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ASH Victimise Smokers and Lie.

By Sandra Barr
Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) are the main UK anti-smoking lobby, they have recently won a court case against the tobacco industry which means that all UK cigarette packets must look the same. Thy must all be olive green, with scary pictures and warnings, the cigarette brand name has to be in small letters in generic font at the bottom of one side of the pack. Source

Now when you ask for a packet of cigarettes, after the assistant has removed the barrier, it takes 20 mins to find the brand you asked for as they now all look the same. I might add that the soft porn can be seen on the bottom shelf of magazine racks where small children, even babies can see it, but that's another rant.

 The Chief Executive of ASH is Deborah Arnott, and she gets a whopping £211,627 a year to dream up new ways to victimise smokers.
This evening I read the PDF available from the ASH website, "ASH Financial Statement 2016. Under investments I was surprised to learn that they have investments in Tobacco companies, under the pretence that this allows them to attend the AGM meetings of the tobacco companies, no where on the PDF could I see just how many tobacco companies they have invested in, how much they have invested or what annual returns they receive. 

Link to PDF here, heading " ASH Annual Report 2016"

Screen shot taken from ASH financial statement 2016


ASH promote E-Cigarettes, and despite recent research that would suggest they are nearly as deadly as cigarettes, ASH acknowledge the recent research, and they themselves have voiced concerns about the flavourings and other ingredients in the E-Cigarette, however they still endorse E-Cigarettes! 

Smoking flavoured e-cigarettes can produce “unacceptably dangerous” levels of formaldehyde and other carcinogenic compounds, according to a new study.
Researchers at the Desert Research Institute in Nevada found that toxic aldehydes  formed when the flavoured liquid was rapidly heated to create vapour. Source Independent, Nov 2016

According to a new study, released by the journal PLoS One – the aerosol from electronic cigarettes contains higher levels of measurable nanoparticle heavy metals than conventional tobacco smoke. Source

Flavouring in e-cigarettes causes popcorn lung cancer, Source

On their website there is a link to a PDF summing up their endorsing E-Cigarettes, they start of by assuring the reader:

Link to PDF under the heading "ASH Briefing on electronic cigarettes, Read more"

Screen shot from ASH PDF on E-cigarettes.

 Well that's just a big fat lie, as their financial statement for 2016 admits they have investments in tobacco companies, also many tobacco companies now produce E-Cigarettes, and ASH have shares in tobacco companies, so they are presumably profiting from the e-cigarettes that they are promoting flat out!

The UK E-cigarette market is now £459 million per year, the Dept of Health, Cancer Research and ASH are all promoting them flat out, and when I have time I will dig a little deeper and follow the dollar to see who exactly has shares in the E-cigarette companies!

According to Forbes, global sales of e-cigs in 2017 are expected to reach £10 billion! The tobacco company Lorillard own a 49% share of the market, other tobacco companies that have a chunk of the market include Phillip Morris and British American Tobacco. The cynic in me wonders if the tobacco companies are in cahoots with the Governments, Health authorities and Cancer Research, trying to get us all off cigarettes, made from a plant which grows in the earth, and get us all hooked on pure chemical compounds which are created in a laboratory? It's not like they have not done this before, they all promote artificial sweeteners as opposed to sugar.
Source  (information from December 2013)

And lets not forget, it was John D Rockefeller who founded the American Cancer Society, Cancer Research is just an offshoot from the ACC. Source

Also, ASH have changed their catch phrase from "smoking kills", to "Smoking still kills". Simple Gematria 223. Number of the Skull & Bones 322!

If you lived with someone and they loved tea, and every time they poured themselves a cup, if you said to them, "you should not drink that, it will give you cancer and you will die", and you said this to them every day for years on end, how long do you think it would be before they actually would develop cancer and die? The mind is a powerful tool, and when a negative messaged is reinforced every day for years, the mind has the ability to indeed create its worst fear!

It is my opinion that the actions of ASH victimise smokers, the ghastly pictures on cigarette packs coupled with the "you will die" messages just serve to make smokers feel like lepers, they are demoralising and even threatening. I have now stopped listening to the radio because of the constant ads that start with "So you smoke, you will take cancer and die" etc. Coupled with Cancer Charities rattling the begging bowl.

There has been such a concerted and long term attack on smokers, that most smokers hang their head in shame, and they have long since stopped fighting back or complaining. For years I worked as an holistic therapist, all new clients first had a consultation, and on the consultation form was the question "do you smoke". When I would ask new clients this question, if they were a smoker 8 out of 10 of them would have answered "yes I do, dont lecture me, I know I will probably take cancer and die" or words to that affect. What you think about, you bring about, the victimisation of smokers this last two decades, has I believed caused cancer, when they daily believe themselves that they will take cancer and die from it, and this mindset is a direct result of years of mind bending.

