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Dylan, Baez and the Social Engineering of a Generation

By Sandra Barr
 “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” Lenin!

This week I have been looking into the origins of the 1960’s Hippy movement, it may seem irrelevant these days, but the 60’s revolution shaped our modern world. Shockingly the entire movement was carefully crafted and executed by the children of high ranking US military personnel. I have come to a stage in my life where I have had to accept that everything I thought was real, was in fact only illusions, acted out by paid performers. 
Excellent report from the Centre for an informed America, detailing the beginning of the hippy/anti-war movement. Link  
 More on the history of Laurel Canyon from Snippets and Snappets  Link

All the people I once admired, I have had to accept that they were just puppets allowed onto the world stage to influence my thoughts and beliefs. It is the policy of the ruling elite that the best way to control the opposition is to lead it, the US Hippy/Anti War movement achieved little towards ending the war in Vietnam, but it did serve to divide the entire Nation, it separated the young and impressionable from their families and the ripple effect was felt throughout the world.

The beautiful young people started to sew the seeds of “Free Love”, moving the parameters of the sexual union to anything goes, at any time, with anyone! In the decades since this doctrine has evolved to the point where sex is no longer a sacred act between 2 people in love, it is a pastime akin to going to the gym for a quick work out, they won’t be content until we are all shagging in the streets like dogs.

Bob Dylan with Van Morrison, Slane, Ireland 1982

 Bob Dylan is credited by many as writing the soundtrack for the 60’s, and he is given prophet status by the chroniclers of that era. I seen him perform at Slane in Ireland in 1982, certain members of the audience went into a frenzy when he took to the stage, it was as if God Almighty himself had appeared, I actually took a photograph of the woman who was standing behind me, she completely lost it when he took to the stage.
Personally I felt his performance was an anti-climax to an otherwise fantastic day, Carlos Santana had appeared earlier in the day, Dylan’s appearance was like a mouse running across the stage after a herd of wild lions and panthers!

On a thread on my Facebook page this week, someone asked was there any evidence connecting Dylan to the movers and shakers who formed the hippy/anti-war movement on the West Coast, primarily the Laurel Canyon set, who it now transpires were near all connected to US military intelligence and the MK Ultra project. I thought I would look into it.

According to a 1977 senate hearing on the MK Ultra project, the department of Psychiatry at the University of Minnesota was very much involved with the MK Ultra program, Dylan enrolled with the University of Minnesota in September 1959, it would seem that he was a fast learner as he left in May 1960 and headed straight to New York, in 1962 he legally changed his name from Zimmerman to Dylan, and the rest as they say is history.
Link  List of facilities used by the MK Ultra Programme, as revealed by a 1977 Senate hearing.

The Laurel Canyon set controlled and influenced things from the West Coast, and Dylan who was New York based covered the same ground on the opposite coast. They shared the same ethos, songs, managers etc.

Dylan & Israel

Bob Dylan: Birth name Robert Allen Zimmerman: Hebrew name שבתאי זיסל בן אברהם [Shabtai Zisl ben Avraham] Born May 24, 1941

Dylan’s paternal Grandparents were Russian Jews who went to the US in 1905, his maternal Grandparents were Lithuanian Jews who arrived in 1902, he was raised in a small tight knit Jewish community, given his roots I wondered did he have an opinion on the State of Israel.
For decades he has been famed for his anti-war rhetoric, I wondered was it possible that he could in fact support one of the greatest war machines on the planet today?
In 1983 he penned Neighbourhood Bully, Link to lyrics, it appeared on his "Infidels" album. As can be seen he has taken a rather romantic view of the Israeli occupation in Palestine. In 2011 he staged a concert in Tel Aviv, he was implored by activists world wide to boycott Israel, he chose not to take their advice.

 In the 1980’s Dylan allegedly became a Born Again Christian, Jews are not just a religious group, they are an ethnic group, and on all sides Dylan is a Jew, his parents, grandparents and ancestors were all Jews, so he is a Jew. It is no crime to be part of this ethnic group, and being part of this ethnic group does not mean you support Israel, but the evidence so far presented on Dylan would suggest he is most sympathetic to the Israeli occupation and their ever increasing borders.

