for sure what the meaning of the ANKH is, but the Pharaoh’s were often depicted with this hieroglyph. Many of the Pharaoh mummies have an Ankh held to their noses. It is believed that this ancient Egyptian cross symbolised everlasting existence.
It is often called “The Key of the Nile”, as the Egyptians believed that the Nile was an Earthly reflection of the Celestial Milky Way, the Ankh could be taken to mean the key to the heavens. It is also believed to represent life. In Ancient Sumaria the word for water and semen was “Ab”, water was the semen of the Gods, and the same word served both. Its quite a coincidence that “Ankh” and “Anchor” are so similar.
Christianity of course is riddled with metaphors about the anchor, “Will your anchor hold in the storms of life”, is just one.
I’m no expert in Egyptology or hieroglyphs, but my own hypothesis on the Ankh, is that it symbolised a God from the Heavens living on Earth, and having to be “ANCHored” to this existence.
 Thanks to Andrew Gough for making the Ankh/Anchor connection.
LINK More information on the ANKH

Enki, the Sumerian God was also known by the number 40,     4+0=4
In symbology the “O” represents all that ever existed, all time, all possibilities.
So the ideogram 40 could be read as God over all existence.
“Beginning around the second millennium BCE, he was sometimes referred to in writing by the numeric ideogram for “40”, occasionally referred to as his sacred number”. Source Wikipedia.
The Sumerian civilization predates the Egyptian, and Enki is probably the first God in recorded history to be known by the number 4.
The Bible pretty much grabbed a bit from every belief system ever invented, for instance the Jesus character was in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, and the Israelites wondered the desert for 40 years.
In Genesis Chapter 1 v 4 God created light, and divided the light from the darkness.

Revelations chap 4 v 4;
And round about the throne were 4 and 20 seats: and upon the seats I saw 4 and 20 elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.
In the ancient Sumerian legends, Enki was represented by a Crescent moon. A crescent now represents Allah. The symbol for Zeus/Jupiter is a crescent added to a cross, which looks like a 4.

In the Egyptian Creation myth there was darkness and a primeval ocean called “Nun”. 
The Sun God RAH (Re,Ra, Atun) the Lord of all creation ROSE, and spat out the elements of Moisture (The Goddess Tefnut), and air (the God Shu).
The twins Shu and Tefnut gave birth to the Earth God Geb, and the Sky Goddess Nut.
Geb and Nut had 4 children: Seth, Isis, Osiris and Nephthys.
Seth married Nephtys and Osiris married Isis, the 4 were primary Egyptian deities.

ISIS is the primary Egyptian Goddess, and has been worshipped since Antiquity under various different names. ISIS 4 letters.

ISIS            I=1  S=3 I=1  S=3   1+3+1+3=8  The double God number 4:4
SETH         S=3 E=5 T=4 H=5  3+5+4+5=17   1+7=8   4:4 
OSIRIS        O=7 S=3 I=1 R=2 I=1 S=3  7+3+1+2+1+3=17 1+7=8   4:4 again
NEPHTYS   N=5 E=5 P=8 H=5 T=4 Y=1 S=3  5+5+8+5+4+1+3=31   3+1=4

Whats the chances? Quadruplets each with the numerical value of 4!
Incidentally, ISIS is in Osiris, and the letters O&R are left over or-Isis
And SETH is in Nephtys with the letters NYP over. An acronym for New York to Paris.
The primary Egyptian God and Creator is Rah (Re/Ra/Atun)
RAH   R=2 A=1 H=5   2+1+5=8   4:4 again the double God number.

(all numerology based on the Chaldean system)

The Greek God Zeus and the Roman God Jupiter are both represented by a 4.
The following is taken from the “Dictionary of Symbols” by Carl G. Liugman.
“Jupiter moves in the sixth Bodian orbit from the sun, has an orbital time of 12 years, and is the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter is different from the other planets in that it radiates more energy (of radio wave frequencies) than it receives from the Sun. The Jupiter system with its 14 moons is in a way a system within a system within the solar system”
“The key word for 4 is expansion. Jupiter also represents the establishment, the structure of society, institutionalized religion, authorities, and well meaning government”
(No wonder it has been cropping up everywhere in my research!)
When used in psychological astrology Jupiter indicates an ability to understand and adapt to the established social structure and the instinct to expand one’s knowledge, for existence, via studies and travelling.”
Speaking of Zeus/Jupiter “On a higher level he is the protector and ruler of the State and society”
(Sorry no link, I actually typed this out from a real book)

Many Christian Churches are built on the sites of former Temples to Jupiter. The Cathedral De Notre Dame in Paris, a short way from where Diana was murdered is one. The Cathedral Santiago (St James) Compostela in Northern Spain is one of the Catholic Churches main sites of Pilgrimage, it too is said to be built on the site of a Temple to Jupiter.