 We live in an age of never ending discriminatory laws, gays, ethnic minorities, the disabled etc are all protected by these laws, yet its open season on smokers, you can insult them, discriminate against them, harass them, and it is all considered perfectly legal and acceptable. In the UK ASH have been at the forefront of the victimisation of smokers, it has went way beyond trying to encourage people to stop smoking, their premise is that they are doing it for the smokers own good, it is my belief that they are attacking and victimising smokers, and they appear to have the full support of the law to back them up in their harassing and victimisation. As a smoker I am insulted that these Nazis are imposing their prejudice on me, and I do feel victimised by them, year by year they have eroded the rights of smokers, and they are not finished, not by a long chalk, every year they dream up new ways to victimise smokers further.

A few years ago I completed the Macmillan cancer care and counselling course, it was a year long quite intensive course, not long into the course I realised we were being fed disinformation, and that they were training us up to walk people down their chemo and radium journey. They reiterated over and over the dangers of smoking, for one module we had to do essays on two causes of cancer, I chose chemo therapy and Radium therapy as two causes, as they do indeed cause cancer, everyone else on the course chose smoking as one of the causes!

I believe that when they blame smoking for all ills, then no one looks for the other causes, year by year the number of smokers in the UK has declined, yet year by year the cancer rates have increased, the current stats are that one in every two people are now expected to get cancer in the course of their lives.  In England 16.9% of people smoke (2015), yet 50% of people are expected to get cancer. A few years ago I contacted Cancer Research and I asked how much of their budget went into cancer prevention, I was informed that part of their budget went to anti-smoking causes/education, like going into schools to demonise smoking, and funding ASH.

 I asked if any of their huge budget went into study or education about other carcinogens like wifi, aspartame, GMOs, corn fructose syrup etc, she seemed irked that I even asked, and she replied with a firm NO. Over 80% of people in the UK do not smoke, and half of these people are expected to get cancer in their lifetimes, and Cancer Research is not spending a penny on trying to find out why Cancer is at epidemic proportions, the bulk of their funding goes towards inventing new cancer drugs that big Pharma can profit from, it would seem logical to most people that they should be focusing on prevention and education about known carcinogens, but that is not part of their agenda, lining the pockets of big Pharma and blaming smokers for all ills however is part of their agenda,

Japan and Iceland are in the top five countries with the highest rate of smokers in the world, yet both countries have surprisingly low rates of lung cancer! 

Because e-cigs use nicotine derived from tobacco,  they are classed as a tobacco product, and so they are subject to the tobacco ban

Currently most e-cigs use nicotine from tobacco, they have now developed a synthetic nicotine in a laboratory, because the manufacturers have patented the formulae, they will not reveal exactly what toxic waste they have used to develop the synthetic nicotine. They are hoping that e-cigs containing the new synthetic nicotine, will not be subject to the smoking ban, which only affects tobacco related products. This is just another example of a completely natural substance which has been used for thousands of years, being banned so as a synthetic substitute created in a lab can take its place. Source

When the Government tell me vaccines good, cannabis bad, war good, peace bad etc, I have to question them, they have launched such a vicious and prolonged attack on smokers, that I have to wonder why! 

Well, thats all on this matter for now, but I do intend looking into the trustees, employees and other affiliates of ASH to see if any of them profit from E-cigarettes, and I will continue to look into the prolonged attack on smokers, so this blog will probably be added to.  
Sandra Barr
Update 13 March 2018: E-Cigs found to have 10 times more cancer causing ingredients than cigarettes!
Further reading, great essay by Joe Jackson, Smoke, lies and the Nanny State

E-cigs cause lung disease, "popcorn lung" Link
Smoking is good for you: Link

Link to ASH PDF on E-cigarettes…/ash-briefing-on-electronic-cigarettes-2/
Link to PDF of ASH 2016 financial report

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  1. Nice article. You might want to include the animal research problems they had in which they could not induce lung cancer in the animals unless they submitted them to X rays every day too. Also because of this they changed the tack in their spiel from 'smoking causes lung cancer' to 'smoking causes smoking related diseases'. LOL
    Personally I'd also check the stats because I do not know anyone who smokes normal tobacco who has gone on to develop lung cancer.
    Another thing is additives in tobacco and cigarettes. These are the dangerous things not the tobacco itself.


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