The 1960’s Hippy/Anti war movement in the USA was unquestionably manufactured, there is overwhelming evidence to support this, Dylan became that decades most prolific poet, and he echoed the same sentiments being propagated by the very much controlled Lauren Canyon set, as I have pointed out he did attend Minnesota University while that University was using mind control techniques on unwitting subjects, it is purely speculative to assume that he was in fact one of their subjects, who was then shipped off to new York to propagate the same doctrine being dished out on the West Coast, but given the status he was awarded, he would not have been allowed to propagate his message if it had not come off the accepted hymn sheet of the time.

Joan Baez and Dylan

Dylan is closely associated with Joan Baez, one of her lesser know songs is “Play Me Backwards”, which is about the ritual satanic sexual abuse of a child, many survivors of the MK Ultra program have testified that they were subjected to exactly this kind of abuse. Baez’s motivation to write this song is not on record, but clearly she does have knowledge of the horrors that were part of the MK Ultra Project. It has been widely reported that Baez was in fact singing about the abuse she herself suffered at the hands of the MK Ultra programme, but I have not been able to source direct quotes from her on the subject.
Link  Lyrics to Play Me Backwards

Baez and Dylan not only had a professional relationship, they were lovers between 1962 and 1965. When they first met Dylan was unknown and Baez had 2 hit albums under her belt. Much to the disdain of Baez’s own fans, she often called Bob onto the stage with her when she was an establish star and he was an unknown, history has credited her for her part in making him a superstar. Given what I know about the MK programme, I think it is inconceivable that one of the primary MK stars of the time would have been promoting someone who was not part of the programme.
Baez is not just famed for her singing, there are many strings to her bow, and she was pivotal in the Civil Rights and Anti-War movements.

In 1976 Baez wrote Caruso, the lyrics to this song would seem perfectly harmless to anyone not familiar with MK Ultra, however they appear very disturbing to anyone with knowledge of the programme. The song in two verses mentions Monarch Butterflies, MK Ultra later became know as Monarch Programming. The name was supposedly chosen because of the position they put small girls in to have sex with them, they called them Monarch Butterflies.
Here are the two references in the song:

With the precision of a hummingbird's heart
Was the lord of the monarch butterflies
One-time ruler of the world of art
It's the sound of the monarch butterfly
That I find a little bit scary Link to full lyrics
“The Lord of the Monarch Butterflies”, is this a reference to the Ultimate controller of the programme?
As for the sound of the Monarch Butterfly…what kind of sound do you imagine a small girl would make if she were raped?
Below is an extract from The Vigilant Citizen about Monarch Programming:

"Monarch programming is a mind-control technique comprising elements of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). It utilizes a combination of psychology, neuroscience and occult rituals to create within the slaves an alter persona that can be triggered and programmed by the handlers. Monarch slaves are used by several organizations connected with the world elite in fields such as the military, sex slavery and the entertainment industry. This article will look at the origins of Monarch programming, its techniques and its symbolism".

Link: Full report from VC about Monarch. Please be aware, if you suspect you are a victim of Monarch, the report has triggers that may be damaging to you.

 In Joan’s 1968 album Baptism: a Journey Through our Time, the album cover depicts the fragmented mind of Joan Baez, with a little girl that looks like Joan at the back of it. The child is holding a red rose, Baez’s Play me Backwards song is full of references to the rose, The Temple of Baby Rose, and the sacrificial victim….ROSE. The blood red rose has deeply significant meaning in the occult, to deep to go into here, but the Rosicrucian’s did not make the rose their primary symbol on a whim.





This is the Album cover for her 2008 Greatest Hits Album, the art work is by Roberto Patelli, this would be a blog on its own!


Here is just a few of the details taken from her exceedingly long Wikipedia page! Link
Joan Chandos Báez born January 9, 1941 at Staton Island, New York

 Both her Grandfathers were Christian ministers.

Her Mother was Joan Bridge, she was born in Edinburgh Scotland, and descended from the Elite bloodline Dukes of Chandos! Note Joan's middle name is Chandos after her illustrious ancestors.

