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Princess Diana, The Titanic, & the Mega Goddess Ritual of 1997


The following is not my work, it is the work of my co-researcher Bessie Totten. It is an epic and impressive piece of work, so am publishing it on this forum. Link to Bessie's original blog.

Author Bessie Totten

Published Tuesday 17 January, 2017


Many of us now realise that the world we live in is not just a random crock-pot of coincidences, that much of what we are programmed from birth to believe is not truth, and that there is an intricate web of deceit constantly being spun around us designed to keep us with this matrix of lies.  

A few years back I started to see a disturbing correlation between big media story missing children, some of whom were found and some never found, and how the dates and numbers were connected to dates and numbers directly related to the British Royal Family, in particular birth and death dates, and anniversaries.  I then posted a blog with my findings, called Lilith, the missing children and the British Royal Family.  Since it was published I have been very aware of similar stories of missing and dead children and in most cases, there is a link.  

As the purpose for this publication is not to update that information, merely to relate the connection, I won’t go into more detail, but suffice to say, it is still going on.   One may well ask the question Why? Why would there be a connection? Why involve the minds of millions of people by having them focus on the death of a child? If the child/victim is to be a sacrifice to the Gods then Why not. If you are so powerful that you own the media and Hollywood, then why not I ask. 

If your power is all encompassing, then you have the vehicle at your fingertips to enable you to reap the thought and emotional energy of the masses via your controlled media and direct it into whatever ritual you wish to infuse with the emotional energy of literally millions upon millions of human beings.  If you understand the concept of prayer, then you will understand what I am trying to say. 

The bloodline families believe themselves to be Gods upon the earth. They therefore require people to bow in their presence.  Not only that, but they have a hierarchy within the hierarchy, and the more elevate one appears to be, the more important the designated God they represent.  Now obviously in the modern era they cannot be forthright, as in days of old, and just announce themselves as such, so their symbolism must be subtle enough for the masses to still subliminally worship and adore, without giving the game away. 

All of nature and the natural laws that create each aspect of creation, be it the planets, star systems and their cycles, including and most importantly the Sun and Saturn, weather, or in both the heavens and below the earth has in all ancient cultures been designated a personified god, whether in Ancient Egypt, India, China, Northern Europe, Greece, Rome or many others.  But they are basically the same energy, given localised names and slightly variant stories of their life in heaven and earth.   So for example in Greek we have the God Zeus, who in Rome was Jupiter/Jove, King of the Gods. His symbol was a thunderbolt, Eagle and an oak tree.  Or Poseidon the Greek god of the Sea, who in Rome was revered as Neptune, and his symbol was the sea, trident, horse and a dolphin, and he was also the god of earthquakes.  Goddesses included Artemis in Greek, who in Rome was referred to as Diana, Goddess of the Moon, the hunt and her symbol was the Moon, deer, silver and bow and arrows.

 What I wish to present to you is something that I have stumbled across, quite by accident, and what I think may be one of the biggest rituals yet regarding the events of the year 1997, and the death of Princess Diana, who her own brother likened to Diana, the Goddess of hunting at her funeral.  Like any good block buster Hollywood movie, the death of Princess Diana was it appears to me, not just the ‘disposing of the problem ex-wife, leaving the path clear for the remarriage of the future king of England’, I suggest it was a meticulously planned and executed ritual which not only fed the Psychic Vampires within the hierarchy the traumatised emotional energy of millions of humans who had been programmed from 1980 to believe that this girl was their Princess/Queen in waiting and mother of the future king, but to subliminally replace Diana with the chosen new Queen/Madonna, mother of the Gods, the as yet unheard of and only fifteen years old Kate Middleton.  We were all victims of predictive programming on an unimaginable scale, and we had absolutely no idea and to the best of my knowledge still are not aware… until now.

Poseidon, God of the sea, earthquakes, dolphins and horses

The Olympians

I have mentioned above three of the Olympians, Zeus, Poseidon and Artemis.  Let us for the moment focus on Poseidon as I believe he is the one who is currently the most important one.  Poseidon/Neptune is the God of as already stated the sea, horses, earthquakes and dolphins.  Poseidon was also one of the Kings of what we are told was the ‘mythical’ kingdom of Atlantis. In fact many of the named kings of Atlantis have been also named as Olympian gods who came to earth and had children with mortal women. It is in fact a story which mirrors significantly the first four books of the bible, the land before the deluge, when the gods came down and had children with mortal women.

But was Atlantis mythical? There is much evidence to suggest that Atlantis was a real kingdom, which co-existed along with other great continents such as Lemuria.  Atlantis was situated in the region of what is now the north Atlantic ocean (big clue there in the name of the sea, simply change the c to s!)  It is believed that the land of Ireland is what survived of Atlantis, and Ireland remains a very important land, therefore, to those who believe themselves to be the descendants of the Atlanteans. 

  The Tuatha De Danann were the people said to have landed on the North Western Shores of Ireland in Derry, a county named after the mighty Oak trees which grew abundantly there at the time. This is a quote from the book Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation by Michael Tsarion.. 

Nuada: High King of the ancient Irish (Arish).  His people were the Tuatha De Danann, a race of powerful wizards who allegedly came to Ireland in prehistoric times from four islands lost in a giant cataclysm.  The name Nuada can also be rendered Nuah, which is close to the biblical Noah.  According to the legends of Ireland, which predate the bible.  Nuada saved his people from a mighty flood by commissioning the construction of great ships.  He and his people survived the deluge and colonized Ireland over 1,000 BC.  It is unlikely the Tuatha De Danann were concocted by mythmonger monks because the latter believed Creation dated to 4,000 years BC. “

This quote has been taken from the book Atlantis : The Antediluvian World, by Ignatius Donnelly..
 “In the “Iliad” Poseidon appears “as ruler of the sea, inhabiting a brilliant palace in its depths, traversing its surface in a chariot, or stirring the powerful billows until the earth shakes as the crash upon the shores…. He is also associated with well-watered plains and valleys.”

 (Murrays mythology,” p,51.) 
The Palace in the depths of the sea was the palace upon Olympus in Atlantis; the traversing of the sea referred to the movements of a mercantile race; the shaking of POSEIDON, OR NEPTUNE. The earth was an association with earthquakes the “Well-watered plains and valleys” reminded us of the great plain of Atlantis described by Plato.

All the traditions of the coming of civilisation into Europe point to Atlantis. “
Again, another quote from Atlantis : The Antediluvian World…
It is not necessary to pursue the study of the gods of Greece any farther.  They were simply barbarian recollections of the rulers of a great civilized people who in early days visited their shores, and brought with them the arts of peace.
Here then, in conclusion, are the proofs that the gods of Greece had been the kings of Atlantis:
1. They were not the makers, but rulers of the world.
2. They were human in their attributes; they loved, sinned, and fought battles, the very sites of which are given; they founded cities, and civilized the people of the shores of the Mediterranean.
3. They dwelt upon an island in the Atlantic, “in the remote west… where the sun shines after it has ceased to shine in Greece.”
4. Their land was destroyed in a deluge.
5. They were ruled over by Poseidon and Atlas.
6. Their empire extended to Egypt and Italy and the shores of Africa, precisely as stated by Plato.
7. They existed during the Bronze Age and the beginning of the Iron Age.
The entire Greek mythology is recollection, by a degenerate race, of a vast, mighty, and highly civilized empire, which in a remote past covered large parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and America.”

So to make brief a vast subject for the purposes of putting forth my summary of the events of 1997, I think it important to note that yes, there was an Atlantis, it did exist.  That learned men, who have been in the possession of knowledge handed down via secret societies and mystery schools have tried ever since to recreate it, using all means at their disposal.  

Men such as John Dee and his Enochian magic, and Sir Francis Bacon, who wrote the book the New Atlantis, where he set out the blueprint for the new land of America in his unfinished work The New Atlantis. And that the time to finish it as it were has now come, as we enter the Aquarian age, the age of the water carrier, the New World so to speak requires a new king should be chosen as the anointed one to rule over the emerging New World, the silicon age.  

This is of course how the Elite masters see things, the ordinary man in the street does not need this new king.  But the Royal families who believe themselves to be the chosen ones, need the man in the street to believe that they are of elevated status, everything they are depends on the man in the street not figuring out what a manipulative bunch of parasites they really are. 

And so back to the Olympians, who were really the high kings and royal family of Atlantis, who were in effect controlled by a priesthood of dark magicians, and as we shall see, it is still the very same today.

The Olympic Games have been used in recent years since the invention of TV mid twentieth century, as a way of bringing together the best sportsmen and women literally in the world.  It has also been a perfect way of engaging literally hundreds of millions, billions perhaps of people in the mega-ritual of the opening and closing ceremonies.  It does not seem to matter where in the world the games are held, they are controlled by a ruling body, and if there is an agenda to follow, or a subliminal message to get out there, then the games will encrypt it into every aspect of their plans.  

The London 2012 Olympic Games were full of secret esoteric ritual, played out in full view of the world, who whooped and cheered in total ignorance of the significance of what they were partaking in.  

  Let us now focus on one of the most famous of the personified goddesses/Olympians, a girl born Diana Francis Spencer, who would become the most famous woman in the world without exception.
1996, a year when two of the Queen of England’s sons became divorcees, Charles and Andrew, the country was rocked by the deaths of school children in Dunblane, Scotland on the 13th March, and Dolly the cloned sheep was born in Roslyn institute in Scotland! 

The summer Olympics were that year in Atlanta, in Georgia USA.  Prince William celebrated his fourteenth birthday on the summer solstice, 21st June, and his mother Diana Princess of Wales (no longer though of Royal Highness stature) seemed to be enjoying a new found freedom, albeit in full glare of an ever present media.  She ruffled royal feathers by going public about having three people in her marriage, referring of course to Camilla, the woman who had captured Charles heart long before Diana ever came on the scene, and who was a constant companion to Charles throughout his marriage to Diana.  

It is well documented that Diana herself realised that she had been brought into this cold family for no other reason than to donate her genetic make-up to the next in line to the throne, providing and heir and a spare, before becoming redundant. In her autobiography which was covertly dictated to Andrew Morton by Diana, she even described herself as standing with her father at the doors of the cathedral on her wedding day, and feeling like she was “a lamb to the slaughter!” How prophetic were those words! She was indeed a lamb to the slaughter, quite literally.  

The triple goddesses, virgin, mother and old crone (right to left)

Just when the decision was made to ‘dispose’ of Diana, is hard to say".  Was it an organised assassination planned after the divorce, or was Diana born and raised to be a mega-ritual killing, chosen from her birth to be the one who would for a period of time dominate the world as the personified Goddess.  

The Goddess has three main life categories, that of the virgin, the mother and the old crone. In essence it is the natural progression of the life of a woman, and as the life of a man can be related to the cycle of the sun, in that he is born weak, grows in strength every minute of every day until the summer solstice, or his 33rd year in esoteric terms, when he is at his most high, and his strongest, and after that his power and strength begins to wane until he finally dies, just as the sun “dies” every evening and year at the winter solstice, on the twelfth month .
A female cycle can be related to the moon, and its cycles of thirteen annual phases. Each month it begins as a slither, the virgin moon, and grows every evening until it resembles the form of a pregnant lady, and keeps going until it shines full, enlightening the world during the dark nights, as an old crone or a wise old lady full of wisdom, before waning and appearing to die, just as the sun does before rebirth.  

The number 13 and its multiples are therefore very important numbers when conducting major goddess rituals. Note also 13 = (3+1) 4, and this again is another number related to the Goddess. Hence the Olympic Games occurs every Four years.

 Birth, Death (including Sacrifice) and Rebirth, the never ending cycle.
 It is clear to me that the elite chose specific people who will fulfil these major God, Goddess human personification roles, not specifically the Royal family, although they are their supreme deities, other Avatars as such are created and put in high office within various industries, mainly the movie and music industries, but we see them in sport, particularly football, and the fashion world, in fact any profession that involves being famous, and the power to engage many hundreds of thousands of people.  I am not saying that the people involved are aware of how their image is being used or manipulated, but they definitely are being manipulated!  

