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Michael McBride & Fluoride

The NI Health Minister Edwin Poots, in a message to a member of the "NO FLUORIDE in NI WATER"” group on Facebook, mockingly told a member of that group, that he takes his advice from the NI Chief Medical Officer and the World Health Organisation.
So let us take a look at how credible they are to be advising the said Minister!

Anyone with more than two brain cells knew that the Swine Flu scare was a hoax, and that a very unsafe and inadequately tested vaccine was going to be unleashed to an unsuspecting public. Our fears were later confirmed when it transpired that narcolepsy was just one of that vaccines very deadly side effects.
LINK Daily Mail report on the link between the Swine Flu Vaccine and Narcolepsy.

Michael McBride.
In an interview with Emily Moulton from the Belfast Telegraph, published on Friday, 12 February 2010, Michael was still vehemently defending his position on advocating the people of NI should be vaccinated with this deadly concoction of mercury (thimerosal)  squalene and the  swine flue virus, which was in itself a mix of viruses from Human, pig and fowl sources.
Link Dangers of Thimerosal
Link Dangers of the swine Flu vaccine.
Link to Telegraph interview

Five months previous, Michael had fanned the flames and acted as a pimp for the big pharmas by promoting the vaccine shamelessly, on his advice 751,200 vaccines had been purchased; at the time of publication of the interview 420,000 had not been administered. Despite an overall drop in people presenting the illness, Michael was still singing from the World Health organisations hymn sheet, and insisted the pandemic was not over.
When directly asked if the Swine Flue had been over hyped so as global drug companies could profit from it, he stood by his wanton promotion of the vaccine and said:

 “So in terms of those decisions I made back whenever it was, I certainly stand by those decisions.”
Excerpt from the Telegraph interview:
“Dr McBride insisted the stockpiling was not a “waste” because the vaccination programme was still ongoing and highlighted that it was possible Northern Ireland could be hit by a third wave of the outbreak.” 
So as late as February 2010, he was still feeding the NI public bullshite!

So who profited?
Glaxo SmithKline announced profits of £2.1 billion in 3 months, and the Chief executive Andrew Witty admitted that the swine Flue crisis would be a “significant financial event for the company”.
The company’s relenza inhaler, shamelessly administered to pregnant women, was expected to make profits of £2 billion.  Daily Mail
The vaccine cost £6 a shot, so the cost of Michaels stupidity for the NI vaccines came in at over £4.5 million, and that’s not including all the inhalers and other accessories that big pharma sold with the vaccine, not to mention the cost of all the follow up medications needed when people got sick after being given the vaccine.
At the time of the interview 420,000 had not  been administered , which means that at that time 331,200 had been administered. Doctors got paid over £15 a shot to administer them, which is why they so shamelessly promoted them, which means that at that stage they had been paid almost £5  million!
This was on top of the £15 a shot plus, that they also got for dishing out the regular flu vaccine.
The price of producing the vaccine is thought to be £1!!!
When asked by Emily Moulton:
Q: Do you feel drug companies have profited from this?
A: I honestly don’t know. In terms of profits of drug companies I am not in a position to comment on that.
Is this guy for real!!!!!!! He was responsible for the purchase of 75,1200 vaccines for NI, and he did not feel he was in a position to comment on whether or not big pharma made a profit! “I honesty don’t know”! For fecks sake! He was behind the purchase of 751,200 vaccines and he did not know if the pharmas made a profit! He must have the IQ of a hamster!
So, big pharma made a profit
NI Doctors made a profit
Now lets look at the World Health Organisation, who Michael says he took his advice from, and Edwin Poots says he is taking advice from WHO on fluoridation:

It was on the advice of WHO that the UK bought so many vaccines, WHO have already been charged with mis-leading Governments on the pandemic status of the Swine Flue. In a Daily Mail report from January 18, 2010:
“Wolfgang Wodarg, head of health at the Council of Europe, accused the makers of flu drugs and vaccines of influencing the World Health Organisation's decision to declare a pandemic.” 
“He also claims that to further push their interests, leading drug companies placed 'their people' in the 'cogs' of the WHO and other influential organisations”. Source Daily Mail