Her father Albert Baez worked for UNESCO! (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), which is a specialised agency of the United Nations. Its first Director was Sir Julian Sorell Huxley, (1887-1975), brother of Aldous, (author of Brave New World). In 1946 he penned a paper called UNESCO, Its purpose and Its Philosophy. According to Huxley the philosophy of UNESCO should be what he termed World Evolutionary Humanism. From 1959-62 Huxley was President of the British Eugenics Society, and he coined the term Transhumanism.

This is an excellent piece from Global Research which outlines fully the goals and objectives of UNESCO. Link
Because of her Fathers work with UNESCO the young Joan moved many times, and lived in England, France, Canada, Switzerland, Spain and Iraq! No doubt Daddy was instrumental in sowing seeds to fulfil Huxley’s vision.

In 1958 Daddy accepted a faculty position at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as it happens this facility is also on the list of facilities that were part of the MK Ultra Project! He also popped up at Stanford, UC Berkeley and Cornell, all of which were associated with MK Ultra!
Baez herself attended Boston University; it is also on the list of facilities that were part of MK Ultra!
Link  List of facilities used by the MK Ultra Programme, as revealed by a 1977 Senate hearing.

In the 1970’s Baez was instrumental in founding the US section of Amnesty International, she remains an active supporter. This years I have called them Amnesia International, as they like to forget real human rights issues, and their own part in starting wars. Their part in starting the first Iraqi war is now on public record, Baez campaigned against the last Iraqi invasion, she is a bloody hypocrite, supporting AI given their part in starting hostilities.
Amnesia from the onset have highlighted war crimes and social injustices perpetrated by countries that the USA and UN want to invade, where no evidence of social injustice or crimes against the people exist, AI manufacture evidence.
Where evidence does exist of USA and UN war crimes, AI conveniently turn the other way.
Link to my own blog about Amnesia International.

For the uninformed reader Baez’s Wikipedia page makes her look like a saint with her long history in activism, she sure has played her part with vigour! Her current assignment/mission is supporting peaceful protests in Iran, and in 2008 she released “We Shall Overcome” with some Persian lyrics in support of Iranians. This of course just adds fodder for to those who plan on invading Iran.

On Feburary 3, 2008 she wrote to the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle endorsing Barack Obama: Quote “. If anyone can navigate the contaminated waters of Washington, lift up the poor, and appeal to the rich to share their wealth, it is Sen. Barack Obama”.

 In June 2010 while performing at Glastonbury she compared Obama to another old friend Martin Luther King!
Dylan has publicly endorsed Bill Clinton and Obama, both Dylan and Baez have played at the White House for Obama.

And the accolades and rewards for the best puppets keep coming! Left is Dylan receiving his Medal of Freedom from Obama! 
Madeleine Albright was on the same honours list!
Stand up Sir Bob Geldof...another muppet!

Masters of War
Link  Live version 1963
Masters of War is probably Dylans most hard hitting song, he wrote it during the winter of 1962-63, the tune he plagiarised, and he paid veteran folk singer Jean Ritchie $5000 in damages for “borrowing” the melody from Nottamun Town, which she claimed had been in her family for generations.
Dylan said he was inspired to write the song after hearing President Eisenhowers farewell address from the Oval Office:
"we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.”
In a 2001 interview with USA Today Dylan said the song was a pacifist’s song against war, and what Eisenhower called the military-industrial complex. The song was written against the backdrop of a build up of arms on all sides during the Cold War.

 “I hope that you die and your death will come soon
I’ll follow your casket by the pale afternoon
and I’ll watch while you’re lowered into your deathbed
 and I’ll stand over your grave till I’m sure that you’re dead.”

A hard hitting lyric from the 21 year old Dylan, and the target for his wrath was the military industrial complex. Fast forward to the present era and he is right up Obama’s ass. The current administration has US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, they were part of the UN invasion of Libya and they are now paying mercenaries in Syria. Iran is next on their “To Invade” list.
Clearly Dylan’s strong feelings about the military industrial complex have mellowed over the years.