These people will have various attributes which will subliminally connect them to the person they are reaping the emotional energy for.  For example, not everyone might be willing to give Prince William the recognition that his family think is befitting of a future King (Sun King). Many young men prefer sport and drinking, or designer clothes. So a person would be created in order to reap the human emotion of these young males, (the energy of the youth is extremely important to the Psychic Vampires), and so an icon is created who will appeal to this group, such as David Beckham, a man who was captain of the England football team, is extremely wealthy, married to a famous popstar/..ahem..”fashion designer”, Victoria, who is herself a personified moon goddess, but I won’t go there just yet! 

Is there any connection between him and Prince William other than a few photos which we are led to believe makes them good friends? The most famous Sun King, Light of the World we are told was the biblical Jesus character.  Prince William is without doubt the new most important Sun King, Light of the World, who appears in his EAST Anglia HELI(sun)copter to save people.  Beckham has images of himself as Jesus tattooed on his body, also the words of the song of Solomon. He is a walking ritual, with his cross on his back, and the names of his sons Cruz and Romeo (Roman Cross) indelibly printed upon him.  

He was born 7years and 7 weeks exactly before Prince Willliam and Williams daughter was born on Beckham’s fortieth birthday.   7 is the number of the male gods. It is worth noting also that Diana was born 13 years 10 months and 1 day before David Beckham (13.11).  The role they gave David Beckham before and during the 2012 Olympics went way beyond what your average “footballer did good” should ever have accomplished.  He was there at the very beginning, literally at Prince Williams side as the city of London was announced on 6th July 2005, and London erupted into a frenzy of cheers, followed the next day (not coincidentally I believe) by the 7/7/7(2005) bombings, and 777 is the ultimate God number, and would you believe the gematria (numerical code/value) in Hebrew of David Beckham's name is 777!!  

Beckham continued to show up throughout the preparations and then it was he who went to mount Olympian with Princess Anne to personally bring the Olympic Flame, lit by the sun surrounded by virgins, and brought it to English soil to light the torch where it went on to encircle Britain, before being handed back to him to carry James Bond (John Dee) style from “the Waters of Isis” to the stadium.   I could literally type for ages about the Beckhams, but they are not what this is about, I merely wanted to point out how certain iconic people are used to subliminally reap energy from humans and it is diverted to boost the aura of the people who believe themselves to be Gods. 

Marilyn Monroe

I do not believe avatars are a new phenomenon, in the past we had people like Marilyn Monroe, who was in reality a Monarch programmed sex slave to powerful men, especially the Kennedy brothers, within the vile CIA MK Ultra mind control agenda, but whose public image was that of a Sex Goddess. 

The public knew of Marilyn as a something of a “dumb blonde” whose life seemed to mirror that of her on screen persona.  Marilyn was of course only one of her personalities.  Norma Jean Baker was a very intelligent woman, (she owned 200 books, including Tolstoy, Whitman and Milton, and listened to Beethoven), whose early life was that of a very vulnerable child, having been raised in various children’s homes, before marrying a man she disturbingly referred to as daddy at the age of only 16.  They divorced in 1946.  

She also had a fascination with Nefertiti, the Egyptian Goddess wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten. Of all the Egyptian Pharaohs, he is probably the most revered by Freemasonry, and it was likely that Marilyn’s fascination may have been a programmed one, to have her believe they were connected.  Born on 1st of June 1926, Norma Jean arrived into the world 41days, or 1 month 11 days after the birth of the Princess Elizabeth who was born on 21st April 1926.  I believe Marilyn was to the Queen, and also her mother another Queen Elizabeth, what David Beckham is to Prince William.  

She was deliberately styled as a Goddess, and she reaped the energy of the masses.  When she died on her bed on 5th August 1962, she was 36 years old. She died 400 days after the birth of Diana, and again we have the 4/400 Goddess number.  She also died just one day after the 62nd birthday of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen mother. (62= 31+31 the reverse of 13).

Diana's birth meant we now had in place the Old crone queen, the mother queen, both Elizabeth, and the granddaughter of the old crone Elizabeth’s good friend Ruth Roche, Baroness Fermoy, the infant Lady Diana Francis Spencer, the virgin queen.  (Diana’s mother was Francis, and on the day she was born, one king died, King George V and a new King was created, if only for a short reign, Edward VII on 20/1/36.)
The sacred trio was in place, or was it? Perhaps there was yet another new Queen on the block so to speak, and a sacred foursome just would not fit the bill!

In 1956, the year in which queen Elizabeth and Marilyn turned thirty, another princess was created.  Princess Grace of Monaco, formally Hollywood actress Grace Kelly.  It really was a case of life imitating art, as in Marilyn’s The Prince and the Showgirl movie.  Marilyn acted the part of the showgirl, and Grace turned it into a real life event on 19th April 1956.  As a newlywed Princess, Grace fulfilled a ‘virgin goddess’ role, as the Queen Elizabeth was now a mother herself, but when Grace became a mother, Elizabeth’s position changed to that of old crone, even though she was still a woman who had still not completed her own family, but her Heir had been born, Prince Charles.  Old crone stage is anywhere after the age of 36, but usually 39 and upwards. 

Marilyn and the Queen were both 36 the year Marilyn died. 36 is of course 39 flipped, but it’s all about the three’s, the trinity.  I suspect, and I must stress that this is my interpretation of events after having studied the dates and numbers concerned, it was the birth of the future wife of Charles on 1st July 1961 of Diana, that a new virgin queen was born into the fold,   the vessels in which the bloodline kings and queens were nurtured. A major sacrificial offering might now be in order, given that there were now two old crones on the block, the queen and her queen mother, and as obviously no one is going to kill off the queen mother, did they look for a substitute? 

Who else would create the mega outpouring of grief that the death of a queen might provoke? I might also pose the question, did Marilyn become the Queens Dorian Gray, the infamous character created by Oscar Wilde, the painting in the attic who suffered the trauma and abuse, the horror of what really goes on behind the very thick walls of the Royal palaces. Was she the dark side of the queen that no one ever sees, the dark side of our Goddess Diamond Queen, and who in the Olympic year 2012 came back from the grave in metaphysical form to be honoured by the nations of Britain and the US once again, and walk the halls of Windsor Castle as a true queen?

Queen Elizabeth meets Marilyn in 1956
The official celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee were held over the first weekend of June 2012.  Norma Jean Baker, the girl who became Marilyn Monroe would have been 86 years old on the 1st June 2012.  The 1st June was also the date Princess Diana's parents married. 
Queen Anne Boleyn, note the red flower
At this point let me introduce another very important queen, one who just keeps coming up in my research, Ann Boleyn, the second wife of king Henry, and mother of Queen Elizabeth I.  

She became queen of England on 1st June 1533, in fact Norma Jean was born on the 393rd (note the 3’s) anniversary of the date of her coronation.
The Queens Jubilee floatilla on the 3rd June 2012 (3:6:3/3:6:12) was a similar event to Anns coronation where the pregnant Queen to be, sailed down the Thames among much pomp and ceremony to her crowning. Anne was pregnant with queen Elizabeth I, and it was her boat, the Gloriana which took centre stage after its very expensive refurbishment during the 2012 event. I might also add that it has been documented that Windsor castle, a one thousand year old establishment, the building that hosted the image of Marilyn in metaphysical form in the film My Week With Marilyn, Queen Anne, both Queens Elizabeth and of course Princess Diana, is said to be haunted by not just the ghost of Henry VIII, but also be that of Anne.

Blood swept Lands and SEAS of Red
During the first world war centenary commemorations in 2014 a display of thousands upon thousands of blood red ceramic poppies were placed falling from a window in the Tower of London and covered the area around the tower. It was named Blood swept Lands and Seas of Red.  The poppy flower has been used throughout the 20th century to 'remember the sacrifice' of men and women in war... and I have no doubt they literally mean the sacrifice. 

It is also the flower of the Mother Goddess, Its seed pod can lie in the ground for many years before its rebirth and flowering, and is therefore also related to death and rebirth.  Queen Anne was held a prisoner in the tower in 1536 (note again the 36) and was beheaded at the instructions of her husband on 19th May 1536. She had been accused of adultery, witchcraft and incest! 
It appears that she had been falsely accused in order to dispose of her that the King might remarry and produce a much wanted son and heir. One of the rumours which incited the witch notion was that she was said to have a 6th finger.  There was never any evidence of this, but it is also interesting to note that the same rumour was to be attached to Marilyn Monroe, after a photographer in 1946 took a picture of her on a beach and he stated that she had a sixth toe. Like Anne, it was not true, but none the less is it not strange that this persistent unusual rumour of affliction was levied at these two women.  

Anne's body still lies in the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula within the tower walls.  And what has the poppies to do with Marilyn? I believe that the poppies at the tower had little to do with the first world war, though it was a good excuse to create it, and more to do with a mega goddess ritual in the year that Kate Middleton was to become pregnant with yet another royal Princess/Goddess. 

The image you see (left) of Kate walking in the poppies holding one to her breast, in her Madonna blue dress was taken and shown around the world on 5th August 2014, the 52nd (13x4) anniversary of the death/sacrifice of Marilyn Munroe, and here we have a direct connection to the future Queen of England, Catherine Elizabeth, wife of William, and mother of the future king George, just yards from the beheaded body of the mother of Queen Elizabeth I and on the date Marilyn died (was sacrificed).!

Just over a month after this image was taken, Kate's pregnancy was announced on 8th September, and she would give birth to Princess Charlotte on 2nd May 2015, which just happened to be the 40th birthday of Williams Avatar, David Beckham.   The 8:9:14 was the day after the 481st anniversary of Queen Elizabeth l's birth. It is also the holiday observance day in the Catholic Church of the Nativity of the blessed Virgin Mary.
Poppies are the flowers sacred to Demeter, who was? The sister of POSEIDON!

Look at the image that was put on the front page of the Daily News of Marilyn, announcing her death.  Front pages serve as an excellent way of drawing attention from the masses who take it in on many different levels. 

Marilyn was the most famous and photographed woman in the world, and still they used this unflattering image of her to announce her death.  Perhaps it has more to do with the white glove on her hand that she is holding up rather than her face, as the white glove is a symbol of Freemasonry, and they are telling us who was responsible for her death.

 Marilyn’s death on 5th August was 1 year and 1 day after the birth of Barry Soweto, who would also grow up to be in an alter persona, President Barack Obama.

  It should not also be overlooked the fact that Marilyn was intimately linked to John F. Kennedy, she was metaphorically the queen to his Kingship. Both were a King and Queen/God and Goddess of the New Atlantis. These ritual sacrifices have many levels incorporated into them.  Marilyn’s death was only that of her body, but her spirit has never been allowed to be free, nor has her image, and it has been used over and over again as the years go by.  

Who will ever forget Elton HERCULES John singing the song Goodbye England's Rose, a rehash of his hit Candle in the Wind at the funeral of Diana, a song he wrote in memory of Marilyn, which included the original version words:

 “They crawled out of the woodwork, and whispered in your brain, they set you on a tread mill and they made you change your name”.  

I expect Knight of the Realm Hercules John was very aware of the true story of Marilyn Monroe, as he was of Princess Diana, who may well have been mind controlled also, when he juggled the words and sang Goodbye England’s Rose, the rose of course being more Goddess symbolism, and is also a code word for Sion. Diana’s life in many ways mirrored that of Marilyn’s, both were born on the 1st day of the summer months June and July, both died in August in their 36th year, both were married to men 12 years their senior, certainly in Diana’s case to a man who loved another woman from the outset, both were openly referred to in their lifetimes as goddess’s, and most tragically, both were used and abused by the elite cults who operate away from public view.  