Dr Wodarg is being a little to kind to WHO, what actually happened was that top executives in WHO were not only tied at the hip to the pharmas, they both promoted the pharmas financial interests, and exaggerated both the dangers of the swine flue, and its pandemic status.
More from Dr Wodarg and the Swine Flu Hoax LINK
On advice from WHO the UK government announced that an expected 65,000 people were expected to die from Swine Flue in the UK alone!!!!!
By January 2010 fewer than 5000 people were registered as having caught the virus, and many of the people who did get it, got it directly after getting the vaccine. Those who got the vaccine also spread the disease to people who did not get the vaccine.
A March 28, 2010 report in the Guardian states:
Flynn's draft accuses the WHO of a lack of transparency. Some members of its advisory groups are flu experts who have also received funding, especially for research projects, from pharmaceutical companies making drugs and vaccines against flu.
"The neutrality of their advice could be contested," says the report. "To date, WHO has failed to provide convincing evidence to counter these allegations and the organisation has not published the relevant declarations of interest. Taking such a reserved position, the organisation has joined other bodies, such as the European Medicines Agency, which likewise, have still not published such documents."
Flynn's report was commissioned by the Council of Europe's parliamentary assembly, which is holding an inquiry into the handling by European bodies and governments of the  flu pandemic”.  Source Guardian: LINK

 The Daily Mail report also revealed that Sir Roy Anderson, who advised the Government on Swine Flue, holds a £116,000 a year post on the board of Glaxo SmithKline, who made billions from the Swine Flue Hoax! Link
“The truth is out. More than half of the experts advising the World Health Organisation (WHO) to declare swine flu a ‘pandemic’ are linked to drug-makers that have reaped huge profits from untested vaccines and flu drugs [4].  Eleven of the 20 members of the WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) have profited from work done for the pharmaceutical industry or are linked to it through their universities. Many have declared interests in GlaxoSmithKline, the vaccine maker that stands to benefit the most from the pandemic”.

Earlier, a Danish newspaper revealed, through the Danish Freedom of Information Act, that Prof. Juhani Eskola of SAGE and director of the Finnish research vaccine programme THL received nearly €6.3 million in 2009 for his research centre from GlaxoSmithKline, which was not declared on the WHO website [5]. Seven other WHO experts have ties to the pharmaceutical industry, most of them not declared on the WHO website.
One member of SAGE, Dr. Albert Osterhaus at Erasmus University Rotterdam in The Netherlands, heads the European Scientists Fighting Influenza, and is financed by Baxter, Crucell, Novartis, Hoffmann-La Roche, MedImmune, Nobilon, Sanofi Pasteur, MSD, Glaxo SmithKline and Solvay. He was under investigation for gross conflict of interest [6], which date back to the earlier bird flu scare [7] (see Where's the Bird Flu Pandemic? & other articles in the series, SiS 30).
Source  Institute of Science and Society

It is now 2012, and not one of the culprits responsible for this fiasco have been charged, and not one will be, this is how it is, their asses are well covered from the get go, it does not matter if they are exposed, between WHO and the EU they have designed the system so as they can pretty much do as they please with no culpability.
In late 2011, 4 babies died from a Pseudomonas outbreak in Altnagelvin and the Royal Hospitals, we cant even keep our hospitals clean and germ free, and McBride has millions from the health care budget to squander lining the pockets of big Pharma.

Poots is by trade a farmer, how the hell did a farmer get to be dictating health measures for human beings! As for McBride, these elected representatives come and go in Ministerial posts, McBride et al are always there serving the interests of the pharmaceuticals and corporations, NI people never voted them into these positions, yet there they are deciding what's best for us! This system is broke, we do not need new representatives, we need a new system.

Make no mistake; the Swine Flu was a hoax of gigantic proportions, WHO, the Pharmas and accomplices in Government all played their part in fanning the flames of FEAR, on the global population. Our Governments shameless promotion of vaccinations means they do not encourage Doctors to report adverse reactions. And should you die, or become seriously ill after a vaccination, you have near zero chance of compensation.
The cost of these vaccines, and the profits Phamas make, may just appear like a series of numbers on a screen to many people, but WE PAY FOR THEM through National Insurance Contributions, and the vast amounts spent on them could be used to lower waiting lists, providing essential health care, or keeping hospital wards open, clean, decorated or even staffed!