 Back to Baez....
On 11/11/11 she was on Wall Street supporting George Soras’s brainchild, the cointel op otherwise known as the Occupy movement. She preformed a few of her hits to keep them amused. Link

Baez will go down in history as one of the most famous pacifists of her time, and she has just about something to say on every subject from gay marriage to blah blah blah, I have searched to see if she had any comment on the Obama administration keeping troops in Iraq and Afghanistan… comment could be found. The US fully supported the sustained day and night bombing of the Libyan people by the UN….no comment from Ms Baez about that either. What about Syria, surely she had something to say about that? Her only comment on Syria is a plea for people to donate money to her buddies at AI so as they can continue to spread propaganda against the Assad Government.

In Baez’s autobiography she notes “Someone had to change the world, and obviously I was the one for the job”. In MK World, this is called Messiah Programming!
Of course many people are born idealistic and want to make the world a better place, I am sure that at some level many people have this desire, in MK programming one of the fragmented personalities that is created from the traumas, can be programmed to go on a mission to save the world, albeit in a way that will actually serve them that control rather than hinder them.
This is quite an incredible Link, its a piece written by a Ronald Bailey, he is recapping the highlights of a Baez concert he attended in Charlottesville VA, not only does Baez commend Michael Moore (another purveyor of disinformation), she actually talks about her multiple personality disorder, and much to the disdain of the author, she breaks into "Alice" a 15 year old black girl from Arkansas, who is just one of her alters!

Joan Baez & John Harris

In 1968 she was apparently over Dylan, she met and married David Victor Harris. She was 27 at the time, he was 22. Time magazine called it “The Wedding of the century”. By 1972 they had divorced; sometime in between they had a son Gabriel.
Harris was also an anti-war campaigner, civil rights activist and draft dodger. Link, David Harris, Wikipedia

Harris was born in California, in 1963 he enrolled in Stanford University, which as it happens was also a facility for MK Ultra!
In 1963 he graduated from Fresno High School and was nominated “Boy of the Year”, at Stanford he was elected President of the student body, during Mitt Romney’s one year at Stanford he shared a room with no other than yours truly David Victor Harris!

While at Stanford Harris and another student named Dennis Sweeney became protégés of a certain Allard Kenneth Lowenstein. Lowenstein was the Dean of their Stern Hall dormitory at Stanford.
 While an undergraduate Lowenstein was the President of the National Student Body. He had received a J.D. from Yale University in 1954…which as it happens is also on the list of MK Ultra Facilities!

Amongst Lowenstein’s long list of accomplishments President Jimmy Carter appointed him the US Representative to the UN Commission on Human rights, a post he held from 1977-1978. He was later to become a Democratic Congressman. While at Stanford mentoring Sweeny and Harris he was known as “A political organiser”!
NB: The UN Human Rights Commission only investigate the human rights abuses of countries they want to invade, they do not investigate their own human rights abuses and war crimes.

Now! Get this! On March 14, 1980, Harris’s friend, and Lowenstein’s one time protégé, Dennis Sweeney, walked into Lowenstein's Manhattan office in the ROCKEFELLER CENTRE, and shot him dead! Sweeney was convinced that Lowenstein was plotting against him, (well, that’s the official reason) Sweeny was promptly shipped off to a psychiatric unit and diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic!
He was found not guilty by reason of insanity, by 1992 the Lowenstein family were complaining about the privileges Sweeney was receiving.
The shooting is discussed in Richard Cumming’s biography of Lowenstein; the biography is aptly named “The Pied Piper”!
NB Paranoid Schizophrenic is a label often attached to MK survivors. DC Shooter Aaron Alexis was also apparently a paranoid schizophrenic! Link

Ms Baez is to be commended, for decades she has acted out the role of activist extraordinaire, while all the time assisting the very establishment that most activists recognise as the problem. She has done this in such a way as to never draw attention to the fact that she is serving their system.

According to author Alex Constantine, Baez was indeed a victim of MK Ultra:
“To give you an example, Phil Ochs developed a multiple personality. He was a part of a group I called the "Baez Contras" who surrounded Joan Baez. It's known that Joan was used in C.I.A. mind control experimentation at a very early age. She was subjected to trauma-based programming, which is still in use today in the creation of multiple personalities. If you look at the latest record by Joan Baez, she thanks her multiple personalities on the back of the record”. Link
Further reading on Phil Ochs who was found hanged on April 9, 1976.