Remember the lilies placed upon Diana’s coffin? Lilies being more goddess symbolism, and these we were told were from Prince Charles, though in Diana's butler Paul Burrell's book, a Royal Duty, he states that it was the queen who ordered the flowers, after he and Diana's close friend Lucia Flecha de Lima, went to see her coffin in St James Palace and there was not one flower or candle to be seen, despite thousands upon thousands of both outside on the lawn. Lucia told the Queen's chaplain that if there were no flowers when she returned the next day, she would go out and tell the people that the Princess had no flowers.  The Royal family, and especially the queen were already facing a barrage of criticism for their insistence on staying in Balmoral, and having little or no interaction with either press or people of the nation.

They named their new creation Marilyn Monroe, and it is also very symbolic of the goddess.  There are the obvious two M’s (4 4 or 13 13 as M is the 13th letter of the alphabet), and the mother of god name Mary.  Is Mary Lin a reference to the bloodline of Mary? We know she was bloodline and related to the current wife of Prince Charles, Camilla, and also to the singer Madonna.  I know that not everyone christened Marilyn has this analysis connected to their name, and were probably given the name simply because their parents liked it, but Marilyn Monroe’s name was chosen for her, when they were creating this woman with the shattered mind who was moulded into this icon, to be worshipped and adored, and how many people have been influenced to call their daughter Marilyn because of their parents fondness for her.  
Then there is Monroe. The most obvious word we see is MOON, the planet of the goddess, and which also has an effect on the earth's tides and water, and Roe : The mass of eggs contained in the ovaries of a fish! A reference to the goddess who came from the sea?  Mon also sounds like Mun, and mun is the German word for mind, which is very telling, considering she was a victim of the Nazi mind control programme that was brought from the concentration camps to the USA, and used to create slaves to work for the agenda that is the New World Order.

 Marilyn was the first Diamond Queen, as in the first Diamond programmed slave. They are given labels of precious stones which denote the level of programming.  Marilyn was a Diamond programmed slave, a plaything for the Elite to use and abuse. 
 Back in the Olympic year of 2012, Queen Elizabeth famously had her “Diamond Year” or as the media dubbed her, “Our Diamond Queen”. 

Actress Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn. This was a promotional image, note she is shown in a bath.  The film was the toast of the award season, which also was the time when Whitney died in a bath in a hotel room on 11th February 2012.
A film called My Week With Marilyn was featured heavily in that years Oscar and Golden Globes ceremonies.  The Oscars and most if not all the major award ceremonies are as many have figured also mega rituals, bringing together under one roof the personified STARS, a Pantheon of gods and goddess of stage and screen, and also films they need the public to pay attention to will be featured.  
An actress called Michelle Williams (note the EL (Hebrew for Lord) and William in the name) played the part of Marilyn and the plot centred around a week in which Marilyn was in Britain filming The Prince and the Showgirl, a film released 13 days after her 31st birthday in 1957.  Special permission was granted to My Week With Marilyn producers to film inside Windsor Castle, so we have a direct link with the Queen and Marilyn in the guise of Michelle, the diamond queen in the home of the diamond queen, played out on the big screens in front of millions.  

Have a good look at the initials of the actress and the film title MWMWWM a film about MM.  Do you think it would be a coincidence that so many M’s and inverted M’s (W’s) should be in one sentence? Not only is M the thirteenth letter of the alphabet but, and the number 13 is associated with all magical works and totality, but we also have the goddess ‘4’ again. By bringing Marilyn back into our consciousness we are giving our energy to her and by doing so, giving our energy to those who created her and their serpent goddess.  

Marilyn was a personification of the same deity as the Queen is today, and two diamond queens was a double bonus so to speak.  I also have no doubt by bringing Marilyn into the 48th Oscars it had something to do with the Olympic Ritual, one which saw Usain Bolt become the fastest man on earth on the 50th anniversary of Marilyn’s sacrifice on 5th August 2012.  I ask the question, do you the reader think it a coincidence therefore that the 2016 Olympic games in Rio began on the 54th anniversary of her death and ended on what would have been the 86th birthday of Princess Margaret on 21st August 2016?

Eddie Redmayne
Also the actor Eddie Redmayne was her love interest in the film.  He was also featured at that years Oscars. Four years later and another Olympic year and this actor was nominated again for the part he played as a transvestite, which is also a hermaphrodite "When two become One" as Victoria Beckham and her bandmates famously sang, the film being The Danish Girl

He lost out to Leonardo Di Caprio, and this is more significant than you might think as I have still to point out.  I don't want to digress too much, but let me just mention a little bit about Eddie Redmayne. 

He was born 3 days before Kate Middleton, on 6/1/82. He was in the same year group at Eton as Prince William. His film roles have included as with MWWM, the lover of the Goddess Marilyn Monroe, the husband of Mary Boleyn, (lover of King Henry, and mother of his children, whom both Kate and William descend from), in the Other Boleyn Girl. 
Mary was the sister of the beheaded queen Anne Boleyn, mother of Queen Elizabeth. He was the Jesuit appointed assassin of Queen Elizabeth l in Elizabeth The Golden Age, and he was in Jupiter Ascending, and Jupiter is the Roman version of the God Hercules. 
He is also a Shakespearean actor, and Shakespeare was Francis Bacon, son of Elizabeth l. I think it's fair to say Eddie Redmayne is a very well connected for the parts he plays in these ritual energy reaping films.

Princess Grace/Grace Kelly

With the Queen of England and her mother living out their ‘old crone’ days from the 1960’s on, Princess Grace acted out her new role as Mother Goddess to the full, adored by the people of Monaco and Europe, and of course back home in the US, the ultimate fairy-tale princess.

Mean-while away from the glare of the public, the Virgin goddess was also blossoming, and during the summer of 1980 she began 'dating' Prince Charles. The media went into hyper mode when they discovered it, and the headlines screamed the words Lady Di! Just think about that for a moment. 

Why were we being programmed enmass with the words Lady DIE, whilst looking at her image via the hundreds of headlines? 

One week after their official engagement, Diana attends her first public engagement where Princess Grace was also in attendance. Diana fretted over her black EMMANUEL dress, which was not the one she wanted to wear and was too small, making her bust appear to "overflow". (Who decided she should wear this considering exposing the breast is classic depiction of a goddess in art?) The date was 3rd March 1981.... 3/3/81(9)
On 24th February 1981 the engagement of Charles and Diana was announced to the world. Diana dressed in the Madonna blue and white as befitting the mother goddess stood and winced as her future husband answered the question about being in love, to which Diana answered "Of course" and her fiancée retorted with the words "Whatever love is!" But the diamond and Sapphire ring had been introduced to the world, and one week after Diana attended her first public engagement, as pictured above, which 'just happened' to have also been attended by Princess Grace.  I have already mentioned the importance of the numbers 36/39 regarding the mother goddess, and this meeting of the virgin and the mother goddesses took place on 3rd March 1981, that is 3/3/81 (9).  

It had been a baptism of fire for poor Diana as she had worn a dress that was a bit too revealing and showed more cleavage that was proper, which gave the press a field day and brought Diana to tears which prompted a hug from Grace in the toilets. 
She explained that the dress was not what she had wanted to wear but her choice had not arrived in time. The cynic in me might suggest, that someone knew the dress was inappropriate, but that all throughout history, it is custom to depict a mother goddess figure, with at least one breast uncovered.  Obviously it was not possible in 1981 to have Diana put her bare breast on display, but having an an ample portion peeping over the top of her dress managed to suffice, millions still got the chance to focus on her chest thanks to the media. Think also back to the furore regarding the topless Kate images, just before she became pregnant with George.

On 29th July 1981, aged just 20 years old, she became the new Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles. Eleven months later she duly gave birth to Prince William, on the summer solstice of 1982.  Now, as it is she who had produced the new heir, the personified God of the Sun, it was Diana’s turn to wear the mantle of the supreme Mother Goddess, the personified Isis. 

 Did this mean that Grace was Europe’s Old Crone? But how could she be, Europe already had one, two in fact, the queen's Elizabeth, and they were not about to drop off and allow Grace to take their spot. And so, just as Marilyn died after her birth as the virgin queen, (remember, Marilyn never had any children) another Hollywood legend, 85 days (8+5=13) after the birth of Prince William, the beautiful Princess Grace of Monaco died on the 14th September 1982, after the car in which she was driving went off the road.  8/5 5/8 is also the date Marilyn died, 5th August.
On the 25th year of her death, two commemorative coins were issued, but they were not issued on the anniversary of her death, the world first saw them on what would have been the 46th birthday of Diana on 1st July 2007!  Might it also be coincidental that Harry was born almost on the 2nd anniversary of her death, one day afterwards on 15th September 1984.  

  On 1st July 2011, on what would have been Diana’s 50th birthday, Princess Grace’s son and heir to the Principality of Monaco, Prince Albert married an Olympian swimmer. He is of course an Olympian himself, having participated in five Olympic Games from 1988 to 2002 as a member of the national bobsleigh team, and he is president of various Olympic committees. 
Grace died aged 52 (13x4), she was born on 12/11/29, and if you add those three numbers you get 52, and also the always significant two 11’s! But stranger still, not only did Princess Grace's son marry on Princess Diana's birthday, but her eldest grandson, and current fifth in line to the Principality Andrea Casiraghi married his billionaire girlfriend Tatiana on 31st August 2013, which was also the 16th anniversary of Diana's death!! 

Left: Andreas and Tatiana, on 31st August 2013, Princess Graces first grandson, and second male heir after her son Prince Albert.  Andreas is the son of her daughter, princess Caroline. The number 4 is the number of the goddess, and this wedding took place 40 days after the birth of Diana's grandson Prince George, and 16years to the day after Diana died. 16= 4x4!
 And while we are on the subject of weddings, I should also like to note that on the wedding day of Kate Middleton and Prince William, the TV had wall to wall coverage of the event.  I watched with interest as when Kate arrived at the Cathedral, the commentators were busy speculating what her dress might be like. 

 Literally as she stepped out of the car, a commentator said "Its Princess Grace", and she was supposedly referring to the style of her Alexander McQueen dress! More references were made later on the news coverage of the style of dress along with images of Grace as a bride. How many millions of people watching took on board that subliminal reference to the dead mother goddess, she who's place Diana took as Mother Goddess. 

Might I just add another subliminal reference between the two women.  On Kate's 25th birthday on 9th January 2007, she once again made the front pages due to stories about paparazzi harassment, and a call to leave her alone.  This of course brought mention of Diana's harassment at the hands of the media into the story and therefore the two women were mentioned in one story (or should I say manipulated story). So we had the Virgin, and the Mother connected in print and on screen.  Was there mention of an Old Crone? While this was all being played out in the media and therefore the minds of millions, a singer called Mika released a song for download on 9th Jan ,07...... called GRACE KELLY!!! 

When Grace died, to my mind, Diana then became the new supreme Mother Goddess, the new Isis (they even named her official perfume after not Diana, but Isis, the ultimate Egyptian mother of the Sun Goddess) after giving birth to William. 
So who then was the new Virgin queen/Goddess?

A young Kate Middleton with her father and sister Pippa taken when they lived in Amman, Jordan in the early 80's. Please take note the temple behind them is the temple of HERCULES! This image appeared in the media on 7:3:11. 7+3=10, so removing the zero, 111, the Trident, which is the symbol of Neptune/Poseidon. 
Who is the common denominator? the man who sang about Marilyn and Diana with the same tune, who was comforted by Diana in the temple/cathedral at Versace's funeral, and here the image of the virgin queen at his temple... ?.. ELton HERCULES John!! El is Hebrew for God/Lord.  

Hercules is believed to be the god of the Olympian Athletes, and was the founder of the games. He was fathered by a The God Zeus, brother of Poseidon, and his mother was a mortal woman. Similar to the bible story when the Nephilim came down and bred with earthly women.

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton

On 9th January 1982, while Diana was in the first trimester of pregnancy, and throwing herself downstairs and the likes due to her unhappiness, one Catherine Elizabeth Middleton was born.  The media like to peddle the myth that Kate is a commoner, yet another fairy tale princess (or currently duchess).  But this is not true.  Kate has royal blood going back to the line of the sister of Anne Boleyn, Mary, and her two children who were fathered also like Anne’s daughter Elizabeth by King Henry VIII. 