Anyone familiar with my blogs will know that the number 4 is used shamelessly by the elite, when they plan the births of their own a 4 is near always included in the numerology, many of their false flags, Earthquakes and assassinations include the number 4 somewhere in the numerology. Eg. Princess Diana was killed on the 31st August, 3+1=4 August is the 8th month 4+4. Barak Obama and the Queen Mother were both born on the 4th August. The only number that they possibly use more is 11.

Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun, it has 4 letters and a Mars day is 40 minutes longer than an Earth day. The Roman God Mars is the God of Wars, W is an M upside-down. Belldona is his female counterpart.
Mars rules the sign of Aries, which is represented by a Ram. Rams is Mars back -ways.

YHWH The Tetragrammaton is a 4 letter name of the Jewish God, his name is so sacred that it is not meant to be spoken, but can be represented by a 4.
There is 4 main Matriarchs in Judaism., SaRAH, RebeccAH, Leah and RAcHel.
The Egyptian Sun God, and God of all creation RAH crops up through near all known religions.

In Chaldean numerology the letters DMT are all represented by a 4, Dimethyltryptamine is abbreviated to DMT, it is produced naturally by the pineal gland, stimulation of the pineal through meditation/visualisation produces more DMT, and in these heightened states of awareness many feel the connected-ness of all mankind, and the connection to what many call the “God” energy. DMT can also be produced synthetically, and many plants produce a natural source of it. DMT taken in these forms produces a psychedelic experience.
For most this experience is likened to an awakening, an understanding of the Universe and all things therein, if there is a God creator, DMT for many shows people a glimpse of the Creator and creation.
Disclaimer…this is not the case with everyone.
LINK This link is a vid of a 1950's housewife taking part in an LSD experiment. The main component of LSD is DMT

When the Elite want to use 4 in one of their rituals, they often use one of the letters which represent the number 4. Madonna's half time ritual at the Super bowl is one of the most blatant uses of the letter “M” that I have seen to date. In Christianity “M” is used for the Mother of Jesus MM, Mother Mary. Often they invert symbols to fool us silly sheeple, M inverted is W.
An analyses of Madonnas Ritual at the Super Bowl. LINK

TAO         T=4 A=1 O=7   4+1=7=12                    4+4+4=12
BUDDHA  B=2 U=6 D=4 D=4 H=5 A=1
2+6+4+4+5+1=22       2+2=4
ALLAH  A=1 L=3 L=3 A=1 H=5  1+3+3+1+5= 13   1+3=4
Jesus in English Gematria 444 Gematria calculator

In Christianity there are 4 primary Gospels in the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.
In Revelations there are 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
In Greek Jesus is known as “Iasous”, in Hebrew every letter has a numerical equivalent: I=10 A=8 S=200 O=70, U=400, S=200, WHICH ADDS UP TO 888  4+4:4+4:4+4
THE 4TH Commandment: Exodus 20:8-11 
Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day [is] the sabbath of the LORD thy God: [in it] thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that [is] within thy gates: For [in] six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them [is], and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.
SHITENNŌ = In Buddhism there are 4 Heavenly Kings. Guardians of the 4 Compass Directions, 4 Celestial Guardians, 4 Protectors of the Nation, 4 Lords of Dharma (Buddhist Law), 4 Keepers of the WorldLINK
4 noble truths Dukkha, Samudava, Nirodha & Magga
4 Foundations of mindfulness, contemplation of body, feelings, mind & mental objects.
4 Divine Abidings, 4 Stages of enlightenment & 4 main sites of Pilgrimage.

Bohemian Grove in California has a 40 ft stone carving of the Demonic entity Moleck, also known as Baal. this God worshipped by the ruling ELite demands human sacrifices.

Near all native American Tribes believe 4 is a sacred number. All events and actions are based on this number, because everything was created in fours.

There are 4 Cardinal Directions, North, South, West & East

There are 4 Things above the Earth: Sun Moon Sky & Stars

There are 4 parts in everything which grows from the ground, the roots, stem, leaves and the fruit.
LINK The sacred nature of the number 4 to Native American Indians.

There are 4 primary directions on the Compass Rose.
4 is the number of nuclebase types in DNA and RNA

There are 4 primary blood groups A, B, AB, & O

The mammalian heart has 4 chambers

We have 4 fingers on each hand

Butterflies, ants, bees, beetles, fleas, flies, moths and wasps are just some of the insects which complete “holometabolism” in 4 stages.
1: Embro  2: larva  3: pupa  4: imago.