Dylan’s support for Israel, and him attending the University of Minnesota during the time period that they were conducting MK Ultra experiments, is not exactly proof that he is MK, however the evidence that Baez is MK is considerably more substantial, and she was by his side all during the time period that he rose to prominence.

For years I was a really big fan of Joan Baez, she has a beautiful voice, her songs were mostly quite melancholy, she poetically sang about the pains of this life. At this time of deep reflection in my life, I have looked back at the social influences that moulded me, I was a sixties child growing up in Northern Ireland, one of the key elements necessary for mass social programming is trauma, and I had buckets of that in my young life, not from my family, thankfully I had a loving family and as strong a foundation as was possible given the political situation in Northern Ireland at that time, bar the security of my family I just had to look out my front door to see the bombs and bullets.

MK Ultra, code name Bluebird is the name that most associate with trauma based mind control, this was the US programme, but it was just part of a much bigger global program. The Tavistock Institute in England for decades devised methods for mass programming; their end goal was to mind bend the entire world into accepting the one world order that was planned long before Tavistock was ever heard of. Link: Tavistock, Huxley and the social engineering of the 60's.

One of the primary goals of Tavistock was to break down the family unit, individuals have strength and a better foundation in life if they come from a secure family unit, it is the objective of the New World Order to have total domain over every individual, from birth to death they have devised a system of ownership and control of every citizen. They see a strong family background as an obstacle to them achieving their goals, so the destruction of family unity has been high on their agenda.
Over the decades since the 60’s the family has been under constant attack, they have used all tools at their disposal to attack the family, legislation, education and mass social programming. The music industry and media have been used to great effect to show us all how dysfunctional families are and to bring about the demise of families.

It was the primary goal of the Mk Ultra programme to send mind control victims out and do all they could to cause division in families. By the 1960’s the MK’s that had been trained in the US were elevated through the music industry, their messages were broadcast globally, and we were all influenced by them, I know I certainly was.
Song after song was churned out about how destructive love was, how relationships never work, how you will be left on your own holding the baby etc. Baez with her beautiful soprano voice and guitar plucking sang song after song about the dangers of love, “I will Never Marry” and “Love is Just a Four Letter Word”, to name but two.
We bring about what we think about, and with these messages being reinforced daily the scene was set for the annihilation of the family unit. They could not stop people falling in love, but they sure as hell sowed the seeds of doubt and paranoia that destroy relationships.

They know only to well that a young mind that is full of fear is much easier to manipulate and programme.
The world I spent my childhood in was dominated by fear, the domestic situation of the very much manipulated situation in NI, and the horrors of Vietnam being brought into our living rooms ensured that the fear was topped up daily, these images came complete with a soundtrack, and the soundtrack was supplied by the likes of Dylan and Baez singing about the horrors of war and love affairs gone wrong.

Baez in recent years has picked up many accolades, and has taken a bow for her part in ending the Vietnam War! What is commonly referred to as the Vietnam War was fought in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, hostilities began in December 1956 and ended on April 30, 1975
58,220 US Military Personnel died.
Somewhere in the region of 200 million Vietnamese and Cambodians died.
In the aftermath of US withdrawal up to 30 million people died.

Over a 19 year period the US caused ultimate chaos, death and destruction in Vietnam and Cambodia, when they had wreaked all the havoc it was possible to create, they pulled out, leaving the country so unstable that millions died in the aftermath of their withdrawal.

The anti war movement was controlled by them, it achieved diddly squat, the powers that be decided to withdraw American troops when their aims were realised, and that was to cause the maximum fatalities and chaos. People need to realise, they don’t care if we oppose the wars they start, they will have them anyway, they start them when they want, and they end them when they want, popular opinion has nothing to do with their decisions.
Baez or no one else can claim credit for it ending; it ended when their objectives had been met. They love wars, wars make them a great deal of money, and they believe there are too many of us pesky people, so they are always devising ways to eliminate us, they don’t actually care how many die from the side they purport to be on, global population reduction is what they care about.