 Kate’s father was a pilot who was affiliated with Prince Philip, and it looks like a case of her having been bred for the part, just as Diana was, via her grandmothers affiliation with the Queen mother, and perhaps a much larger serpent cult circle.  I would have no problem believing that Kate Middleton is a very high level MK victim, just like Marilyn, but is knowingly so.  I have written about her subsequent launch into the public collective consciousness before in another blog.  Once she became 30 years old on 9th January 2012, the year of all things Queen, Titanic centenary and Olympics the public were bombarded with her image, via newspaper and magazine stories, all with her on the front page, meaning that even if you are not in the slightest bit interested in her, you are subliminally taking in her image as you pay for your pint of milk!

Note if Kate is not the main image, she will be in one of the corners, or that of her sister Pippa, who they have made almost as famous.  

Hello Magazine is one of the biggest Royal family propaganda machines there is, constantly putting forth the notion that these people are to be honoured and adored above everyone else! We are definitely being programmed to worship this new Goddess in the form of Kate. But when did the programming begin, was it when she walked the ‘cat’ walk (Kitten MK programming?) in a see/sea through dress? When she ‘coincidentally’ became a flat mate of Williams at St. Andrews University, like we are supposed to believe that a woman who breeds million pound race horses, the queen, would allow her prized grandson to just marry any old genetic mix of human? And people actually believe this? Not a snowballs chance in hell was this pairing brought about by simply two university friends ‘getting together’. So to answer my own question as to when the public programming began, let’s look at a few clues.....

The Titanic

 Lets rewind way back to 31/3/1909, and a ship that was to become the most famous ship in the world, ever, was laid down, and launched two years later on 31/5/1911. (Note the 13’s in the dates, and of course the 9/11 years) from Harland and Wolfe Shipyard in Belfast. It was one of three ships commissioned all of which were named Olympic Class Liners.  I am referring of course to the Titanic. Her sister ships (strange how they were always referred to by female gender, I presume due to them being a vessel for humans on/in water), were RMS Olympic and HMHS Britannic.  

  They belonged to the White Star line, its chairman being J.Bruce Ismay and the American financier (and one might say huge Illuminati insider,) J.P. Morgan.   Her ‘maiden’ voyage commenced on 10th April 1912, and on 12th April it set sail from Southampton, destination New York.  

It had 2223 passengers and crew on board.  On the evening of 14th April it hit an iceberg at 11:40 pm, and sank 2hours 40 minutes later in the early hours of 15th April. 

Left, White Star line poster, the trident and dolphin, symbols of Poseidon, and the Caduceus symbol of Hermes. The white pentagram symbol of Venus, Lucifer and Witchcraft.

The shock and trauma of the news of so many people dying in such a horrific manner in peacetime pre-first world war Europe and the USA one can only assume was similar in fashion to that of the collapse of the twin towers.

 It might be worth looking into the reasons why the Titanic sank, given that there were on board several influential bankers, who just happened to be objecting to the creation of the US Federal Reserve private banking system, and the sinking of the ship conveniently got rid of the problem, paving the way for the Rothschild banking system to be put in place, and therefore the funding machine for the still to come, but very much planned first world war.  

There is much more to this, but as it is not relevant to this particular topic, suffice to say, I believe that the Titanic was no accident, and the resulting deaths were yet another mega-ritual sacrifice.  

In Belfast, there was much shame among the ship builders that this ‘unsinkable’ ship they had built, sank with such a tragic outcome, and they preferred to just not speak of it.  But as with any major Illuminated ones sacrifice, it is a favourite pastime of theirs to keep bringing the sacrificial victims back into the consciousness of the public, as we have seen with people such as Marilyn above. That way human energy is always focused on the victims, the tragedy of it all, and the sacrifice. 

The constant talk of the world wars are another perfect example, every anniversary is remembered, even celebrated, and all the talk of the sacrifice made, they just don’t bother telling you they made the ultimate sacrifice to enable them to take more steps towards their end one world/new world order… their New Atlantis.  

How fitting therefore that their first mega-ritual of the twentieth century was a vessel of humans, on 15th April 1912, who fell to the bottom of the ocean in the Atlantic/s, literally the land of Atlantis, and where they lay undisturbed for decades. 

It's voyage to the New World began on 12:4:12, which when the numbers are added is 3:4:3, and this was 99 days exactly (99=33x3) until Neptunalia on 23rd July 1912. On board were 2223 people. 222x3=666!

I am suggesting, given the various numbers and symbolism, that the Titanic sinking was the first major sacrificial offering at the beginning of the twentieth century, as the time was nigh to welcome in the Age of Aquarius, and the rising of Francis Bacons New Atlantis, and of course it's new King, God of the Sea Poseidon/Neptune, but he wouldn't be on the scene for quite sometime.... One hundred years to be precise!

 In the meantime they would keep working on the bloodline Queens and Princess vessels, and the Titanic would be consigned to the history books.
And then came James Cameron, the film director who announced in 1996 (Olympic year) that he was going to bring the whole sorry tale back to life, and create a blockbuster movie that would engage the minds of hundreds of millions of people, just as Hollywood had brought Marilyn back to life for the 2012 goddess/queen year, 1997 was the year in which the world would relive the sinking of the Titanic.  It was also of course the year Diana died in a tunnel which ran along side the 777km river Seine in Paris. 

Diana, 1997

Let's first look at what the newly divorced Diana was doing in 1997.  
During the first half of the year she had graced many front pages due to various events and causes.  She was involved in drawing attention to land mines and ruffling a few feathers in the process.

In June she auctioned off some of her dresses in New York and made hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, and she continued in that vein, travelling and being very public although she was no longer "a Royal Highness", she was still the Princess of Wales, and mother of the future king, and was a self declared "queen of Hearts". 

It could be said that outwardly at least, she was looking better than she had ever done before, having conquered her eating disorders which were perhaps a symptom of her helplessness at being trapped in such an unhappy marriage, and cold family. By 1997, she was the epitome of a statuesque Roman Goddess type of beauty.
Hasnat Khan
Her personal life remained under extreme scrutiny.  It had been revealed that she had had an affair with a heart surgeon named Hasnat Khan.  He had ended the affair as he could not deal with the media circus that surrounded Diana, as he was a very private man.  

Diana, the Queen of Hearts, was heart broken.  She had dreamed of a new life with Hasnat, but it was not to be.
And then things took a strange twist.  Diana and her sons were invited by the then owner of Harrods, Muhammod Al Fayed to holiday at his home in the South of France. We are told that it was during this holiday she first met Al Fayed's son Dodi, and the rest as they say, is history !

Mohammed outside his Scottish castle, where he owns an entire estate.  As you see he was very aware of the origins of the name of Scotland, named after Queen Scota, the daughter of the Pharaoh Akenhaten,  the Egyptian king who is thee most revered within Freemasonry, and the cult of Aton. 

So whose idea was it then to have Diana/Isis, mother of the Sun King, married off to an Egyptian billionaire?
The death of Diana Princess of Wales on 31st August 1997 in a Parisian tunnel shocked the entire world.  We had not collectively mourned the passing of one so famous and adored by the masses since the death of John F. Kennedy, who please note had been "romantically involved" with the sex goddess Marilyn Monroe, whom I have already detailed.

Dodi Al Fayed just seemed to appear from nowhere.  Most people were not aware of his existence before the summer of 1997.
Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Moneim Al-Fayed, better known as Dodi Fayed, was born on 15th April 1955 ( on the 43rd anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic!) in Alexandria, Egypt.  The queens middle name is Alexandria, and Prince George is George Alexander Louis. Prince William is William Arthur Philip Louis.

2nd July 1988,  Diana and William in the stands with Dodi Fayed and Mohamed Al Fayed at the Harrods Trophy Challenge, Smith's Lawn, Windsor.
This image needs no explanation. Diana did know Dodi previous to the summer of 1997. 
Of all the images the public were bombarded with, this one was perhaps the most sinister, due to the pose of Diana, symbolic of the sacrificed Christ.

Diana fully immersed in water on the front page of July 26th issue of Hello magazine, the biggest royal family propaganda rag!  Note also the image of the murdered Gianni Versace in the corner.

I will get back to the Dodi and Di affair, but let's first just mention the death of Gianni Versace.  I am sure you think there could not possibly be a connection, but I beg to differ. I think this murder was designed to be part of the ritualistic sacrifice of Diana. 
Let me explain...

Diana and Charles were officially divorced on 15th July 1996. On that date she lost her Royal Highness title.  15th July is the 196th day of the year, with 169 days remaining. 96/69, highly symbolic numbers as we have seen with the events of 2016 and the deaths of so many 69yr olds from cancer, the astrological sign for cancer is of course 69. Diana was born under the sign of Cancer on 1:7:61.

On the first anniversary of the divorce, 15:7:97, one of Diana's friends Gianni Versace was gunned down outside his home in Miami Florida.  Beside his body was placed a dead turtle dove, a symbol of the goddess of love, dead!

The dead dove was also a symbol of a Mafia hit, and despite his family's repeated denials, this has always been a very probable conclusion, that it was the same Mafia who also have links to CIA drug running operations.  Whoever it was who killed him, as with all of these rituals, there is the official killer.  And just look at his details....

Seriously? The "killer" by some weird coincidence was named Andrew Philip??, as in Prince Andrew, Diana's former brother in law, and Philip her former father in law?? 

The man who Mohammed Al Fayed repeatedly claimed killed his son and Diana.  And just look when he was born... 31st August 1969?? (Again note the 969). The 27 year old would have been 28years old on the day Diana died. But like Diana he didn't survive the summer of 1997, as he was found shot dead ON A BOAT, (in water) on 23rd July.  And again, 23rd July IS THE FESTIVAL OF NEPTUNALIA.... the day dedicated to the God Poseidon, God of the sea and King of Atlantis!.  23rd July 1997 was also the 11th anniversary of the wedding of the above named Prince Andrew, the queen's then sailor son!

Versace was cremated in a ceremony in Miami on 17th July, and just guess what that date was... The 50th birthday of Camilla Parker Bowles, Diana's rival, and the woman who would take her place officially at Charles side... (the new Queen)

The ceremony in Miami was a much smaller affair, the big ceremony would take place on 22nd July when over two thousand people would attend a service in Milan Cathedral, a cathedral dedicated to St Mary of the Nativity (Santa Maria Nascente), ??

And just look who took centre stage, the one image that millions would focus on, the attendance of Princess Diana,  40 days later, she too would be dead.  40/400, multiples of the goddess number. (Marilyn died 400 days after Diana was born.) 

Another major occult number is 11, the twin towers, it is the number of evil magic.  The number of days from Versace's murder and the murder of Diana is 47 days. 4+7=11, 47 days is also 1 month 16 days, 116. Camilla Parker Bowels was born in 1947.

On each side of Diana are Elton Hercules John, who as already mentioned sang at Diana's funeral, and Sting.  Both were front row as they together gave a rendition of the 23rd Psalm, the Lord is my Shepherd. Actually the verses are PSALMS 23:1-6, which make 23/7, the date of Neptunalia again! 

The gematria (numerical value of) the name Sting equals.. 69, the man who wrote and sang the sinister song, Every Breath you Take, I'll bewatching you

VERSACE, a King of Fashion, and his most famous Fashion Queen in the world, Princess Diana, both dead within 47days of each other.

A cathedral is of course a temple. This temple dedicated to the mother of the sun god and his birth, Mary and the nativity, had the mother of the personified sun god William,  on the day exactly 16 (4x4) years TO THE DAY to the birth of Prince George, the day Kate Middleton became the new mother goddess of the Western World, 22nd July, the day before the day of Neptune. Cunanan, the man accused of Versace's murder as I said died the next day, and that too was 16years to the day when Prince George was introduced to the world via the media in his mother arms, Neptunalia day, the day to honour the God of the Sea.