In Hinduism there are 4 aims of human life, Dharma, Arta, Kama & Moksha.
There are 4 stages of life BRAHmacharya, Grihasta, Vanaprastha and Sannyasa.
There are 4 primary castes or strata: BRAHmana, Kshatriya, Vaisya & Shudra.

In Islam; there are 4 rightly guided Caliphs, 4 Arch Angels, 4 Sunni schools, and 4 major Sunni Imams.
There are 4 Books in Islam, the Torah, Zaboor, Injeel & Quran.

Sacred symbol of the Zia
 4 is the sacred number of the Zia, an Indigenous tribe in New Mexico.

There are 4 ages of man, childhood, adolescent, manhood and old age.

Cash machines and telephone key pads have 4 rows of 4 keys.

On most computer keyboards the “4” key may also be used to type the dollar sign! $And the Dollar is God to many people!

April is the 4th month, and is believed to be named after the Goddess Venus or her Greek counterpart Aphrodite. April 1st is a Roman Feast day to Venus, where she is worshipped and adorned. List of Roman Feast days. Link

4/4/44 (4th April 1944), In WW2, British and American troops bombarded Bucharest and murdered 3000 civilians!

4/4/1949 Twelve Nations signed the North Atlantic treaty, creating the North Atlantic treaty organisation, more commonly known as NATO.

4/4/1968 Martin Luther King is assassinated.

4/4/1973 The World Trade Centre is officially dedicated!

4/4/1975 Microsoft is founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

4/4/1975 Vietnam War: Operation baby lift, a US Air Force C-5A* crashes near Saigon, it was transporting orphans, 175 die!
C=3  5 A=1   3+5+1=9 The number of death! Meaning of the numbers 27 & 9
Wikipedia Link listing things that happened on the 4/4 throughout history.

The Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese are superstitious about the number 4, because it is a homonym for death in their languages. 
Despite this in Chinese mythology the Chinese Emperor had "The Four Guardians of the Compass Directions", which were celestial creatures, each one corresponded with a quadrant of the sky, and each symbolised a different colour, element, virtue and other traits.
There are 4 basic states of matter, solid, liquid, gas and plasma.
In the Tarot deck the Emperor is the 4th Trump or major arcane card.
There are 4 suits in a deck of playing cards.

The United Kingdom is made up of 4 countries, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland & England.

There are 4 years in a single Olympiad, the FIFA world cup and the Rugby World cups are also only held once every 4 years. 

I will no doubt be adding to this blog in the future as I stumble onto more "4" related info. One could say that I compile this information because Im a geek and a little OCD, which I must admit is partly true, but my main reason for doing it, is so that others will understand the ritualistic nature of the people who control the planet, and how they use numbers and symbols as part of their rituals, when you recognise the symbols and methods they use, they lose their power, the more the veils are lifted, the more they lose their grip on humanity. So please be aware of these symbols, do your own research, the more aware you become of these mysteries, the less mysterious they become.
Sandra Barr

Wikipedia Link with lots more info on the number 4
The number 7 also represents the God/Goddess, but 4 is used more frequently. I will at some stage do another blog on the number 7.
All numerology in this blog has been calculated using the Chaldean System. And I have used Pink & Blue font, both have 4 letters. :-)


  1. Hi Sandra!
    Any investigation into 4 and M should include the tetrahedron/hexahedron/dodecahedron sequence and the Fibonacci sequence. A tetrahedron ( fire )is made of 4 triangles and is the simplest 3D shape. the 3-4-5 sequence is contained in the tetra/hexa/dodeca cascade as triangle/square/pentagon, the only par scores in the masonic game of golf.
    Gotham is an annagram for Gothic America. Goth coming from the Visigoth and Ostrogoth history of Germany and the architecture of all government seats of power. Bats use their sense of sonics to see into the dark of the void via geometry. The famous German movie "M": is very connected to the comic book Batman: Gothic
    as they deal with children and primal fear. An "M" is Roman numeral for 7 ) I V I and the first 4 numbers of the Fibonacci sequence total 7. The 4x7 connects us to time via a lunar month of 4 - 7 day weeks.
    Thanks for all your work!

  2. Sandra, just a further link to support the 3,4,5 geometry of the New Jerusalem city of London layout, the kabbalistic Tree of Life and the geometry of implosion, please visit:
    You can see the animation that corresponds to this Earth Grid geometry as per this grid overlay on the continent of Africa:


  3. Like your blog, lots of great information!

    I was confused tho, I was always taught in temple that there were 5 books to the Torah not 4 listed above? is this a new discovery?

  4. Hi Sandra, I like your blog! What is the significance of a birthday on April 4, 1976? 4/4/76? Thank you.

  5. 7+6=13, 1+3=4, that makes it a 444 birth date, I would take that as very auspicious.

  6. Hi, What would mean having 888 in your birthday (26/08/1970)?


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