The only thing that the anti war movement truly achieved was to divide families and the nation as a whole, this was a well crafted plan and it was executed to full effect, the Hippy/anti-war league was lead by the children of high ranking US military Officers. 
Excellent report from the Centre for an informed America, detailing the beginning of the hippy/anti-war movement. Link  
 More on the history of Laurel Canyon from Snippets and Snappets  Link
Causing a divide was not their only aim, moulding the minds of the generation of that time, as previously set out by Tavistock was also on the list of objectives. That generation in turn influenced the generations since.
Year by year since then, the social parameters on morality and decency have been moved, parents have less and less rights over the education and well being of their children, the western attitude to sex has brought us to a place where we observe soft porn every time we leave our homes! Front pages on every news stand are covered with smut a nudity, and they still have not brought us to their planned end point, over the decades since the 60’s all social barriers regarding sex have been eroded, the current generation of MK puppets are working towards breaking down the last of the social norms and sex with children and the sexualisation of children is their current work in progress.
Current MK puppets like Miley Cyrus have been used to great effect in achieving these aims, little girls grew up with her as a role model, and she is currently influencing them to dress like hookers and behave like porn queens.
Their manufactured puppets like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Kate Middleton and the rest, are so heavily promoted that I see their images more often than I see my own sons face! Every time I leave my home I see at least one them on a news stand.
Link Laurel Canyon and the sexual abuse of children, this is just one report on the subject, Google Laurel Canyon and Paedophilia and a lot more comes up. And this was the founders of the Peace & Love Brigade!

A few years ago I attended a house party, near the end of the evening the young girls who were there put on a DVD, it had women demonstrating dance moves to music, the children proceeded to dance as instructed by the DVD, I watched on as little girls aged 5-9 danced like erotic dancers in the middle of the floor, no one batted an eyelid, their parents seemed totally unconcerned. I turned to the woman next to me and I said “is it just me, or is something really wrong with this picture”, she said nothing but her expression and gesture said it all, she too was shocked at the scene in front of us. I later voiced my concerns to one of the children’s parents, she pretty much laughed at me, told me to get with it, and informed me that all the kids danced this way! Oh the times…they really are a changing!

Joan Baez will go down in history as a great political activist, a campaigner for social injustice, anti-war advocate and songstress; I felt it important to write this article so as people might understand better how controlled opposition works. Baez was undoubtedly part of MK Ultra, she was one of the many unleashed on the world to influence us all, she was a cog in a much bigger machine and she done all that she was programmed to do.
It could be argued that at least the civil rights movement had success, the situation to begin with in that area had been created from the days of slavery, for the NWO’s other plans to be successful it was imperative that blacks in America were given more equality, and so they controlled that path to equality, had that not been achieved we would not now have Obama, Winfrey, Jay Z, Beyonce and the rest promoting the current agenda.

I was born in 1961, my entire childhood I witnessed the death and destruction in Vietnam , every night on the 6 o’clock news graphic images were shown, the anti war movement did not end it, it brought more attention to it, energy flows to where focus goes.

For all Baez’s supposed efforts against social injustice, she has not once spoken out against the MK programme, through her songs she has very much indicated that she was part of it, yet she has not campaigned for justice for other MK survivors.

It has been reported that she has had years of therapy to help overcome the scars she was left with from her own childhood abuse, I wonder does she recognise at any level how she has always served their agenda?

I felt compelled to write this article because the study of history helps us form a better understanding of our current reality. In the 60’s they controlled the anti-war movement, the Hippy generation, civil rights etc etc. this years I have endeavoured to understand the truth of our reality, I have come to the conclusion that near all the current purveyors of truth are actually controlled by them, Wikileaks, Anon, Occupy, Russell Brand and the rest!

They create all social situations, they are masters in the manipulation of the mass social psyche, they know in advance how we will react to the situations they create, and they have leaders already trained up from childhood for us to follow when we become dissenters to their system. They see us all as blind sheep that will aimlessly follow whatever Shepard they present to us. The said Shepard’s may speak some truth, they may voice what we are thinking, but they will do as they are trained to do, and they will not lead us in a direction that will end their system of control, they will guide us all to places that their masters are prepared for, ie: taking to the streets, they have at their disposal the entire military and police, they are well prepared to slaughter us all if need be.