 Sting and his wife Trudy Styler along side the Princess and Elton John and his partner John Furnace. They sat In the front row, opposite the urn holding the ashes of Versace.  By orchestrating this ritual event, which literally millions gave their thought and emotional energy to, they brought the sacrificial King and Queen together in the  temple, just as they did on the front page of Hell o magazine, where even more people will subliminally take in the image as they walk past in the local shop! Note they used the image of Versace with Naomi in her Crucifix Wedding dress, the Bride/Virgin.
It's worth noting that just behind Sting and Diana sat the daughter in law of John F. Kennedy, wife of John jr. Carolyn. Within three years, both John and Carolyn would also be dead, as they and her sister died when their plane crashed into the ATLANTIC/S ocean, just off Marthas Vineyard on 16th July 1999. But that's another story!!!

The symbol for Versace is the head of the goddess Medusa, when she still had her flowing locks of hair and was "a beautiful woman with a supernatural aura".  Her downfall happened when she allowed herself to be seduced by POSEIDON in The temple of Athena. Athena was so angry she turned Medusas hair into serpents and her beautiful face ugly, so ugly that when she was later beheaded it was used as a weapon on a spike to scare others.  The blood from her head turned into more serpents as it hit the ground.  What a pleasant tale! And this is the goddess lover of Poseidon whose image was prominent during the events of summer 1997.

  I will just finish the Versace link with one more dot.  Gianni Versace held his very last fashion show in The RITZ hotel Paris on the 1st week of July 1997, when he presented his Haute Couture range.  I have read somewhere it actually was on the 1st, but didn't save the link and cannot now find it, and 1 July was of course Diana's last birthday on Earth.  

It was an unusual collection, featuring dresses , mainly black or gold, adorned with crosses, the type we associate with the crucifixion. The finale had Naomi Campbell as a bride with a large cross on the back of her veil and jewelled ones over the gown as shown. 

The fashion King and Queen at the Ritz, Paris, the city named after the Goddess Isis.

Could all this incredible symbolism via dates, numbers, symbols and names be just some weird coincidence? Or was the death of Gianni Versace part of the Mega ritual sacrifice of Diana, Princess of Wales, the personified mother Goddess, who never got the chance to become the Old Crone, the wise old lady, due to the fact that the Royal family already had two of their own... the queen's Elizabeth.

Below is one of the most iconic images of Diana, dressed in a blue swimsuit and sitting at the end of the diving board of the Jonikal. It was taken the day after Versace was murdered.  As we see from the excerpt, she asked a bodyguard, "Do you think they will do that to me".  

The Jonikal was a new purchase of Mohammed Al Fayed in 1997, and it has been suggested it was bought especially with the idea of wooing the Princess into marriage with his son.  However I beg to differ, yes it was bought with her in mind, but as part of the bigger picture, it did what it was supposed to do as part of the ritual, it got Diana out there in front of the worlds media, enabling the media therefore to cast the image into our minds.  And the public lapped it up, they loved the unfolding drama of it all, the fiancé of Dodi on another boat, Kelly Fisher, and the subsequent fall out, the prospect of Diana marrying a Muslim and so forth.  
But take a good look at the name of the boat.. Jonikal .... hid there right in your face... jon KALI, and Kali is .......

Also known as the Divine Mother of the Universe!! 

Yet more goddess symbolism, hid right there in your face.  
And note the colour of Kali's skin, then the colour of the Princess's swimsuit on the day this image was taken, with the name Kali behind her on the boat.  
After the deaths of Diana and Dodi, Al Fayed renamed the Jonikal Sokar, which is an Egyptian deity associated with Osiris, husband of Isis, who travels with Osiris as a protector through the underworld.

To my mind what this alone tells us is that Mohammed Al Fayed was very much aware of the unfolding mega ritual, he had to have been "in on it", and if anyone still thinks not, then they are one hell of a coincidence theorist!!

The Jonikal was moored in Monaco, and of course this was the principality of Prince Rainer and his family, where Princess Grace lies in the cathedral. And we had all this drama begin literally within a short distance from where Princess Graces body lay. 

In fact, on the 30th August, we were told that Diana and Dodi did a very quick sightseeing tour of Monaco.  And of course Grace's children were always sharing the headlines with the British Royal family, especially Diana. Remember I stated earlier that I believe Grace was sacrificed when Diana became a mother, so just how weird was it therefore that Diana should be within kilometres of the body of Princess Grace on the day she too would die?

  Left is the "engagement" ring that Dodi bought in the Monaco jewellers, Repossi, (the owner of which "just happens" to be a good friend of Prince Albert of Monaco), and which was collected from the Parisian shop when the couple arrived in Paris on 30th August.  

So not only was Diana in both Monaco and Paris that day, so too was the ring, and a ring is of course a circle, 360 degrees, the 36 again. 
Much debate arose as to the status of the ring. Mohammed Al Fayed insisted it was an engagement ring, but we in all honesty will never really know.


 Left is the ring as it is displayed in the memorial to Diana and Dodi in Harrods, London. 

Note it is within a Pyramid, which also contains the wine glasses supposedly used by Diana and Dodi on the night they died.  

Note too, the images of the couple within a 66! With a bird looking down on Diana.  The bird represents Isis in bird form. 

66 equals two 33's, but it is also more sinister in that it is the number related to the dark goddess Lilith, who is a supreme goddess within the dark occult.

 She is the mother of all demons, and consort of Lucifer. The Lily of the Valley is yet more goddess symbolism, but perhaps the most symbolic are the wine glasses.  The blurb might state they are there simply because they were used by them on the night they died, but the wine glasses represents a vessel which carries symbolic blood. 
Diana carried the bloodline, it was her sole purpose in life, once she had accomplished that her role was complete.  The bird is pointing to Diana, she is the most important one here, she is the vessel.  
The Pyramid represents the temple of the high priest, as does the pyramids all over the world, not just Egypt, though they tend to have the monopoly on them.  The vessel and the ring within the temple. Note too that the actual ring is yet more Pyramid symbolism, the main diamond is an opened out Pyramid. Surrounded by a mound of diamonds.  For Diana, the diamond queen and a Pyramid for a goddess.
The whole monument stands within two candle pillars, and it is without doubt that this whole display is embedded with Masonic symbolism. 

Mohammed Alfayed unveiled the first of two memorials to Dodi and Diana on 12th April 1998 in Harrods, and the both are dressed in black, on top of a black pyramid.  The ring Dodi gave Diana and a wine glass with Diana’s lipstick print on it (wine vessel)
12th April 1998 was the 87th anniversary of Titanic Olympic leaving Belfast.
The Film Titanic

Again arms outstretched in sacrificial pose!

We are all aware of the importance of ceremony, not just to the elite, but everyone.  We have all attended christenings/baptisms, weddings and funerals, all major landmarks in the lives of humans everywhere of all religions and none. We sing the specially selected hymns, say the prayers and listen to the readings.  But how many ever question the symbolism of the water over the child, the veil over the bride or the rings placed upon the couples fingers, the wafer and the wine's real meaning?

I write from the Christian church point of view, but all religion has its ceremony and symbolism, and even though it would be hotly disputed by their various priests, who have been versed in one official excuse,  the fact is they are all rooted in in the same Astro-theological events, the worship of the planets and stars and their effect on the world, as above, so below. 

What I am trying to get across to the reader is that Diana's death was a major death and resurrection/rebirth ritual, or ceremony, in the same manner as the Birth, death and resurrection/rebirth of Jesus Christ is focused on and prayed and sung about by literally billions of people,  by focusing on the events of 1996/97 & 98 we were unwitting attendants at the ceremony of the death and resurrection not of Jesus, but of the elites self appointed Mother Goddess, the mother of the Sun god, and whilst the world was not yet aware of the Virgin goddess Kate back in 1997, she was still there, metaphysically, right in front of us as we sat in awe in the Cinema, the temple of the moon, as CIN means moon, in total ignorance of our participation. 

This is how powerful  and complete our minds have been controlled by these powerful people. 

Diana, the Goddess of the moon, the hunter goddess, who became the most hunted of them all, as her brother pointed out at her funeral, as he lent further credence to the official cover story that she died due to the paparazzi chasing her in Paris. 

The Titanic, was named after the Greek feminine version of the Titans, Titanesses/Titanis, who were in mythology predecessors of the Olympians were the primordial divine beings, born of Chaos and Chronus, and all were versions of the original Atlantean deities. 

The film about that fateful night on 15th April 1912, had been due for release in the summer of 1997, this was when James Cameron originally had stated the film would be in the cinemas, but problems with production forced the delay of the films release which did not therefore take place until 18th November in the U.K. and 14th December 1997.  

I think this caused a major blip in the ritual, as had it been released that summer, literally millions of people would have been focused on this giant vessel and its Stars sinking whilst also being fed overkill images of Diana and her sons in water all summer, and on board Al Fayed's yacht the Jonakil. 
However, the film was in the media many times due to various stories from the
production, how much it was costing, any setbacks Cameron was experiencing and so forth.  This meant we were still subliminally taking on board this film at the same time as the unfolding drama connected to Princess Diana, and then of course her death on 31:8:97.  And the effect of that on the whole world let alone her home country was unlike anything we had ever seen before.  

Many of us are now aware of the occult origins of the date 9/11 and the reason the twin towers fell in full view literally of the world, and we saw it over and over again. The death of Diana was another mega ritual of 9/11 proportions, and therefore, Cameron and his cohorts thought it fitting that this film as I am about to demonstrate was a form of  ceremony to engage us in the resurrection of the goddess, as metaphorically the queen of Hearts Heart Will Go On, as The theme tune suggests.

  And therefore it was released in the U.K. on 18:11:97, which of course is 9/11 (8+1)!!
In the USA it was released on 14:12:97, which just happened to have been the 102 year anniversary of the birth of King George VI, the queen's father! 

I am sure at this stage you are quite baffled by this statement, maybe even questioning my sanity, how could the death of Diana Princess of Wales be in any way connected to a Hollywood block buster film? And how on earth had it anything to do with the then unheard of Kate Middleton. 

Well, stay with me just a while longer and let me explain......
The plot centres around the search for a blue diamond necklace which was supposedly on board the ship when it sank.  The main character Rose appeared as a lady who told the spell bound crew of the vessel who were hoping to find the necklace the story about her and Jack on that fateful day.

Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Elizabeth Winslet) was a first class passenger on board the Titanic with her mother Ruth, (Francis Fisher) and fiancé Cal (Billy Zane).  Cal had given the necklace to Rose as an engagement present, and it was kept in a safe in her cabin.  Rose did not want to marry Cal, but was under duress from her mother as the marriage would help the families ailing fortunes after the death of her father. 

 In despair she considered jumping overboard, but was talked out of it by a third class passenger Jack, (Leonardo Di Caprio), an artist, whom Rose fell in love with. She allowed him to sketch her wearing the necklace.  Cal discovers the drawing and is livid and tries to frame Jack for stealing the necklace.

And so the story goes on as the evening unfolds, the ship hits an iceberg and a lot of drama ensues, the ship sinks and Rose and Jack manage to stay afloat, but Jack succumbs to the icy waters and dies and Rose gets rescued, with the necklace in the pocket of Cals coat which she is wearing. I could go on, but it's a long film, and this is an already long blog!!

What I wish to bring to your attention is not necessarily the plot, though the necklace is important and I will detail this later, but the synchronicities  and similarities as stated to the real life drama unfolding in France and Diana's life and death.

Rose Dewitt Bukater/Kate Winslett

Rose poses for Jack wearing the Heart of the Ocean necklace.

Kate Elizabeth Winslet, the co-star of the film and her character was Rose Dewitt Bukater.  Could it have been a mere coincidence that the star of the film had the same Christian names as the girl who was to take Diana's place as the ultimate mother Goddess, the mother of the Windsor families royal heir, the family who believe themselves to be the superior bloodline, Kate (Catherine) Elizabeth Middleton?

The public at large was not aware of her existence other than "somewhere out there" will be the lucky girl who will steal the heart of the young Prince William when he is older, (remember in 1997 he was only 15 years old).  