Then there is the human cost, this toxic concoction was unleashed on a very unsuspecting public, we cannot even gage the cost on health, because our Government wont compile the statistics, and believe me, I have very personal experience of this, twice my own Mother took a massive heart attack within 48 hours of getting a flu vaccine, her Doctor, who plies his trade at Northland Surgery in Dungannon, incredulously did not report this as  adverse reactions, as he said he did not think they were connected!
Against the advice of myself and other family members, my Mother was cajoled into getting the Swine Flu and Flu vaccines; she developed Narcolepsy, pretty much slept for seven months, then died from a massive heart attack. So this is very personal to me, and Michael McBride played his part in the whole sham with exuberance!

Jong Wook Lee
If I were to document all of WHO's corrupt actions, this blog would turn into a book, here is just one example of how reputable WHO are!
In 1994 a Doctor Jong Wook Lee launched a tetanus vaccination programme, the Philippine Government were a little suspicious when WHO were only interested in vaccinating young women, so they had the vaccine tested, it was found to contain hCG, a hormone which induces the body’s immune system to attack the hormone needed to sustain pregnancy, the result is that the woman’s body aborts the baby.

I bet your thinking that Dr Lee must now be serving a life sentence….well no actually, by 2003 he was made Director General of WHO, and his little escapade in the Philippines was brushed under the carpet. He died in 2009 after a sudden clot on the brain. Link

"In 1995 the BBC aired an investigative documentary verified by the Philippine Department of Health and the Philippine Medical Association that tetanus vaccines from the WHO were combined with a chemical known as beta Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, an anti-pregnancy agent.  The BBC Horizon program entitled “The Human Laboratory”, which was never aired in the United States, noted that Philippino women of child-bearing age were administered the tainted vaccine and many miscarriages ensued.  Dr. Reynaldo Echavez of the Philippine Medical Association stated that the presence of the HCG in the tetanus shot would cause the women to develop HCG antibodies, which will then cause spontaneous abortion if the women become pregnant.  WHO denied the accusation and claimed to have found negligible amounts of HCG ‘independent’ in the vaccines.  However, the BBC report said that “There are several research programmes around the world testing the contraceptive vaccine linked to tetanus, which creates an immune response.” Moreover pro-life leaders in the Philippines were alerted that a similar program of surreptitiously sterilizing tetanus vaccines had been perpetrated in Mexico."  Source


Edwin Poots, on advice from WHO and the NI Chief Medical Officer, is advocating NI water be poisoned with Fluoride, he claims he is getting his advice from NI Chief Medical Officer Michael McBride, we only had to look back to the Swine Flue Hoax to establish the credibility of WHO and McBride! Our system is corrupt through and through, who gave McBride the post? These people who are "advising" ministers, they are not elected to these posts, they are selected, who selects them, what is their agenda? Ministers come and go these un-elected advisor's are always there. By stealth big corporations have placed their guys at the centre of all decision making in government, the succession of elected guppies who then pass through various ministerial posts act as mouth-pieces for these corporate "advisor's", and it is time people woke up to this. 
WHO's vaccination programmes are seen by many as nothing more than eugenics programmes, and right in the heart of NI government we have a "Health" Minister advocating their policies.

Between them they exaggerate the swine Flue in order for the pharmas to profit, clearly none of them care a jot about human health or suffering, they shamelessly used the media and all tools at their disposal to scare an unwitting public into getting these very dangerous and inadequately tested vaccines.
Now what did Michael personally gain from the hoax????????
Were his loyalties to the people of NI, or was he merely a whoremaster for big pharma?

And the dim-witted Farmer Poots is taking his advice on fluoride from McBride and WHO!
I think I have established to my satisfaction where their loyalties lie, hydrofluosilicic Acid is one of the most deadly chemicals on the planet, and no way, no how, will I sit back and let them add it to NI water!
It is the toxic by product of the Nuclear, Aluminium and fertilizer industries, for them to dispose of it costs them millions, however if they can con some dim-witted Health Minister into dumping it into drinking water supplies, they actually get paid for it!
98% of EU countries have banned adding fluoride to drinking water, primarily because it is detrimental to human health, but also because is goes against EU Human Rights bills to medicate a population against their free will.
This excellent 12 minute mini documentary, demonstrates exactly where the fluoride they want to add to our water comes from .
I urge all NI citizens, let your feelings be known on this, if you do not, you will pay dearly for your apathy, and so will the generations to come.
Sandra Barr
LINK My blog addressing the dangers of Fluoride, and the BS that Poots et al are spewing in their promotion of it.

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