Last year, 2012, I examined in depth the mass rituals that they played out on the world stage, the Olympics, Sandy Hook, Aurora etc, this year I have been observing more than churning out work, I have taken time out to assess the bigger picture. I now recognise that my entire life I have been paying homage to the heroes they created, who were not heroes at all, just players in their game put forward to influence me and others. For now I feel very disillusioned that everything I believed to be real was in fact just actors, acting out parts that they were programmed to perform. I guess this too is part of their overall plans, that should anyone figure it all out in its entirety, they would be left feeling desolate and disillusioned.

Bar myself and my closest family and friends I trust no one. I sure don’t have any answers, stop con-summing, don’t be a hostage to their banking system, don’t get into debt, love your family, build bonds with family and friends, stop complying, be true to yourself…..maybe the only way forward is for us all to get to where I am now, the total realisation of how we have been conned has to be the first steps to achieving real social change.

I most certainly do not want to put myself in any Shepard’s shoes, real change has to be effected from within each one of us, for thousands of years they have indoctrinated us all to believe some Messiah character will come along and save us all, it aint gonna happen…YOU HEAR ME! Stop looking for a saviour, your only saviour is yourself. The Galactic Federation of bullshite, Russell Brand nor no one else is going to come along and fix everything.
Our only hope is if every one of us truly wakes up and sees how we have all been had, and how we are still being had…stop playing their game and buying into their system.
And with that thought I will leave you all.

Sandra Barr 

 Above: Bob Dylan admits he sold his soul to the Devil for fame!

Link: Excellent read about MK Ultra and the music industry
Further reading on the birth of the Hippy generation 
Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation
By Dave McGowan Link


  1. Excellent article. It also bothers me the amount of people in the current truth movement with military connections.I'm NOT saying everyone with military connections is suspicious as I'm sure many of them are straight forward, honest and not controlled infiltrators.

    Few people realize the truth movement isn't new, there were many in the 1920's that were infiltrated by the establishment and destroyed from within. Exactly the same techniques are being used today as then. Also as in the 1920's, sadly few people can see it.

    I grew up in the 1960's and believed the Hippie movement was going the end war forever. How naive I was. At that time I lived amongst a lot of World War One veterans, they had seen similar before in the 1920's. I remember them saying "It won't last as those that control it are the money men." In hindsight they were right, I was wrong! Those people seemed to have a unique insight into what was really going on. It should be remembered they knew about the Bradbury debt free currency; they had actually lived at the time it was implemented. They also knew how music was used to manipulate peoples' minds.

    If they were alive today I can imagine them reading your article and saying "Yep, just as we thought, this confirms it!"
    Thank you again Sandra for a great article and please keep up the good work!

  2. In the Alex Constantine link in Seconds it says
    No, we're not buying into the Lyndon LaRouche conspiracy theory which posits that The Beatles and Grateful Dead were unholy inventions of the Tavistock Institute in England, designed to clutter and confuse youthful minds and take them away from Mozart and nuclear fusion.

    However I wouldn't dismiss that as a conspiracy theory. That's what people say when they want to discredit something.
    I'm old enough to remember pre-Beatles music and how they changed. Of course the Beatles weren't an invention of the Tavistock but from what I've read about it Paul did move in with the Asher family and Jane's father was a Tavistock doctor.
    Having been a part of the peace movement for years I can see now how much energy I put into it and for no peace to come from it.
    What to do now though?

    1. The Beetles were unquestionably the product of Tavistock, they control everything, the Beetles would never of been given the status they were awarded if they had not been part of the program.

  3. You keep writing that the Laurel Canyon crowd influenced the East Coast, but I think you mean the West Coast.

  4. I like Sandra Barr's work, however I feel she has missed the big issues here: the original Dylan who was an anti-war firebrand had brown eyes, and this guy around now is not the same fellow. May I arrogantly suggest Sandra might peruse the chapter on this in my book, Life & Death of Paul McCartney? Her comments would be much appreciated!


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