Kate Middleton was just an unknown school girl, but I suggest she was much more.  She was groomed from birth for her role, and would have been specifically chosen.  I believe Kate may also be a high level MK Ultra "victim", a programmed slave, and it is quite likely Diana was too. Even if this is not the case, she was already chosen in 1997.

However, back to Kate Winslet's role.  Giving her the name Rose was a symbol of her secret Goddess persona.  The Rose is the ultimate flower, and is also a code word for Sion, and the secret society known as the Rosicrucians, the Rosy Cross. Perhaps Cameron is a member, who knows, but he is certainly an initiate of some high high Order and his high position within the film industry proves that, along with the knowledge hidden in your face encoded within his films.  One of which the Titanic I am trying to unravel here.

Dewitt BuKATEr? Rose and Kate in the same name? Dewitt could possibly be a reference if one changed the letter D to H to Hewitt as in James Hewitt, the real father of Prince Harry.  Hewitt told Max Clifford, who subsequently recorded it in his 2005 autobiography that James Hewitt told him his affair with Diana began in 1982, the year William was born.  He had enlisted Clifford and his PR skills to keep this out of the press.  Clifford is currently in prison.... go figure as they say!!

Rose Dewitt Bukater was travelling with her mother Ruth Dewitt Bukater, who was played by actress Francis Fisher.  Here again we have one of those amazing "coincidences", because not only have we a reference to the woman who would take Diana's place, Kate Elizabeth, but we also have playing the role of her mother a Ruth aka Francis Fisher.

Princess Diana's birth name was Diana Francis Spencer, and she was given the name Francis after her mother, Francis Ruth Roche, and she in turn was named after her mother, Diana's maternal grandmother, (and lady in waiting to Queen Elizabeth, the queen mother) Ruth Roche, Baroness of Fermoy...... seriously? What are the odds of this being a coincidence?  

Not only that, but we had the name Fisher, and this may be a reference to Kelly Fisher, Dodi's spurned fiancé who featured heavily during that August of 1997.  It was widely reported her anger at Diana stealing her man, and her humiliation that she had been kept on one boat (note more water vessels) whilst Dodi spent his time on another with Diana.  Kelly's involvement created a love triangle between her Diana and Dodi, just as Rose, Jack and Cal had one on-board the Titanic. I might just add another link with the Kelly, as Kelly was Princess Graces maiden name.

Cal was played by actor Billy Zane, whose full name is would you believe... WILLIAM GEORGE Zane???? William and George, the son and Grandson to be of Diana, and we are talking sixteen years before his birth! And CAL? Prince George's full name is George Alexander Louis, GAL/CAL? Was James Cameron psychic?? 

Cal and Rose admire the necklace he gave her as an engagement gift. Much more to come about it!

Jack Dawson/Leonardo Di Caprio
Jack stands waiting for Rose on the staircase of the Titanic. In reality the staircase was copied from the one on her sister ship the Olympia. Note the clock behind him, with the goddesses Honour and Glory on each side of Time. 
The symbolism of the oak staircase decoded.  At the very end of the film, Rose dies and joins the waiting  ghost of Jack by this clock, applauded by the rest of the passengers and crew who also died that night, the reference being that they did not die, they live on in another dimension, they were ''resurrected".

Kate's love interest and co star was of course Leonardo Di Caprio, who played the young artist Jack Dawson.
L E O N A R D O. D I. C A P R I O
Have a really good look at the name.  It's like one of those illusion double meaning images, hidden in plain sight.  Leonard DODI Caprio. See it now? Not only is Dodi's name slap right bang in the middle, but if you take his full name Leonardo Wilhelm Di Caprio, and just use the letters but using some of them two or three times, e.g. d,a,n,i, you can make the sentence... 
Dodi and Diana will die in a car in Pari. Henri Pal.  (No u or s, but the message is clear)

This actor has encoded into his name the biggest goddess ritual the world has ever seen.  Henri Paul was of course the driver who was framed to take the blame along with the paparazzi.  

Her death caused a spiritual tsunami. Her funeral on 6th September (note again we have the 6/9) had literally billions of people focused in disbelief. In fact that whole week from 31st August through to 6th September.  Can you even begin to imagine how much emotional energy that created.  

Like a church service where a congregation prays and sings praise to god, in the belief that the collective energy is going to the ether and reaching another dimension, the realm of the trinity, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (the mother goddess by a different name) or any religious service, this is the same idea, but the powers that be no longer need to get us into a temple or church to reap our energy and devote it to the gods they have created in their controlled religions, they simply use their mass mind control tool, the media which they also control. Who needs statues of the Virgin Mary in the window for people to give energy to the mother goddess, when they simply need to place her on TV or on the front page of a magazine or newspaper, which we literally bow our heads to read.

So here we had this Leonardo Di Caprio, starring in a movie with a woman who had the same name as the girl who was her future daughter in law, Kate, and who would replace Diana, and who would wear the sapphire ring, and also a man who had the same names as Diana's son and a grandson who wouldn't even be born for another 16years, William and George (Billy Zane), and of course let's not forget the names of Diana herself plus mother and grandmother, Francis and Ruth!!

Leonardo was born on 11th November 1974, that's 11:11:11 (7+4), which is of course 33.  Eleven is such an important number in these rituals, it represents evil magic.

His character's name in the film was Jack Dawson. Jack is a named derived from James and as I have said may allude to James Hewitt.  But also within the name we have Jackdaw.  A Jackdaw is the name of a raven.

Ravens are incredibly symbolic birds.  This is a quote from the site
"The raven is a contrary spirit.  On the negative side the raven represents the profane, the devil, evil spirits, the trickster, the thief, war, destruction, death and doom, the void

The Raven is both the symbol of the sun, and the symbol of a moonless night. She is the birth giving light in the center of our galaxy, and the black hole in the center of the universe, to which we are all traveling to our eventual extinction.

Raven is the fatal touch of the Calleach in winter, the wisdom of Odin, the vessel of prophecy given to a seer, the mighty protector of the Western Isles, and the healing message of an Indian shaman.

Raven is a complex bird, both in nature and in mythology."

Note Diana died on a moonless night. 31:8:97 had a slither of a moon, also known as a VIRGIN moon!!

Yet in many cultures ravens also represent deep magic, the mysteries of the unknown, death and transformation, creation, healing, wisdom, protection and prophecy.
I wonder which if any our Titanic Jackdaw/Raven represented.
Again, from the site....

In Cornwall, as in England, King Arthur is said to live on in the form of a raven, and it is unlucky to shoot one.
"Have not your worships read the annals and histories of England, in which are recorded the famous deeds of King Arthur, whom we in our popular Castilian invariably call King Artus, with regard to whom it is an ancient tradition, and commonly received all over that kingdom of Great Britain, that this king did not die, but was changed by magic art into a raven, and that in process of time he is to return to reign and recover his kingdom and scepter; for which reason it cannot be proved that from that time to this any Englishman ever killed a raven?"
Don Quixote by Cervantes.

So according to this Cornish legend, a raven also represents the spirit of King Arthur.  And what a coincidence therefore that Prince William is Will I am Arthur!

The Scottish goddess of winter, The Calleach, sometimes appears as a raven, a touch from her brings death! 
Another folklore from the outer Hebrides says that to give a child its first drink from the skull of a raven will give the child powers of prophecy and wisdom.
The Pan-Celtic goddess Morgan Le Fey, the queen of the fairies had a totem of a raven, and we might also remember the film Sleeping Beauty, and more recently Maleficent, had a pet Raven which she turned into whatever creature she required to do her will, from man to wolf, and even a fire breathing dragon.

And let's not forget the ravens in the Tower of London.  The raven was the totem of the Welsh god Bran the blessed, the giant protector of Britain, whose decapitated head became an oracle.  Eventually Bran asked to have his head buried in Tower Hill, to protect Britain from invasion, and the ravens which are his avatars,are in the tower to this very day.  During world war ll Tower Hill was bombed, and the ravens were lost.  Churchill being aware of the ancient legends had them replaced immediately, and they were brought from Celtic lands, Welsh hills and Scottish highlands to protect the Tower, and the most famous queen and queen mother of them all, and I have already mentioned her earlier, Queen Anne Boleyn's death and  headless body was and is in the tower protected by the ravens.

So I think it might be a fair assumption that giving the love interest of Rose the name of  a raven, albeit a hid in your face reference via the name Jackdaw son/sun? they were bringing this highly significant and symbolic bird to the ritual/ceremony being played out on the screen.  

And there are yet more name "coincidences"...
For example, Molly Browns character played by Cathy (Catherine) Bates.  
The old lady who played Rose was called Gloria Stuart, and the royals descend from the House of Stuart, also Gloriana was another name given to Elizabeth l. 

Jacks friend Fabrizio De Rossi, played by Danny Nucci, his birthday is 15th September 1968, prince Harry was born on his 16th birthday!
Shakespearean actor David Warner played Cals sinister right hand man Spicer (Spencer?)  Lovejoy, and his date of birth is 29:7:1941.  Charles and Diana married on his 40th birthday!!...

And there's more....
Another William - Bill Paxman who played a Brock Lovett, and they even had a Charlotte!  Madeline Astor was played by actress Charlotte Hatton.  
Then we have Bernard Hill, who was born on the sacred day to Saturn, Saturnalia, 17th December 1944. Celine Dion was married on his 50th birthday.  

Celine Dion

As with any good ceremony, there are always songs of praise, the old fashioned term is hymns, which are tailored to the specific reason for the ceremony, for example, carols are sung at Christmas.  

The events of 1996/1997, was the ritual that became enshrined in the ceremony via the movie Titanic, in the same way we are told of events leading up to the death of Jesus from Palm Sunday to the crucifixion and it is remembered in a ceremony called Easter. I hope this makes sense to the reader.  The final months and death of Diana, the Queen of Hearts, and the reference that her Heart Will Go On, it will beat again in her replacement, Kate, after Diana's death and resurrection. 

The woman chosen to sing the theme tune of the Titanic movie was Celine Dion, the lady with the big voice and the name of the Moon goddess, The goddess associated with water.  The name Celine/Selene is the Greek version of the goddess of the moon, and her Roman equivalent was ... Diana! 

One of her symbols was a torch as can be seen in the stone carving, and she also has a crescent moon on her head.  
And of course we have the abbreviated version of Diana's name in Celine's surname... Di on.  

 While the filming of the Titanic movie was ongoing, elsewhere in the US, in Atlanta the 1996 Olympics were taking place. The centenary games.
Look carefully at the images of the two flames, (twin flames?) which were one, the logo of the games that year, and two, the identical image of the flame placed on top of the Alma Tunnel in Paris, the site where Diana died under the gaze of the Eifle tower, the most famous Phallic monument in Europe. (pic below)
The flame is also a replica of that held by the Statue of Liberty, which was itself a gift from the French Freemasons to their American brethren.  

The Statue overlooked the fall of the twin towers, just as the tower overlooked the death of Diana. 

The Atlanta logo to me could be construed as a subliminal reference to the death of Diana and her three male fellow passengers, however one did survive, with no memory of the event,  as the three pentagrams and one almost pentagram ascending from the flame. 
 Whilst on the subject of monuments, I think it essential to point this one out, as it was gifted to Atlanta by The Prince of Wales institute of architecture, to mark the centenary games in 1996, and is named locally after him. Within the structure there is a cauldron which emits a fire, "invoking the Olympic flame" (wiki)
On top are five Atlases, who was a god who held up the sky.  Various mythologies claim him, but they have their origins in him being a king of Atlantis, the Atlantic Ocean is named after him, and Atlantis is the island of Atlas. Note the giant Egyptian obelisk building behind the monument.

When princess Diana died, hundreds gathered around this monument , with its cauldron of fire, and gods of Atlantis, and mourned her!! They joined in the ceremony

2015, and a video was released of Kate talking about childrens mental health, it is very rare that the public ever get to hear her actually talk, so it was given much attention in the media.  The setting was a classroom. She was in her usual Madonna blue and white, as befitting the mother of a God, who is in my view Poseidon incarnate, and just look at the one word we can see directly behind her, ATLAS!! 
 In both Southampton and Belfast stand goddess statues as memorials to the victims of the Titanic. 
The goddess who stands at the City Hall in Belfast is receiving the bodies of two seamen who are being offered up by two mermaids.

