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Saif al-Islam Gaddafi's message to the Libyan people (English Translation)

Saif al Islam Gaddafi’s message before his capture, has been translated into English, Im afraid some of his meanings have been lost in translation.  Some parts are hard to understand, and rather than try and put my interpretation on what Saif al-Islam meant, I have left the translations are they appeared. Sandra Barr

Saif al-Islam, direct  into the hands of Dr. Shakir .   
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi message. (English Translation)

This is the last message to you, the descendants of the chosen
In the name of God the Merciful.
 They said to our Lord, we fear that we abandon or dominate; I said do not be afraid with what you hear and see.
 Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the Libyan people the Great
This is my message to you:
Come to jihad .. Come to jihad .. Come to jihad.. Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings.
Jihad brothers began to inflict casualties on each successive enemy, be with them, because God is with them. The criminals are the French, American and British.
The rope of Allah and be not divided among yourselves, and remember God's grace upon you when you were enemies of the motion, between your hearts Vosubhtm brothers by His grace, and you are on the brink of a pit of fire and He saved them, as well as God shows you His signs, that ye may be guided. And you can see that the occupier is cowardly, every day killing your brothers, your sisters, your sons with a vindictive bullet. His crimes go without condemnation, taking the cover of “human rights”.
In your reign, the era of pride and the same country and there was not safe from the open door to steal your country. I would say that the invaders have risen, and the Americans and British have stolen your wealth and your oil and your values. Otharkm  stole more  money from banks than they declare, everyone knows that Massarvkm was full of money in different currencies, for the depositors and the State, it has been stolen by the invaders who steal everything.  Sarkozy and Obama and Cameron are thieves; understand they are killers.

The total spent by malevolent states on Libya to harm us because of our positions, and to prevent the national fair Nhodhana, If as  much was spent on the Liberation of Palestine and reconstruction it would have been otherwise, but was enough to liberate all the Arab territories occupied by Israel and others.
While they embraced some Arab regimes, opponents are traitors, and allowed them to spy for Britain and France did not allow the fighters to stay for days, and so did the country that seeks to promote the Zionist agenda. He spent alone against Libya National Muslim over the perceived reason, the service of the Zionist enemy and America.
Libya was exposed to war, siege and bombardment, what happened to us has hit everyone who wants to live in dignity, whether they are systems or parties or even the media fear. Vkhadda of the subject, and even had to change the vocabulary of jihad and religion.
O great people of Libya:
Many of the secrets if Kvenaha, changed to convictions and facts about the characters and events. But the truth to be worked on is the resistance of the occupation and that they are crushed and expelled.
They were lying and trying to cover up their crimes when they offered humanitarian assistance. After all their crimes against the nation of Libya, they say it was humanitarian aid.
To the ones who are resisting the occupation of Libya do not think of reaching out to the invaders, he does not think Libya is one. Unite and Trahmoua and help one another, do not expel the landlord tenant do not transgress against one another. Any one of you's money secretariat when his brother and his neighbour, and the Libyan general. Remember you are Amazing and Arabs and Muslims are brothers in religion and the homeland.
I want to tell you that those who claim they were victims of the system do not Tsedkohm. Some weak people want to find a place, when the occupier and others originally came. The Libyans abroad, ask them to help their brethren immediately and advice, encouraged them to resist the occupation, and if he is able to help his brother let him do so.
And maintain all of the homeland, and seek all of the resistance, and you then beware that Tsedkohm of your oil and Tsedkohm, resist, resist, resist, and boycott the occupier and his associates, this is your religious and national duty.
We fought Bergolh with honour, pride and dignity, and did not Nnhzm as long as faith in God in our souls, and jihad is our choice, resistance, our response, we have created for the invaders a state of insecurity in Libya,. They have Thieved, murdered, raped and looted, shame will keep them and will not pass without the expense of God.
Imagine, them that call themselves the Libyan opposition, came and provided support for the occupier to rob them and occupy their country, and separated them from their nation, and recognize the Zionist enemy. All of them whether they wore the turban, or the hat of the U.S. there is no difference among them, as long as they have caused this pain and occupation to their people.
O people of Libya : Let each meeting be to decide the fate of traitors, their rule which facilitated the aggression and occupation; you will not find among them an honest one.
I invite you, O sons of Libya make every place a centre of resistance and victory of the religion, Islam and the homeland, and that the enemy feel that you really dislike the word.
This great Libya is for all of you, and not to an individual, a nation of Muslims a supportive and integral part of it. When there is a time and place to review the experience will do in the spirit of democracy, not subject to foreigners or Zionists.

Be victorious to your religion and your brethren. Favour the rest of the Arabs and Muslims so as not to breach that you've seen. Be for your nation, so that the people of the nation you. If you have seen the enemy wants the Nile from Egypt, Algeria or Tunisia or all of the Arab Muslim countries, aiding in the resistance, despite the regulations and understand your brethren in religion, Arabism. And helped Kuwait and the rest of the Persian Gulf and Turkey to get rid of the American enemy.
God is great to Jihad to Jihad
Long live the Libyan Arab Muslim conqueror, of the Arab nation to live free from the sea to the river

God is great and debased Alkhasion
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the Lies and Propaganda. The Capture and Murder of Mutassim Gaddafi Demand that the International Criminal Court present evidence against Muammar Gaddafi.

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