The day that it was announced to the world that Kate was pregnant with Prince George, on 3rd December 2012 (3:3:3), Belfast city council decided to not fly the union jack on the city hall, and knowing full well how the natives would respond to this, ensured that all hell broke loose as hundred of angry people gathered at the city hall, who were all overlooked by the goddess of death as she stood silently in front of them and carved Titanic victims at her feet.

As with the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony the 1996 Atlanta opening ceremony had some very strange enactments, such as the spirit of the sun and moon personified and surrounded by butterflies (symbolic of death and rebirth, and also of MK Ultra programming), in the ceremony the butterflies were killed then reborn as the sun/moon spirit came back. It is too long to go into, but the gist was birth, death and rebirth. 

Could it be possible that they were symbolising the death and rebirth of a mega famous goddess? Diana being the goddess in death, Kate the reborn virgin goddess? Just before this section of the ceremony we had Gladys KNIGHT sing GEORGia! In a red gown. Red being a symbolic colour of the goddess Lilith, the original Scarlet woman. Red is also of course the colour of blood.

Just after this segment there appeared an advert which focused on the World Trade Centre twin towers, and an athlete, who appeared to be falling from the towers!! This was five years before the 9/11 fall of the towers, but most definitely predictive programming, just as the death of Diana was, as I hope I am pointing out here. And let's not forget, the Titanic movie was released on 9/11 in London (18th Nov,)
At the opening ceremony of the 1996 Atlanta games, Celine sang the song Power of the Dream In front of a giant burning torch. How very apt!

Note the first line of the chorus..
"Feel the flame forever burn

Teaching lessons we must learn

To bring us closer to the power of the Dream."

Power of the Dream was released as a B side to Dion's big hit "It's All Coming back to me now" on 29th July 1996, which "coincidently" (that word again!) just happened to be the 15th anniversary of Prince Charles and Diana's wedding!

The clever camera work which imposed the image of the flame over Celine singing. 
The moon goddess and the flame. 
Take another look at the two images of the flames above, in Paris and on the Atlanta 1996 logo.

It's All Coming Back To Me Now was a song penned by the master of the Power Ballad Jim Steinman.  When describing it he said
 "This isn't Wuthering Heights of Kate Bush, that little fanciful Wuthering Heights, the scene they always cut out is the scene when Heathcliff digs up CATHERINE'S body and dances in the MOONLIGHT and on a beach with it.  You can't get more operatic or passionate than that.  I was trying to write a song about dead things coming to life.... about being enslaved and obsessed by love, the ability to be resurrected by it". Source Wik
The cover version Celine made had as its centre theme of its accompanying video, the death of her lover.  The music opens with a man killed in a motor bike accident after lightening strikes a tree in his path.  It was shot in the summer palace of the Austrian Emperor between June 29th and July 3rd 1996.

So to recap,  we have a song about obsessive love, and grief after a lover has been killed in a motor bike accident due to a flash of light.  The video was shot over the 35th birthday of Princess Diana in a royal palace, and released on what would have been the 15th wedding anniversary of the wedding of Charles and Diana, and actually on the 15th day of this same month, she officially became a divorcee.

It's All Coming Back To Me Now was a song penned by the master of the Power Ballad Jim Steinman.  When describing it he said "This isn't Wuthering Heights of Kate Bush, that little fanciful Wuthering Heights, the scene they always cut out is the scene when Heathcliff digs up CATHERINE'S body and dances in the MOONLIGHT and on a beach with it.  You can't get more operatic or passionate than that.  I was trying to write a song about dead things coming to life.... about being enslaved and obsessed by love, the ability to be resurrected by it". Source Wik

The cover version Celine made had as its centre theme of its accompanying video, the death of her lover.  The music opens with a man killed in a motor bike accident after lightening strikes a tree in his path.  It was shot in the summer palace of the Austrian Emperor between June 29th and July 3rd 1996.

So to recap,  we have a song about obsessive love, and grief after a lover has been killed in a motor bike accident due to a flash of light.  The video was shot over the 35th birthday of Princess Diana in a royal palace, and released on what would have been the 15th wedding anniversary of the wedding of Charles and Diana, and actually on the 15th day of this same month, she officially became a divorcee.

Barry Mannakee and Diana
  And the motorbike accident? 
I suggest it was a direct reference to Barry Mannakee, Diana's lover and bodyguard, who was removed from his royal duties in 1986 after their affair was discovered.  

Diana adored him, and said in tapes released after her death that "I was happy to give all this up.... just go and live with him, can you believe it? And he thought it was a good idea!"

She also stated that she believed he had been "bumped of because he knew too much".

On 14th May 1987, Mannakee was a pillion passenger on a motorbike driven by a fellow police officer, when they were involved in an accident at a junction in Woodford, East London.  At the inquest it was stated that "an unknown car with dazzling headlights was a contributing factor to the crash, but the vehicle has never been traced." ..... dazzling headlights/lightening strike? And remember too the reports of Diana and Dodi's fatal crash had them blinded by a very bright light too!

Coincidentally (or not) Barry Mannakee was born on 1st June 1947, which was 1 month 16 days (116) before Camilla Parker Bowles. It also meant he was born on the 21st birthday of Marilyn Monroe! 

Diana's parents were married on 1:6:54, his 7th birthday.

And on the subject of bodyguards, we all remember the huge mega-hit movie The Bodyguard, starring Kevin Costner as the bodyguard (Frank Farmer) to Whitney Huston's character.  In 2012, the year Whitney died, Costner revealed in an interview that he had been in talks to star in a sequel, where he would have played the body guard of princess Diana!  "She wanted me to write it for her, I said 'I'll tailor it for you if you are interested, she goes 'I am interested.'"

He said he received the screen play for the project on 31st August 1997, the day she died..... beside a film producer, Dodi Fayed, and a bodyguard!!

The official video of the song had  scenes of  Whitney singing beside and in water.
The mega-hit theme tune from the film I Will Always love You, dominated the charts and therefore the minds of hundreds of millions of people after its 1992 release and throughout the early nineties, twenty years before Whitney would be found dead in water.  In the final scenes of the video we see Whitney both in and singing beside water.  
Remember 1992 was also an Olympic year as was 2012, when in the year of all things Goddess and Olympics 2012 and water! I Will Always Love You once more hit the airwaves, so both years we had Whitney in the minds of the masses singing "If I should stay, I would only be in your way, so I'll go, but I know, I'll think of you, each step of the way."
1992 was the year Charles and Diana dominated the headlines with various stories of their marriage difficulties became public.  Diana was, as Whitney sang, "in your way"

The re-release of Whitneys greatest hits album titled I Will Always Love You.  
Note the image they used for the cover, the bright light behind her and again the arms wide sacrificial pose.

The re-release of I Will Always Love You, the best of Whitney Huston, occurred on 13th November 2012.  This meant as with many new releases, it would get aired and lots of media attention the next day, which "just happened" to have been the 64th birthday of Prince Charles!

 And there on the radio singing " if I should stay, I would only be in your way, so I'll go" was the sacrificial goddess, just as his first wife was, Diana, who actually expressed fears that her husband was planning to have her killed!

And let's not forget Whitney herself was an Olympic theme singer, of the 1988 Olympics.  
Again, we see the 
importance of the torch, the light bearer as it was used rather than her image on the sleeve of the record.

I have digressed a little from Celine, so let's go back to her, who was dominating the airwaves with her strong voice and ballads.  Remember, radios are played in millions of homes, vehicles and businesses across the world.  They are put on as a background to break the monotony of the working classes, as they carry out mundane jobs, but our brains take in so much more than we realise, and radio has just as much power, probably more so to carry out subliminal programming, with its ability to be repetitive with songs and news stories on the hour etc. whilst we soak it in like sponges without even realising.  

22nd May is another of those days favoured for ritualistic or sacrificial purposes.  The numerology must always be correct, and 22nd May means there are 223 days left in the year.  223 is the number of the Skull and Bones society, but also the date of the spring equinox, 22nd March, when we are told Jesus (the personified Sun) overcame death (the darkness) and was resurrected.  

May is also the month the goddess of spring is in her first flush of bringing the earth back to life, with all the blossom on the trees. The word MAY is also as it happens, and anagram of YAM, and Yam is the Hebrew version of Poseidon, god of the sea!

On 22nd May 1997 Celine Dion recorded a song which would become one of the biggest selling singles of all time, My Heart Will Go On.  It was recorded as the theme tune to the Titanic movie, and was released in Australia and Germany on 8th December 1997. (Note the date was the 17th anniversary of the death of John Lennon) and in January and February for the rest of the world, but I can't find actual dates!

The song won a host of awards in both 1998 and 1999, ensuring both Celine and the song were brought to the attention of the public over and over.  Awards ceremonies are more versions of mega-rituals and when a song or film dominates, or a particular "Star" it will be due to the powers that be needing to engage the minds of the masses in one of their projects/rituals.  

The film Titanic and its accompanying theme tune was one such mega ritual, and it swept the board winning 11 Oscars in the 1998 ceremony. Of course it had to be eleven, what other number is as important except 13, and the were actually nominated 13 times, however, certain rituals require an amount of humiliation, and it should be noted the two main characters, Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio, despite spending weeks wading through freezing cold water whilst filming, were not awarded anything for their efforts, and both missed out on Oscar glory.

Queen of Hearts, My Heart Will Go On, Heart of the Ocean

Celine Di on wearing a replica necklace of the Heart of the Ocean diamond which the film used as a central prop to the story. This was at Oscars night 1998, where she also sang My heart will go on whilst wearing the necklace.

During the spring of 2015, I happened to visit the ground floor of the Titanic building in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a memorial /museum type building built on the exact spot where the Titanic was created and first set sail.  

For a city that was for so many years embarrassed that it had built a ship which caused so many deaths, the advent of the Cameron film seemed to change their minds when it became evident that a lot of profit  could be made from the morbid fascination of the Titanic story.

Whilst wandering around the souvenir shop I couldn't help but think this, as fact blended with fiction on the shelves, where you could buy images of the real ship and items from the fictional film.

Then one particular item caught my eye more than any other, and it was my EUREKA moment. 
It has brought me to this point in this already lengthy blog.  There for sale were rows of replica necklaces which the story centred around, the Heart of the Ocean....

Diana and Kate on their engagement day.  Note both women in the Madonna blue as befitting the vessel of the future king, but still here in these images the symbolic Virgin. (with emphasis on the word symbolic, hardly actual in Kate's place, but most probable in Diana's)

It should be noted that information came out in her inquest that Diana did not chose this ring, it was like everything else in her life at that time chosen for her. 
The British Royal family love their number 13. It is a fact that throughout the twentieth century the royal family had major events connected to 13th years.  From 1923, when then queens parents married, it was 13 years when Prince Albert became King George Vl. In 1936.

1947, eleven years later, princess Elizabeth married Philip Mountbatten. 
1960, Princess Margaret married Anthony Armstrong Jones
1973, Princess Anne married Capt. Mark Phillips
1986, Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson (on Neptunalia 23rd July)
1999, Prince Edward married Sophie Rhys Jones.

You will notice I have not included the 1981 wedding of Charles and Diana.  But if you add 11 years to 1981 you get 1992, which is the year of the second wedding of Princess Anne on 12:12:92 (33:11). 1992 was also the year Charles and Diana separated, after 11 years of marriage.  Charles second marriage to Camilla was in 2005, 26 years after his first, and of course 26= 13+13!

The announcement of the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton was on 16th November 2010.  That is almost 13 years to the day from the date the Titanic film was released in the U.K. on 18th November, 1997, and again the 13th year from all the events of 1997.  Their wedding took place in 2011, and again due to the success of the film and the sound track, it was 13years from the world was focused on all things Titanic in 1998. 

As I said earlier, the plot  for the Titanic movie centred on a blue diamond necklace, called the Heart of the Ocean also known as in French Le Cœur de la Mer.  
Cal gave it to Rose as an engagement present, Rose allowed Jack to sketch her wearing only the necklace and Cal found the sketch and so on and so forth!
The fictional necklace was supposedly once worn by Marie Antoinette, the last Queen of France who was beheaded the same year as her husband Louis XVl, at the Place de la Concorde in Paris.  So we have introduced to the story the image of a queen who died in Paris on 16th October 1793.  

The Hope Diamond
The necklace's story has its roots in the true story of the famous Hope Diamond, which now resides in the Smithsonian Institute.  If the USA had a set of Official Crown Jewels, then the display here would be just that, and the Hope Diamond is the star of the show, a 44.52 carat diamond which looks blue.  

It's current name Hope, was given to it due to a former owner, the English banker Thomas Hope.  But it had quite an eventful life before and after its ownership by Hope, and due to misfortune each owner endured, it was also declared cursed.  This stemmed from the story that the gem was stolen from a statue of the Hindu Goddess Sita, wife of Rama. Due to the time elapsed it is hard to prove, but there is a firm believe that bad Karma will befall anyone who stole from the many elaborately furnished shrines of the Hindu gods.  

What is confirmed is that the stone did indeed originate in India, and that it was purchased, though in some accounts stolen, in the 1600's by a merchant traveller Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, who sold it on to King Louis XIV in 1669 for the French Crown Jewels.

Now just let's add an interesting 'coincidence' again.  After his success in the Titanic, the next film Leonardo Di Caprio starred in was The Man in the Iron Mask, 1998, a story about a prisoner who spent his life in a French jail with a mask on, and it was rumoured that he was in fact the identical twin brother of Louis XIV, and Di Caprio played the part of the two men, the king and his twin! Now what are the chances eh?

Louis XV had the stone re-cut to a 67 carat stone which was from then on known as the Blue Diamond.
When Louis XVI inherited it he had it reset into an elaborate jewelled pendant for the Order of the Golden Fleece. This consisted of a shaped dragon breathing "covetous flames", with 83 red painted diamonds and 112 yellow diamonds to suggest a fleece shape.

As part of the French Crown Jewels, the stone was owned by a Royal family who endured some of the most tragic circumstances in the history of the Monarchy, the deaths of successive heirs and members of their families from smallpox, and the beheading of Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette, and many other family members as part of the French Revolution. In fact, the French monarchy was effectively damaged beyond repair whilst they were in possession of the blue diamond.

Although the Titanic film stated that the diamond was a gift from King Louis to Marie Antoinette, there is no evidence she ever actually wore it, as there is no portrait of her wearing it.
On 11th September 1792 (yes, again 11/9) the French Crown Jewels were stolen, and there are several versions of events as to what then happened to the blue diamond.  It was definitely re-cut and shaped, and it appears to have made its way into the private collection of King George IV , most likely via his wife Caroline of Brunswick.  It was never registered in the Royal archives, but George was painted wearing it.  

The bad karma of the diamond appeared to fall upon George and Caroline, when their much beloved daughter, Princess Charlotte, died in childbirth. Note the two names, George and Charlotte.

After his death in 1830, King George's mistress Lady Conyngham, stole much of his jewellery,  including the blue diamond.  The duke of Wellington ordered her execution if she did not return them, and she duly complied and the gems were returned.  It's worth noting that the duke of Wellington was also a member of the Golden Fleece, the exclusive group of knights always with a ruling monarch among them.

The duke sold the diamond to help pay off the Kings many debts, to wealthy banker Thomas Hope, and from then in it became known as the Hope Diamond. Hopes son inherited it, and his showgirl wife May is known to have worn it. The apparent curse took hold again when Francis Hope managed to gamble away the entire family fortune.

In 1901, the gem was again sold to Joseph Franklin and son for $2.9 million.  As it lay in their safe, the company's finances began to flounder, and bankruptcy beckoned. They sold the diamond in 1909.  At this stage the newspapers had begun to note the misfortunes of anyone who previously owned it, and the legend of the curse became public knowledge.

The new owners of the diamond were the Paris firm Cartier.  I might just mention that on the night Diana and Dodi died, they left the Imperial suite of the Ritz hotel, where they had had dinner, a suite that boasts exact replica bedrooms as those belonging to LOUIS XVI and beside it MARIE ANTOINETTE!! Their journey had them stop at traffic lights on the Place De La Concorde, the actual site of the beheading of said king and queen, who owned the diamond as part of their Crown Jewels, and their final destination was to Dodi's apartment... ABOVE THE CARTIER SHOP IN PARIS!! The shop that actually owned the diamond at one time!

In 1911, a wealthy American socialite, Evalyn Walsh McLean bought the Hope Diamond from Pierre Cartier.  Evalyn was aware of the curse story, but did not believe it, or that it would apply to her. 

 Just a few years later her nine year old son and heir died after being hit by a car, her twenty five year old daughter committed suicide, and her forty five year old husband died in a mental hospital after becoming an alcoholic!

After her death in 1947 another jeweller named Harry Wintson bought her collection of jewellery, including the Hope Diamond.  Winston was persuaded to donate the diamond to the Smithsonian National Museum of natural history, with the idea of setting up a proposed National Gem Collection, in effect the USA's equivalent of the British and French Crown Jewels.  

What better way to establish this than beginning with a magnificent gem linked to a Goddess, worn by a self proclaimed Sun King, belonged to both French and British royalty, and an emblem of the order of the Golden Fleece!

  The diamond in its usual setting as designed by Cartier.  However for a limited time the diamond was displayed in a new setting. And would you believe this was formally revealed on 18th November 2010, (9/11)! 
You might recognise the date as I have already mentioned it, it was the 13th anniversary of the release of the Titanic movie in the U.K., and just two days after the engagement of Kate and William, when the media were in hyper mode with the image of Diana's engagement ring, so similar to the Hope Diamond, was everywhere, on images of Kate!

As the star of the show on display in the nations capital, Washington, literally millions of people now view the stone every year.  As it is now officially part of the nations own set of Jewels, has it brought with it the curse that it brought to its previous owners? 

Some say no, that it brings joy to the nation, who view it with awe and pride.  The leaders of the USA and the western world are steeped in the occult, one only need look at their current foreign policies, war, war and more war as they bring "democracy" to other lands, and many have figured out Democracy means Rothschild banking systems. And these are the people who have so much blood on their hands who thought it a good idea to have a cursed diamond as the centre piece of the nations gem collection??

 It belongs to the nation, therefore, they have place the curse upon the nations children, just as all the previous owners have suffered.

I might venture to add that the leaders and rulers of the USA meet within literally minutes of the Hope Diamond.  Actually if you check out its location in Washington, within its Masonic designed layout, you will see that the Hope Diamond is in the centre of the most powerful nation in the world, literally just below the Moloch Owl plan of the Whitehouse.  Note too the the Diamond is beside water, and the water leaders straight to the Whitehouse, home of the Royal families representative in the USA, he of Royal blood, Trump being simply the latest in a long line of bloodline leaders. 

There were three necklaces in all made. The first was used throughout the film, the second only briefly when Cal removed it from the safe. Both were made from white and blue cubic zirconia and white gold.
As for the thirds necklace, this excerpt is from Wikis Heart of the Ocean page...
The Asprey & Garrard Necklace
"The third and final design was not used in the film. After the film's success, Asprey and Garrard were commissioned to create an authentic Heart of the Ocean necklace using the original design. The result was a platinum-set, 171-carat (34.2 g) heart-shaped Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 103 diamonds. This design featured a much larger inverted pear shaped Ceylon sapphire with a subtle cleft to resemble a heart. 

The chain for this necklace also featured a mix of round, pear, and marquise cut white diamonds. The bail also featured a heart cut white diamond with another round cut diamond attached to an inverted pear shape diamond which was then attached to the cage of the main stone. The necklace was donated to Sotheby's to auction house in Beverly Hills for an auction benefiting the Diana, Princess of Wales memorial Fund and Southern California's Aid for AIDS. It was sold to an unidentified Asprey client[ for $1.4 million, under the agreement that Celine Dion would wear it two nights later at the 1998 Academy Awards ceremony. This necklace has also never been made available for public viewing"

So, we have a direct link with the Heart of the Ocean necklace, made up in real sapphire and diamonds, just like Diana's engagement ring, and it was donated to an auction to benefit a memorial fund for Diana, but not before Celine Dion would wear it whilst singing My Heart Will Go On at the 1998 Oscars ceremony! 

We have already established a direct link with Diana and Marie Antoinette, the beheaded queen and former owner of the Hope Diamond, but it's worth noting that Celine Dion also has been mentioned in the same sentence as the unfortunate queen in the past also.  

Above: Celine in her Marie-Antoinette style wedding dress on 17th December 1994. This date is also the day of the ancient ritual of Saturnalia. 
Celine is French Canadian, and her wedding took place in the Notre Dame basilica. 

  Left: the queen herself in all her finery.  The Rose is denoting her Goddess status. Note the many bows upon her gown.

Marie-Antoinette as the wife of the personified and very much self proclaimed Sun King Louis XVI, would therefore have been the goddess of the moon, she too, like Celine and Diana represented the moon goddess, and she was as Earl Spencer stated the goddess of the hunter, and as such she carried a Bow and arrows. 

As it would be unseemly to place actual bows and arrows upon these modern incarnations of the goddess, it was much easier to simply place fabric bows upon them.  When Diana was first introduced to the public she set a whole new fashion trend such was her passion for having bows attached to her.  Not least on her wedding dress, which had copycat brides throughout the 1980's dressed like Christmas presents in a profusion of bows!! 
Credit to fellow researcher Sandra Barr for the significance of the bow detail.

The Queen at Diana's funeral, note her diamond BOW brooch!

And so this brings me almost to the end of my lengthy blog! Almost two years of research, and believe me, it could have been much longer. I hope I have detailed enough for you the reader to understand what I have been trying to point out. That the world literally as a whole, from the Atlanta Olympics in Georgia 1996 until 1998 were subliminally taking part via hidden references with the games ceremonies, the death of Versace, the images of Diana in water all summer and the subsequent mega-blockbuster film the Titanic, and its theme tune and domination of awards ceremonies in 1998. They all had reference to the death of the worlds ultimate personification of the Goddess, the then mother goddess, who would never have been allowed to become an old crone whilst the world already had the Queen Elizabeth and her mother, whom Diana is quoted as saying was evil!! 

Charles we are told actually proposed on 6th February 1981, which was also the anniversary of his grandfathers death in 1952, the day his mother became queen. The Titanic was released in the USA on his birthday as I have already said above.  The were engaged, on 24th February, note both the dates are 6/2 - (2+4).  Marilyn also died in '62. They chose a ring (they, not Diana herself) that was as similar to the Hope Diamond as they could get. And my God! Did that curse by association not take hold in poor Diana's life, which was so miserable behind closed doors even if they were ornate gold leaf!!

Today we see the that the Heart, symbolised within the ring has went on. The old queen is very close to the end of her reign, so Catherine is relatively safe as she enters into her late thirties for now. Camilla will take the place of the old crone, Kate the current mother Goddess, and her daughter Charlotte the virgin. Though somewhere out there there already are plans afoot to bring forth the wife of Prince George. I wonder how Hollywood will prepare us for whoever she might be!

Thank you for reading and taking an interest. I know this stuff can be a bit 'out there' for some. I hope I have opened a few windows in your mind to allow you to open your eyes to the onslaught of predictive programming we are being subjected to.
However, I am aware that there are those who will still think that it's all just some big pot of weird coincidences, so here is just one more for you....

Diana, Princess of Wales final resting place, .... surrounded by water!!

By Bessie Totten 

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  1. "spell craft" is there game, sir Oswald Mosley was baron by extant the true baron was in the canadas. Most royals you see in MSM are not the real ones, there the gommers put in place while the real ones are manipulating events unseen. my family fomented the war of 1812, north west rebellion, the fake uranium mines that are really gold and silver plays, stock manipulations such as bre-X and principle group financial.


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